Development Applications

in and around Bleadon

(NSC Planning System) 

Settlement Boundary 2018 SHLAA Parish Boundary







 NSC Planning Application Process and Comment Considerations  

The first table below lists a few applications and developments currently influencing Bleadon Parish. The second table lists some policies and consultations influencing development in Bleadon. 



Inside Settlement Boundary (Map)

Bleadon Quarry

42 Dwelling - 189 Occupancy 




Outside Settlement Boundary, Inside Parish (Map)

image Riverside Holiday Park

36 Caravan Pitches

(12 Apr 2023)

Purn Way

14 Dwellings


Nb: New/modified application for 9 dwellings?

Adjacent to Mendip Racing 

4 Holiday Lodges



Accommodation Road 

Wake Park Offices, Cafe, Storage




Outside Parish Boundary (Map)

image Land at Bleadon Hill opposite Hillcotte

33 Dwellings

(11 Apr 2023)

Rural Lanes Active Travel Enhancement Scheme

NSC Rural Roads Closures

Temporarily WITHDRAWN

(07APR21) See Active Travel

Devil's Bridge

60 Dwellings



23/P/0821/AOC -19APR23

Bleadon Hill

36 Dwellings

REFUSED - new interest Mar 23



Overhead and Underground

Bristol Airport Expansion


Statement of Common Ground/Case

Rule 6 awarded

Compulsory Purchase

Bleadon Fracking Licence

Roman Road



Government, Regional, District and Parish consultations and policies will directly influence residential and commercial development in Bleadon. You may want to respond to the consultations to ensure that your view is considered in the future of our communities.


(The table below lists a few consultations and policies. The table above lists some applications in relation to Bleadon)


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Local Plan 2038 Consultation March 2022

NSC Preferred Options including BOB  Presentation and Consultation Responses


Local Plan 2038 Consultation Part 2

Deadline 14 Dec 20

"A Local Plan sets out where developments can and cannot take place and ensures we get the right type of development in the right place with the right services and infrastructure ..."

Including: Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) Indicating proposed sites in the Bleadon area See 2018 SHLAA Map
Including: Settlement Boundary Review

West of England Spatial Development Strategy Survey

Deadline 14 Dec 20

"The plan will make sure the development of homes, spaces for employment and transport links happens in the right places ..."

NSC Active Travel Strategy Consultation

Deadline 17 Dec 20

"Our Draft Active Travel Strategy is a 10-year plan to 2030 that aims to harness the huge rise in walking and cycling seen during 2020.

Bleadon Neighbourhood Development Plan

In 2018 & 2019 Bleadon Parish Council informed their grant funders, Locality, that they had indentified 5 Sites. Their locations have not been publicly stated to residents?

Locality stated, "... under the proposals [Govt White Paper below] the principle of development may be agreed at the local plan development stage ... [NDPs] may not be able to allocate sites for development (including housing), and ... may largely not be able to include development management policies..."

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Aug 2020 Govt White Paper Planning for the Future and related Consultation


See also, BOB diagram of Planning Policy Heirarchy and Consultations and Bleadon Parish Plan Adopted 2009 and What is a Statutory Consultee? and Road Safety


Addtional information at


NOTES: Some NSC Jan 2017 Core Strategy Policies (link and Jan17 PDF)


CS14(Jan 17) - Distribution of new housing

   NSC are to build 20,986 dwellings by 2026. "Settlement boundaries define the area within which resdential development is accptable in principle ... Development outside the settlement boundaries will only be acceptable where a site is allocated in a Local Plan or ...CS33" i.e. in areas such as Bleadon.

CS33(Jan 17) - Infill villages, smaller settlements and countryside

   "Development outside the areas covered .... will be strictly controlled in order to protect the character of the rural area and prevent unsustainable development. Residential development at Infill villages. ... Affordable housing will be permitted within settlement boundaries or in the form of rural exceptions sites, adjacent to settlements."

CS17(Jan 17) - Rural exceptions schemes   "Housing schemes for 100% affordable housing to meet local needs within small rural communities will be supported where: a) the development meets an identified local need demonstrated by an up-to-date needs survey or other evidence; b) the development is supported or initiated by the parish council ...; (presumably acting on the views of residents?) ... Rural exceptions schemes will be acceptable adjacent to the settlement boundaries of  ... Infill Villages [e.g. Bleadon] and elsewhere adjacent to the main body of the settlement ..." 





Application to vary condition 2 and remove condition 5 i.e. the approved 'restricted' layout, on application 17/P/1502/F,  ... to allow a change to the approved layout (Map with PROW) See BPC Min 326.14 'noted'?, also occupancy query

...  and to the make original site all year round use like the new 40 caravans extension 17/P/1520/F.


Ongoing 25 Apr 2019 **

** NSC "... will try to take late comments into account when making our decision as long as they are received more than two working days before the decision is made."  





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Development Application Reference 

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Application Decision


NB: Green cells indicate application inside Bleadon Settlement Boundary

NB: Pink cells indicate application outside Bleadon Settlement Boundary

NB: Yellow cells indicate application outside Parish Boundary

Bleadon Road Barn - 17/P/1178/F 

Demolition of 2 no. existing agricultural barns and erection of 1no. new agricultural barn. Land Opposite Junction Of Chestnut Lane And Bleadon Road Bleadon

See also 20/P/1878/FUL - Erection of a general purpose agricultural building

03 Nov 17


Caravan Park - 17/P/1502/F 

40 new 'Holiday Dwellings' (previously 90), now a total of 260 in immediate area 

20 Oct 17


& Site Plan RevC

Former Boot Sale Site 15/P/2304/F 

57 'chalet' dwellings Accommodation Rd

04 Jul 16



Other Information

Another Caravan/Mobile Home Park planned for Bleadon? A request to NSC on 15 December 2017 for an opinion on whether an Environmental Impact Assessment is needed (this will increase application cost), can only mean that there is an intention for a future planning application on green agricultural field(s) near Summerways Bridge off Accomodation Road! The agent (Urban Design Practice) is already active in other Bleadon application areas and in comments to the planning inspector has been critical of NSC and our Infill Village status that restricts development. This proposal could bring up to another 50 spaces to our area (see letter and OS Map and NSC response)


Link to NSC current planning applications


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