Annual Residents Meeting Have Your Say

Posted on 24th April, 2023



Bleadon’s Annual Parish Meeting is this Friday, 28 April 2023, 7pm at Bleadon Village Hall.

This isn’t another potentially boring council meeting - although chaired by the council’s chairman, it’s the RESIDENT’S OPPORTUNITY to openly discuss anything that affects the parish in an open forum, whether it’s something you like or dislike.


Many things have happened over the last year from BPC projects like the Queen’s Jubilee events, playground remodelling & Bleadon in Bloom, to the resignation of 5 parish councillors, the clerk and the newsletter editor.


There has been BPC precept & budget setting and resident AGAR challenge questions upheld by the External Auditor.


Also, local planning applications such as 36 units at the Riverside Caravan Park, 14 dwellings at Purn Way and 33 dwellings on Bleadon Hill opposite Hillcote. There have been North Somerset consultations on its Local Plan 2038, solar panels, roads & electric vehicles and the end of Bleadon’s Neighbourhood Development Plan.


So, come along and have your say and meet your new parish councillors for 2023 onwards.


Also see BOB's draft notes of the meeting and BPC's draft "Minutes ... prepared retrospectively by Liz Shayler (Locum Parish Clerk) in April 2023 in conjunction with Councillors and Members of the public present due to the absence of minutes for 2022" and Agenda.


Previous Residents Meetings:

◦ 11Apr 2022

◦ 12 Apr 2021

◦ Apr 2020 – No meeting held due to COVID19 Pandemic Policies

◦ 08 Apr 2019

◦ 09 Apr 2018

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