Possible 1 Million Brownfield Homes

Posted on 3rd April, 2019


Do Bleadon's green field sites really need to be built on? How are NSC's Local Plan and BPC's proposed Neighbourhood Development Plan identifying and considering any brownfield sites in Bleadon? According to a CPRE 2019 report, which is based on analysis of council's brownfield registers ...

"- Every local planning authority now has a brownfield register recording brownfield land considered to be suitable for housing led development.

- Brownfield registers continue to show enough suitable brownfield land is available for more than 1 million homes across over 18,000 sites and over 26,000 hectares."

Also Inside Housing article states:

"England has enough derelict or vacant land to build more than one million new homes – two-thirds of which are ready to start immediately, new research has found"

More Brownfield and sustainability and dark sky information can be found on BOB

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