Devils Bridge up to 60 Dwellings Granted

Posted on 26th July, 2019


UPDATE: 19APR23  23/P/0821/AOC - "Discharge of Condition No.4 (Detailed Drawings) on application 22/P/1956/LBC. Devil's Bridge Bleadon Hill Weston-super-Mare North Somerset"


UPDATE: 23FEB23 22/P/1956/LBC "Listed building consent for alterations to the existing parapet walls, including drilling holes in existing coping stones to install new railings to raise the height of the parapet | Devil's Bridge Bleadon Hill Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset" GRANTS CONSENTNotice of Decision


On 22 July 2019 North Somerset Council posted its Decision Notice to GRANT outline planning permission with S106 (M3) for 17/P/1138/O:

"Site: Land At The Junction Of Bleadon Hill And Bridgwater Road, Weston-SuperMare


Description: Outline application for the erection of up to 60 dwellings with associated public open space. All matters reserved for subsequent approval except highway and pedestrian access"

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Just to let you know that a reserved matters planning application has recently been submitted regarding the land at the junction of Bridgwater Rd and Bleadon Hill (ref.22/P/0492/RM). This is the land for which outline planning permission was granted in 2019. Both this and the original application can be viewed on the North Somerset Council website.
Could this council get any more stupid?
They are turning an already dangerous stretch of highway into a death trap.
This councils motto should be "More council tax for less services"
Its a disgrace (Again)
Real foolish to build here access for properties will be a nightmare. There has already be a death on the road there this year
Good old North Somerset Council!! The motto on their coat of arms ought to be "Ever Crass, Ever Insensitive, Ever Stupid."
This stupid,stupid council,try getting out of devils bridge walking or driving,traffic is so fast along the main road ,another fatal accident waiting to happen,Now we all know why the bridge was strenghted,it's waiting for all the extra works traffic,

At an already dangerous junction and limited public transport NO
People have already died trying to cross this immensely busy road. Now you want to increase the risks by building another 60 houses on one of the busiest and dangerous junctions going. North Somerset council are you insane