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Posted on 12th May, 2021


Have you ever wondered why it seems that the same 'news' is everywhere? Perhaps it's because at present 149 BBC funded Local Democracy Reporters have been allocated to news organisations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, rising to 165 from July 2021


The BBC states:

"The journalists are funded by the BBC as part of its latest Charter commitment but employed by regional news organisations. At present 149 Local Democracy Reporters, rising to 165 from July 2021, have been allocated to news organisations in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


These organisations range from a radio station to online media companies and established regional newspaper groups. Local Democracy Reporters cover top-tier local authorities and other public service organisations ... Stories written by the democracy reporters are shared with more than 900 media titles and outlets that have signed up to be part of the Local News Partnerships scheme." (Info & PDF)

The full list of organisations that are currently awarded contracts (pre-July 21 contracts and map) can be viewed here. 


From July 2021 eighteen news organisations will employ Local Democracy Reporters. (PDF). The BBC states.

"Every local authority area in the United Kingdom will be covered ... the BBC fund journalists to cover the work of local councils and other local public bodies.


"LDRs provide vital scrutiny of decisions made on the public’s behalf, with more than 200,000 stories delivered since the launch of the service in January 2018.


"The journalism they produce is made available for free to the BBC and more than 1,000 individual news titles or outlets across the country." Full list of 2021 contract awards and map

"The BBC has recommitted to the Local News Partnership until the end of its current Charter in 2027." (12MAY21) - The team which manages BBC Local News Partnerships - About Us - (12MAY21)

Newspapers in the UK

  • Very few independent newspapers left without an LDR influence


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