A370 Road Traffic Information




Sadly there have been many serious road traffic accidents on the A370 Bleadon. 


Although very little has been published on BPC's Bridge Road/A370 Project to date in May 18 (Min 309.19) BPC stated they would be sending out some information, requesting residents' suggestions and holding a meeting in August re: Road Safety Proposals. 

  • BVN109 (Summer 2018) the Chairman's address states, "Now to the future, your Councillors represent a wide range of both age and background and wish to maintain, improve and innovate. We are actively seeking to resolve the Road Traffic problems on the A370 through the village with a Public Meeting arranged for Monday August 13th in the Coronation Hall at which we are promised North somerset councillors and hopefully the Police will attend. This will be a great opportunity for att Parishioners to have their say." 

Although a meeting was held no Agenda and/or Minutes have been produced by BPC. The only reference to the outcome is in their August Extraordinary meeting (Min 312.7) and the BOB Blog A370 Consultation.


FYI, BOB has summarised some background information from large scale developments in Bleadon since 2014 including some S106 information that may finance any improvements from: 

Also some BPC minutes:

  • May 2018 (Min 309.19) - re: Bridge Rd Junction " It would be possible to include it later on in this financial year if fully funded from non-NSC budgets.  Otherwise it will be put on the programming list for 2019/2020." Also comment on Traffic Lights, one-way system, S106
  • Feb 2018 (Min 305.12) -  "The Chairman read a report from Councillor Dobson ... The early estimate of cost is over £21,000.  Mr Bailey explained that NSC funds are restricted and a contribution form Bleadon PC and Marshalls would help to raise the priority of the scheme  ...  An overall 50% contribution would give the scheme a good chance."
  • Oct 2016 (Min 288.4) - re: A370, Traffic Lights Speed Limit, Bridge Rd Junction

It seems that although road improvements have been agreed with the Wake Park and Quarry developments these will not happen until they start to be built. Conversely, the £12 million Caravan Park development that has gone ahead has not been required to contribute to any road traffic improvements? Does this mean that Bleadon residents will be expected to pay the tens of thousands of pounds to create them instead, and when those developments do happen then their section 106 obligation will be spent elsewhere in North Somerset?


Whatever improvements NSC may or may not take we can only hope that drivers take much more care when driving and police enforce traffic laws. 








BPC 14 DEC 20 Agenda 

"338.7.4(d) To resolve to transfer any un-spent balances from the following project budget headings namely Churchyard – A370 – Children’s Playground – Bleadon in Bloom and VE Celebrations.


338.7.(5) To resolve in principle to support financially towards to the cost of providing Traffic Lights on the A370 at the junction of The Anchor Inn and the Catherine Inn such sum to be agreed once full costs are advised by North Somerset Highways."

BPC 16 NOV 20 Minutes - District Councillor Michael Solomon

"He reported on the discussions that he and Councillor Terry Porter had with various North Somerset Officers with reference to the recent fatal accident on the A370 junction. He also referred to the many conversations had with members of the Parish Council. His comments centred on the various options that were being put forward by North Somerset Highways. He indicated that just one set of lights and associated works would cost in the region of £70,000. After being asked a number of questions and noting the observation proffered by members he agreed that they would be taking into consideration when moving forward with North Somerset Council."  [There still has been no response from BPC with regards to any S106 or CIL money for these installations? See 09 Aug 2018 public meting blog]

BPC 15 OCT 20 - Letter to NSC Highways Re: Fatality – Junction of Bridgwater Road and the A370

"The Parish Council resolved at its meeting last Monday not only to bring its concerns to your attention but also to demand for the installation of traffic lights at this dangerous junction – to include the side road of Accommodation Road. In addition that the speed limits between The Cutting and the highway into Somerset County Council administration at Lympsham is limited to 40 mph overall."


BPC 12 OCT 20 Minutes - District Councillor Terry Porter

"Mr Terry Porter His initial remarks centred on the fatal accident that had occurred the previous Saturday when a young male motorcyclist travelling from Weston-Super-Mare to Highbridge was struck by a vehicle at the Bleadon Road and B370 junction. The Chairman permitted an open discussion where it was agreed that the Parish Council should make urgent representations to the Highways Authority to seek improvements to the Highway between Fakeham Lane and the boundary between North Somerset and Somerset County Council. It was noted that several requests had been submitted to North Somerset Council on many previous occasions."




BPC did not mention the A370 traffic issues and concerns in their late response to this 02 July 19 application: 

"19/P/0835/OUT Bleadon Quarry (Marshalls), Bridge Road. This is a re-submission and was supported by BPC last time. It is brownfield, within the settlement boundary, and fits with the Neighbourhood Plan requirements. AGREED TO SUPPORT."  (20 Aug19 Min 325.11)

BPC submission to NSC 21 Aug 19

"At the meeting on 20th August Bleadon Parish Council agreed to support this application again. Councillors had visited the site and discussed the proposed development with the applicant. In particular the council noted that it is a brownfield site, within the settlement boundary, and fits well with the requirements of the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan to provide some housing for the parish. The provision of some affordable housing and a small amount of employment space is welcomed. Removal of the daily lorry movements is to be welcomed although somewhat offset by the increase in traffic from new housing."




27 NOV 2020 - 20/P/2727/EXT GRANTED:

"The time limit for implementation of planning consent ref no 14/P/0746/F2 is therefore extended to 1 May 2021 in accordance with part 3 section 17 the Business and Planning Act 2020."


See Notice of Decision and Delegated Officer Report. NB: No BPC comments have been posted on the BPC or NSC websites, nor in NSC reports at this time (Despite being on BPC's 16 Nov 20 Agenda?) [UPDATE 16 NOV (Mins 337.6) state, "Details noted", i.e. no comment?]


UPDATE 31 OCT 2020 - 20/P/2727/EXT Application for Additional Environmental Approval to extend the time limit for implementation of planning permission 14/P/0746/F2.


Wake Park S106 Agreement, 11 Jan 18 " to alter the trigger date for payment of the highway contribution to the date the development is open to the public"

"3.8 "Highways Contribution" means the sum of £26,000 to be used towards the cost to the Council of carrying out the following improvements and measures: road safety improvements to the junction of Accommodation Road and the A370 (£10,000); footway improvements along Accommodation Road (£15,000); and speed reduction measures comprising new 'SLOW' sign and yellow bar road markings on Accommodation Road at the bend prior to the Application Site entrance (£1,000)." 

BPC Comment on S106 Modification, 14 Mar 17:  

"General Observation Comment: Bleadon Parish Council does not to support or oppose this modification, however the Parish Councillors wished it to be noted that they have been told that traffic lights are to be installed at this dangerous junction, funded solely by this s106 money. These lights are urgently required."  (although not agreed in BPC Mar 17 Full Council Mins, it was in its Planning Mins P65.6?) 

10 AUG 15 - Wake park owners give £26k for road improvements





NSC Delegated Report, 20 Oct 17:   

"Transport and Parking:
The applicants Transport Statement (TS) has used the TRICS database to determine the likely trip generation from the proposed development. This projects the proposal will generate an additional 138 daily vehicle movements over the course of a day (based on the original proposal for 90 caravans), with a maximum of 12 additional vehicle movements on to Bridgwater Road during its peak flow period.  Officers consider this to have been a realistic assessment and even at these levels (before the scheme was subsequently reduced to 40 caravans), it is not considered this increase will likely to lead to a perceptible increase in localised traffic.  
Some comments suggest the speed and volume of traffic on Bridgwater Road, particularly at the junction with Accommodation Road, makes this road unsafe and further turning movements.   Highway safety records show there while there has been 6 accidents within the past 5 years within a section of Bridgwater Road that includes the junction with Bridgwater Road and the access into the holiday park (which will also be used to access the extension site) none of these incidents occurred as a result of traffic movements to and from the holiday park.   Furthermore the visibility splays in each direction of the entrance point exceeds the requirements for a 50mph road.  On this basis there is no reason to conclude that the additional traffic movements to and from site would be harmful to road safety.  The access point itself, in terms of its width, barrier positions and the width of internal roads within the holiday park are acceptable. 

In terms of accessibility to non-car travel, a footpath runs along the southern side of Bridgwater Road fronting the site linking to a bus stop providing regular services to Weston-super-Mare.  In terms of return journeys or trips to the east, there is a bus stop on the opposite side of Bridgwater Road.  Crossing the busy A370 is not ideal, but there are two pedestrian refuges on Bridgewater Road within the immediate vicinity of the site, with one served by a dropped crossing arrangement.  This also provides an informal pedestrian crossing facility to the nearest local services in Bleadon village.  The site is also well connected to the National Cycle Network Route 33 and the Brean Down Way linking Weston-super-Mare with Brean Down which can be accessed off Wayacre Drove, approximately 850m to the west of the site via Accommodation Road.   The location of the site does therefore provide good opportunities to undertake some trips by more sustainable modes of transport. 

Local car parking standards are set out in the North Somerset Parking Standards SPD and outline the minimum required number of car parking spaces for holiday park development, specifying 1 space per pitch, 1 space per 10 pitches for visitors and 1 space per 2 staff. This amounts to a requirement to provide 40 spaces for the caravans, 4 spaces for visitors and 4 spaces for staff.  The layout plans shows that this provision is slightly exceeded.
There is no transport or parking objections to the application. "
BPC Comment on 40 new units Riverside Expansion, 12 July 17 , General Observation Comment:  
"Bleadon Parish Council has no objections to this application, however the Parish Council would like to request that the developer to be asked to contribute to the levy for the general improvement of traffic issues likely to be caused by the development particularly at the junction of the A370." 

NSC Delegated Report "Reasons for Over-riding comments from Bleadon Parish Council, 20 Oct 17:  

"The Parish Council say the developer should contribute to the general improvement of traffic issues likely to be caused by the development, particularly at the junction of the A370.   Some other comments also suggest the speed and volume of traffic on Bridgwater Road, particularly at the junction with Accommodation Road, makes this road unsafe and further turning movements.   Highway safety records show there while there has been 6 accidents within the past 5 years within a section of Bridgwater Road that includes the junction with Bridgwater Road and the access into the holiday park (which will also be used to access the extension site) none of these incidents occurred as a result of traffic movements to and from the holiday park.   Furthermore the visibility splays in each direction of the entrance point exceeds the requirements for a 50mph road.  On this basis there is no reason to conclude that the additional traffic movements to and from site would be harmful to road safety.  The access point itself, in terms of its width, barrier positions and the width of internal roads within the holiday park are acceptable."




Also new Quarry Planning Application, including Proposed Pedestrian Refuge Island 19/P/0835/OUT  and blog


NSC Planning Committee Extract, 07 Aug 14 (Please read full version):

"... It is proposed that the following traffic calming measures are introduced on Bridge Road:

1. Installing a series of humps/cushions/tables along bridge to support the introduction of a 20mph speed limit/zone
2. Rear parking facilities for the four existing properties on Bridge Road adjoining the main entrance.
3. Realignment and height restriction of the front boundary walls of the adjacent properties in order to maintain visibility lines
4. Provision of a TRO to provide parking restrictions within the visibility splay
5. Realignment of the front boundary walls of The Poplars & Magnolia Cottage will allow a new section of footpath to be provided on Bridge Road either side of the site.
6. Provision of an aesthetically designed road barrier (Improved links to the bus stops on the A370


These traffic calming measures are required in order to control speeds on Bridge Road to a level that will demonstrate the proposed access is acceptable in terms of highway safety. It is noted that the precise means of traffic calming will need to be carefully discussed prior to the reserved matters stage in order to protect the character of the village. These matters will be controlled and managed by the legal agreement and S278 of the Highway Act. The off-site highway works will be set out in the s106: see recommendation) 

"... In addition to the affordable housing, the financial contributions include:


Education (primary & secondary school places) £688,797

Education (transport) £81,000

On-site LAP £30,870

On-site Public Open Space £17, 250 (commuted sum)

Sport Provision £13, 440

Libraries £20, 563

Community (Coronation Hall) £27, 308

Footpath Improvement £2,300

Traffic Calming Measures + TRO £53,000

New bus stops and A370 crossing £48,000

Travel Plan & Sustainable Transport £6,800 " 

BPC extract, 12 Aug 14 BPC submit  Aug 14 meeting (Min P42.4) to NSC:  

"... The Parish Council has great concerns relating to the Bridge Road access to the development and is the view that further consideration needs addressed with regards to both ingress and egress.


It has been indicated in a letter by Mr David Tate of the 2nd of May indicates that substantial work will need to be carried out on Bridge road to avoid a conflict between cars and pedestrians all using this access way, The parish council is in favour of an upgrade to Bridge road which would include culverting the rhyne to enable the road to be widened, and a footpath/cycle path to be included for the full length of Bridge Road. There is also the issue of parking along Bridge Road, whilst some spaces for homes on Bridge road have been made available within the quarry site this would still leave a number of cars that have no option but to park on the road ..."


"... Any future and agreed Section 106 Payments should fully mitigate against the proposed planning development which will undoubtedly have an impact on both the infrastructure of the village and its residents for many years to come


With a development of this size Bleadon will need to upgrade and update its community buildings. Both halls are in need of renovation and indeed it might be easier to demolish and start again which would be at a considerable cost. All the community buildings are already running at full capacity and a large influx of new parishioners would only add to this burden."  

BPC extract, 02 Jun 14 BPC submit May 14 (Min P38.4) to NSC: 

"... The presented traffic survey does not fully understand the needs of the village. Any development within this area must improve the access along Bridge Road both for traffic movement pedestrians and cyclists. In this respect the Parish Council would wish to see the rhyne culverted and moved into the field in order for the road to be improved. Access at the junction of Bridge Road and the A370 needs improving …"




NSC Planning Committee Report, 04 May 16:  

"In respect of general highway safety a number of safety improvements have been recently undertaken to improve the safety of the road junction between Accommodation Road and the A370.  However it is considered that the developer should be required to make a section 106 planning contribution towards the funding of further safety improvements to the junction.  Accordingly a contribution of £1,000 towards highway improvement schemes on Accommodation Road at the junction is required.  This requirement is incorporated in the recommendation"


"The impact on highway safety and the level of traffic on the local highway network can be managed by the use of conditions and by the developer making of a contribution towards further highway safety improvements to the junction between Accommodation Road and the A370, thus satisfying policies T/10 and DM24." 

BPC response to Old Boot Sale Site. 18 Nov 15: 

" General Observation Comment: The council request that the developer be asked to contribute to mitigating the traffic issues likely to be caused by the development particularly at the road junction"




NSC Delegated Report, 05 Jan 17: 

"Parking and highway safety

On-site parking provision is adequate and complies with the standards set out in the North Somerset Parking Standards SPD.  The proposal is therefore in accordance with policies DM24, DM28 and DM38 of the Sites and Policies Plan (Part 1)."

BPC comment on variation, 16/P/2471/F, 17 Nov 16:  

"Support Proposal Comment: Bleadon Parish Council does not not to support the application as the vehicular access from Accommodation Road onto the A370 is already inadequate, and this would result in an increase in traffic at this dangerous junction." 

NSC Delegated Report on variation, 05 Jan 17:  

"Reason for Overriding Parish Council comments (if appropriate)  See report  
In recommending this application, I have taken into consideration the relevant policies of the Development Plan and the comments made by the consultees and other interested parties and the: 
• Natural Environment and Rural Communities (NERC) Act 2006 
• Crime and Disorder Act 1998 
• Human Rights Act 1998."



09 OCT 20 Motorcyclist killed after collision with car on A370 near Weston (PDF)

"A motorcyclist was killed following a collision with a car on the A370 in Bleadon on Wednesday.  Police are appealing for witnesses after the fatal collision which happened at 9.15pm on Bridgwater Road at the junction with Bleadon Road. A male motorcylist was pronounced dead at the scene. His next of kin have been informed. A temporary road closure was put in place while an investigation took place at the scene. Enquiries are ongoing. Avon and Somerset Constabulary would like to hear from anyone who saw what happened or may hold dash cam footage of the incident. 

01 OCT 19 A370 closed following three-car collision

"Three cars collided near the petrol station in Bridgwater Road near Bleadon. The carriageway between Lympsham Road and Bleadon Road is closed in both directions, and is likely to remain closed throughout the afternoon."

27 AUG 19 Crash blocks roads near Weston General Hospital.

"Police have cordoned off roads around the hospital roundabout after a two-vehicle crash. Early indications suggest the vehicles collided on the A370, Bridgwater Road, leading to congestion on surrounding routes."

06 AUG 19 - M5 closure causes traffic chaos

"The northbound carriage way was closed until just before 8am between junction 21 Weston-super-Mare and Junction 19 Portishead while emergency services investigated and cleared a crash involving an overturned vehicle. Unconfirmed reports on social media claim the overturned vehicle is a police car. Diversions were in place along the A370 and A38 with both roads still congested. There are delays of up to 24 minutes along the A370 to Congresbury, and nine minutes on the A38 to Churchill.

30 JULY 19 - Road safety fears halt 'excessive' village housing plan 

"Plans to build 50 homes in Lympsham would cause 'serious impact' to road safety and stretch village resources to the limit, according to its parish council. The authority states a further 100 cars produced by the development would increase traffic to the A370 road into the village."

08 JULY 19 - M5 reopened after serious incident

"The North-bound carriageway was closed for several hours while emergency services worked to clear the wreckage, and reopened just after 2.30pm The southbound lane was also closed briefly to allow the air ambulance to land. Traffic was i diverted along the A38 and A370 which also caused delays."

14 MAY 19 Road closed after woman dies on A370

"A major commuter route remains closed this morning (Tuesday) following the fatal collision. The A370 Bridgwater Road is closed between Lympsham and Bleadon while police investigate the scene. Motorists are being told to avoid the area after a collision between a car and a lorry happened at 5.30pm near the Ferry Lane junction with the A370, close to the Hobbs Boat Inn."

10 MAY 19 A370 closed after collision involving cyclist

"The A370 Bridgwater Road has been closed in both directions from Stevens Lane to Accommodation Road near Bleadon and traffic is building in the area. A diversion through Lympsham has been set up via Accommodation Road. The incident, which is believed to have involved a cyclist being knocked off their push bike, happened at around 7.40am."


04 JUN 18 Man suffers 'life-threatening' injuries after car and bike collide on A370

"The 39-year-old man was taken to Southmead Hospital by air ambulance on Saturday after his Kawasaki motorbike collided with a Honda car on the A370 near Bleadon."

19 DEC 16 Growing safety concerns in village following fatal collision.

"Bleadon’s Bridge Road was the centre of a passionate debate at a traffic meeting in the village on Monday, which dozens of people attended. Bridge Road is the access route to Marshalls quarry and so sees as many as 100 HGV movements a day. Residents say it is unsafe as, when turning left into the junction from the A370, it is impossible for lorry drivers to spot oncoming traffic. This means lorries are often forced to reverse – either back onto the main road or down the country road. A fatal accident at the junction in September, which involved two cars and a lorry, has seen a groundswell of support for changes to be made.

Bleadon Parish Council spoke with Marshalls on Monday and the company said it wants to have a ‘regular dialogue’ with parishioners and so a liaison group of councillors and residents will be set up in January. At the meeting, residents asked for bollards and a lower speed limit to be put in place. However, North Somerset Council’s executive member for highways and ward councillor for the village, Elfan Ap Rees, said they would provide ‘no benefit’, and added: “The problem is, if you have bad drivers they are going to ignore the speed limit. “We have looked at it with officers and we have come to the conclusion putting a speed limit in is not right.” Residents also raised concerns lorries are damaging the road but ward councillor Terry Porter said North Somerset’s highways team has inspected it recently, and found only ‘superficial damage’. He added bollards would make ‘little difference’ to the situation, and said the council ‘does not have the funds’ to make major changes to the junction." 

31 JULY 16 Man arrested as woman dies in road collsion.

"A woman in her 80s has died after being involved in a collision with a car in Weston-super-Mare this afternoon (Sunday). The fatal collision occurred at around 5.35pm on the A370 Bridgwater Road, just before the junction at Bleadon Hill. The woman was walking her dog when she was involved in a collision with a Landrover Freelander. She was treated at the scene but died of her injuries. A man aged in his 40s has been arrested in connection with the incident."



UPDATE: C & M Sanders Review of NSC D&E Highways & Transport Memorandum