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Wind Turbines and Solar Panels

Posted on 29th April, 2022


What will be the future of rural Bleadon?

What will be the outcome of North Somerset Council's Consultation that ends today, 29 April 2022?




BOB's presents to BPC

26 April 2022



BOB's consultation submission

to NSC



Submit your comments to North Somerset Council ASAP, details on BOB's Local Plan Consultation blog


Residents Meeting Monday 11 Apr at 7pm

Posted on 10th April, 2022


A reminder that the parish meeting tomorrow, Monday 11 April 2022 at 7pm, is a RESIDENT’S MEETING not a parish council meeting. We understand the council’s legal obligation is to widely inform residents 7 clear days beforehand (not including weekends), to arrange the hall booking and provide a chairman for residents to raise their views and concerns regarding the parish. It seems that councillors and the clerk are not required to attend.


It’s therefore interesting to note that the undated chairman’s agenda puts the residents ‘Open Forum’, the main legal purpose of the meeting, at the very end of her agenda, putting residents after parish councillors and her chosen speakers have spoken. The agenda appears to be a twist on the usual council meeting (where residents are not permittted to talk or question councillors during the meeting) and a 'Contact Us' meeting (where village organisations promote their services to new residents).


It’s also interesting to note that there is no update on planning development, no mention of local, district or national consultations affecting our community e.g. potential Bleadon wind & solar PV farms, and no update on roads and travel (buses) from the council? Nor is there an indication of BPC’s plans for our community, having ‘lost’ the residents’ agreed and adopted Parish Plan (£10K+?) and stalled its Neighbourhood Plan (£8K+?) pre-covid. So whose views are councillors basing their decision making and expenditure on?

  • Why is there no mention of North Somerset’s potential plans for Bleadon wind and solar PV farms (consultation started on 14 March ending 29 April 22, i.e. before the next BPC meeting,
    • Why not visit one of the drop-in sessions to talk to NSC officers about how the Local Plan process will shape the future development of North Somerset up to 2038 - Wednesday 13 April from 4pm to 6pm at The Campus, Weston-super-Mare)?
  • Considering the current energy crisis, what about an update on the existing fracking licences that cover the whole of Bleadon, WSM and into Somerset? What about the expansion of Bristol Airport 4,000 night flights, or geo-engineering in the skies over the area? With WSM stated as being the fastest growing town in Europe, where is Bleadon’s ‘Strategic Gap’ to stop urban sprawl invading our rural community? Do NSC have any plans for Bleadon's rural lanes?
  • When NSC’s Local Plan is agreed will applications be auto-approved or will resident’s still be able to comment on individual proposals?

What about the changes to Bleadon’s bus services and associated safety issues? Or an update on the A370 speed changes, central reservation, traffic lights, ‘village’ one-way system, etc.?


Bleadon is a rural village, so with global leaders indicating possible food shortages what is BPC doing to promote local food security? How is it supporting our rural farmers and workers?


The COVID elephant in the room has also been ignored, what was the £10K grant awarded to BPC in 2020. used for (COVID, Cllr ipads, church clock)? Local, district and national government policies have undoubtedly had a huge effect on all residents’ emotional, mental, physical and economic well-being. It’s also had a huge effect on local, district and national democracy with more and more meetings and decision making being made behind closed doors, resulting in an increasing lack of transparency.


This year, during the current economic crisis, Bleadon Parish Council gave itself a £64K budget financed by a £54K tax/precept demanded from Bleadon residents (£50K in 2021 makes a 8% increase), with £8K taken from reserves. If the parish council exists to democratically represent its residents, do residents feel that BPC uses its newsletter and website to inform and gather residents’ views of government activity effectively? E.g. How does it inform residents of consultations and available BPC grants? (e.g. the ‘independent’ Bleadon in Bloom group was given a grant of £8.5K+ in 2021/22 and £? in 2022)

  • BPC’s ‘independent’ newsletter, is subsidised up to £4.6K p/yr. It was delivered this week with an article from the clerk and one from the chairman but none attributed to councillors? Why doesn’t it mention the bus changes or the NSC Local Plan seven week consultation (ends 29 Apr 22), both affecting the whole of our community? How does BPC ensure that its newsletter is delivered in a timely manner to ensure that events aren’t missed? How does BPC ensure that it’s ‘Letter to the Editor’ is used in an appropriate and respectful manner towards other residents, business owners, developers, etc. (e.g. Page 3)? Is the newsletter balanced or generally village rather than parish focussed? Is its circulation outside Bleadon appropriate if those residents don’t pay Bleadon taxes?
  • Do residents feel that BPC and its councillors practice transparency of its decision making and expenditure? Does it encourage its clerk (£48K+ pro rata) to ensure that its communications are clear, timely and accurate to avoid miscommunications between the council, working groups and residents as highlighted in its newsletter delivered this week, pg 3? (BPC represented Working Group minutes, actions, decisions and agreements are not generally published; monthly, annual, and ad hoc sub-committee minutes are generally only published 3 days before the next meeting, usually without appendices)

It appears only councillors and invited speakers attended the Parish Meeting last year (related blog). Perhaps, if a large number of residents attend on Monday, the chair might put the residents ‘Open Forum’ first, to enable residents to have sufficient time to voice their views and concerns regarding their community. Maybe residents can reclaim their ONLY OFFICIAL ANNUAL RESIDENT’S MEETING.



Additional info:


Click to Enlarge Image

UPDATE: Consultation submissions



North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Preferred Options

14 Mar 2229 Apr 22 at 5pm"The draft Local Plan sets out the councils preferred options for delivering the number of new homes and associated infrastructure such as schools, transport and other facilities that are needed in North Somerset up to 2038"


North Somerset Council are inviting you to take part in the consultation (PDF

  • If you wish to discuss this consultation you can raise it at the annual resident meeting, Monday 11th Apr 22, 7pm at the village Hall.
    • [UPDATE 12APR22 - Following above meeting BOB writes to NSC Cllr Porter re: fracking, turbine and solar pv proposals for Bleadon; request for letters to/from NSC re: fracking; and hoping for BPC to call a widely publicised extra-ordinary meeting for residents before the consultation deadline (PDF)]
  • Visit one of the drop-in sessions to talk to officers about how the Local Plan process will shape the future development of North Somerset up to 2038.
    • Monday 14 March 12.30pm to 7pm at Banwell Village Hall
    • Thursday 17 March from 3pm to 7pm at Hangstones Pavilion, Yatton
    • Thursday 24 March from 3pm to 7pm at Churchill Methodist Church Hall
    • Tuesday 29 March from 3pm to 7pm at St James Church Centre, Winscombe
    • Friday 1 April from 3pm to 7pm at Tithe Barn, Nailsea
    • Thursday 7 April from 3pm to 7pm at Portishead Library
    • Wednesday 13 April from 4pm to 6pm at The Campus, Weston-super-Mare
      • Only the Vice-Chair of BPC attends. BOB and the councillor take the opportunity to briefly discuss the Local Plan Consultation and Neighbourhood Development Plans with a North Somerset Planning Officer.

What about Food Security?

UK Report (PDF)

Previous NSC Local Plan Consultations

  • Nov 2020 - Local Plan 2038 Consultation Part 2 (Blog)
  • July 2020 - North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Challenges and Choices Part 1 (BlogVid)
  • Mar 2020 - Local Plan -Pre-commencement (Blog)
  • Sep 2018 - North Somerset Local Plan 2036 - Issues and Options (Blog & Blog)
  • Nov 2017 - Local Plan 2036 - Generating Ideas (Blog)

BOB ppt (26Mb)


Other info:

The appointed auditor can be contacted at the address in paragraph 4 below for this purpose between the above dates only.


Notice of Public Right to view Bleadon Parish Councils financially related information


There is a six week opportunity to lawfully view BPC's accounting records for last year between Monday 14 June 2021 and Friday 23 July 2021 as summarised in its unaudited AGAR

"Any person interested has the right to inspect and make copies of the accounting records for the financial year to which the audit relates and all books, deeds, contracts, bills, vouchers, receipts and other documents relating to those records must be made available for inspection by any person interested.


For the year ended 31 March 2021, these documents will be available on reasonable notice by application" to the parish clerk by ringing 0745 335 318 or emailling (AGAR Notice)

Residents and their representatives also have:

  • "The opportunity to question the appointed auditor about the accounting records; and
  • The right to make an objection which concerns a matter in respect of which the appointed auditor could either make a public interest report or apply to the court for a declaration that an item of account is unlawful. Written notice of an objection must first be given to the auditor and a copy sent to the smaller authority."
  • The appointed auditor can be contacted at the address in the AGAR Notice for this purpose between the above dates only.

Other BPC published financial information::


See also: 

Farmers Protection Dropped

Posted on 17th June, 2021


Tariffs will be scrapped immediately on imported beef and lamb from Australia, triggering accusations that the trade deal struck by Boris Johnson will send UK farmers “to the wall”.


"The small print of the first major post-Brexit agreement – revealed by Canberra, as the UK government tried to keep it under wraps – revealed a pledge to protect farmers for 15 years has been dropped.

  • Instead, Australian farmers will effectively be handed tariff-free access from day one, up to a “cap” on sales that is 60 times the current level of imported beef.
  • The detail was revealed as experts warned the overall economic boost from the deal would be “close to zero” – and the government admitted the average household would be just £1.20 a year better off.
  • MPs are demanding the power to scrutinise the deal immediately, but ministers ... plan to deny full access until the autumn, when critics fear it will be too late" (Article and PDF)

Watchdog supposed to scrutinise Australia trade deal still will not exist when deal is signed

  • "Liz Truss accused of ‘subverting’ commitment to parliament by blocking access to agreement until autumn
  • A watchdog designed to ensure the Australia trade deal does not undermine UK food and animal welfare rules will not be set up until months after it is signed" (PDF)


Transformation of Agriculture and the use of Insects (FEB20)


"Themed collaborative R&D: we will fund collaborative projects, which will need to involve farming or agri-food businesses working with researchers, to carry out R&D focused on strategic, high-priority societal challenges with the potential to transform agricultural productivity over longer time horizons. We have identified a set of themes and will develop these to ensure that they are targeted on innovative solutions to these challenges"


"Themes include:

  • adaption to climate change and clean growth (e.g. best practice approaches or next generation fertilisers),
  • integrated farm management (e.g. sustainable agronomy and integrated pest management),
  • sustainable protein and balanced nutrition (e.g. plant based protein and sustainable livestock production),
  • genetics and genomics for enhanced productivity (e.g. advanced breeding technology),
  • renewable materials for the bioeconomy (e.g. biomass crops or agroforestry),
  • and advanced sensor technologies and data driven approaches,
  • For example, we could fund transformative collaborative projects seeking to develop insect based production systems or new farm systems with reduced environmental impacts which use integrated and advanced automation" (page 22)
  • ["By 2018, insects will be permitted in aquaculture for the first time, and novel food legislation will be ready to assess insects for human consumption (PDF) and EU Edible Insects (APR20)]


"The third tier in our current proposal would be focused on delivering landscape scale land-use change projects, where such projects drive added value over and above what can be delivered through tiers 1 and 2."


  • "It will coordinate projects that are critical in helping us to meet ambitious environmental commitments such as our net zero target. Projects could include woodland and forest creation, peatland restoration and the creation of coastal habitats such as wetlands and salt marsh; these carbon rich habitats would also deliver additional environmental outcomes, such as biodiversity and flood mitigation" (page 10)


Agricultural Productivity Working Group Report Feb20

Including case studies of:

  • Data Linker (Page 37)
  • Livestock Identification Programme (Page 38)
  • Knowledge Exchange in the Northern Ireland pig sector (Page 39)
  • Insect biomass (Page 41)
    • "Countries and companies at international and European levels are progressing swiftly to develop this important sector ... The Task and Finish Group identified the following actions as important to the rapid development of the industry in the UK ... Central government ... to support a national insect biomass conversion industry and global business potential (protein production, waste valorisation, novel products)."
    • " UK position post EU Exit offers a potential opportunity to progress enabling legislation at a faster rate than at the EU level"
  • Robotics and autonomous systems (Page 43)
  • Professional training (Page 45)
  • Electricity requirements for agricultural vehicles (Page 47)
  • Ireland: succession farm partnership tax concessions (Page 48)


See also:

  • 30MAY21 Allergens from Edible Insects: Cross-reactivity and Effects of Processing (PDF)
    • " The adverse reactions described after the ingestion of insects can be caused by cross-reactivity with other taxonomically related food allergens like crustaceans, but also with inhalant allergens such as house dust mites (HDM)"
  • 06NOV20 Edible insects and food safety: allergy (PDF)
    • "Prevalence studies performed in Asian countries have reported that 0.3-19.4% of food anaphylaxis/allergy cases were caused by insects’ consumption"
  • 03FEB22 A major milestone for the UK edible insect sector UK edible insect makers hope for Novel Food approval by 2023 (PDF)
  • 23SEP21 The edible insects coming to a supermarket near you
  • 16SEP19 Healthy low-fat insect and plant protein launched in Wales (PDF)
  • 01APR17 UK Govt examines food plants of edible insects, seasonal availability, indigenous knowledge and consumer acceptance (PDF)
  • Food Security overview

Parking Standards Consultation

Posted on 17th May, 2021




Revised North Somerset

Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document Consulation

17 May 2128 Jun 21"... update the existing Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)"


North Somerset Council are inviting you to take part in the consultation: (you need to have a login!!)

"The Council is proposing to update the existing Parking Standards Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The current standards date back to November 2013 and are in need of a comprehensive update, particularly in light of the Council’s 2019 declaration of a Climate Emergency and ambition to be carbon neutral by 2030.


The Parking Standards SPD supports Core Strategy Policy CS11: Parking and sets out the Council’s requirement for all types of parking provision (vehicle, cycle, motorcycle, etc) at new developments. It seeks to ensure that an appropriate level of parking is provided at new developments, and offers clarity for developers, officers and other stakeholders by providing clear and comprehensive guidance.


As part of this review, a variety of updates are proposed including:

  • The introduction of ‘Principle 19: Electric Vehicle Parking’ which sets out minimum requirements for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure at new development.
  • The introduction of ‘Principle 20: Car Club Schemes at New Development’ to ensure the provision of Car Club vehicles at suitable locations.
  • The introduction of a ‘Parking Needs Assessment’ to assist officers in determining a suitable level of parking in areas well served by active and public modes of transport and where car ownership and use is lower.
  • Increases to the minimum number of cycle parking spaces to be required at new developments. Updates to Appendix A (Car and Cycle parking Standards), including introducing standards for sports halls, gyms/health clubs, cinemas and Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO).
  • A small increase in parking bay dimensions from 2.4m x 4.8m to 2.5m to 5m.

A more detailed report on the proposed updates to the SPD was presented to the Council’s Executive Committee on 28th April 2021. You can read the Executive report here." (17MAY21)



See also:



Baker St

Travel Improvements

12 May 2103 Jun 21"... proposed changes to Baker Street and Milton Road are intended to give more space to people using the streets"


"Active Travel Improvements at Baker Street and Milton Road, Weston-super-Mare

(Questionnaire - PDFpg1, pg2, pg3, pg4, pg5, pg6)

North Somerset Council are encouraging the public to have their say as part of a consultation on proposed changes to Baker Street and Milton Road in Weston-super-Mare. We are particularly interested to hear from people who live in the local area.


The proposed changes to Baker Street and Milton Road are intended to give more space to people using the streets, especially outside the primary school and will link the existing Summerlands cycle route to Weston town centre and seafront. There are opportunities to provide more seating, plants and trees and narrower junctions at side roads will make crossing safer for all.


The new proposals include [map of proposed street changes]:

  • A wider pavement in front of the school to allow more space for school children and parents Better crossings facilities
  • More seating, greenery and trees
  • A 20mph speed limits will help make streets safer for all
  • New mandatory cycle lanes in Milton Road, with a westward cycle track in Baker Street One-way restriction on Baker Street, Glebe Road and Wooler Road, removing some through traffic and allowing more parking

This scheme is part of the Department for Transport funded Active Travel Fund improvements aimed to help people travel more sustainably and help to assist with economic recovery following Covid-19. Further information can be found at" (13MAY21)


See also:




NSC Supplementary

Planning Document (SPD)

26 Apr 21

21 July 21"Any person with sufficient interest in the decision to adopt the SPD may apply to the High Court for permission to apply for judicial review of that decision."


North Somerset Council adopted its supplementary planning document (SPD) on 21 April 2021.

"The SPD [Creating Sustainable Buildings and Places SPD], adoption statement and consultation statement can be seen on the Council's website at , and copies can also be viewed during normal opening hours at the following Council office:


Town Hall, Walliscote Grove Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1TG


Any person with sufficient interest in the decision to adopt the SPD may apply to the High Court for permission to apply for judicial review of that decision. Any such application must be made promptly and in any event not later than 3 months after 21 July 2021.


Planning Policy Team


North Somerset Council"

"Superseded policies

Following publication of some of the above supplementary planning documents, many of the replacement local plan policies have been superseded by the Core Strategy and/or the Sites and Policies Plan part 1: development management policies. 


Please refer to the below local plan policy schedule to find out which policies have been superseded, and where applicable, the relevant replacement.


Schedule of current policy position June 2018"

See also:

Winterstoke Hundred Academy Expansion

Posted on 4th May, 2021




Winterstoke Hundred Academy Expansion

31 Mar 2105 May 21"North Somerset Council would like your feedback on plans for a 900 school-place expansion of Winterstoke Hundred Academy to be located in Parklands Village."


"North Somerset Council would like your feedback on plans for a 900 school-place expansion of Winterstoke Hundred Academy to be located in Parklands Village.

The Winterstoke Hundred Academy is managed by Cabot Learning Federation and based on Beaufighter Road. This proposed school expansion would see additional facilities for pupils aged 11 to 19, built nearby on the newly opened North South Link Road access to Locking Parklands, adjacent to the A371.


The expanded school facilities, which are funded through Homes England’s Housing Infrastructure Fund, will help to increase intake so that growing families from across the area can access local schooling.


The plans include modern and spacious classrooms that we hope will provide young people with opportunities to get the very best start in life. The designs are also expected to include sports facilities and playing fields and will be built to high environmental standards. You can read more about this on the right-hand side of this page.


Work is now underway on the design of the school expansion, leading up to planning submission in May 2021. Fill in our short questionnaire to tell us what you think about the plans for the school and your priorities for the project’s delivery." 

Other information:


See also:

Developments in Bleadon May 2021

Posted on 4th May, 2021

Development Applications

Affecting Bleadon

Settlement Boundary2018 SHLAAParish Boundary

The table below lists a few applications and developments currently influencing Bleadon Parish. There are also some policies and consultations influencing development in Bleadon.



Inside Settlement Boundary (Map)

Land at Bleadon Hill

Golf Club

Dismantle underground approx

800m overhead cables, etc.



Wallflower House

3 Dwellings



Rectory Garden

2 New Houses



Bleadon Quarry

42 Dwelling - 189 Occupancy 




Outside Settlement Boundary, Inside Parish (Map)

Purn Way

14 Dwellings

Purn Holiday Park 10 Lodges  

Coronation Road

5 New Dwellings

2 New Dwellings

(Previiously 3 dwellings)



Wayacre Drove

(off Accommodation Rd)

50 Caravan Pitches



Purn Way

14 Dwellings Appeal



Adjacent to Mendip Racing 

4 Holiday Lodges



Accommodation Road 

Wake Park Offices, Cafe, Storage




Outside Parish Boundary (Map)

Rural Lanes Active Travel Enhancement Scheme

NSC Rural Roads Closures

Temporarily WITHDRAWN


Devil's Bridge

60 Dwellings



Bleadon Hill

36 Dwellings




Overhead and Underground

Bristol Airport Expansion


Statement of Common Ground/Case

Rule 6 awarded

Compulsory Purchase

Bleadon Fracking Licence

Roman Road




Government, Regional, District and Parish consultations and policies will directly influence residential and commercial development in Bleadon. You may want to respond to the consultations to ensure that your view is considered in the future of our communities.


Also see: