How Fracking Surveys and Consultations Affect Bleadon

Posted on 14th August, 2019

Click here for Bleadon Fracking Area Maps


Below are various updates on Fracking:

UK National Survey of Public Attitudes Towards Shale Gas (July 2019) FFEQS ".. the most comprehensive and rigorous study to date on public attitudes to shale gas extraction in the UK was published. Opposition to fracking is stronger than ever."


Environment Agency public consultation - An indication of the types of licence that will be requested for a site like Bleadon if it were to go ahead can be seen by this (now closed) consultation. FFEQS response, concerns include ".. cold venting of methane, climate change targets and health risks due to benzene emissions" (05 Aug 19)


Boris Johnson on Fracking - "Glorious News, Stop pussy-footing around, Give Bristish peope their mineral rights, Leave no stone unturned" (23 July 19)


The Ecologist Article: Boris Johnson's cabinet. Re: local decision making - "Sajid Javid (Chancellor of the Exchequer) decided to use his power .. to overrule Lancashire County Council’s decision to block fracking"... Liz "Truss (International Trade Secretary) replaces Liam Fox (N Somerset MP) … A former Shell manager and vocal supporter of Heathrow expansion … also backs fracking." (05 Aug 19)


Guardian Article "How the world’s dirtiest industries have learned to pollute our politics" by George Monbiot. "The fossil-fuel lobby is threatened by public concern over the climate crisis. So it’s buying influence to get the results it wants" (07 Aug 19)

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