Wind Turbines and Solar Panels for Bleadon

Posted on 29th April, 2022


What will be the future of rural Bleadon?

What will be the outcome of North Somerset Council's Consultation that ends today, 29 April 2022?




BOB's presents to BPC

26 April 2022



BOB's consultation submission to NSC

 (See Note)

BPC consultation submission to NSC 

(ExM 26APR22)


NSC will publish all consultation responses on 31 July 22

(see inline below)




Submit your comments to North Somerset Council ASAP, details on BOB's Local Plan Consultation blog


The NSC Local Plan timetable is as follows:

  • March/April 2022 - Consultation on Preferred Options (Consultation Draft)
  • November 2022 - Consultation on pre-submission plan
  • January 2023 - Submission to Secretary of State 
  • April 2023 - Examination 
  • October 2023 - Inspector’s Report 
  • December 2023 - Adoption 


UPDATE DEC22 -  "On 6 December 2022, there was an announcement of the government’s intention to make further changes to the planning system which includes a revised method of calculating housing requirement and increased protection for constrained areas including Green Belts. The Council has made the decision to await clarity on these critical issues before finalising a revised version of the local plan. Consultation on a revised local plan is now not expected to take place before Summer 2023 with submission for examination in Autumn 2023. A revised Local Development Scheme will be published in due course with a revised timetable. You can view our press release on this announcement for further information." (PDF)


NSC Policy Mapping


UPDATE 08JUL22 - The planning application to build 14 new dwellings has been GRANTED by North Somserset in line with North Somerset Council's Local Plan Preferred Options for Proposed Residential Development showing the importance of resident and Parish Council feedback to al NSC consultations 



UPDATE 31JUL22 - Consultation Responses

  • Preferred Options Consultation Statement - Main Report
    • "Bleadon Parish Council did not support the proposed changes to their boundary"
    • "Some of both the objecting and supporting comments included suggestions for new strategic gaps, including the following locations: ... and Bleadon/Weston-super-Mare"
  • Appendix 1: Summary of Responses to Strategic Policies
    • "Bleadon Parish Council recognises and wants to protect Bleadon’s Bronze Age rural farming heritage and its settlement character and culture."
  • Appendix 2 
    • "Bleadon • Land North of Amesbury Drive (HE2051) should be included in the settlement boundary for Bleadon

      • Bleadon Parish Council want no changes to the existing settlement boundary

      • The field opposite Catherine's Inn, behind the Fiat garage should be included in the settlement boundary. It is close to public transport, cycling and walking into the village are easy, and it would not be detrimental to the local environment.It would also contribute to the district's correctly identified need for affordable housing as defined in SP8.

      • Suggested inclusion of Purn Farm and Holiday park.

      • Suggested inclusion of walnut Cottage, Catherine Inn and the garage.

      • Suggested inclusion of land to the east of Bleadon House."


    • "Weston-super-Mare: • Settlement boundary should extend around Land south of Bleadon Hill (HE2035)"
    • "a strategic gap is needed north of Bleadon to help prevent ‘encroachment’ from Weston, and protect the setting and character of Bleadon settlement"
  • Appendix 3: Summary of Responses to the Development Policies

UPDATE 03AUG22 - Wind Turbine Catches Fire in Hull


UPDATE 08AUG22 - BOB asked NSC Planning Poiicy Team to take into consideration the CPRE reports regarding:

  • the "... call for land strategy and new planning rules to guard food security" (20 July 22 and PDF), which was published after the 29 Apr 22 deadline, and
  • the related Brownfield report, "New research shows space for 1.3m homes on recycled land is being ignored" (18 Nov 21 and PDF, Data and Spreadsheet).


Note: in the Local Plan Consulttation response to NSC BOB wrote, "On the 11 Apr at Bleadon’s Annual Parish Meeting (APM) Bleadon Parish Council stated that it was not aware of this consultation, that North Somerset Council had not informed councillors. It was not on the Chairs published agenda, nor were any other planning items". At the May 2022 full council meeting Cllr Porter stated that he had spoken with NSC officers and that they confirmed that BPC had been contacted a number of times throughout the consultation process. This was not formally minuted, nor was any reason given by BPC as to why it chose not to inform the public or to discuss the consultation until after it was raised by BOB at the APM? Nor was it clearly minuted that I stated that I was concerned about the lack of openness and transparency of BPC dicussions, actions and expenditure, which is why BOB pre-submited questions relating to the May agenda for councillors to discuss and answer..


See also:

  • Previous NSC Consulation re: North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Preferred Options (BOB Blog)
  • 03APR19 Possible 1 Million Brownfield Homes (BOB Blog)

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Here we go again. As much as I agree with pushing forward with greener energy this is not the place to do it and another potential plan to ruin our beautiful village. This would be so out of character and in keeping with what Bleadon represents it's laughable. Loss of natural habitat for wild animals (of which there are many in these potential areas) and bordering on the Mendip AONB just shows how little some value the green countryside spaces. Build these solar and wind farms yes, but the locations have to be very carefully selected so they don't harm what they are actually trying to protect!!!