Major Developments in and around Bleadon


Major Development in and around Bleadon Map


 Some historic application links below may not work, however these applications can still be found by searching on the New NSC Planning Application System here. 


NB: Pink cells indicate application outside Bleadon Settlement Boundary

NB: Yellow cells indicate application outside Parish Boundary

Date Application


Description NSC Decision       BPC Decision Appeal Blog
27 Nov 19

Bleadon Hill Stable - 19/P2777/FUL


Change from agricultural to mixed use and erection of a stable


13 Feb 19


13 Jan 19


(Min 330.7)

19 Dec 18

Airport -18/P/5118/OUT


A large-scale application with 12 million passengers a year by the mid-2020s, "...a flight every three minutes, up to 4000 night flights and thousands of additional residents being 'flown over'

19 Mar 20


(18-7 NSC


11 Nov 19


(Min 328.12) &

May 19 Min 322.17


20 Mar 18

Bridge Road/Sanders Fields - 17/P/5545/O


Outline planning permission for the erection of up to 200 dwellings, a Health Centre, a Doctors Surgery, retail outlets and office/employment space with all matters reserved for subsequent approval


17 Sep 19


08 May 18


04 May 18

(Min 308.6)


Appeal Blog

23 Dec Dismissed





30 Oct 19






23 Aug 18






05 Apr 18

Purn Lane Barn - 19/P/2550/FUL


Erection of agricultural barn for livestock housing, feed store and machinery store with new access track off Purn Lane




Resubmitted Big Storage Barn and new access road on Bleadon Hill near Purn Hill Nature reserve off Purn Lane / Purn Road




Storage barn - Livestock housing, feed store and machinery store, Land South Of Purn Road Weston-super-Mare


12 Feb 19








07 Feb 19






26 Jul 18










10 Sep 18

















27 Sep 17


Rivermead - 18/P/5070/FUL


Erection of detached dwelling and garage outbuilding.

17/P/2287/O NSC New Link (BUT no comments from original system)

Single Dwelling on Land adjacent

to Rivermead on green field


02 Aug 19



22 Nov 17

Granted  and Report

14 Jan 19



14 Nov 17


23 Jun 17

Celtic Way Stable - 17/P/1484/F


Stable to two storey dwelling ongreen fields

Original Blog

23 Oct 17

Refused and Report

11 Jul 17

No Objection

03 July 2018

Appeal Blog

30 Nov 2018





28 Jun 17



16 Jun 17







19 Oct 16



19 Aug 15 





12 Mar 14








21 Jun 13 



Purn Holiday Park - 17/P/1515/F

Construction of an Equipment store



40 new 'Holiday Dwellings' (previously 90), now a total of 260 in immediate area 

yet see 2011 Census 

& 19/P/0427/FUL - variation

(Also see 57 Chalets below)



Extension to Clubhouse



Clubhouse/Swimming Pool Extension





Purn Holiday Park (163 Dwellings)

All Year Round Use







Vary Condition for all year round use

27 Oct 17




20 Oct 17


& Site Plan RevC




14 Dec 16



14 Oct 15





5 Jun 14

Granted due to lack of NSC/BPC monitoring?

5 Sep 14



28 Aug 13



12 Jul 17

No Objection


09 Oct 17 (40no.)

No Objection

12 Jul 17 (90no.)

No Objection


No BPC Comment?

BPC Mins Support


No BPC Comment?



14 Mar 14




29 Jul 13




























04 Dec 18



30 May 17

Purn Way - 18/P/5035/OUT

14 dwellings Purn Way


Purn Way - 17/P/1351/O

16 dwellings Purn Way

17 Jul 20



17 Apr 18


14 Jan 19


Min 318.7


12 Jul 17






11 May 17

Devil`s Bridge - 17/P/1138/O

60 dwellings Bleadon Hill

(aka Devil's Bridge -

original application for 70 dwellings)

22 July 19

Granted with 

S106 (M3)

12 Jul 17


quoting Weston Town Council

(Min 297.8)




09 May 17


Bleadon Road Barn - 17/P/1178/F


Demolition of 2 no. existing agricultural barns and erection of 1no. new agricultural barn. Land Opposite Junction Of Chestnut Lane And Bleadon Road Bleadon

See also 20/P/1878/FUL - Erection of a general purpose agricultural building


03 Nov 17

Granted &




12 Jun 17

No Objection (Min 296.8)







24 Feb 17



Feb 2013


NSC Sites & Policies Dev Plan Part 2 SAP Examination 


NSC Sites & Policies Plan Part 1

SAP Draft Consultation 


10 Apr 18




19 Jul 16

BPC Comment?


BPC Comment?


01 Feb 17




03 Apr 14


Wake Park - 17/P/0302/MOD

Modification/Removal of S106




Wake Park

11 Jan 18 




24 Jul 15


23 Jul 15

Delegated Report

14 Mar 17

General Observation


No BPC Comment?



12 Feb 19


05 Oct 16




28 Sep 15




Accomodation Rd Boot Sale - 19/P/0359/FUL - Variation



Application to remove or vary conditions



57 'chalet' dwellings

Accommodation Rd (also see 163, and 90 'new' Holiday Park Dwellings)




5 Jan 17




4 Jul 16


28 Dec 15






17 Nov 16

Refuse due to junction access 


18 Nov 15

General Observation






Fracking Licence PEDL320


Signed by Central Govt 15 Sep 16

With all these new houses more utility and associated services are needed

NSC Comment?

NSC Local Plan DM14

BPC Comment? Blog

21 Apr 15


Wentwood Drive - 15/P/0983/O

50 dwellings Wentwood Drive 

No BPC Comment? 

BPCMins P58.5

2 Dec 16


BPC Hearing



20 Jan 15





27 Apr 16


Bleadon Hill - 15/P/0167/O

79 dwellings Bleadon Hill





Second Application Withdrawn

21 Feb 15





10 Jun 16


2 Mar 17


BPC Inquiry






31 Mar 14



Quarry - 14/P/0687/O

42 dwellings The Quarry

(originally up to 25 dwellings?) 

8 Aug 16


12 Aug 14

No Objection


14 May 13


A370 Solar Farm - 13/P/0854/F2

Solar Farm 32,000 Panels

21 Jun 13

No Objection

4 Aug 14



South Hill PROW

Public Right of Way Changes

19 Dec 13


BPC Comment? Blog


For associated mapping and policies visit the Major Developments page on BOB.


NB: The Quarry development is the only application inside the Settlement Boundary.


dDuring the Bleadon Hill Public Inquiry, 5 Dec 16, BOB wrote to BPC asking several questions relating to the development in and around Bleadon, referencing and asking for a copy of the adopted Bleadon Parish Plan and associated documents, asking whether BPC would present at the Inquiry and for their 'vision' for the future of Bleadon. BPC did  not answer our queries but instead invoked their 'draft' Vexatious Policy against us for six months [17 months in total]. So, it appears we may all have to wait until at least 18 Sep 17 to start receiving answers as it seems their policy enables BPC to avoid answering key questions for this period of time. Unfortunately BPC haven't told us which questions they are not answering, neither are they resending the replies to any they think they have answered including how they see the Future of Bleadon? NSC have suggested that our Parish Plan be submitted again as a Supplementary Planning Document, as do CPRE.


Extracts from the email: some relevant points from the 2009 BPC Action Plan (which may or may not be in the 'lost' Plan submitted by BPC to NSC):


"ENVIRONMENT (Protect Bleadon's green spaces, access and country/village feel)

  • Retain green space between Weston and Bleadon: Through the Planning process vigorously question all development outside the Village Settlement. Zero development in the green space. BPC + NSC
  • Conserve the rural character: Protect and enhance bio-diversity and the rural landscape through the District Council's Planning and Environmental policies. Zero development in the green space, more trees and hedgerows. BPC + NSC
  • Create a green welcome to the village: Plant trees along the A370 New trees planted by 2011. Funding and volunteers to plant. BPC
  • Create welcoming gateways to the parish: Distinctive floral planting features around the village welcome signs. Installed by 2011. Funding + Ranger/ Volunteers. BPC
  • Increase green access and understanding by all. Promote use of footpaths through better signing and interpretation information at key access points. Installed by 2011. Funding + West. Mendip Way warden. BPC + WMW

HOUSING (Keep development within the Settlement Boundary, retain village character)

  • Retain the village Settlement Boundary: Ensure that all new development is within the village Settlement Boundary. No house building on greenfield sites. Planning process NSC + BPC
  • Retain village character: Ensure that new development reflects the scale and style of our Somerset village. Sympathetic design and scale Planning process NSC + BPC

LEISURE, RECREATION AND CULTURE (Keep/create public recreation space)

  • Seek additional or alternative public recreation space Open negotiations with landowners and developers New recreation space must accompany any future major housing development Developers and Section 106 funding BPC + NSC"

(Q1) "Please can BPC/NSC inform us as to what has happened to the (adopted 2009) 20 year Parish Plan progress and monitoring, why NSC do not appear to know anything about it, and why it appears not have been used as evidence in this and the other major planning applications submitted in recent years? (e.g. Weston Wake Park, Solar Farm, Quarry, etc.)"


BPC did inform us after the Inquiry, 6 Jan 17, that they "have no electronic record of the Parish Plan nor the Strategy and Financial plan...We have not found these documents so far".


At the 10 Apr 17 Annunal Parish Meeting Open Forum we asked once again when would the public be informed of its loss, BPC responded with somewhat contradictory information E.g. "Once more District Cllr Porter said that Parish Plans cannot be introduced, or contribute in any way at planning hearings. He said that they have never been able to carry any weight, [contradicting what we were told by NSC representatives at the hearing and previous BPC correspondence?] and there (sic) only use is to demonstrate the wishes of the Parishioners. The Clerk was asked why it had not been made public that the Parish Plan could not be found. He replied that the only person who had ever enquired regarding the Plan was the person posing this question, who had been previously told that it could not be found. If the Plan is found then it will be made immediately available. Cllr Hartree suggested that as it was clear that the Parish Plan would carry no weight at planning hearings then the Parish Council would not spend any more time discussing it."


This does raise the question that if the previous, and current five, councillors have never read the 'lost' Parish Plan which represents the views of 60% of residents, costing thousands of pounds to create, then what have they basing their decision making on, and how are our representatives deciding the future of our rural community?


(Q2) "Please can BPC/NSC inform us what is the purpose of the Settlement Boundary and how it relates to  development applications? How does this (any) covenant apply? What is being done, or can be done, to protect Bleadon Parish's rural and village environments and way of life from repeated development applications, including encroachment into the extremes of the parish now, and for future generations (e.g. existing and future applications/licences on the Bleadon Levels for dwellings, businesses, solar energy, fracking, etc.)"


05 DEC 18 Settlement Boundary Review & JULY 2017 Settlement Boundary Information update.


(Q3) "Please can BPC/NSC/Central Government inform us as to how they can ensure that these critical [health] services will be in place before people start inhabiting the developments and need to use them? How can 'we' help to protect our current and future health and well-being?"


(Q4) "Please can BPC/NSC inform us of what is being done, or can be done, to protect our Parish Boundary from neighbouring development pressuring 'us' to accept addtional development? How do BPC/NSC balance short term job creation via development vs long term environmental damage? How can we all work together?"


(Q5) "How is NSC/BPC protecting our environment, water and air quality, health and well-being from these  types of application? How is it working with neighbouring parish/town/district councils/government and related public? How can 'we' build on recent hearing/inquiry knowledge, experience and general interest to enable the public to officially and successfully interact with the process?"