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Also National 'Our Watch' Newsletters and information can be found via their Document Library


For further details and your street representative please contact:

Paul Johnson, Somerset Watch Scheme Administrator, Bridgwater Police Station, Northgate, Bridgwater, TA6 3EU at alerts@avonandsomerset.police.uk.


Neighbourhood Watch blogs


Latest Posts

Residential Garage Burglary

Posted on 10th January, 2020


17/01/20 - 9788 Appeal to reunite owners with their electric power tools.


"We [the police] need your help following a series of burglaries in the North Somerset area.


We have recovered a large number of electrical tools from a garage in Weston-super-Mare, which we are trying to reunite with their owners.


The garage is in Severn Road and it is believed that the items could have resulted from more than one burglary incident.


There have been a series of van break-ins in the North Somerset area over the past 12 months, where electrical power tools have been targeted.


The tools include: a Stihl chainsaw; a Kennedy professional retool tool box, a Makita holdall; angle grinder; a Makita cordless screwdriver; Makita circular saw; a JD Sports bag containing various items; a Stihl disc cutter; a Makita nail gun; a Makita jigsaw; a Makita disc sander; Paslode nail guns, plus other items.


We’re keen to hear from anyone who has had tools taken similar to those above.


Images of just some of the items are on the attached PDF file."


14/01/20 - December Crime Figures


The attached document provides a breakdown of the crimes that occurred in our area during December 2019. 


09/01/20 - Burglary of Residential Garage.


A garage in Hills Close, Weston Super Mare has been broken into and a large amount of building material has been dumped over a period of time, the exact time frame is not clear. As the garage was completely empty it was left unlocked as there was nothing to steal and this allowed the offender to simply offload their rubbish with ease. Due to the homeowner now being at a financial loss to remove this material this is recorded as burglary.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220005354 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.


09/01/20 - Vehicle Crime


A car parked in Hillview Road, Loxton has been tampered with on the 8th between 1am & 7:30am. The car was parked on the street under a street lamp, the offender has tried to remove the spare wheel. The victim’s partner’s car has also had the tyres deflated.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5220005505 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.



Free Counter Terrorism Training and more

Posted on 10th December, 2019

Police call on public to sign up for free counter terrorism training.

An award-winning counter terrorism training course is being made available to the public for the first time and Avon and Somerset Police want you to sign up and help protect the UK.


Devised by CT officers and security experts, the ACT Awareness eLearning package was previously only available to staff working in crowded places like shopping centres and entertainment venues.


Now Counter Terrorism Policing has decided to open up the training to anyone who wants to become a CT Citizen so they can learn how to spot the signs of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.


The programme was originally devised in partnership with retail giant Marks and Spencer – and participants needed to be signed up by their employers. Today the online learning is available free of charge to anyone who wants to take part.


The decision to offer the training to the public was not made in response to the recent attack in London. However, the tragic events which took place just 10 days ago, when two people lost their lives to terrorism, were a stark reminder of the ongoing threat and the need for vigilance.


Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Cullen said: “ACT Awareness eLearning is especially useful for anyone working in or regularly visiting crowded places.


“Developed alongside industry experts more than one and a half million modules have already been completed.


“The course has been so popular, with nine out of 10 users saying they would recommend it, we want to open it up to as many people as possible.


“The threat level remains at Substantial – meaning an attack is likely – so giving everyone the chance to be extra eyes and ears for police and local security teams help to keep all communities across the Avon and Somerset area safe.


“The festive period is obviously a very busy one – so this is a good time to join up and become a CT Citizen.”


ACT Awareness is made up of seven modules that take a few minutes each to complete. You can pause and re-join at any time. In total it takes just 45 minutes – so less than an hour of your time could help to prevent an attack or help save lives if one was to happen.


The course is hosted by online training specialists Highfield. To register and start learning, click https://ct.highfieldelearning.com



Forcewide, Help us keep everyone safe this Christmas

We’re supporting the latest Counter Terrorism Policing campaign to help keep crowded places secure over the festive period.


The campaign calls on the public and those who work in our busy towns and cities to remain vigilant and report any concerns to staff, security or – in confidence – to Counter Terrorism police at gov.uk/ACT. It also asks everyone to be the extra eyes and ears of the police, so we can work together to tackle terrorism.


Assistant Chief Constable Stephen Cullen said: “We’re asking everyone out and about enjoying the festive season to look after each other and if they see something which doesn’t look right, to report it. Neighbourhood officers will be patrolling our communities throughout the Christmas period, including Christmas Day itself, just as they are on every other day of the year.


“Project Servator deployments will also be carried out across the force area – these are unpredictable deployments involving specially trained officers who turn up announced at various locations to provide the public with reassurance and to disrupt a wide range of criminal activity, including terrorism.”


ACC Cullen added: “The chances of being caught up in a terrorist incident are extremely low. But sadly, as we saw just last week in London, attacks can be carried out anywhere and anytime. “The national threat level remains Substantial, meaning an attack is likely, so we need to remain vigilant.


“Our message to people across the Avon and Somerset force area is not to worry that you might be wasting our time. If you see something suspicious – ACT. Speak to a police officer or report it to local security or staff or via gov.uk/ACT and let us check it out.


“A few minutes of your time could help save lives.”


Press Release, Elderly pedestrians injured in car park collision.

We are appealing for witnesses to a collision in which a 97-year-old man was injured.


Officers were called to the car park of Morrisons in Summer Lane, Weston-super-Mare, just before midday on Monday 2 December.


There were reports of two elderly pedestrians having been in injured in a collision with a car.


They were treated at Weston General Hospital for injuries not believed life-threatening or life-changing. The 97-year-old man remains in hospital for treatment. The car driver, a man in his 70s, was spoken to at the scene.


If you saw the collision get in touch, or call 101, quoting log 380 of 2nd December.


November Crime Figures – AN010

Dear Members,


The attached document provides a breakdown of the types of crime that occurred in your area in November 2019.


Kind regards,


Paul Johnson, NHW Admin (Somerset)





Force Area Fraudster Warning.

Bath Trading Standards have alerted us to a number of incidents where residents have been telephoned by someone falsely claiming to be from the ‘credit investigation’ or ‘debt advice’ departments of the Citizens Advice Bureau.


This can be an expensive and worrying time of year for many people, so it can be easy for them to fall prey to scammers, particularly if they appear to be offering some relief from debt. It is also a concern that the scammers are using the Citizens Advice name as that is where consumers are signposted for most problems.


Although these reports have come from Bath, the calls are not likely to be area specific. If anyone has been affected by a similar telephone call, the advice from Trading Standards is to call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or report it online at https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/contact-us/consumer-service/


Another suspicious incident occurred in Canterbury Road, Bath. At approximately 3pm on Friday 29 November, a male has called at the home of an elderly female claiming to be from BBC Market Research. He wanted to go inside the property to complete the survey, despite the resident saying she would send it on. The male also suggested he could pay £1,000 towards the TV licence. As he neither wore or showed any form of ID the resident became suspicious and shut the door on him. Remember that you don’t have to answer the door to anyone you don’t know or weren’t expecting. Always use a door chain if possible.


We want to remind residents to be wary of any unexpected callers at your door, especially those offering unwanted services or selling items that may be of poor quality and over-priced. Always use a trader who has been recommended to you by a trusted source. All items must come with a 14-day cooling off period, and any quote should be on company stationery containing the seller’s address and phone number

Festive Period Crime Prevention

Posted on 3rd December, 2019

Somerset, Festive Period Crime Prevention

"Dear Neighbourhood Watch Members,


With just 23 days to go until Christmas, [Avon & Somerset Police] want to share with you some top tips to protect yourselves during this festive period so you can all enjoy the festivities & have a happy new year.


We all know there are so many scams around at the moment and these appear to change on an almost daily basis, but please do not be alarmed. Common sense always prevails and as they always say “if it seems too good”.


The Golden Rules:

  • Never give out your bank details (Pin / Password) EVER.
  • Not sure don’t answer the door, it’s your home!
  • Be very wary of following links you are sent via email, go through your own trusted sites.
  • Don’t be bullied on the phone, HANG UP
  • Please do not advertise what’s in your home, only put waste out on collection day.
  • Leaving your home unattended? Put the lights on a timer or ask a friend to visit or park on your drive.
  • (And please check on your neighbours, if you see papers / post building up on the doorstep, just check)

Above all, have a great festive break and thank you for all your efforts. Neighbourhood Watch continues to grow and develop, none of this would be possible without your support."



9788 AN010 Burglary Business.

A business in Manor Court, Locking, Weston Super Mare has been burgled between the hours of 7:30pm on the 26th and 6:30am on the 27th. The offenders have smashed through the front glass door with a rock and once inside have stolen a significant quantity of tobacco products by utilising a recycling box to carry the goods. It is known that there were 4 offenders wearing puffer jackets with hoods up, with 2 wearing distinctive Nike tracksuit bottoms.


If you contact the Police about this incident, please call 101 & quote Reference number: 5219274072 or Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111, thank you.

The Little Book of Big Scams

Posted on 26th November, 2019


BOB has been asked by a resident to share "The Little Book of Big Scams", as published by the Metropolitan Police.

"Over 160,000 copies of this booklet have been given to local communities and businesses around London ... [and] ... has been adopted by over 20 constabularies and agencies nationally, to help spread valuable fraud prevention advice to the public"

In the overview to the booklet Gloria Hunniford states:

"As you will read in this excellent and extremely accurate booklet, the current types of frauds people are experiencing today can range from the more recognisable face-to-face fraud to those carried out by someone anonymously online. The advances in technology enabling most of us to more easily carry out day to day tasks are frequently exploited by those fraudsters who wish to steal our valuable information or money.


I hope that the information and advice contained in this booklet will empower you to identify potential frauds and prevent the loss of your valuable data to those so intent on stealing it. Also, if you are a victim of fraud this booklet will provide advice on the best course of action to report and remedy the unfortunate situation you may find yourself in."


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Also, Avon & Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner Autumn Newsletter

Neighbourhood Watch Updates

Posted on 26th November, 2019

9788 Press Release, Warning after telephone fraud incidents in Somerset.

We are warning people to be on their guard following two incidents of attempted telephone fraud in the Crewkerne area.


In both incidents no cash was taken but we are concerned that there may have been other victims who have not reported incidents to us.


The victims were contacted by callers purporting to be from Lloyds Bank and advised there was a problem with their bank debit card and they would be sending someone to collect the cards and that a replacement card would be delivered to their home.


In the first instance the card was collected and PiN number provided but fortunately the victim realised their error and alerted their bank.


In the other incident someone visited the victim who refused to hand over their card.


In both incidents the bogus caller was wearing a high visibility jacket.


We are urging people to be vigilant and on their guard to such calls. Banks will never personally attend a home address to collect or deliver cards or important documents, and bank details and personal information – including PiN numbers – should never be disclosed.


Anyone with information, or has been a victim and wants to make us aware should call us.


We would offer the following advice:


Police and banks will never ask members of the public to give out personal details, such as bank account numbers or PIN numbers over the phone or send a courier to collect bank cards or money.


We advise people not to discuss their finances with anyone calling you out of the blue, even if they claim to be a police officer or representative from the bank. Genuine callers will be happy for you to make an appointment to visit them at a branch of the bank or police station.


If you receive what you believe to be a scam/fraudulent call, end it immediately and call your bank or police. Before making a confirmation phone call either Wait five minutes or Use a different phone (eg mobile or neighbour’s phone) in case your line has been locked by the scammer


If you have any doubts about who you are speaking to, ask for identification. Police officers and other official callers will expect you to check their identity. They won’t mind waiting while you do so.


Taxi services and courier companies in the county who have been made aware of the courier fraud offending and continue to pick up ‘packages’ from victims could face prosecution.


We would also appeal to taxi drivers who are asked to collect parcels – especially from elderly.


If you know someone who may be vulnerable to this type of offence, please speak to them and share our crime prevention tips. 


If you can help, please call 101and give the call handler the reference number 5219267904 


You can contact the independent charity Crimestoppers 100 per cent anonymously on 0800 555 111or via their Anonymous Online Form.


No personal details are taken, information cannot be traced or recorded and you will not go to court or have to speak to police when contacting Crimestoppers.



9788, October Crime Figures – AN010

The attached document provides a breakdown of the types of crime that occurred in your area in October 2019.




7164 FORCEWIDE Suspected Fraud Phone Calls

Please alert any elderly or vulnerable friends, neighbours or relatives to the following scam.


Bath and North East Somerset Trading Standards have been made aware of three residents being contacted by suspected fraudsters who are claiming to be from “Bath Council”, “Safe and Secure” or “Protect Your Home UK”.


The caller say that they are contacting people aged between 50 and 70 to offer home security systems. One resident was offered an ID wrist band for £1, along with a quote for floor sensors which would alert the wristband if there was a flood or fire. The other resident was offered free security equipment, £1 for installation and ongoing maintenance costs to be agreed. Both residents say the caller was extremely convincing. The caller guaranteed that police, ambulance or fire would attend an incident. The telephone number provided to residents does not work and it's believed that this is a SCAM! This may be an attempt to get people’s bank details or to sign residents up to an expensive monthly subscription.


If you have been affected by a similar telephone call, the advice from Trading Standards is to call the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 04 05 06 or report it online at https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/contact-us/consumer-service/



9788 Possible Somerset Brexit Scam

There have been reports from people living in the Devon and Cornwall area about a Brexit Scam. Scammers have been contacting people and claiming that the supply of medicines will be affected by the UK leaving Europe and people will have to pay in advance to ensure their prescriptions won’t be affected. The caller will then try to get their bank details. Although this hasn’t happened in Avon and Somerset as yet, it may only be a matter of time before the scammers try our area.


Always be wary of any unexpected callers who ask for your personal or financial information, especially if they are claiming to be from a bank or the tax office. Scammers will always seize on confusion caused by a major event like Brexit to take money from people. If you have any doubts or concerns about a caller, hang up.



AN010 - Crime breakdown September 2019

Please see the attached document, which shows a breakdown of the different crime type’s that occurred in your beat area during September 2019.



7164 CN201-CS226, Bristol, Somerset Avoiding Burglaries

We have seen a number of burglaries across the force area where the offenders have targeted homes while the residents are on holiday. There are a number of things you can do to make your home look occupied, which can also be used as the nights are starting to draw in. Please see the attached document for some tips to make your home safer.



7164 Northeast, Somerset, Bristol - Joint Audit Committee Recruitment

The Avon and Somerset Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC), Sue Mountstevens, wishes to appoint three independent members to sit on the Joint Police and Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable Audit Committee. As part of this volunteer role members will be examining inspection reports, by internal and external auditors, on matters including governance, key systems of control, asset management, people, data management and finance within these two organisations. They will also be directly advising the PCC and Chief on risk management. Therefore, experience and understanding of risk management and audit activity would be particularly valuable.


This vital work will help the Police & Crime Commissioner and Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset Police to adhere to the best governance practices in their roles overseeing policing in our area and discharging their statutory responsibilities. The committee is an important, independent means of enhancing public trust and confidence in the governance of the office of the Police & Crime Commissioner and Avon and Somerset Police.


Further information about the role, and application pack documents are available from the PCC website which can be accessed by following the link below. The closing date for applications is 12 noon on the 9th October 2019.


To download an application pack please visit https://www.avonandsomerset-pcc.gov.uk/Take-Part/Joint-Audit-Committee-Independent-Member.aspx or contact the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner on 01278 646 188.



AN010 - Crime breakdown August

Please see the attached document, which shows a breakdown of the type of crime that occurred in your beat area in August 2019.



AN010 - Crime breakdown June and July

Please see the attached document, which shows a breakdown of the type of crime that occurred in your beat area in June and July 2019. I apologise for the delay in sending out the June figures.



Emergency Services Open Day - Somerset

We delighted to announce that this year’s Emergency Services Open Day will take place on Sunday 15 September at Police & Fire HQ from 10.30am-4pm.


This is our opportunity to showcase the incredible work we do, and how we work alongside other emergency services in Avon and Somerset to keep our communities safe.


This year the programme of events will include displays from Avon and Somerset’s Police Dog, Mounted and Firearms section as well as car cutting and search and rescue demonstrations from Avon Fire & Rescue.

Younger visitors are invited to join the Major Crimes team and become a detective for the day. They will be able to visit a crime scene, investigate the evidence and then find out if their hard work has paid off when the offender is revealed at the end of the day.

Beyond the Constabulary and Avon Fire and Rescue Service representatives from Mountain Rescue, HM Coastguard, British Red Cross, RNLI and Wessex 4 x 4 will be at the event.


How can I attend the event?


• Open Day tickets are free and will be available from 1pm on Monday 22 July from http://www.emergencyservicesopenday.co.uk


Tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis and you will be able to buy up to 6 tickets per order. There are no priority tickets for Avon and Somerset employees.


• We will be releasing further tickets in two batches later this summer. We’ll announce release dates for tickets on the website http://www.emergencyservices.co.uk and social media


• If you have any enquiries about the Open Day please email OpenDayMailbox@avonandsomerset.police.uk but please note the only way to order tickets is using the Eventbrite link on the Open Day website.



AN010 May Crime Figures

The attached document provides information on the number and type of crime that occurred on your Beat Area in May.



AN009-AN015 Witness Appeal: Man Injured at Birnbeck Pier

At 12.30am on Sunday 2 June police in Weston-super-Mare were alerted to an injured man at the bottom of a cliff by Birnbeck Pier. The officers provided first aid and alerted the ambulance service. The injured man was recovered with the support of the Coastguard and taken to hospital by air ambulance, where he remains in a critical condition. His family are aware.


Officers are carrying out investigations to establish what happened and are keen to hear from anyone who was in the area of the Birnbeck Pier around midnight on Saturday 1 into Sunday 2 June. Police are particularly interested in hearing from the person who approached the emergency services at the time, crucially allowing for a quick response to the injured man. If you were there, or have any information about what happened, please contact us through http://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact, or by calling 101, quoting reference 5219122045. Alternatively you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



Motorbike Thefts - North Somerset

Please can all Moped & Motorbike owners be extra vigilant and take extra security when it comes to locking their bikes. We are aware of a group of youths riding around the area looking to steal mopeds or motorbikes in the afternoon and evenings.


If anyone sees a group of three or four mopeds riding around acting suspicious could they please call 101 to report it, if you see a crime happening please dial 999.



AN001-AN015 Witness Appeal: Weston-Super-Mare Incident

We’re appealing for witnesses following an incident in Weston-Super-Mare.


On Thursday afternoon 23 May, at about 1.10pm a man took hold of a toddler in the Summer Lane ponds area. The boy was with his mother at the time.


The man is described as a white man of slim build, about 5ft 10ins tall, wearing blue jeans and a distinctive light blue hooded top with white patches, similar to a tie-dye effect. He is thought to have left and headed in the direction of the car park at the entrance to the ponds area near Summer Lane.


We’re keen to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time of the incident who may be able to help us with our enquiries or who recognises the man. Officers have been patrolling the area to provide reassurance and receive any information on the incident in order to piece together what happened.


If you can help, please call 101 and give the call handler the reference number 5219114866. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111



7164 AN001-AN015, AE016-AE037, CN201-CS226 Telephone Scams

There have been a number of telephone scams reported recently. Once again HMRC has been used, where the caller says that they are from the Tax Office and that you owe money and a warrant has been issued for your arrest. Another scam currently going around is for someone claiming to be from BT saying that there is a problem with your internet. This one seems to be centre on giving them control of your computer to allow them to see if everything is in order. Once they have control they may demand an astronomical fee to solve the alleged “problem” or want a regular monthly payment to ensure everything stays in order. This type of ransom scam may also makes you vulnerable to viruses looking for financial information.


If you receive any form of phone call from someone you don’t know, never give them any personal or financial information and never let them take control of your computer. If you have any concerns, hang up the phone immediately. If you are still worried, contact the company the scammer claims to be from to check the validity of their claim. Use the phone number from an old bill or written communication or use the telephone directory. NEVER use a phone number given to you by the caller as it will go to an accomplice or to a premium price phone line.



7164 AN001-AN015 Press Release: Worle Incident Update

The investigation into an incident in Worle in which two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing an explosion is continuing.


The Royal Engineers Search Team have now completed searches at two residential premises – in Appletree Court, Worle and Forth Avenue in Portishead. Police officers completed these searches on Wednesday 15 September. There continues to be no risk to the wider public and the incident is not being treated as terrorism or domestic terrorism related.


A device was recovered by the Army’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit (EOD) yesterday in a lane at Appletree Court, which we believe was responsible for the loud bangs heard by residents. It was made safe and no further devices were found or are suspected to exist.


DI Rich Horsfall said: “We’d like to reiterate our thanks to the public for their support through yesterday’s disruption. The cordons are now confined to the two properties to allow for police-led searches to take place, so the impact on the wider public should be minimal.


“We’d also like to thank all the agencies who’ve supported our investigation, including the EOD which provided specialist skills and expertise.


“We’re continuing to question two men, aged 20 and 21, and they remain in custody at this time.”



AN010 - Crime breakdown April

Please see the attached document, which shows a breakdown of the type of crime that occurred in your beat area in April 2019.




7164 AN001-AN015 Missing Motorbikes

Please see the attached document to read about some motorbikes that were stolen from Winford during the night of Sunday 14 April. They are still missing at the time of sending this message.


Big Bleadon is Watching You

Posted on 10th November, 2019



Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) has bought a new CCTV system which has increased the number and sophistication of the cameras focused on the village halls, play park, Youth Club and toilet areas. (Costing residents around £2K to purchase and install, with ongoing costs for maintenance and WIFI usage)


The Council's October minutes have just been published stating:

"Concerns were raised by a member of the public as to the Council's CCTV and whether they were operating with sound being recorded. There were also questions raised as to the remote log in system, who had access to the CCTV footage, and the Council's CCTV policy." (Oct 19 Min 327.6)

These five cameras appear to be high definition with infra-red night vision, remote access viewing and sound recording capability! I wonder what conversations they expect to hear?


Since when has Bleadon had such a criminal and fearful neighbourhood? We look forward to BPC's answers to these concerns in the near future ...... In the meantime Hot Fuzz anyone? .....






The following extracts make reference to BPC's new CCTV policy introduced in May 2019.


BPC's Stated Purpose for CCTV

"The purposes of the CCTV system installed by the Parish Council are:

  • to monitor the security of [physical assets] the Coronation Halls, Youth Centre, car park and the play area equipment;
  • to assist Law Enforcement Agencies with identification, detection, apprehension and prosecution of offenders of crime and anti-social behaviour in the vicinity of the Coronation Halls, Youth Centre, public toilets, car park and the play area by providing them with retrievable images provided by the system;
  • to improve safety and security for users and visitors and staff and to help prevent loss or damage to the buildings, motor vehicles in the car park, and equipment and assets of the Parish Council;
  • to reduce the fear of persons using and working in the area regarding crime and antisocial behaviour;
  • to deter potential offenders by publicly displaying the existence of CCTV and signs of its operation."

Since when has Bleadon had such a criminal and fearful neighbourhood?


What CCTV equipment is installed?

"The installation consists of five high definition cameras fixed to the Bleadon Youth Centre soffit .. All the cameras have built-in infra-red ability for night-time usage ... The system has sound recording capability" YET "The Parish Council is committed to the recommendations of the Code of Practice for Surveillance Cameras and Personal Information published by the Information Commissioner", which states,

"Using surveillance systems can be privacy intrusive. They are capable of placing large numbers of law-abiding people under surveillance and recording their movements as they go about their day-to-day activities." (Para 4.0)

"None of these devices [including CCTV] should be purchased merely because they are available, affordable or in the belief that it will garner public approval. It is very important that you perform a privacy impact assessment" (Para 7.5)

Where is BPC's assessment published?

"Surveillance systems should not normally be used to record conversations between members of the public as this is highly intrusive and unlikely to be justified. You should choose a system without this facility if possible“ (Para 8.0)

Also North Somerset Council state that their " ... system equipment does not record sound and there will be no possibility of recording private conversations.” (NSC's CCTV Policy Para 3.3)

So why did BPC appear to choose a system with sound recording? Is the sound currently activated? Can it be remotely activated? Who can listen in?


The BPC CCTV system has "An 8 channel recorder is situated within a designated secure cupboard, protected by a separate but dedicated security coded intruder alarm" YET

  • BPC asked for quotes including able to "remote log-in to recordings" (Mar 19 Min 320.27).
  • Does the current CCTV system have remote access?
  • How is the CCTV system recorded on BPC's Risk Assessment Register?

How much has this CCTV cost residents so far?

It seems to have cost around £2,173 to purchase and install (Aug 19 Min 325.20) with an Annual Maintenance of £118 (Oct 19 Agenda Pack Payments List)? There also appears to be an ongoing cost of WIFI as "circumstances have changed now that the CCTV uses WIFI as well ... Resolved: to contribute one-third of the new cost of the WIFI in the Cornonation Hall" (Sept 19 Min 326.21). Also, potential training costs? (June 19 Min 323.12)


Who has access to the CCTV?

"Judgements regarding disclosure to third parties (such as system maintenance providers) can only be authorised by the Parish Council, as data controller, with the right to refuse any request for information unless there is an overriding legal obligation, such as a court order or information access rights".

  • The cameras are located on the Youth Club building but why does the Youth Club have access to the recorded footage/images? (June Min 323.12)

What will CCTV be used for?

"Normally, images will be deleted at 14-day intervals which will provide adequate time for any incidents of a criminal nature to have come to light and to have been reported to law enforcement agencies (usually the police) ... It is intended that CCTV images produced on the system will be used by law enforcement agencies alone for their purposes of detecting, investigating and preventing criminal or anti-social behaviour" ,YET

  • in August BPC state,"It was suggested that CCTV should be employed to ‘have a word’ with drivers who come into the car park via the exit." (Aug 19 Min 325.17)

Echo's of Hot Fuzz .....

Lost Cat

Posted on 14th July, 2019


Lost Cat -  Missing since 8th July from Bridge Road, Bleadon.


6 year old spayed female cat - Blakc and white - Fairly Timid.

Help Emergency Services with what3words

Posted on 20th June, 2019


"Many places can be difficult to describe in emergencies, which means that 999 call handlers have to deal with directions like “I can see a farm in the distance…” or “I’m near the white tent”. When every second counts, being able to describe where help is needed is crucial.



Help emergency services find you. DOWNLOAD the free what3words app today and be prepared to give your 3 word address if needed: https://qtrh4.app.goo.gl/w3w_app


About what3words : what3words is the simplest way to talk about location. It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique address made from 3 words. Now people can refer to any precise location – a delivery entrance, a picnic spot or a drone landing point – using three simple words. what3words is helping improve businesses around the world, and paving the way for social and economic progress in developing nations. It can be used via the free mobile app or online map. what3words can also be built into any other app, platform or website, with just a few lines of code."

Witness Sought

Posted on 2nd March, 2019


Witnesses sought


Police are appealing for the public’s help following the theft of a large quantity of golfing clothes in the North Somerset area.


They would like members of the public - particularly golf players and those attending car boot sales - to be vigilant for well-known golf clothing being offered for sale.


The items were taken from a golf club in Clevedon Road, Tickenham at about 4.30am on Friday 22 February.


Items taken include: trousers; jumpers, jackets and polo shirts. The clothing is branded – Ping, Footjoy, Proquip and Sunderland. In addition a Titleist Stadry stand-up golfing bag was taken.


We would like anyone spotting the items taken, or being offered them, to contact the police.


Police are also keen to hear from anyone who was in the Clevedon Road area of Tickenham around the time of the incident who may have seen a vehicle or anyone acting suspiciously in the area.


Anyone able to help is asked to contact the Police on 101, quoting reference 5219039226



Garden Security


Please find attached two documents for your information and which you are welcome to forward to your members. One relates to gardening tips to deter burglars and the other relating shed/outbuildings.


As the better weather and lighter evenings come round this is a good time of year to check security, updating it where appropriate, to help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.






Court Result


A woman who stole from a vulnerable pensioner by disguising herself as a police officer using a homemade police cap has been jailed.


Tracey Hayward, of Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, targeted her partially sighted 88-year-old victim on multiple occasions to steal thousands of pounds.


She repeatedly targeted the victim despite being arrested and released under investigation. She was arrested a second time and remanded in custody and the offending stopped.


Hayward pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary and one count of theft and was yesterday sentenced to two years in prison.



Information from PCC office


Please find attached document from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) which advises of a post being advertised through that office.


Any additional information should be sought through the PCC's office as indicated on the attachment.





Somerset Newsletter


Please find attached to this message the latest edition of the Watch Schemes Newsletter for your information. It includes items from senior officers and crime reduction information which can be passed on to your members.


Paper copies of this document can be supplied if necessary but only on the basis of one per 5 households registered to your scheme – if you have previously asked to be placed on our mailing list for this publication then your paper copies are on their way to you.


If you have any queries, or wish to order any of the crime reduction items, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey at the Watch Schemes office on 01278-644799.







Below figures relate to the Weston Villages beat area (AN010)

38 reports of crime, including:

5 Assault

0 Assault on Police

2 dwelling burglary (+ 1 attempt)

1 non dwelling burglary (+ 0 attempt)

5 criminal damage - property

3 criminal damage - vehicles

3 theft from motor vehicles

0 theft of motor vehicle

0 theft of pedal cycle

0 theft from shops


Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) - 8 reports across the beat.

Banwell - group of youths identified and spoken to about their behaviour


Beat Surgery:

14 and 28 February - Winscombe Farmers Market, 10am-12noon

23 February - Banwell Garden Centre, 2-3pm

13 February - Hutton village hall at the Farmers Market from 10am-12noon


PACT/Have Your Say - agenda item at parish council meetings: Winscombe & Sandford, Banwell, Hutton, Bleadon, Locking. Officers attend when shifts/operational commitments allow.


Officers held a tack marking session at Murphy's Saddlery in January and there are plans to hold further sessions later in the year.




If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 or contact via the website link https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact-us/



Related Neighbourhood Watch and Police information is also posted at http://www.bleadon.org.uk/watch and on the Bleadon Community News Page http://www.bleadon.org.uk/news.html


Thefts, Burglaries and Events

Posted on 30th January, 2019

Thefts from garages, vehicles and burglaries

There has been a spate of Garage and shed breaks over the last week on this beat. These have occurred overnight. Various items have been stolen from power tools to bicycles.


• Please be vigilant. Lock your garages and sheds.

• Mark any power tools with some identifying marks. Write down serial numbers these help in tracing items if they have been sold in a second hand shop.

• Take down serial numbers from bicycles and photographs. Photographs are very useful if the bike has unique features i.e. mud guards, hand grips. If recently bought please keep receipts.

• Keep ladders locked up in the garage to prevent them being used to break into your house.

• Lighting can be used as a deterrent.

• Dummy CCTV cameras are also useful as a deterrent.


There has also been a few house burglaries as well.

• Please lock your doors and windows.

• Lock gates that lead to the garden.

• Keep bins away from fences.

• Lock up ladders.

• Don’t leave keys in doors or in view of the letterbox, where a pole can be put through to pull the keys through.

• Don’t leave valuable items on view from the window.

• If you are going away cancel newspapers, cover any glass panel that letters may be seen if no one is moving the post whilst you are away

• Leave the radio/light on a timer.

• Ask a neighbour to come in at different times to water plants\ feed the animals.


Also a few thefts from cars\vans. …again

• Again please lock your vehicle.

• If possible remove any power tools from the vehicle.

• Do not leave valuable on display. Remove satnavs as well as the holder and remove leads.

• Don’t leave coins on display.

• Remove bags i.e rucksack and gym bags.

• Mobile phone holders and leads.

• Dash Cams are useful.

• Leave the glove compartment open to show there is nothing hidden in there.

• Don’t leave any documentation on display especially with your address visible.

North Somerset

Please find attached poster promoting events being held later this month recruiting volunteers to work with the Avon Fire & Rescue Service and the Avon Community Resilience Team.


As you will see the poster gives details of the events and how to book tickets.




If you have information about suspicious incidents or activity please telephone the police on the general number 101 or contact via the website link https://www.avonandsomerset.police.uk/contact-us/



Related Neighbourhood Watch and Police information is also posted at http://www.bleadon.org.uk/watch and on the Bleadon Community News Page http://www.bleadon.org.uk/news.html