Fracking in the South West and Beyond


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(NB: There are fracking licences in and around Bleadon (click on maps above and read PEDL320).


BOB Blogs: 14 Sep 22 Bleadon at Risk of Fracking Again


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If Britain, i.e. parish, town & district councils and central government, has commitments to reduce the use of fossil fuels and reduce CO2 emissions, how does local fracking meet that objective? See NSC's Development Management Policies DM14 & DM15. How does fracking fit in with local parish & town Neighbhourhood Development Plans (NDPs)?


Bleadon residents on Roman Road have already received oil and gas exploration survey letters. Hopefully councils will consider their stance on fracking to protect communitites and decide to be 'Frack Free' or 'Let Communities Decide' See Bleadon's First Public Fracking Talk by FFNS (12 June 19) includes links to various information.


Key PEDL dates. and licence holders (see highlighted page 4). Also, 14th Onshore Licence Round map and national and well & seismic maps. Energy companies are now taking an interest in Bleadon and Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) are currently leading public awareness of the potential of fracking in and around Bleadon. See also the table on "Potential resources of unconvential oil in Somerset" on p30/31 of the Infinity Energy Shareholder Circular dated 20th March 2019.





August 2014 - BBC Radio 4 programme 'Agree to differ' head-to-head discussion on fracking (hydraulic fracturing). "Agree to Differ will use techniques from mediation and conflict resolution to discover what really divides them - and just as important - if there's anything they can agree on. The mediator is Matthew Taylor the chief executive of the RSA" James Woudhuysen and George Monbiot. discussed points of view around:

  • do we need shale gas at all? (11:30 mins)
  • is it safe or safe enough? Discussion around risk (21:20 mins)
  • cost benefit analysis who gets the rewards, who pays the price, compensation? (31:11 mins)

In 2016 the Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) website posted that on Friday 2 December 2016 the CEO of South Western Energy Ltd spoke on BBC Bristol indicating the "desire to drill ‘just south of Weston-super-Mare’ and to build a ‘small modular power station’ to convert any shale gas into electricity". Rachel Stevens of Frack Free EQS spoke on BBC Somerset with the site indicating "We were told to expect planning permission submissions within the year, and drilling with two years, it is now particularly important that we quickly develop the skills and capacity to watch planning permissions coming in to Somerset & North Somerset councils". The FFNS site included links to these two podcasts. FFNS Bleadon updates and council information is listed below.


To check whether you are in a potential fracking area enter your postcode at  the Oil & Gas Authority website, click on the map then the arrow keys to read the two pages of associated information. The Oil and Gas Authority’s role is to regulate, influence and promote the UK oil and gas industry in order to achieve our statutory principal objective of maximising the economic recovery of the UK’s oil and gas resources.


Bleadon's Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence is PEDL320 (map on page 38 of PEDL document - OGA Licence Block ST35a, clearer 320 map here). Neighbouring PEDLs include PEDL321 (321 map) and PEDL344 (344 map). A map of all licences in the area can be seen here. Overview PEDL320 info from Drill or Drop? Types of licences.




NB: It is indicated that all Neighbourhood Development Plans will need to comply with the NPPF (directly or indirectly), see policy heirarchy diagram.


UPDATE 20 Jun 19 Government axes 'pro-fracking' paragraph from NPPF following court defeat (Consultation Institute)


UPDATE 26 JULY 2018: Friends of the Earth state, "The National Planning Policy Framework, which was released on the very last day of parliament (24 July), promotes fracking ... Friends of the Earth is concerned that ... By requiring planning authorities to plan positively for shale extraction, the approach gives the go-ahead for fracking and will make it virtually impossible for councils to refuse schemes they and their communities do not want or consider right for their area"


UPDATE 24 JULY 2018: Sum of Us create a petition stating, "Secretary Greg Clarke has just announced plans to fast track planning applications for fracking developments ... they'd not need planning permission at all. Local councils would also lose any right to have their say in the matter."


Reference: Revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 24 July 2018 e.g. Section 17 Facilitating the sustainable use of minerals, page 58 (mineral extraction) and Section 14. Meeting the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change. Also, see BOB Revised Planning Policy blog. How did North Somerset Council and/or Bleadon Parish Council respond to this public consultation?




11 June 2019 Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) invited residents to a public meeting at the Bleadon Coronation Hall Various aspects of fracking were discussed as seen here.


May 2019 FFNS publish an article in Bleadon Parish Counci's Summer newsletter re: public meeting on 11 June19





Don't Frack Our Future (6 mins) This film charts Doreen and John's journey from the shock of the drill rigs arrival to the sickening realisation that their lives and the lives of their family and friends will be profoundly affected. They live in Lancashire within sight of a shale gas well that is scheduled for hydraulic fracturing.


Hear more from Doreen in her kitchen table interview (7 mins- 28 July 2013). Doreen Stopforth and her husband John live half a mile from an exploratory shale gas well in Lancashire ... Cuadrilla the operators of the well are seeking to extend their planning permission for the site. Doreen & John have experienced at first hand the behavior and tactics of the industry when dealing with local residents. Despite their concerns about health risks and pollution Doreen and John have decided not to move away from the area. They along with others formed one of the UK's first anti-fracking groups, Ribble Estuary Against Fracking (REAF) with the sole purpose of informing and warning their community of the dangers of fracking.


BBC extract of how Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall discovers how the fracking boom in the USA is supercharging plastic production in the UK (11 mins)



 A GP's submission to an Australian Tribunal into the human rights impacts of unconvential gas

(14 mins)



Light Your Water on Fire from gas drilling, fracking (2 mins). A video by Scott Cannon DEP consent order proving methane migration.



A newspaper states "An Australian MP has set fire to a river in Queensland in an attempt to draw attention to the effects of local fracking, which he claims is causing methane gas to seep into the water"  (2 mins)


 An EcoWatch article and Dryden Community Action Video showing how residents said NO! to developers and how Marie McRae, a country resident in the US, galvanized the community to support a ban (11  mins)



You can watch fracking effects & damage videos on the Groundswellrising website, created to 'protecting our children's air and water'.






WSM No Fracking Petition A petition by Lucy Sparks to North Somerset Council and The Environment Agency regarding No Fracking in Weston-super-Mare and Surrorunding Areas. Asking them to refuse planning permission or environmental permits for planned fracking operations in Weston-super-Mare and Surrounding Areas.



FOE national petition, 'TELL THE PRIME MINISTER TO RESTORE THE FRACKING BAN' "The government’s dash for fossil fuels has taken a dangerous new turn.%u202F%u202F Liz Truss remains committed to reviving the failed fracking industry. Even though the conservatives were forced to ban fracking following a series of earthquakes in 2019. Following a summer of record-breaking temperatures and amid a cost-of-living crisis, our new prime minister must prioritise affordable renewable energy and home insulation, not dangerous fossil fuel extraction. Fracking won’t meaningfully lower our energy bills. But it will be terrible for our climate. We do have a real chance to stop it though. Liz Truss declared her support for fracking is dependant on local communities backing it too.%u202F%u202F Let’s make sure our new prime minister hears loud and clear that no one wants fracking on their doorstep. Sign the petition today to save our communities from fracking."

PREVIOUS 'BAN FRACKING NOW' PETITION REDIRECTED??? "The government needs to listen to the people. Support for fracking in the UK is at an all-time low. Despite the government backing fracking wherever it is proposed, people and communities object to it.... Ask the government to listen to people and ban fracking now. To: Prime Minister Theresa May. Fracking poses unacceptable risks to people, the climate and the environment. Please implement an immediate ban on fracking.



Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) are leading the public awareness of the potential of fracking in and around North Somerset as seen in Bleadon.  In Feb 19 FFNS spoke at BPC meeting re: fracking letters to residents. May 2019 FFNS published an article in the Bleadon Village News #112, page 12, "Fracking and how it could effect Bleadon", inviting residents to a public meeting on 11 June 19, at the Bleadon Coronation Hall. FFNS delivered letters to residents on Roman Road and asked Bleadon Parish Council to post notices on the village notice boards asking for information regarding energy company land surveys. In July 2019 Bleadon Parish Council declared Bleadon Frack-free.


In 2016 the Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) website posted that on Friday 2 December 2016 the CEO of South Western Energy Ltd spoke on BBC Bristol indicating the "desire to drill ‘just south of Weston-super-Mare’ and to build a ‘small modular power station’ to convert any shale gas into electricity". The FFNS site included links to these two podcasts.


FFEQS facebook page. Rachel Stevens of Frack Free EQS spoke on BBC Somerset on 2 December 2016 regarding the recent announcement on fracking just south of WSM. The site states that "We were told to expect planning permission submissions within the year, and drilling with two years, it is now particularly important that we quickly develop the skills and capacity to watch planning permissions coming in to Somerset & North Somerset councils" You can listen to the podcast on the Frack Free North Somerset website.


09 Feb 2019 FFEQS inform BOB that Bleadon residents on Roman Road had received oil and gas exploration survey letters 11 June 2019 FFEQS attend a public meeting convened by FFNS on 11 June 19, at 7:30pm, at the Bleadon Coronation Hall.



Frack Free Somerset is a coalition of groups taking action on unconventional gas development. They are a diverse network of local people, from farmers to families, willing to take action together for clean water for all.




Gas Field Free Mendip are "are a diverse network of local people, including councillors, farmers, families, geologists and other professionals, who live and work on the Mendips. We are willing to take action together to draw peoples’ attention to the damage that Coal Bed Methane and Fracking for Shale Gas may bring if forced upon local people. We believe that these unconventional gas exploration methods are not compatible with the Mendip environment and that there is risk of serious adverse impacts on this and future generations.



Facebook, "Frack Free Lancashire (FFL) is part of an expanding national movement that opposes the development and extraction of shale gas worldwide. Our mission is to protect our environment for our children and for future generations. Taking action now will safeguard the health and wellbeing of our communities from the effects of air pollution, water contamination, seismic movement and toxic & radioactive waste." See also their website page.


"Drill Or, publisher of independent, evidence-based journalism about the onshore oil and gas business in the UK and the campaign against it ... We ask whether the UK should drill – “go all out for shale” (and other sources of hydrocarbons) for their benefits to the economy and energy independence. Or should we drop the idea because it carries too great a risk to climate change, environmental damage, human rights and an industrialised countryside."



Talk Fracking "are a passionate group who want to tell the world about the pitfalls of fracking. We’ve been openly discussing everything fracking since 2014 and we’ve highlighted the many impacts that surround this extreme extraction technique through some brilliant, creative ideas to draw public attention." Talk Fracking court challenge win: What does it mean? (14 May 2019) (Legal briefing and High Court Judgement)



Nextdoor is an easy to stay connected to your neighbourhood, wherever you areadvice and resources.





UPDATE 11 FEB 19 - Extracts from Drill or Drop article entitled "Senior officials failed to give clear answers on decommissioning of fracking wells – MP", also includes online comments (PDF)


"... what would happen if shale gas companies went out of business before land had been restored ... the questions had still not been answered, many years after the start of attempts to frack.


... If the company is no longer responsible or is no longer in existence anybody else responsible associated with that, the Environment Agency – not one of our agencies – enforces a polluter pays principle ... Ultimately, I think the landowner has responsibility.”


... Landowners are potentially being forced to allow fracking to happen on their land, contrary to their wishes. Ineos threatened to take the National Trust to court for that, for example, under the 1966 Mines Act ... How can it be the landowners’ responsibility for something that has occurred on their land that they didn’t want to happen?”


... Whatever one’s thoughts on the fracking industry as a whole, it cannot be right that these questions, which could lumber the country with hundreds of millions, or even billions of pounds of liability, are unanswered now many years into attempts to frack."





Campaign to Protect Rural England, CPRE write about Earth tremors, fracking licenses and the Infrastructure Act and explain fracking from their perspective. CPRE campaign for a beautiful and living countryside. We work to protect, promote and enhance our towns and countryside to make them better places to live, work and enjoy, and to ensure the countryside is protected for now and future generations.




Friends of the Earth state "We campaign for solutions to environmental problems. We're a member of Friends of the Earth International, which has groups in more than 75 countries including Scotland. We also have a network of more than 200 local groups.". "The government needs to listen to the people. Support for fracking in the UK is at an all-time low. Despite the government backing fracking wherever it is proposed, people and communities object to it." FOE national petition "To: Prime Minister Theresa May. Fracking poses unacceptable risks to people, the climate and the environment. Please implement an immediate ban on fracking."




Friends of the Earth Scotland exists to help people in Scotland look after the planet for everyone’s future. We think globally and act locally in Scotland, delivering solutions to climate change by enabling and empowering people to take both individual and collective action. We offer help to people with the big things in life – helping to sustain a healthy society and environment. We believe that all of our children’s futures will be better because of what we do.Friends of the Earth Scotland Euro Pledge


38 Degrees: Don't fast-track fracking:


 Frack Off the Extreme Engery Action Network have a map showing their known local action groups. Scientific Papers.




(Fracking Licence Map1 and Map2)


14 Sep 22Bleadon at Risk of Fracking Again
08 Sep 22CPRE - Lifting the ban on fracking ‘a hideous mistake’, we say (PDF)
08 Sep 2022"Ban on fracking to be lifted as part of Liz Truss's energy plan" and "UK Lifts Ban on Shale Gas Fracking in Push to Boost Fuel Supply" (08SEP22) and "Energy lifeline as Truss’ fracking ban lift sees firm rush for permit" (09SEP22)
07 Apr 2022Government plans for fracking: response to an urgent question (PDF) British Energy Security Strategy (PDF) with Prime Minister Foreword and Security of State for Business 
28 Sep 2020Minister tells anti-fracking MPs to “accept victory”
07 Jan 2020Bleadon Still Under Threat - Acidisation and Talk by Tina Rothery
13 Dec 2019NSC Climate Emergency Strategy consultation - Open from 13 Dec 2019 to 31 Jan 2020
06 Dec 2019Somerset Earthquake - 3.2 magnitude tremor
12 Nov 2019NSC Climate Emergency & Fracking Update (BOB Blog)
03 Nov 2019UK Fracking Licences Suspended including Bleadon
02 Nov 2019Government has stated that "until compelling new evidence is provided ... we should put a moratorium on fracking in England with immediate effect", see associated report
31 Oct 2019FFEQS has updated map "which now includes DISTRICT COUNCILS that have declared Frack Free motions, as well as local Town and Parish Councils that have passed motions to either be Frack Free or 'Let Communities Decide'.
23 Oct 2019Sunday Times states, "Government gave false information on fracking rules"
12 Oct 2019Drill or Drop state, "The safety regulator for the nuclear industry has no information about the risk of earth tremors from fracking near the Hinkley Point power station"
09 Oct 2019Sedgemoor District Council has resolved to be a Frack Free Zone
03 Oct 2019Locking Parish Council put Fracking on their October Agenda - Item 15
30 Sept 2019"No more UK fracking in 2019 as Cuadrilla runs out of time after record-breaking tremor" (Drill or Drop)
30 Aug 2019Are Earthquakes part of Bleadons Future? 
29 Aug 2019The EU has said that if we have contamination in our area they could restrict food access up to a 30-mile radius... Who is going to want to eat food that is coming from a polluted area?” (Farmer's Guardian)
14 Aug 2019How Fracking Surveys and Consultations Affect Bleadon
07 Aug 2019Clevedon Town Council declare opposition to any fracking in Clevedon (Min 19/1107)
29 July 2019Sedgemoor Agenda Item 14.1 - Motion on Notice of Fracking (BOB Blog)
16 July 2019Somerset West and Taunton District Council declared to be Frack-free (FFEQS) Council Motion
16 July 2019United Nations Recommends a Ban on Fracking
09July 2019Water monitoring at Cuadrilla’s fracking site missed key chemicals – regulator (Drill or Drop)
08 July 2019Councillors Declare Bleadon declared Frack-Free 01 Aug 19 BPC send an email to NSC and other interested parties
04 July 2019Fracking appears for the first time on a BPC Agenda
02 July 2019West Somerset Fracking Free Proposal
28 Jun 2019Unprecedented Public Participation for JSP Local Plan Examination
28 Jun2019Public Campaigns do influence Government Policy
25 June 2019"Over the past 10 years, 40 of the largest independent oil and gas producers collectively spent roughly $200 billion more than they took in from operations, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of data ..." (EcoWatch) See also Wall St Journal (24 Jun 19) and Keiser Report (18 July 19)
24 Jun 2019BBC War on Plastic with Hugh and Anita - link between fracking and plastic production (Frack Free Frodsham & Helsby)
20 Jun 2019Government axes 'pro-fracking' paragraph from NPPF following court defeat (Consultation Institute)
11 Jun 2019Frack Free North Somerset hold a public Fracking Meeting in Bleadon 11 June at 7:30pm 
09 Jun 2019Map of Frack-freeTown & Parish Councils in Exmoor Quantocks & Sedgemoor (FFEQS)
20 May 2019Is the UN finally turning against fracking? (AIDA)
20 May 2019Fracking and how it could effect Bleadon
14 May 2019Talk Fracking court challenge win: What does it mean? (Talk Fracking)
02 May 2019

"Infinity Energy Limited ...has agreed to acquire 26% of Transgas Limited, a company owned by Gerwyn Williams, Infinity Energy’s CEO. Transgas’ subsidiary, South Western Energy Limited, holds 203,590 acres of PEDLs in Somerset and in Dorset. If the main market listing is successful this could raise the required capital to begin drilling in Somerset ..." (FFEQS)

May 2019

Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) publish an article in Bleadon Parish Counci's newsletter re: FFNS public meeting on 11 June19

20 March 2019

Energy Company letter to its Shareholders, including "Potential resources of unconvential oil in Somerset" on p31

14 March 2019

Unitied Nations recommend "a comprehensive and complete ban on fracking" (United Nations)

06 Mar 2019

High court rules government's fracking guidelines 'unlawful' (Guardian)

06 Mar 2019New government guidance on fracking is unlawful, the High Court has ruled (BBC)
26 Feb 2019UN urged to ban fracking to safeguard UK women (Drill or Drop)
19 Feb 2019North Somerset Council unanimously backed a call to target zero carbon by 2030 and declared a Climate Emergency (COU101) (COU57) (July update). See also List of Councils who have declared a Climate Emergency.
15 Feb 2019‘Save our future’ – calls for council to declare ‘climate emergency’ and go carbon neutral by 2030 (Mercury)
12 Feb 2019Fracking firm Cuadrilla loses planning appeal for second UK site (The Guardian)
11 Feb 2019Frack Free North Somerset speak at BPC Cllr meeting  (BOB Blog)
09 Feb 2019Frack Free Exmoor, Quantock & Sedgmour inform BOB that a Bleadon resident had received an Energy Company letter re: Hydrocarbon Exploration on 05 Dec 2018 (FFEQS)
08 Feb 2019Driller seeks land access for Somerset Surveys and prepares for stock market listing (Drill or Drop)
15 Jan 2019‘Humanity is at risk’ as fight against climate change is brought to Weston (Mercury)
13 Jan 2019Fracking raised again in relation to BPC's NDP project (BOB Blog)
24 Dec 2018BOB asks for a Fracking Question in BPC NDP survey to all residents (denighed)
29 Nov 2018Weston Town council oppose fracking (Mercury)
23 Nov 2018Fracking raised in relation to NSC Local Plan Consultation and Bleadon Settlement Boundary Review 
19 Nov 2018NSC Councillors Vote to Determine Local Fracking Bids 
15 Nov 2018Councillors vote for Government not to determine fracking bids (Mercury)
24 Oct 2018Fracking Concerns Continue 
05 Oct 2018Cuadrilla to revive UK fracking drive within days at Lancashire well (Guardian)
25 Sep 2018Four anti-fracking activists face prison over protest (Guardian)
10 Sept 2018Kingston Seymour declared 'frack-free'
20 Aug 2018‘No confidence’ in fracking in North Somerset - campaigners (Mercury)
27 July 2018Revised Planning Policy July 2018 
26 July 2018Fracking Concerns 
05 July 2018Decision making on fracking planning guidance must remain at local level (UK Parliament)
05 July 2018Government urged to scrap 'hugely harmful' plans to fast-track fracking development bids (Independent)
15 Jun 2018Parish council holds off on anti-fracking support (Mercury)
17 May 2018Fury as Tory government makes fracking 'as easy as building a conservatory (The Mirror)
12 May 2018Anti-fracking campaigners launch survey to fend off potential fracking applications (Mercury)
12 Jan 2018Fracking campaigners believe drilling applications could be made in North Somerset this year (Mercury)
23 Nov 2017BOB reply to BPC on Cllr Dobson's NDP briefing paper received via Bleadon Action Group (BAG)/now Bleadon Acting Together (BAT)
17 Dec 2016Q&A: What you need to know about the possibility of fracking in Weston-super-Mare (Mercury)
05 Dec 2016BOB a creates a fracking page, informs BPC and asks how BPC is going to protect Bleadon community and environment
15 Nov 2016Weston-super-Mare shows support for anti-fracking campaign (Mercury)
10 Nov 2016Town shows support for anti-fracking campaign (Mercury)
05 Sep 2016Govt sign 'fracking' licences that affect Bleadon i.e. PEDL320
15 Oct 2016American documentary to be screened in Weston-super-Mare (Mercury)
09 Nov 2015Frack Free North Somerset informs Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) of 'fracking' licences
05 Sep 2015Fracking licences up for grabs (Mercury)
15 Apr 2015Town and County Planning Act 13.3.a - The applicant is not required to serve a notice to any person who is an owner of any of the land to which the application relates, or a tenant?
03 Feb 2015Tessa Munt stands firm on anti-fracking views (Mercury)



The Guardian Fracking articles





As of 08 July 2019 (Min 324.11) Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) declared Bleadon 'frack free'. BOB is still waiting for BPC's letter to NSC and the subsequent response confirming this 'frack-free' declaration (chased 06MAY22). BPC has been progressing a Neighbourhood Development Plan since June/July 2017, sending an initial survey to residents in Jan 2019, but despite a request by BOB, BPC chose not to include a question on Bleadon's Fracking Licences? The results of the survey as sent to residents on 08 July 2019 can be seen here. (See 'fracking' progress to date in table above)





On 9 Dec 2016 Robin Whitlock wrote a letter to John Penrose MP regarding fracking. John Penrose MP responded on 22 Dec 2016. Robin Whitlock's reply on by other members of the public.


On 19 Sept 2018 a member of the public received the following response from John Penrose MP.





North Somerset Mapping system can be used to check planning policy data e.g. Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Sites of Special Scientifc Interest (SSSI), Conservation Areas, wildlife protection areas, etc. To see mapping data just enter your postcode, tick the boxes required and click on the map to read the associated information. North Somerset planning policies and their planning applications along with their weekly lists.



Sedgemoor District Council's Planning Online is an internet service that allows you: to view details of planning applications that have been or are being considered by the Council, to monitor the progress of an application and to search a weekly list of applications received and decided.



West Somerset District Council has a search facility for all planning applications dating back to 1974.  Details available include the address, proposal, decision, case officer and applicant details. You will also have the opportunity to view plans and documents for applications from 2010 to date. Also a weekly and monthly lists of details of applications registered or decisions made.





Somerset County Council planning applications that relate to minerals, waste and our own County Council developments such as schools, libraries, Social Services developments and new roads. Your local planning authority (District or Borough Council) should be able to advise you of other types of developments, including extensions, residential and business developments. You can search for current planning applications and submit your comments online here. You can also view planning applications that have already been determined. Also their Explore Somerset mapping system.





The Oil and Gas Authority state that their "role is to regulate, influence and promote the UK oil and gas industry in order to achieve our statutory principal objective of maximising the economic recovery of the UK’s oil and gas resources."

To check whether you are in a potential fracking area enter your postcode at the Oil & Gas Authority website, then click on the map to read the associated information.

[21SEP22 This interactive application seems to have been withdrawn from the public as it appears to need a login? See here]

Bleadon's Petroleum Exploration and Development Licence is PEDL320Neighbouring PEDLs include PEDL321 and PEDL344. Other Oil and Gas Authority Interactive Maps & Documents.



Environment Agency works "to create better places for people and wildlife, and support sustainable development. Within England we’re responsible for: regulating major industry and waste, treatment of contaminated land, water quality and resources, fisheries, inland river, estuary and harbour navigations, conservation and ecology...." It offers environmental data and maps on a number of topics. You can choose a topic, enter your postcode and click on the map to read the associated information e.g. aquifers, water abstraction from ground and surface water sources, drinking water safeguard zones, flood mappingpollution and other topic areas, just choose the drop down menu to change options.



Bristol Water currently supplies the water in the North Somerset, Somerset and Bristol counties. Its Southern Resilience Scheme (p35) was a new £27 million water infrastructure project which "will help us meet the increase in demand for water over the coming years. Weston-Super-Mare is one of Europe’s fastest growing towns, and so we need to supply all of the new residents and businesses coming to the area". This map shows the extent of the project. To find if this is happening in your area enter your postcode and zoom out to see the associated information more clearly. You can also compare the extent of the fracking licences in the North Somerset area to local reservoirs here.



UKRadon is the UK reference site on radon from Public Health England (PHE). As the UK's primary experts on radiation protection, PHE "represents a significant nationwide resource for the public, industry, education, research and medicine and is the primary resource for advice about radon in the UK. Radon is a natural radioactive gas, you can't see smell or taste it. In outside air the levels are low but it can accumulate inside buildings. Certain areas of the country are more prone than others." To check whether you are in a potential radon area enter your postcode at  the UKRadon website, click show radon data and then click on the map to read the associated information.


UK Govt position on fracking (PDF March 19). Government Oil & Gas Block Article informaton on new onshore oil and gas blocks to be offered, later withdrawn. Also, Planning Guidance on Fracking, its consultation on the 14th Licencing Round with associated Licencing Map and Licencing Block Assessment Proformas.



The Environmental Protection Agency (USA) "The mission of EPA is to protect human health and the environment. EPA works to ensure that: Americans have clean air, land and water; National efforts to reduce environmental risks are based on the best available scientific information ..." The EPA found scientific evidence that hydraulic fracturing activities can impact drinking water resources under some circumstances:Report OverviewExecutive Summary and Final Report. Also a diagram of the Impacts from the Hydraulic Fracturing Water Cycle on Drinking Water Resources.




The Committee on Climate Change (the CCC) is an independent, statutory body established under the Climate Change Act 2008. Our purpose is to advise the UK Government and Devolved Administrations on emissions targets and report to Parliament on progress made in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for climate change"



This department brings together responsibilities for business, industrial strategy, science, innovation, energy, and climate change. BEIS is a ministerial department, supported by 47 agencies and public bodies. Its website hosts a Consultation Hub.




UKOOG are the UK Onshore Oil & Gas and represent the Oil and Gas Industry. They indicate their vision of how a site looks, their Community Engagement Charter and proposed benefits.






In 2015 The Scottish government has announced a block on planned fracking operations, pending further inquiries. Ministers will carry out new work on the environmental and health implications of the controversial gas drilling technique.



In 2015 The Welsh Planning Minister Carl Sargeant earlier said he would be putting an immediate moratorium on fracking here - stopping any local planning authority approving any planning application for fracking.



Image result for french flag imageIn 2011 France imposed a ban based on potential risks to the environment.  In 2013 France's constitutional council rejected an attempt to overturn the ban. A 2014 indicates France's position at that time looking forward to 2016.




Friends of the Earth International are "the world’s largest grassroots environmental network, uniting 75 national member groups and some 5,000 local activist groups on every continent. With over 2 million members and supporters around the world, we campaign on today’s most urgent environmental and social issues. We challenge the current model of economic and corporate globalization, and promote solutions that will help to create environmentally sustainable and socially just societies."