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Track and Trace Scam

Posted on 10th June, 2020

COVID19 Track & Trace Scam


A phone call has very recently been received by one of our members who has reported this to their local coordinator.


The caller stated they were from the NHS track and trace service and according to their system the member had come into close contact with someone who had tested positive for Covid-19, therefore they needed to self-isolate for 7 days and take a Covid-19 test. (First mistake Isolation is 14 Days)


The member queried who this person was and advised this was confidential, but must take the test in 72 hours. The caller asked for the members address and this was provided and was then asked for a payment card and a one off fee of £500 (Second mistake, they will not ask for payment) as there are penalties for not complying.


Fortunately the member spotted this scam and hung up the phone.


It is important to note:


Contact tracers will never:

  • ask you to dial a premium rate number to speak to us (for example, those starting 09 or 087)
  • ask you to make any form of payment or purchase a product or any kind
  • ask for any details about your bank account
  • ask for your social media identities or login details, or those of your contacts
  • ask you for any passwords or PINs, or ask you to set up any passwords or PINs over the phone
  • disclose any of your personal or medical information to your contacts
  • provide medical advice on the treatment of any potential coronavirus symptoms
  • ask you to download any software to your PC or ask you to hand over control of your PC, smartphone or tablet to anyone else
  • ask you to access any website that does not belong to the government or NHS

Guidance on NHS Track and Trace can be found here


Other COVID Specific Scams can be found here


See also Check your mobile phone for a Track and Trace API



UPDATE 05 JUN 2020: 

Loft Insulation Scam Warning – Important Update


We have received numerous calls following the Alert message about the Loft Insulation Scam which was sent on Friday the 29th May. In future, we would like to ask all recipients of this message to contact ActionFraud directly if they receive one of these calls. You can report this by contacting them on 0300 123 2040 between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday.


Alternatively you can email them at: contact@actionfraud.police.uk

Keeping Children Safe Online

Posted on 19th May, 2020


UPDATE 29 MAY 2020:


Somerset Loft Insulation Scam Warning


Numerous residents in the Somerset area have reported that they have received telephone calls from individuals who claim to be from government funded companies and that they needed to make an appointment so they could inspect their loft insulation.


A check online reveals that there have been reports from residents all over the country who have had similar calls, so it is highly likely that this is a scam and your area could be approached soon.


Always be wary of any cold callers, whether in person, by email or by phone. Never give out any personal details, especially financial information. If you have any concerns, hang up and contact the company or business the caller claims to represent using a telephone number from a phone book or old invoice or letter. You should always wait at least five minutes before making this call as the fraudster may still be on the line. If possible, use a different phone such as a mobile.


If you have any information regarding this incident contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111



Appeal: Can you help us find out how a woman came by a head injury?


We’re asking for help after a woman was found with a head injury in Weston-super-Mare.


The woman became separated from her friend and was seen near Charlie’s Chippy, and soon afterwards outside the Grand Pier area, at about 6.20pm on Wednesday 20 May.


She was found by police officers almost 12 hours later, at 6.15am on Thursday 21 May, in Marchfields Way, with CCTV showing her coming from the Bournville area.


We’re now trying to piece together her movements between those times.


The woman is described as white, in her 50s, with a South African accent. She wore a black top, a short black skirt and was barefoot having left her shoes on the beach. She may have appeared disoriented or unsteady.


She’s now recovering at home. We want to hear from you if you saw or spoke with her, or saw her with anyone.


If you can help, please call 101and give the call handler the reference number 5220110000 You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111or via their Anonymous Online Form.



UPDATE: 26 MAY 2020


Somerset Wide: Alert over thefts from vans – North Somerset and Bristol


We’re investigating after the occupants of a dark-coloured BMW car were reported as being involved in thefts and attempted thefts from vans in North Somerset and South Bristol.


There were four incidents on Saturday night, 16 May:


•the first happened at about 10.13pm in Aspen Park, Weston-super-Mare. A witness reported disturbing men who made off in a car. Officers attended and found that three Vauxhall Vivaro vans in the street had been tampered with. Two were damaged but nothing had been stolen.


•in Wrington Lane, Congresbury, another Vauxhall Vivaro was broken into and tools were stolen. These included Hilti batteries and impact guns and a number of cordless Makita tools. This wasn’t witnessed and was reported on Sunday afternoon but CCTV shows the incident happened at 10.36pm on Saturday night.


•just before 11pm officers were called to Chescombe Road, Yatton. A Peugeot van was damaged but had nothing stolen after the men were disturbed by witness.


•finally at 11.30pm a Vauxhall Vivaro parked in Westward Road, Bishopsworth, was damaged in an attempt to break into it. Again a witness called officers after seeing someone interfering with the vehicle.


We responded to each report on Saturday night. The area was searched for the suspect vehicle with no trace. House-to-house enquiries have been carried out and an alert issued through Neighbourhood Watch.


Neighbourhood Sergeant Mark Raby said: “These witnesses did exactly the right thing by calling us immediately to report this suspicious behaviour. We understand the significant impact of this sort of crime on tradespeople’s livelihoods. We’d be keen to hear from anyone with information which could help, especially who recognises the men in the image above, quoting reference 5220106973.”


He added: “We know it’s not always possible to empty a work van overnight, but we’d recommend it if you can.”


Other vehicle security advice:


•permanently mark tools with your business name or postcode


•keep a record of the serial numbers


•keep tools inside a secure storage cage or box anchored within the vehicle


•set the alarm as well as locking the van whenever you leave it


•park it in a secure garage, or with the doors against a wall or another vehicle, to make access more difficult


•fit secondary locks


•use a tracking device


Don’t help to create a market for stolen goods – we’d also like to hear from you if you see tools offered for sale, online or in person, at a suspiciously cheap price.


If you can help, please call 101and give the call handler the reference number 5220106973


Attachments :Photo




UPDATE: 21 MAY 2020


Stop-check of car in Romania results in burglary conviction.


The attached document tells how a stop-check in Romania led to a man being convicted of burglaries in Somerset and South Gloucestershire.


Attachments: Stopcheck in Romania Leads to Conviction



Keeping Children Safe Online 

Avon and Somerset Police are helping to keep young people safe online during the Coronavirus pandemic, by promoting a new online safety campaign which supports parents to keep their children safe on their devices. Please see the attached document for more information.


Attachments: Keeping Children Safe Online during the Coronavirus Pandemic



Residential Garage Burglary


A garage has been broken into in Old Banwell Road Locking, WSM at some point within the last 2 weeks. The offender has managed to gain access through the garage door without causing any damage and once inside has stolen a petrol TrimMac Strimmer in Yellow and a Jerry can of Fuel in Green before making their departure.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220098507 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


Attachments: Sheds & Garages



Theft of a Motor Vehicle


A van parked in Church Street, Banwell has been stolen between 3pm on the 11th and 10am on the 12th. The Ford Transit van contained a selection of hand tools and a child’s seat and was securely locked. The keys were not present with the vehicle, so it is unclear how the offender managed to start it with it being immobilised.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220102699 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


Attachments: Van Security




Potential Scam Calls, (Be Aware)


Trading Standards have told us that some residents have been receiving phone calls from a company that are offering “virus ventilation and sanitation due to lockdown” on behalf of Bath & North East Somerset Council. The Council wishes it be known that the company, Pro Day UK, do not represent them so any calls from them should be considered as a scam.


Although this offence happened in the Bath area, similar attempts have been made in other parts of the country, so they may well start to try other regions of the Avon and Somerset police area including ours.


If you have any information regarding these incidents contact the Police on 101. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111




You Are Not Alone


Police launch domestic abuse campaign to victims and survivors to seek help The attached PDF carries some very important information and highlights that no one should have to deal with domestic abuse alone. Do please share this information as much as possible.


Attachments: you-are-not-alone-domestic-abuse


(See also COVID19 Safety)


Facemask Scam


Trading Standards have told us that a number of residents have been called on their landline from a fake 01225 number, claiming to be from the Government. The automated voice said that the Government is instructing them to wear a facemask and to press a number on the keypad to make a purchase. Fortunately the residents have recognised this as a scam.


Although these calls were made to residents in the Bath area at present, it is likely that this will become far more widespread and will no doubt include our area. Please remain alert to any potential scam calls.


(See Summary of COVID Scams)


Theft from an Outbuilding


An outbuilding has been broken into in Banwell Road, Hutton between 2:30am and 2:50am on the 24th. The offender had entered the unlocked outbuilding and removed items including a TV and games console before they disturbed the homeowner who appeared at their bedroom window. Making off towards a car they dropped the items on the grass and therefore got away without anything. The homeowner jumped from the bedroom window to make out that the offender made off in a silver car, similar in size to a Vauxhall Vectra (Not thought to be a Vectra).


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220089428 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


Attachments: securing-your-garden-and-outbuildings


April Crime Figures


The attached document provides a breakdown of the crimes that occurred in your beat area during April 2020.


Attachments: an010.pdf




Link to a Summary of COVID Related Scams


North Somerset Council Information (Social Isolation)


North Somerset Council have kindly provided the 3 attached files for your information. These provide details of where help and support can be found during this period of isolation. Please do share this information where possible with your friends and neighbours via email & utilise the information provided within.



Another Coronavirus Scam and Police Advice

Posted on 2nd April, 2020

UPDATE 19 APR 2020


Somerset: Tesco Email Scam


We have been alerted by a Neighbourhood Watch scheme of a scam email that claims to be from Tesco saying that “You Are Our Winner”. It doesn’t say what you have won, but asks you to click on a link to confirm your identity. Please don’t click on these links as you may download a virus onto your computer. At the very least it will try and get your personal details. The email comes from a company in Kentucky in the United States.


As with any email you get unexpectedly from someone you don’t know, delete this message without clicking on any of the links.


(See Coronavirus Scam Summary)


More COVID19 Information


March Crime Figures – AN010


The attached document provides a breakdown of the crimes that occurred in your beat area during March 2020.


Attachments: an010.pdf


Attempted Burglary Residential


A home in Church Road, Winscombe has been the subject of an attempted burglary on the 16th at around 5:50am. The homeowners were alerted by the sound of someone in their rear garden and upon checking could make out the figure of a male dressed in black trying to break through their rear door, the offender was disturbed and left but the glass to the rear door had been smashed in an attempt to gain entry. The man left via Church Road and no vehicle is believed to have been used.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220083397 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.



UPDATE 07 APR 2020


Somerset Scams and Fraud Video


Please find a link to our senior safety video, which discusses the topic of Covid-19 scams and frauds that are being targeted at the vulnerable and elderly. This may help protect the many frightened and vulnerable elder citizens in our communities. Please pass the link to anyone who would benefit, or watch and take notes to pass on to those residents nearby who don’t have access to the internet.


Do please stay safe & stay home.




Another Coronavirus Scam (Text Message)


The latest scam seems to be that scammers have been sending fake texts to individuals threatening a fine for leaving home. The text claims that the UK Government has been tracking your movements and that you left the home on given dates and travelled a specified distance. You are then told that you have to pay a fine, which will increase the longer you take to pay it. THIS IS A SCAM. It uses the name of a civil authority and preys on your worry that it will cost more if you ignore it. Delete the text and never click on any link in a message from someone you don’t know.


The BBC Website has more information on this and can be found by following this link.



Press Office Release, Fraud & Scam awareness


Avon & Somerset Police Press Office have released information regarding recent online Fraud and Scam activity relating to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic.


Please do take the time to read through this information, you can either follow the link below or open the file attached.


Please Stay in and Stay safe.


Beware fraud and scams during Covid-19 pandemic. Stay at home – stay safe on line




Police Enquiry Offices & Reporting Issues


The majority of police enquiry offices across the force area have been closed in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus.


Four of them will remain open seven days a week, but should only be used if absolutely essential. Anyone displaying coronavirus symptoms or self-isolating should follow Government advice and stay at home and report matters for the police through our website instead. https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/report/


The four in operation from 8am-8pm (weekdays) and 9am-5pm (weekends) are:

•Bridewell Police Station, Bristol

•Patchway Police Centre, South Gloucestershire

•Bridgwater Police Centre, Somerset

•Yeovil Police Station, Somerset

Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Cullen said: “This has not been an easy decision to make but has been made in accordance with the Government’s announcement on Monday that people should remain at home unless absolutely necessary to reduce the spread of this virus. The decision will remain under constant review.


“By temporarily reducing the number of enquiry desks open it will allow us best maximise the resources available to the force at what is critical time for policing.


“We remain committed to providing a visible police presence in all our communities, and any enquiries that would traditionally have been handled face-to-face will be conducted online through our website, including reporting non-urgent crimes.


Further guidance:

• Please only call 999 in an emergency. If you need to call our 101 service, please consider whether you can report online instead via our online reporting tools.

• Visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for links to all the latest news on policing services. • Visit GOV.UK to read the Government’s advice on COVID-19.

• See Government advice for staying at home, for households with possible COVID-19 infection and social distancing to protect vulnerable groups.

• Visit the NHS website for hygiene advice and advice on calling 111.

• For advice on mental health, visit the Every Mind Matters website.

Please also be aware that all NHW Administrators are now having to work from home. This means that they will be available by email and by mobile phone only. All post, both incoming and outgoing will be severely delayed until further notice.


Previous scam information


More COVID19 Information


Theft from a Motor Vehicle


A car parked in Elmhurst Road, Hutton has been broken into between 10pm on the 31st and 6am on the 1st. The owner of the vehicle has gone out to the car in the morning to find the door wide open and all compartments within have been searched through, the offender had stolen a box containing locking wheel nuts. There was no sign of forced entry.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220073294 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


Attachments: beating-car-crime-cj019.pdf



Residential Garage Burglary


A garage has been broken into in Grenville Avenue, WSM on the 1st between 9:30am and 10am. The offender arrived in a drop tail lorry, wearing a yellow high visability jacket and orange trousers, similar to that of a refuge collector. They entered the garage through a double glazed door without force and stole a Makita Drill and additional battery, charger and a bag of shopping before departing where they were viewed also picking up a food bin.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220073437 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

COVID19 Scams

Posted on 23rd March, 2020



Shopping Scam (Vulnerable & Isolation)


During this challenging period, it is heartening to hear lots of stories of kindness from friends and neighbours caring for one another. This is where many Neighbourhood Watches have excelled in looking after the elderly and vulnerable members of their community – or simply offer to help everyone. This includes phone calls to ensure people are ok, assistance with appointments and the collection of groceries and medications.


We must however remain vigilant and rely upon those we know and trust. I have learnt today of a couple of incidents where callers have arrived on doorways offering to do shopping, claiming to be good Samaritans. They have taken money and a shopping list but never returned.


Unfortunately there are some people who will always take advantage of any crisis to steal from those in need.


Please do not fall foul to this and only rely upon people you know or trust to help you.



Somerset: Covid-19 Scam Email


Please be aware of a new scam email advising that you are entitled to a tax refund (rebate) of £128.34. The email states that this is a precautionary measure in cooperation with National Insurance and National Health Services, It is NOT. It goes on to suggest the funds can help protect yourself against COVID-19 and to access the funds now by clicking on the blue hyperlink, Please DO NOT do this.


North Wales Police (NWP) have advised this has already cost the public more than £800,000 in a month and to contact Action Fraud for advice on: 0300 123 2040


See Coronavirus Scam Summary


More COVID19 Information


CCTV appeal after assault in Weston-super-Mare.


We are investigating an assault in Weston-super-Mare town centre and are releasing CCTV images of two men we wish to speak to in connection with the incident.


A man in his 50s was walking along Burlington Street, towards Orchard Street, on Sunday 26 January when he was assaulted, causing injuries that required medical attention at Weston General Hospital.


The incident happened between 9.45-10pm.


The offenders came from the direction of Oxford Street and then left heading towards Alfred Street.


PC Jessica Cornish said: “CCTV footage shows two people have had an altercation with the victim during which he has been hit in the face. The victim had teeth knocked out and he broke his ankle, requiring surgery.


“We hope somebody will be able to recognise the two men, pictured on CCTV, and help us identify them so we can speak to them in connection with the incident.”


The two men we wish to identify are described as white and aged 18-24. One of them had short hair, is said to be of a slim build and he was wearing a grey tracksuit top and dark trousers. The other had short dark hair and a black tracksuit.


Anybody who witnessed what happened, or recognises the individuals, is asked to report it through our website or call 101 and give reference number 5220020601.


You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111or via their Anonymous Online Form.


No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court or have to speak to police when contacting Crimestoppers.



February Crime Figures – AN010


The attached document provides a breakdown of the crimes that occurred in your beat area during February 2020.


Attachments: an010.pdf




See also COVID-19 Information post.

Appeals Crimes and Statistics

Posted on 21st February, 2020


Appeals: Doctor comes forward after public appeal


We would like to thank the public for their help this week in identifying an off-duty doctor who assisted a 63-year-old man with injuries sustained in an assault in Banwell.


The victim suffered cuts and bruising to his head in Silver Moor Lane on New Year’s Day.


A 39-year-old man arrested in connection with the incident remains under investigation.



Appeal after 12-year-old boy assaulted in WSM


We’re appealing for witnesses and information after a 12-year-old boy was assaulted in Weston-super-Mare.


The attack happened at about 4.45pm on Sunday 16 February in Milton Brow, while the boy was with two other children. The passenger of a motorcycle jumped from the vehicle and accused the boy of damaging a car. The suspect then punched and kicked him before another man wearing a white hoody and dark bottoms intervened. The boy was left needing hospital treatment for cuts and bruising.


Both the rider and passenger of the motorbike were described as being in their late teens and wore dark clothing. The man who intervened was of a similar age. The motorbike was orange and white with an L plate.


If you saw the incident, or have dashcam or CCTV footage which could help please call 101, quoting reference 5220038542. Alternatively you could contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.



Burglary Non Residential


A site in Greenhill Road, Sandford has had a shed broken into a tools stolen from within between 5pm on the 14th & 7:30am on the 15th. The offenders have gained access through a gate and upon arrival at the shed have cut through the locks. Two disk cutters and a whacker plate have been stolen before the offenders made off via the same method of entry.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220037609 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.



January Crime Figures – AN010


A breakdown of the crimes that occurred in your beat area during January 2020 can be found here.



Northeast & Somerset PCSO Recruitment Opens


Applications for Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) opened on Tuesday 28 January. Avon and Somerset Police are inviting members of the public interested in a rewarding new career and giving back to their communities to apply for a position as a PCSO.


PCSOs are part of the neighbourhood policing team, who build relationships with local people to provide reassurance and understand the policing issues that matter most to them. PCSOs work with individuals and partner agencies to support vulnerable people and solve local concerns and issues.


For more information about PCSO recruitment please visit: http://bit.ly/13ApplyToBeAPCSO



North Somerset Press Release: Appeal for information after theft of war medals in Nailsea


We are appealing to members of the public for information following a burglary in Nailsea in which war medals and a significant amount of jewellery were stolen.


The incident occurred at a property on Vynes Way at about 6.30pm on Monday 20 January. The suspects have gone around the back and gained entry by smashing the dining room window.


A number of war medals belonging to the 86-year-old victim were taken including two Victorian naval silver long service medals one which includes “Chief Steward Winfield” engraved on the rim, a silver china medal with “Luck now” relief bar on the ribbon, an Egypt medal bar with “Alexandria 1881”, and a George V Good Conduct and Long Service silver medal.


A significant amount of jewellery was also stolen including wedding rings, necklaces and bracelets, pearls, cufflinks and broaches, as well as an Omega watch, silver cutlery and numerous old pound/shilling notes.


A witness has described seeing an unknown man in the front room of the property at around 6.30pm and police enquires are ongoing.


PC Emma Leadbeater, of Operation Remedy, commented: “This is a callous offence in which an elderly man has had his home broken into and a large amount of valuable and sentimental items have been stolen from him, including his war medals.


“We are committed to tackling burglary across and Avon and Somerset and will be doing all that we can to identify and apprehend the individual responsible and where possible return the stolen belongings.”


We’re asking for members of the public to keep an eye out on online selling sites for anyone selling items that match the description of the stolen belongings, and are also appealing to anyone who works in antique shops and pawnbrokers to call us with any relevant information.


Residents are encouraged to take note of the following burglary prevention advice, particularly regarding securing your home and boundaries, and looking out for one another including elderly neighbours.

  • Lock up and set the alarm, if you have one, at night as well as when you go out. 
  • Lock all your windows and doors every time you leave your house – even if you are just in the garden – and remembering to double lock UPVC doors.
  • Remove valuables from view of ground floor windows.
  • Hide any high value items such as jewellery, handbags/wallets and passports etc and where possible store them in a properly secured and hidden safe or bank vault.
  • Keep entrances to your property easily visible by ensuring nearby hedges and trees are well maintained.
  • Ensure any side gates are securely locked to prevent unwanted access to the rear of your property. •Make sure boundaries to your property – including fencing and walls – are in a good state of repair.
  • If possible, install a visual burglar alarm.
  • Where possible install an outside security light, many of which are sensor activated.
  • Where possible, leave radios and lights in your house on a timer to make the property appear occupied. 
  • Ensure you let trusted neighbours know when you are going away so they can keep an eye on your home.
  • Consider joining your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme. 

If have any information that can help with our investigation please call 101 and provide the call handler with the reference 5220016326.


You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555111 or via their Anonymous Online Form. No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court or have to speak to police when contacting Crimestoppers.



Theft from Garden Sheds


A garden shed has been broken into in Fullers Lane, Winscombe between midnight on the 21st and midnight on the 22nd. The offender has broken through the main door of the shed and once inside has stolen a Stihl Chainsaw.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220017837 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


24/01/20 9788 AN010 Theft from a Garden Shed.


A garden shed has been broken into in Winscombe Hill, Winscombe overnight on the 21st. The offender/s appear to have used a Crowbar to force the double door to the shed open and once inside have stolen a Steel S56 Petrol Strimmer, Makita EN4950H Petrol Hedge Trimmer, Steel 181 Chain Saw, Makita Drill Set & a specialised Carve Expert bicycle in Black & White.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220016720 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


24/01/20 9788 AN010 Theft from a Garden Shed.


Another garden shed in Winscombe Hill, Winscombe has been broken into overnight on the 22nd. The offender has this time used some choppers used for cutting trees to cut through the padlock to gain access, they have then cut through a chain used to secure two bikes to a large ladder. The bicycles stolen are described as a Black and Green Giant Stance 2016 Men’s full suspension Mountain bike and the other a Men’s Mountain bike in Silver and Black (Rock Hopper), the offender also took the chain.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220016838 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you. Attachments: Sheds and Garages.







Counterfeit Money, Bike Robbery and Burglary

Posted on 23rd January, 2020


Warning after pubs report receiving counterfeit £50 notes.


"Landlords and cashiers are being advised to be aware following several reports of counterfeit £50 notes being used in South Gloucestershire. We have been contacted by four pubs in recent days after customers tried to pay for drinks with counterfeit notes, but we believe several more have been targeted.


Sergeant Ruth Gawler said: “This appears to be part of a crime series within South Gloucestershire with forged £50 notes being handed over to staff. The notes appear to be genuine under ultraviolet light but we have seen several of them use the same serial number and other features of the note are faked. We would ask all landlords to be wary across the force area – not just South Gloucestershire – and to contact us on 101 if they are offered any counterfeit notes.”


The Bank of England provides security advice for businesses and information about what to do if they have fallen victim to counterfeit notes. If you suspect that you have a counterfeit banknote, please take it to your nearest police station.


If you can help, please call 101 and give the call handler the reference number 5220011605. Alternatively, you can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111.


A new polymer £20 note is due to be released on 20 February. In case criminals use this opportunity to defraud people, it’s worth checking the security measures on the new note. Go to https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes/polymer-20-pound-note for some helpful advice.


Press Release: Witness appeal after motocross bike robbery in Weston-super-Mare.


"We are appealing for information after a motocross bike robbery in Weston-super-Mare.


Two men approached the victim on a cycle path running alongside Marchfields Way on Tuesday 7 January at about 8.40pm.


They threatened him with a knife and one of them punched the victim before they made off with his motocross bike. The victim was taken to hospital for treatment.


The men rode off in the direction of St Ives Road and the Husqvarna bike was later found in Westbury Crescent.


The first man was described as white, approximately 6ft and of a thin build. He had his hood up and had facial stubble.


The second man, wearing a beanie hat, was said to be black, of medium build and about 5ft 8ins.


We would like to hear from anybody in the area between 8.25-8.40pm.


We are particularly keen to hear from anybody with dash cam or video footage that may have captured the offence or the bike being ridden by the offenders without helmets.


If you can help, please call 101and give the call handler the reference number 5220005010


You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111or via their Anonymous Online Form.


Burglary Residential.


A home in Greenhill Road, Sandford has been burgled on the 19th between 5:45pm & 7:45pm. A resident has noticed that a side gate is open to their neighbour’s property and the rear lounge window is smashed, the kitchen light is on and the bedroom window has been left ajar. It is thought the offender departed via the bedroom window. It is currently unclear if anything has been stolen. The neighbour has also advised police at the time that another property has also been broken into in the same road, with entry this time being gained through the conservatory window.


Home owners of both properties were enjoying holidays at the time and have returned early.


If you are leaving your property vacant for any length of time, please consider leaving a couple lights on timer switches and your television. Ask a friend to check your property and to bring any post inside, if you have a neighbour with 2 cars, ask them to park one in your drive and review your security before you leave, do you have security lights? Adequate locks? Have you let the hedge at the front grow too high?.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220014616 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


Residential Garage Burglary

Posted on 10th January, 2020


Appeal to reunite owners with their electric power tools.


"We [the police] need your help following a series of burglaries in the North Somerset area.


We have recovered a large number of electrical tools from a garage in Weston-super-Mare, which we are trying to reunite with their owners.


The garage is in Severn Road and it is believed that the items could have resulted from more than one burglary incident.


There have been a series of van break-ins in the North Somerset area over the past 12 months, where electrical power tools have been targeted.


The tools include: a Stihl chainsaw; a Kennedy professional retool tool box, a Makita holdall; angle grinder; a Makita cordless screwdriver; Makita circular saw; a JD Sports bag containing various items; a Stihl disc cutter; a Makita nail gun; a Makita jigsaw; a Makita disc sander; Paslode nail guns, plus other items.


We’re keen to hear from anyone who has had tools taken similar to those above.


Images of just some of the items are on the attached PDF file."


December Crime Figures


The attached document provides a breakdown of the crimes that occurred in our area during December 2019. 


Burglary of Residential Garage.


A garage in Hills Close, Weston Super Mare has been broken into and a large amount of building material has been dumped over a period of time, the exact time frame is not clear. As the garage was completely empty it was left unlocked as there was nothing to steal and this allowed the offender to simply offload their rubbish with ease. Due to the homeowner now being at a financial loss to remove this material this is recorded as burglary.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220005354 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


Vehicle Crime


A car parked in Hillview Road, Loxton has been tampered with on the 8th between 1am & 7:30am. The car was parked on the street under a street lamp, the offender has tried to remove the spare wheel. The victim’s partner’s car has also had the tyres deflated.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220005505 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.



Free Counter Terrorism Training and more

Posted on 10th December, 2019

Police call on public to sign up for free counter terrorism training.

An award-winning counter terrorism training course is being made available to the public for the first time and Avon and Somerset Police want you to sign up and help protect the UK.


Devised by CT officers and security experts, the ACT Awareness eLearning package was previously only available to staff working in crowded places like shopping centres and entertainment venues.


Now Counter Terrorism Policing has decided to open up the training to anyone who wants to become a CT Citizen so they can learn how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.


The programme was originally devised in partnership with retail giant Marks and Spencer – and participants needed to be signed up by their employers. Today the online learning is available free of charge to anyone who wants to take part.


The decision to offer the training to the public was not made in response to the recent attack in London. However, the tragic events which took place just 10 days ago, when two people lost their lives to terrorism, were a stark reminder of the ongoing threat and the need for vigilance.


Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Cullen said: “ACT Awareness eLearning is especially useful for anyone working in or regularly visiting crowded places.


“Developed alongside industry experts more than one and a half million modules have already been completed.


“The course has been so popular, with nine out of 10 users saying they would recommend it, we want to open it up to as many people as possible.


“The threat level remains at Substantial – meaning an attack is likely – so giving everyone the chance to be extra eyes and ears for police and local security teams help to keep all communities across the Avon and Somerset area safe.


“The festive period is obviously a very busy one – so this is a good time to join up and become a CT Citizen.”


ACT Awareness is made up of seven modules that take a few minutes each to complete. You can pause and re-join at any time. In total it takes just 45 minutes – so less than an hour of your time could help to prevent an attack or help save lives if one was to happen.


The course is hosted by online training specialists Highfield. To register and start learning, click https://ct.highfieldelearning.com



Forcewide, Help us keep everyone safe this Christmas

We’re supporting the latest Counter Terrorism Policing campaign to help keep crowded places secure over the festive period.


The campaign calls on the public and those who work in our busy towns and cities to remain vigilant and report any concerns to staff, security or – in confidence – to Counter Terrorism police at gov.uk/ACT. It also asks everyone to be the extra eyes and ears of the police, so we can work together to tackle terrorism.


Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Cullen said: “We’re asking everyone out and about enjoying the festive season to look after each other and if they see something which doesn’t look right, to report it. Neighbourhood officers will be patrolling our communities throughout the Christmas period, including Christmas Day itself, just as they are on every other day of the year.


“Project Servator deployments will also be carried out across the force area – these are unpredictable deployments involving specially trained officers who turn up announced at various locations to provide the public with reassurance and to disrupt a wide range of criminal activity, including terrorism.”


ACC Cullen added: “The chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are extremely low. But sadly, as we saw just last week in London, attacks can be carried out anywhere and anytime. “The national threat level remains Substantial, meaning an attack is likely, so we need to remain vigilant.


“Our message to people across the Avon and Somerset force area is not to worry that you might be wasting our time. If you see something suspicious – ACT. Speak to a police officer or report it to local security or staff or via gov.uk/ACT and let us check it out.


“A few minutes of your time could help save lives.”


Press Release, Elderly pedestrians injured in car park collision.

We are appealing for witnesses to a collision in which a 97-year-old man was injured.


Officers were called to the car park of Morrisons in Summer Lane, Weston-super-Mare, just before midday on Monday 2 December.


There were reports of two elderly pedestrians having been in injured in a collision with a car.


They were treated at Weston General Hospital for injuries not believed life-threatening or life-changing. The 97-year-old man remains in hospital for treatment. The car driver, a man in his 70s, was spoken to at the scene.


If you saw the collision get in touch, or call 101, quoting log 380 of 2nd December.


November Crime Figures – AN010

Dear Members,


The attached document provides a breakdown of the types of crime that occurred in your area in November 2019.


Kind regards,


Paul Johnson, NHW Admin (Somerset)





Force Area Fraudster Warning.

Bath Trading Standards have alerted us to a number of incidents where residents have been telephoned by someone falsely claiming to be from the ‘credit investigation’ or ‘debt advice’ departments of the Citizens Advice Bureau.


This can be an expensive and worrying time of year for many people, so it can be easy for them to fall prey to scammers, particularly if they appear to be offering some relief from debt. It is also a concern that the scammers are using the Citizens Advice name as that is where consumers are signposted for most problems.


Although these reports have come from Bath, the calls are not likely to be area specific. If anyone has been affected by a similar telephone call, the advice from Trading Standards is to call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or report it online at https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/contact-us/consumer-service/


Another suspicious incident occurred in Canterbury Road, Bath. At approximately 3pm on Friday 29 November, a male has called at the home of an elderly female claiming to be from BBC Market Research. He wanted to go inside the property to complete the survey, despite the resident saying she would send it on. The male also suggested he could pay £1,000 towards the TV licence. As he neither wore or showed any form of ID the resident became suspicious and shut the door on him. Remember that you don’t have to answer the door to anyone you don’t know or weren’t expecting. Always use a door chain if possible.


We want to remind residents to be wary of any unexpected callers at your door, especially those offering unwanted services or selling items that may be of poor quality and over-priced. Always use a trader who has been recommended to you by a trusted source. All items must come with a 14-day cooling off period, and any quote should be on company stationery containing the seller’s address and phone number