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Posted on 11th March, 2021


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Yellow Card Vaccination

Side Effects

Professionals Speak Out Image Gallery


Somerset Area Farm Shops



30 NOV 21

Increased payments for vaccination sites

21 NOV 21

SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair

12 NOV 21

COVID killed just six healthy children during the pandemic

08 NOV 21

COP26 Carbon Offsetting

11 OCT 21

Australian Vaccination Compensation Bill

04 OCT 21

Death by Vaccination Status England

28 SEP 21

Lateral Flow Tests - Innovas Iniquity

23 SEP 21

CO2 Crisis Summit and Saudi Solutions - Supermarket lorry drivers

22 SEP 21

Plan to make Britain a global AI superpower

22 SEP 21

GPs Overprescribing Medication

17 SEP 21

Summary of Findings of the Corona Investigative Committee

15 SEP 21

Israel Comparative Graphs

15 SEP 21

Do As We Say Not As We Do

14 SEP 21

Govt Autumn and Winter Plan

14 SEP 21

Vaccine Damage Bill - Sir Christopher Chope MP

13 SEP 21

Young Hearts SO MANY DYING 

08 SEP 21

Pfizer Corminaty Package Insert

08 SEP 21

District Funeral Statistics - Burials and Cremations

02 SEP 21

Amnesty International Report of UK Govt Elderly People Failures

02 SEP 21


01 SEP 21

Pfizer Corminaty Drug approved by FDA - child jabs, fertility and pregnancy

19 JUL 21Coronavirus Patents
09 JUL 21Why Dont we have MPs like this?
08 JUL 21Warnings on COVID19 Vaccines
05 JUL 21Green Book of Infectious Disease
05 JUL 21Edward Bernays and Group Psychology Manipulating the Masses
27 JUN 21Matt Hancock Health Secretary Resigns
27 JUN 21House of Commons Being Misled
27 JUN 21London Freedom March 26 June 2021
18 JUN 21G7 Cocktail Party
12 JUN 21Child Vaccine Safety Concerns - Dr Coleman and Newsround disinformation, changing definitions
12 JUN 21Theresa May attacks Governments travel ban
04 JUN 21UK held in violation of European Convention of Human Rights
04 JUN 21Unnecessary hospitalisation morbidity and death can be reduced - alternative remedies - Dr Peter McCullough
03 JUN 21Dominic Cummings Coronavirus Committee Evidence
03 JUN 21UKC Brian Gerrish evidence at Stiftung Corona Ausschus
03 JUN 21UK Column banned from Youtube
02 JUN 21London Lockdown Protest 29 May 2021
02 JUN 21NHS Health Data Records Opt-Out
28 MAY 21Class Action Lawsuits - Fuelmich Delingpole interview - SPI-B - Increase Personal Threat 22MAR20,, SPI-M-0 Road Map Modelling 31MAR21
27 MAY 21Safer to Wait - Gillick Competency Under 16s can choose jab - SPI-B 22OCT20
20 MAY 21Newspaper Whistleblower
16 MAY 21BBC Protesters Cry Shame on You
13 MAY 21OFCOM Video Sharing Platform Consultation
12 MAY 21BBC Local Democracy Reporters - LDRs
05 MAY 21Medical Professionals and Public Speak Out
05 MAY 21Victory for Scottish Church Leaders
05 MAY 21The Light Paper Issue 9
05 MAY 21Uniforms Unite 12 MAY 2021 London at 1pm
04 MAY 21Utopia An Australians View of the Near Future
01 MAY 21Necessity Efficacy and Safety of COVID Vaccines
01 MAY 21Natural and Vaccinated Antibody Study
01 MAY 21Notice of Medical Experimentation
01 MAY 21Dr Yeadon Delingpod Interview
29 APR 21Report Side Effects - Vaccine Information Leaflets
29 APR 21COVID19 Still NOT a High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID)
28 APR 21The Nuremberg Code
28 APR 21Holocaust Remembrance Day will Exclude some of its Citizens
28 APR 21India Experiences Rise in COVID Cases
28 APR 21Police Accept Bristol Protest Arrests were Unlawful
27 APR 21Lockdown Protests - 24 APR 21
18 APR 21Ice Bucket Challenge Revisited
18 APR 21Vaccine Dangers Interview Geert Vanden Bossche
15 APR 21Will Your Insurance Pay Out if You have the Jab
15 APR 21Govt Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme
13 APR 21The Light Paper Issue 8
08 APR 21MHRA Vaccine Side Effects Weekly Reports - Yellow Card Govt System
24 MAR 21Which is Officially More Dangerous Covid19 or the Flu - Dr Veron Coleman
24 MAR 21Matt Hancock acted unlawfully over pandemic contracts
24 MAR 21National Audit of Covid Deaths Evidence Sought - Dr Clare Craig
23 MAR 21Dr Sam Baily COVID19 Facts incl Testing
23 MAR 21Sir Patrick Vallance on PCR Tests at Downing Street 10 Feb 21
23 MAR 21One Christian Mans View of Equality Today
21 MAR 21More Covid Suicides than Covid Deaths in Kids
19 MAR 21MPs Debate Impact of COVID19 on Education
19 MAR 21School COVID Testing
18 MAR 21COVID-Status Certification Consultation
17 MAR 21Govt Decision Making and Accountability During COVID19 - Transparency
17 MAR 21The Light Paper Issue 6 and Issue 7
17 MAR 21Govt Discuss Covid-19 Vaccine Passports Petition
11 MAR 21First Mask Discrimination Case Settled
26 FEB 21Why are People Wearing Face Masks? - Smoking through Mask Video
06 FEB 21Vaccination Questions - £1.5million govt the AI system - Yellow Card
06 FEB 21Lockdown Books to Read and Films to Watch
03 FEB 21Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker
29 NOV 20North Somerset Tier 3 Designation Concerns
24 SEP 20Face Coverings Update
15 SEP 20

COVID19 Change in Infection Designation Update

13 SEP 20

Govt Marshals and Related Public Health Officer Guidance

13 SEP 20Distributing vaccines and treatments for COVID-19 and flu - Civil Immunity
13 SEP 20Never endanger our liberties or democratic processes
19 JUL 20

Libraries Re-opening

17 JUL 20

Disadvantages of healthy people using masks

16 JUL 20Local Community affected by Track and Trace
14 JUL 20Government Exemptions for using Face Masks on Public Transport
14 JUL 20Mask Wearing Notice of Conditional Acceptance
04 JUL 20Bleadon Playground is now Open
04 JUL 20UK Pubs Open
22 JUN 20Weston General Hospital is now fully open to new patients
22 JUN 20Test Track and Trace Isolates 88K by Second Week of Operation
21 JUN 20A Look at the 2020 Grades Proposed by Schools
21 JUN 20The Hydroxychloroquine Scandal
12 JUN 20Test Track and Trace Isolates 27K in its First Week of Operation
12 JUN 20NHS Waiting List Could Hit 10 Million This Year
03 JUN 20Check your mobile phone for a Track and Trace API
02 JUN 20Is It Back to School Time
31 MAY 20Weston Hospital Closed due to COVID19
22 MAY 20COVID What You Can and Cant Do
17 MAY 20COVID Statistics up to 01 May 20
27 APR 20NSC COVID19 Help Initiative
27 APR 20COVID19 Scam Summary
17 APR 20Peace and Quiet ... for how long
07 APR 20North Somerset Recycling and Waste COVID Info
19 MAR 20Bleadon Halls Closed for Forseeable Future
19 MAR 20Coronavirus Information

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