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  BBC Local Democracy Reporting- Every local authority area in the United Kingdom will be covered ...The journalism they produce is made available for free to the BBC and more than 1,000 individual news titles or outlets across the country"
14 SEP 22 Bleadon at Risk of Fracking Again
08 SEP 22 E63: Europe’s electricity market: the scam of the century?
  UN link to World Social Summit (PDF)
07 APR 22 Government plans for fracking: response to an urgent question (PDF) British Energy Security Strategy (PDF) and Security of State for Business 
SEP 2021 UN Youth Office, Youth Envoy - Youth Strategy 2030 (PDF)
SEP 2021 UN Trustee Council (PDF)
  Un link to Emergency Platform
SEP 2021 UN link to Futures Lab
SEP 2021 UN Food Systems Summit (PDF) White House Summary - link to 17 Sustainable Development Goals (PDF) Press release - our global food systems undergo a “hard re-boot” (PDF) Sierre Leone (PDF) Pathways to sustainable land-use and food systems Overview and Report (PDF) and UK ExtractFABLE (PDF) 
SEP 2021 Accelerating Inclusive global Cooperation: Summary of the We the Peoples Digital Consultation (PDF)
SEP 2021 UN Our Future Agenda (PDF) UN 2.0 (PDF) Summit of the Future (PDF)
2021 UN Common Agenda (PDF) Secretary-General's Remarks (PDF) and Press Conference (PDF)
11AUG21 UN link to Transforming Learning Summit (PDF)
10 JUL 21 Climate change is baloney and has become political rather than scientific - Weather channel founder - govt funding only goes to supporters of global warming (2mins)
02 JUL 21 Finland Parliament - The government has created a Holocaust-like tyranny in Finland Finnish MP Ano Turtiainen states in his speech ... that now is the final moment to understand what the plans of the government are. They want to support the WEF: the Great Reset, Agenda 2030 and the New World Order (Transcript & Blog)
22 JUN 21 The government is urging children to sing this song on June 25
17 JUN 21 Farmers Protection Dropped - incl. insect production
06 JUN 21 Dutch MP - Shocking Speech by Thierry Baudet about 2010 Document Allegedly Exposes Rockefeller Foundation and Globalist Scheme (VIDEO) (Transcript & Blog)
JUN 2021 UK Govt UK Emmisions Documents 2019, 2020, 2021
25 JAN 21 The DAVOS Agenda
2020 C40 Cities 2020 Report, "The UK100 network launched its Net Zero pledge at the end of 2020, emulating the 1.5°C ambition of the C40 climate planning approach."  About, Membership, Rural Countryside Climate Network (see also DK2020 - PDF)
29 NOV 20 Sandi Adams Agenda 21/2030: Should We Be Concerned? - Sandi Adams
17 OCT 20 They Want to Kill Six Billion of Us – Here’s How They’ll Do It – Vernon Coleman
24 SEP 20 The Great Reset - World Economic Forum (PDF) (WEF)
11 AUG 19 Agenda 21 in Explained in 2 minutes by G Edward Griffin
JUN 19 C40 Cities 'The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5C World (PDF) About Reports - 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019
2015 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which are an urgent call for action by all countries - developed and developing - in a global partnership
14 JUN 92 Agenda 21 - United Nations Sustainable Development (see website)