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Results of Bleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire 2005

and related Adopted Plan 2009 Information


Links to original 2008 questionnaire and resulting dataAlso the Draft Parish Plan 2008 

and 103 Improvements Leaflet produced and distributed to all residents in 2009.


Questionnaire Front PageDraft Parish Plan 2008Link to Leaflet produced by Parish Council in 2009 prior to Quality Status Re-Accreditation


The 105+ questions and results are grouped together below in topic headings and ordered as the questions were in the original questionnaire. Click here to jump to questionnaire topic headings.


As many Bleadon residents may remember, in 2004/5 the Parish Council, as part of its bid to seek Quality Council status, decided to undertake a questionnaire of every Bleadon household in order to develop a Parish Plan to see how our area saw itself developing over the 20 year period. Please note this was prior to the Parish Boundary Review change that now includes the Hillcote area within the new parish boundary.


Residents were invited by BPC to a public meeting in January 2005 where "Nearly 200 people packed the Coronation Hall on 15 January to hear about the parish plan. lt was standing room only for many villagers at this inaugural event". Following a presentation several working/action groups were established to look at the various aspects required of the questionnaire (see minutes). After many months of work a questionnaire was finally distributed to residents and businesses in the parish. 640 questionnaires (Vision ICT) were collected and returned to the Parish Council in September 2005 i.e. 265 households representing the views of "60% of residents" (draft Parish Plan 2008)These were analysed by their appointed contractor and first website developer/host (Vision ICT), with technical assistance by BOB, see detailed information and analysis below.


To BOB's knowledge these detailed full questionnaire results have never been shared fully with the public nor a final clearly related 20 year 'Parish/Village Plan' produced by BPC. A 2008 draft document was created by BPC, with an action plan (updated in 2009) and associated resources. A leaflet with a "summary of [103] key points from the Bleadon Action Plan 2009" was published in Feb 2009 and later distributed to residents at the time of re-accreditation for Quality Council status. The final plan was officially adopted in May 2009 (Min 213.27.4) and submitted to North Somerset in Jun 09 (Min 214.4.12). BPC resolved that there should be a Strategy, and "that a time line chart be prepared based on the Village Plan in order to assess and review the cost implications for each of the financial years of the plan" in Sept 2009 (216.4.8). We/BOB are yet to receive the adopted Parish Plan or key related documentation (2017).


So as original members of two of the working groups, and in case time should forget, we thought that we would share the information on BOB, especially as the original PC website and Parish Plan information has now been replaced, twice!.


BOB often hears through conversations within Bleadon and also published in the Parish Council Village News, of observations, comments, criticisms, complaints, etc. of life in Bleadon.... So here is some factual benchmark information/data to compare whether any of this dialogue (or gossip) is in fact valid! Also, if you ever wondered whether others were thinking similar to you, you can now see if you are part of a minority or majority!


BPC indicated in 2017 that "Parish Plans carry very little weight nowadays" and that they may resolve to dismiss it. That may or may not be so with regards to some planning issues, but what about all the other wide ranging topics of the more holistic plan? (Since the Localism Act 2011 Neighbourhood Plans are now used to determine where development is desired).


Although data was originally gathered in 2005, BOB believes these results still remain a valid and valuable source of the essence of views held by residents of Bleadon. It can be used today for an indicative measure of whether the Parish Council's 20 year strategy for Bleadon is still progressing the way the public said it wanted it to develop, and of course whether expenditure is priortised to the public's wishes. Aside from the fact that it was costly to produce and that it represents the views of 60% of residents, it still reflects some of the current local action groups and initiatives, ongoing issues, and items highlighted in BPC minutes. Just have a quick look at the leaflet associated with the Parish Plan, previously distributed to residents in 2009.


The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) indicate that parish plans can "Influence how local services are delivered. Parish Plans are an important tool that can be fed into other plans and strategies such as Local Plans, where the needs of individual towns and villages and their surrounding countryside might not normally be adequately considered." 

Other Community Planning advice from ACRE (Action with Communities in Rural England)


ASSOCIATED DOCUMENTS: Does Quality Council Status produce Quality Councils? (2006), A Guide to Becoming a Quality Council (2008), Does Quality Council Status produce Quality Councils?  (2010)


UPDATE APRIL 2017 - BPC Apr APM Mins (Open Forum) states that "The Clerk confirmed once more that he could not find a copy of a [adopted] Parish Plan" and that the plan as "obsolete"? (Adopted May 2009 Min 213.27.4), submitted to NSC June 2009 Min 214.4.12)


UPDATE JULY 2017 - Good Councillor Guide 2017 for Parish Councils states "We consider the delivery
of services and community rights, review your council’s role in the planning system including neighbourhood plans and introduce parish plans" and "A parish plan is a community plan and not a land use plan. It is a set of policies and an action plan for the next few years covering a much wider range of issues such as housing, the local economy and transport. It is a good idea to draw up a plan, whatever the size of your community.."


UPDATE SEPT 2017 BPC Agenda (Min 299.18) BPC to consider submitting the Neighbourhood Plan Application to North Somerset Council and set up a Management Working Group.


For further information and to put these results into some context the BPC public meeting minutes can be found on BOB along with 'A Parishioner's Lament' blog if you wish to add any comments. Public minutes and those of the various Parish Plan working/action groups used to be found on the Bleadon Parish Council website (url link to plan information broken Jan 2016 on BPC website relaunch). Also The Core Strategy document of North Somerset Unitary Authority and information on Parish Council Precepts. Other Parish Plan related information can be found here.


TOPIC GROUPS (click headings below to see questions)



















Answers were analysed and produced for questions that refered to both individual and collective household response. If there was an invitation in the question to comment further in writing then these responses can also be seen by clicking where indicated. A separate section for Young Peoples views was also included at the back of the questionnaire, the results of this were analysed and displayed as a matrix table that is also available.


Please note that the interpretation of numbers and relative percentages produced and shown (often enclosed in brackets) must depend on the nature and design of the question asked and should be interpreted in the context of that specific question. Therefore percentages, as supplied to us, will only be relative to the volume of completed answers to that specific question and not to any other question, or to the volume of returned questionnaires.


Please also note that the questionnaire data displayed on this website is re-produced wholly and solely from the original questionnaire results that were collated, analysed and produced by Vision ICT Ltd. as commissioned on behalf of Bleadon Parish Council). If any discrepancy is subsequently found please contact me and we will endeavour to correct it.


Any grammatical or typographical errors displayed in the results are a result of the original data entry, any reference to individuals or specific households found has now hopefully been removed and/or edited to provide anonymity.



ABOUT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY (click question description below for results)

 You can,of course, withhold a response to any question, but the questionnaire and the preparation of the Parish Plan will be greatly assisted by your answering as many questions as possible. It is designed for one adult to complete on behalf of the household, with a separate section for young people for their ideas. Some questions ask for opinions, if the opinions of adults vary, please ensure all are noted.


Please enter the number of males and females in your household in each age group?

 (include only those resident for more than six months per year)


How long has your household lived in the parish?

(Please tick the box relating to the person who has lived in the parish longest)

3:How did you come to live in Bleadon?
4:Is your home?Yes
5:Have any members of your household moved away from the parish in the last 10 years?
6:Why did they leave?Yes
7:What type of housing do you live in?Yes
8:If your current housing is unsuitable for your present and future (next 5 years) needs - what type of home do you require?Yes
9:What type of accommodation would you prefer?Yes



ABOUT WORK (click question description below for results)

10: Where do you work and where are your children educated?
11:What is the occupational status of members of your household?Yes

If you are actively seeking work, are there any barriers that are preventing you from taking up employment, training or study


13:If you run a business, into which category does it fall?Yes
14:Should the following be encouraged in and around Bleadon?Yes
15:How do you think the Bleadon area could be improved to create more opportunity for employment?See Q
16:Do you have internet access at home?Yes
17:If yes, what do you use it for?Yes



TRAVEL AND TRANSPORT (click question description below for results) 

The village of Bleadon benefits from its location away from a main road, although the parish does have fast main road traffic on the A370. How will the parish cope in the future, with increasing road traffic?

18:How many motor vehicles does your household have?Yes
19:If you have a car/cars, how do you use them?
20:Which of the following is your major means of transport for each family member?Yes
21:How do you travel to local facilities?Yes
22:How frequently do you use the bus (public transport) and what do you use it for? Yes
23:How do you rate the services for the following?Yes
24:Please indicate in order of importance to you, the changes that need to be made to improve the bus service?Yes
25:What would persuade you to travel by public transport more often?Yes
26:Would you be prepared to take part in a scheme to share private vehicles for the following?



TRAFFIC AND HIGHWAYS (click question description below for results)

Away from the A370, the parish roads are just country lanes, being generally narrow, with few pavements and with little protection for pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders. But many of these minor roads have no formal speed limit, unlike the main roads.

27:Do you think there are danger spots on the roads in the parish? 
28:If yes, where do you think the worst spots are and what is the danger?See Q
29:Do you think speeding traffic is a problem in the parish?
30:If yes, where do you feel speeding traffic is a problem?See Q
31:Do you think any of the following should be considered?Yes
32:In relation to the condition of the roads & pavements in the parish, do you feel they are generally:?Yes
33:In relation to paths and street lights, would you like to see any of the following in Bleadon?Yes



LOCAL IDENTITY, HISTORY AND CHARACTER (click question description below for results)

34:What landscape feature(s) or building(s) do you think contribute most to the character of the parish? and Why?See Q
35:Are there any buildings or sites that you think should be considered for improvement?See Q
36:What should be done to maintain a pride in the appearance of the parish?Yes

In relation to local footpaths and bridleways, can you answer the following questions?

Would you be willing to help maintain them?

See Q

If you experienced difficulties when using local footpaths and bridleways, which if any, of the following difficulties did you find?




HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT (click question description below for results)

All planning and development decisions are governed by North Someset Council (NSC) planning polcies and government policies. NSC has to plan for the provision of significant new housing in the next few years, almost all on previously developed sites, e.e. RAF Locking. New housing development in rural areas like Bleadon is strictly controlled. Restrictions may be relaxed by the Govenment in the future. See Parish Plan presentation for Map of Parish.


If there is a need for additional housing in the parish, what sort of housing do you think Bleadon will need in the future?

40:If you think new housing is needed, should it be to buy or rent?Yes
41:If there is a need for more housing in the parish where might future building development be?Yes
42:It has been suggested that provision should be made within the parish for a small travellers site?Yes
43:If you are against further building development, please give your reason?Yes



OUR ENVIRONMENT (click question description below for results)

Q45: Our local environment is under threat, with economic and development pressures possible accelerating future change, yet it is generally accepted that a high quality built and natural environment provides the foundation for a healthy local economy and a basis for a good quality of life. Some features of the built environment are protected by law, others rely on individuals accepting responsibility for the impact of their actions.

Q46: The parish is largely rural with most of the land in agricultural use. Changingagricultural policies and practices, illustrated by the trend away from pasture to arable farming and farm diversification initiatives, will affect the natural environment.

44:How important is it to you that countryside is maintained between Weston and Bleadon?Yes
45:How important are the following to you?Yes
46:How crucial are the following issues to you?Yes
47:How important is the quality of the countryside around Bleadon to you?Yes
48:Which elements of the countryside around Bleadon do you value?Yes
49:What do you think could be done to improve the environment of Bleadon?Yes
50:Does Bleadon suffer from any of the following types of disturbance?Yes



RECYCLING (click question description below for results)

51:Do you recycle any household waste?Yes
52:If yes, which of the following do you recycle? 
53:Do you use the following?Yes
54:What other recycling facilities, if any, should be available?Yes



STREET LIGHTING (click question description below for results)

The subdued yellow lighting in Bleadon probably adds to the character of the village. Compare this with the new lights installed along the A370 at the Anchor junction and elsewhere and the many roads without lighting. Q57: Artificial lighting of premises and recreatiuon facilities allows for increasing hours of use and improved night-time security, yet it contributes to 'light pollution'.

55:Is the street lighting adequate in your neighbourhood?Yes
56:Is more and brighter lighting needed?Yes

How concerned are you about these lighting issues?

If you are particularly concerned about one issue only please describe the problem?

See Q



COMMUNITY SERVICES AND FACILITIES (click question description below for results)

Q60: Parish residents are supported by a limited range of local services, increasing the need to look further afield for supplies, service & support.


It would help future planning for village facilities if you could briefly describe any health problem/disability which affects your day to day living?

See Q
59:Have you used any of the following services in the last year?Yes
60:Are you satisfied with the accessibility of services?Yes
61:Would you like to see any of the following medical services provided in the village?Yes
62:Are there any changes you would like to see to these services?See Q

Since April 2003 there has been a new 'Out of Hours' service for doctors. Have you used the new service?

64:If yes, did you find it satisfactory?Yes
65:If no, what problems did you have?See Q

How frequently do you use the following services?

What would encourage you to make more use of local services?

See Q
67:If you usually shop in Bleadon is it because?Yes
68:What changes in the Shop/Post Office would  make you use it more often?See Q
69:If you shop outside the parish for goods that are available locally, what are your reasons?Yes
70:When you shop outside the parish for non-food items, where do you go?Yes
71:If you work from home or run a business based in the parish, what services/facilities would help your business?See Q



COMMUNITY LIFE (click question description below for results)

72:Please indicate below whether you use the following?Yes

If you use any of these venues/facilities, are there any improvements, either in the booking arrangements,

or what's available, that you could suggest?

See Q
74:Do you think the Coronation Hall is adequate for the needs of Bleadon?Yes
75:Do you experience any of the following difficulties in using Bleadon Cornation Halls?Yes
76:In the present Hall, do you think the following are?:Yes

Do you support the development of a village community space leisure & sports facility (like Lympsham) in the field

alongside Bridge Road, in conjunction with a housing development in the adjoining field?

Can you suggest any alternative sites for leisure & sports facilities?

See Q
78:In relation to educational facilities, does Bleadon need any of the following?Yes
79:What additional adult education/leisure classes would you like to see provided in the village & how?Yes
80:What is the best time of day for classes?
81:What are your views on local social facilities for the following?Yes
82:Would you be prepared to help with the following leisure time activities for young people?

Would you, or your children be prepared to be a mentor offering your experience, knowledge & skills?



CLUBS, LOCAL GROUPS & SOCIETIES (click question description below for results)


Listed below are some of the activities available in the Parish. What are you or your household involved with?

 If you don't participate in activities, why not?


Which new sports clubs/activities would you attend in Bleadon if they were provided?

Would you be prepared to help organise and run any of the above?

See Q



RELIGION (click question description below for results)

86:Have you attended any of the following places of worship in the Bleadon area?Yes
87:Is St. Peter and St. Paul's Church Bleadon important to you?Yes
88:If St. Peter and St. Paul's Church is important to you, are you prepared to support it?Yes
89:Would you like to see St. Peter and St. Paul's Church used for the following activities? Enter code & textYes

The church burial ground is now closed except for small memorials. Does the parish council need to look for a suitable local site for a new burial ground and/or memorial garden? Tick options & enter text




POLICING YOUR COMMUNITY (click question description below for results)

Bleadon has a designated Community Policeman, a police constable with personal responsibility for the parish. The police constable is the link to the neighbourhood watch scheme and regularly reports to the parish council.

91:Have you ever been a victim of crime in the parish?Yes
92:If yes, what crime?Yes
93:If you have been a victim of crime, how well was this dealt with by the police?Yes
94:Which, if any, of the following crimes and anti-social behaviour concern you in Bleadon? 
95:If there are areas in Bleadon in which you feel unsafe, where are they?See Q

Does your street or road have a Neighbourhood Watch scheme?

Would you like to participate in a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in your road?


A Local Action Team is a partnership between residents, police, community groups, voluntary organisations &

councillors, working together to deal with local problems.

Would you be prepared to become part of a Local Action Team?


Some villages operate a voluntary community speedwatch scheme using speed detection equipment supplied by the police. Do you believe that this is a good thing to have in the village?


House numbering can help emergency and other services find an address much faster and easier. Would you like to see more house numbering in the village?




COMMUNICATIONS (click question description below for results)

The media world is changing, even at a local level. Notice boards, shop windows and newsletters are traditional ways of communicating with residents about activities. Also, there are local newspapers and, more recently/ the Bleadon Parish Council website has been set up to provide a local information resource (note: was the original and first website setup for Bleadon see About Us)

100:How do you receive your information about what is happening in the parish?Yes
101:What improvements would you like to see in the way in which you receive information about Bleadon?See Q



PARISH COUNCIL (click question description below for results)

Bleadon Parish Council consists of up to nine elected or co-opted volunteer members. The parish council and councillors have a wide range of responsibilities, including much more than commenting on development applications. The Parish Council meets monthly in the Coronation Hall on the second Monday of the month. Q102: Parish Council meetings are open to the public, when residents are able to comment or offer suggestions. Q104: Annoncements of the Parish Council's meetings and activities are posted on the Parish Council website here.


Are you aware that Parish Council meetings are open to the public?

103:How effective is your Parish Council?Yes
104:What else would you like your Parish Council to do?See Q

Do you feel that you are adequately informed about the parish council's activities?

If no what improvements would you suggest?




YOUNG PEOPLE (click Questions below for PDF results of this section)

Younger members of the household should be encouraged to comment on the issues raised by the questionnaire. To ensure we gather specific views directly from the young people, the next section is for those in the household under 18 years.

Various Questions:What age are you? What school do you go to? Was this your first choice? What are your interests? Do you attend any organised activities? Have you used the Youth Club? If yes, would you use it again? What do you think about the Youth Club? What facilities for young people would you like in the parish? If you could have just one thing provided in the parish, what would it be and why? What other improvements would you like to see in Bleadon?






Bleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire Results

The total number of questionnaires filled in were 640.


Question: 3 - Tickbox

Born here = 8.125% (52)

Work in area = 18.43% (118)

Relatives live nearby = 14.68% (94)

Love of village life = 29.06% (186)

Availability of housing = 8.437% (54)

Retired here = 12.81% (82)

Setting up home = 11.71% (75)

Came with family = 17.18% (110)

Other = 9.843% (63)


Question: 10 (370) - Drop Down

From home = 18.91% (70)

In the parish = 2.162% (8)

Within 5 mile radius = 39.72% (147)

Within 25 mile radius = 27.56% (102)

Within 50 mile radius = 6.756% (25)

Further afield = 4.864% (18)


Question: 11 (606) - Drop Down

Employed full-time = 25.90% (157)

Employed part-time/job share = 7.755% (47)

Self employed - working from home = 7.920% (48)

Self employed - away from home = 4.620% (28)

Retired = 35.31% (214)

Partly retired/some paid work = 2.805% (17)

Unemployed = 0.330% (2)

Full time education/training = 10.06% (61)

Pre-school/playschool = 1.980% (12)

Unwaged housewife/househusband = 2.475% (15)

Registered.165% (1)

Long term sick/disabled = 0.660% (4)

Carer (unpaid) = 0% (0)

Other = 0% (0)


Question: 12 - Tickbox

Lack of alternative care for adult dependent = 0.312% (2)

Lack of child care locally = 0% (0)

Cost of child care locally = 0% (0)

Lack of access to transport = 0.781% (5)

I don't have the right type of experience = 0.156% (1)

I don't have the right type of qualifications/training = 0.625% (4)

Disability or ill health of some kind = 0.156% (1)

Lack of information/advice = 0.156% (1)

None of these = 3.906% (25)


Question: 13 (99) - Drop Down

Agriculture/Horticulture = 5.050% (5)

Retail = 10.10% (10)

Construction = 27.27% (27)

Finance/Professional Services = 22.22% (22)

Manufacturing = 3.030% (3)

Transport = 1.010% (1)

Tourism e.g. hotels catering B&B = 16.16% (16)

Other Service e.g. hairdressing = 15.15% (15)


Question: 14 - Tourism development/attractions (461) - Drop Down

1 = 8.242% (38)

2 = 13.88% (64)

3 = 14.09% (65)

4 = 26.24% (121)

5 = 37.52% (173)

Question: 14 - Small business development (467) - Drop Down

1 = 12.84% (60)

2 = 27.62% (129)

3 = 18.84% (88)

4 = 17.98% (84)

5 = 22.69% (106)

Question: 14 - Small scale industrial workshops (455) - Drop Down

1 = 7.032% (32)

2 = 21.09% (96)

3 = 14.28% (65)

4 = 25.93% (118)

5 = 31.64% (144)


Question: 15 (207) - Text

Click here to view your text answers


Question: 20 (572) - Drop Down

Car = 88.98% (509)

Public transport - bus = 5.944% (34)

Taxi = 2.447% (14)

Public transport - train = 0.524% (3)

School bus = 0.524% (3)

Dial-a-Ride Mini bus = 0.174% (1)

Bicycle = 0.524% (3)

On foot = 0.349% (2)

Other = 0.524% (3)


Question: 21 - Tickbox

Walk = 57.81% (370)

Cycle = 11.87% (76)

Car = 57.03% (365)


Question: 22 - Work (427) - Drop Down

1 = 2.341% (10)

2 = 5.386% (23)

3 = 92.27% (394)

4 = 0% (0)

5 = 0% (0)

Question: 22 - Shopping (473) - Drop Down

1 = 4.439% (21)

2 = 15.43% (73)

3 = 79.70% (377)

4 = 0% (0)

5 = 0.422% (2)

Question: 22 - Social & Leisure (448) - Drop Down

1 = 2.901% (13)

2 = 13.61% (61)

3 = 83.48% (374)

4 = 0% (0)

5 = 0% (0)


Question: 23 - Route (377) - Drop Down

1 = 3.713% (14)

2 = 34.48% (130)

3 = 21.48% (81)

4 = 40.31% (152)

Question: 23 - Timetable (359) - Drop Down

1 = 3.342% (12)

2 = 25.90% (93)

3 = 29.24% (105)

4 = 41.50% (149)

Question: 23 - Cost (347) - Drop Down

1 = 4.034% (14)

2 = 37.17% (129)

3 = 13.25% (46)

4 = 45.53% (158)

Question: 23 - Access for those with disabilities (297) - Drop Down

1 = 0.673% (2)

2 = 6.734% (20)

3 = 25.25% (75)

4 = 67.34% (200)


Question: 24 - Route (297) - Drop Down

1 = 20.87% (62)

2 = 13.46% (40)

3 = 8.080% (24)

4 = 5.723% (17)

5 = 9.427% (28)

6 = 42.42% (126)

Question: 24 - Timetable (296) - Drop Down

1 = 30.06% (89)

2 = 13.17% (39)

3 = 5.067% (15)

4 = 6.756% (20)

5 = 2.702% (8)

6 = 42.22% (125)

Question: 24 - Cost (289) - Drop Down

1 = 10.72% (31)

2 = 9.688% (28)

3 = 16.95% (49)

4 = 12.11% (35)

5 = 4.844% (14)

6 = 45.67% (132)

Question: 24 - Access for those with disabilities (261) - Drop Down

1 = 18.39% (48)

2 = 6.130% (16)

3 = 9.578% (25)

4 = 8.429% (22)

5 = 1.915% (5)

6 = 55.55% (145)



Question: 26 - Shopping (345) - Drop Down

1 = 1.739% (6)

2 = 20.57% (71)

3 = 77.68% (268)

Question: 26 - School (250) - Drop Down

1 = 16% (40)

2 = 8% (20)

3 = 76% (190)

Question: 26 - Social or leisure (316) - Drop Down

1 = 7.594% (24)

2 = 30.37% (96)

3 = 62.02% (196)

Question: 26 - Work (290) - Drop Down

1 = 7.586% (22)

2 = 12.75% (37)

3 = 79.65% (231)

Question: 26 - I am already part of a scheme (103) - Drop Down

1 = 24.27% (25)

2 = 11.65% (12)

3 = 64.07% (66)


Question: 33 - Tickbox

More pavements = 29.21% (187)

Pedestrian crossings = 12.96% (83)

Dropped kerbs = 7.968% (51)

Roundabouts = 9.218% (59)

None of the above = 37.96% (243)


Question: 37 - Do you know where the local paths are? (492) - Drop Down

1 = 87.19% (429)

2 = 9.756% (48)

3 = 3.048% (15)

Question: 37 - Can you use them without difficulty? (442) - Drop Down

1 = 74.66% (330)

2 = 17.19% (76)

3 = 8.144% (36)

Question: 37 - Are they well signposted? (454) - Drop Down

1 = 58.59% (266)

2 = 26.43% (120)

3 = 14.97% (68)

Question: 37 - Would you be willing to maintain them? (407) - Drop Down

1 = 18.18% (74)

2 = 63.14% (257)

3 = 18.67% (76)

Question: 37 - Would you be interested in organised walks (415) - Drop Down

1 = 22.16% (92)

2 = 66.74% (277)

3 = 11.08% (46)

Question: 37 - Do you use footpaths? (462) - Drop Down

1 = 81.38% (376)

2 = 14.50% (67)

3 = 4.112% (19)


Question: 38 - Tickbox

Farm animals = 11.40% (73)

High stiles = 10.62% (68)

Locked gates = 10.15% (65)

Barbed wire = 5.312% (34)

Mud/water = 11.87% (76)

Crops across path = 2.968% (19)

Other users = 0.468% (3)

Bushes/nettles = 10.15% (65)

No signposts = 9.062% (58)

Other = 4.531% (29)

No difficulty experienced = 25% (160)


Question: 39 - Tickbox

No new housing = 50.15% (321)

Housing for single people = 6.718% (43)

Housing for young couples / small families = 21.71% (139)

Large family housing = 4.062% (26)

Housing for the elderly/disabled = 10.62% (68)

Housing for low income families = 6.875% (44)

Other = 0.625% (4)


Question: 40 (241) - Drop Down

Buy = 72.61% (175)

Shared Ownership = 15.76% (38)

Rent = 11.61% (28)


Question: 42 (564) - Drop Down

Agree = 5.673% (32)

Disagree = 90.07% (508)

Don't know = 4.255% (24)


Question: 44 (572) - Drop Down

Very important = 87.06% (498)

Important = 10.31% (59)

Not important = 1.048% (6)

No opinion = 1.573% (9)


Question: 45 - Protection of Listed Buildings (490) - Drop Down

1 = 63.46% (311)

2 = 31.83% (156)

3 = 4.693% (23)

Question: 45 - Design, scale and 'fit' of new developments (461) - Drop Down

1 = 79.39% (366)

2 = 18.00% (83)

3 = 2.603% (12)

Question: 45 - Impact of development on the visible landscape (476) - Drop Down

1 = 83.82% (399)

2 = 14.49% (69)

3 = 1.680% (8)

Question: 45 - Control of roadside features and advertising signs (465) - DropDown

1 = 68.17% (317)

2 = 27.31% (127)

3 = 4.516% (21)

Question: 45 - A place for fishing or shooting (450) - Drop Down

1 = 15.11% (68)

2 = 26.44% (119)

3 = 58.44% (263)

Question: 45 - A place of scenery and the natural world (484) - Drop Down

1 = 80.37% (389)

2 = 17.76% (86)

3 = 1.859% (9)


Question: 46 - Conservation of the parish landscape character (514) - Drop Down

1 = 85.60% (440)

2 = 9.533% (49)

3 = 3.307% (17)

4 = 0.389% (2)

5 = 0% (0)

6 = 1.167% (6)

Question: 46 - Woodland retention & replanting (502) - Drop Down

1 = 79.28% (398)

2 = 13.94% (70)

3 = 3.187% (16)

4 = 2.390% (12)

5 = 0% (0)

6 = 1.195% (6)

Question: 46 - Preservation of hedges and trees (504) - Drop Down

1 = 80.95% (408)

2 = 12.10% (61)

3 = 4.563% (23)

4 = 1.190% (6)

5 = 0.595% (3)

6 = 0.595% (3)

Question: 46 - Wildlife conservation (488) - Drop Down

1 = 84.63% (413)

2 = 9.221% (45)

3 = 2.868% (14)

4 = 1.434% (7)

5 = 1.229% (6)

6 = 0.614% (3)


Question: 47 (550) - Drop Down

Very important = 87.81% (483)

Important = 10.54% (58)

Not very important = 0.909% (5)

No opinion = 0.727% (4)


Question: 48 - Tickbox

Tranquility = 77.18% (494)

Openness = 67.5% (432)

A place which provides my living = 10.93% (70)

A place for walking or rambling = 55.46% (355)

A place to ride or walk the dog = 39.68% (254)

A place for fishing or shooting = 11.25% (72)

A place of scenery and the natural world = 68.59% (439)


Question: 49 - Plant more trees (412) - Drop Down

1 = 26.21% (108)

2 = 47.57% (196)

3 = 22.33% (92)

4 = 3.883% (16)

Question: 49 - Cut down some trees (367) - Drop Down

1 = 1.907% (7)

2 = 10.08% (37)

3 = 81.19% (298)

4 = 6.811% (25)

Question: 49 - Look after woodlands (437) - Drop Down

1 = 55.14% (241)

2 = 41.87% (183)

3 = 0.228% (1)

4 = 2.745% (12)

Question: 49 - Keep hedges short and tidy on footpaths (463) - Drop Down

1 = 48.38% (224)

2 = 39.95% (185)

3 = 9.935% (46)

4 = 1.727% (8)

Question: 49 - Let hedges in fields grow naturally (394) - Drop Down

1 = 26.64% (105)

2 = 37.05% (146)

3 = 26.90% (106)

4 = 9.390% (37)

Question: 49 - Develop the river for leisure activities (421) - Drop Down

1 = 7.363% (31)

2 = 42.99% (181)

3 = 41.80% (176)

4 = 7.838% (33)

Question: 49 - Develop the river and Levels as a wildlife sanctuary (453) - DropDown

1 = 32.89% (149)

2 = 55.40% (251)

3 = 7.947% (36)

4 = 3.752% (17)

Question: 49 - Develop the Coombe quarry as a wildlife sanctuary (465) - DropDown

1 = 21.07% (98)

2 = 57.20% (266)

3 = 14.62% (68)

4 = 7.096% (33)


Question: 50 - Tickbox

Traffic noise = 31.25% (200)

Farm animals in gardens/on roads = 3.593% (23)

Noisy visitors / residents = 10% (64)

Low-flying aircraft = 17.81% (114)

Noise pollution = 8.281% (53)

Light pollution = 7.656% (49)


Question: 57 - Street Lighting outside residential areas (384) - Drop Down

1 = 26.30% (101)

2 = 16.14% (62)

3 = 15.88% (61)

4 = 7.031% (27)

5 = 34.63% (133)

Question: 57 - Urbanisation of rural areas (350) - Drop Down

1 = 53.14% (186)

2 = 16.57% (58)

3 = 16% (56)

4 = 4.285% (15)

5 = 10% (35)

Question: 57 - Security lighting (361) - Drop Down

1 = 26.31% (95)

2 = 13.29% (48)

3 = 29.08% (105)

4 = 10.52% (38)

5 = 20.77% (75)

Question: 57 - Light pollution (glare/flow) (358) - Drop Down

1 = 36.87% (132)

2 = 20.39% (73)

3 = 18.43% (66)

4 = 8.938% (32)

5 = 15.36% (55)

Question: 57 - Night working under lights (328) - Drop Down

1 = 25.91% (85)

2 = 11.89% (39)

3 = 21.95% (72)

4 = 6.402% (21)

5 = 33.84% (111)

Question: 57 - Illuminated signs (342) - Drop Down

1 = 24.85% (85)

2 = 16.66% (57)

3 = 28.36% (97)

4 = 7.017% (24)

5 = 23.09% (79)

Question: 57 - Impacts on wildlife (365) - Drop Down

1 = 54.79% (200)

2 = 15.89% (58)

3 = 15.06% (55)

4 = 6.301% (23)

5 = 7.945% (29)


Question: 58 (31) - Text

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Question: 59 - Doctor (530) - Drop Down

1 = 16.03% (85)

2 = 68.11% (361)

3 = 15.28% (81)

4 = 0.566% (3)

Question: 59 - District Nurse (373) - Drop Down

1 = 0.804% (3)

2 = 7.238% (27)

3 = 78.01% (291)

4 = 13.94% (52)

Question: 59 - Health Visitor (373) - Drop Down

1 = 2.144% (8)

2 = 6.702% (25)

3 = 72.11% (269)

4 = 19.03% (71)

Question: 59 - Maternity Care (367) - Drop Down

1 = 1.089% (4)

2 = 2.724% (10)

3 = 55.04% (202)

4 = 41.14% (151)

Question: 59 - Chiropody (377) - Drop Down

1 = 6.100% (23)

2 = 11.14% (42)

3 = 67.10% (253)

4 = 15.64% (59)

Question: 59 - Loan of medical equipment (365) - Drop Down

1 = 2.465% (9)

2 = 1.369% (5)

3 = 76.71% (280)

4 = 19.45% (71)

Question: 59 - Meals on wheels (363) - Drop Down

1 = 1.377% (5)

2 = 0% (0)

3 = 71.07% (258)

4 = 27.54% (100)

Question: 59 - Dentist (496) - Drop Down

1 = 16.53% (82)

2 = 73.79% (366)

3 = 7.459% (37)

4 = 2.217% (11)

Question: 59 - Optician (451) - Drop Down

1 = 8.869% (40)

2 = 68.07% (307)

3 = 20.39% (92)

4 = 2.660% (12)


Question: 60 (514) - Drop Down

Satisfied = 57.78% (297)

No opinion = 31.51% (162)

Dissatisfied = 10.70% (55)


Question: 61 - Tickbox

Weekly doctor's surgery = 42.34% (271)

Prescription delivery = 27.81% (178)

Baby clinic = 6.406% (41)

Chiropody = 13.28% (85)

Dentistry = 22.03% (141)

Alternative therapies = 11.56% (74)

Family Planning clinic = 4.531% (29)


Question: 67 - Tickbox

You like to support the local shop = 60.78% (389)

You like the social contact = 31.87% (204)

It saves time = 30.62% (196)

It saves transport costs = 24.06% (154)

You don't have transport to go elsewhere = 3.125% (20)

You need 'last minute' items = 38.43% (246)

Use of internet access = 1.093% (7)

The village shop gives good value = 28.12% (180)

Other = 1.718% (11)


Question: 68 (151) - Text

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Question: 72 - Tickbox

Bleadon Coronation Halls = 50% (320)

Church Meeting Room = 10% (64)

Children's Play Area = 21.87% (140)

Youth Club = 1.093% (7)

Queens Arms skittles room = 7.812% (50)


Question: 74 (530) - Drop Down

Yes = 77.92% (413)

No = 5.283% (28)

No opinion = 16.79% (89)


Question: 75 - Tickbox

No transport = 0.312% (2)

No one else to go with = 0.781% (5)

Function times are inconvenient = 1.093% (7)

Costs too great = 2.031% (13)

Difficult wheelchair access = 0.625% (4)

Wrong age group = 5.312% (34)

Do not attend = 18.90% (121)

Other = 0% (0)


Question: 76 - Cloakroom (325) - Drop Down

1 = 30.46% (99)

2 = 59.07% (192)

3 = 10.46% (34)

Question: 76 - Lighting (339) - Drop Down

1 = 45.72% (155)

2 = 50.73% (172)

3 = 3.539% (12)

Question: 76 - Size of rooms (334) - Drop Down

1 = 61.07% (204)

2 = 37.42% (125)

3 = 1.497% (5)

Question: 76 - Toilets (338) - Drop Down

1 = 42.60% (144)

2 = 51.77% (175)

3 = 5.621% (19)

Question: 76 - Kitchen (321) - Drop Down

1 = 60.43% (194)

2 = 38.31% (123)

3 = 1.246% (4)

Question: 76 - Stage (300) - Drop Down

1 = 37% (111)

2 = 55.66% (167)

3 = 7.333% (22)


Question: 77 (495) - Drop Down

Yes = 38.38% (190)

No = 61.61% (305)


Question: 78 - Tickbox

Pre-school nursery = 15.93% (102)

More registered childminders = 4.843% (31)

A village school = 26.25% (168)

Full day care for dependants = 4.843% (31)

After school clubs = 15.62% (100)

Holiday activity/play scheme = 15.93% (102)

Improved youth club facilities = 14.37% (92)

Adult education classes = 20.46% (131)

Other = 0.468% (3)


Question: 80 - Tickbox

Morning = 13.28% (85)

Afternoon = 12.34% (79)

Evening = 23.43% (150)

Saturday = 7.968% (51)

Sunday = 6.562% (42)


Question: 81 - Children up to 16 (337) - Drop Down

1 = 2.670% (9)

2 = 27.89% (94)

3 = 30.86% (104)

4 = 38.57% (130)

Question: 81 - Young people 17-25 (311) - Drop Down

1 = 0.964% (3)

2 = 11.57% (36)

3 = 38.26% (119)

4 = 49.19% (153)

Question: 81 - People 26-40 (302) - Drop Down

1 = 5.629% (17)

2 = 32.78% (99)

3 = 16.22% (49)

4 = 45.36% (137)

Question: 81 - People 41-60 (312) - Drop Down

1 = 16.02% (50)

2 = 38.78% (121)

3 = 9.615% (30)

4 = 35.57% (111)

Question: 81 - People over 60 (366) - Drop Down

1 = 30.60% (112)

2 = 33.60% (123)

3 = 3.551% (13)

4 = 32.24% (118)


Question: 82 - Tickbox

Youth art schemes = 1.093% (7)

A summer play scheme = 0.156% (1)

After-school club = 0% (0)

Youth club = 1.718% (11)

Community service = 2.031% (13)

Scouts/Cubs/Guides/Brownies = 1.25% (8)


Question: 83 (271) - Drop Down

Yes = 7.011% (19)

No = 92.98% (252)


Question: 85 - Tickbox

Youth football = 7.656% (49)

Cricket = 11.40% (73)

Boules (Petanque) = 5.312% (34)

Snooker/billiards = 6.875% (44)

Martial arts = 5.468% (35)

Pilates = 10.31% (66)

Keep Fit = 10% (64)

Table Tennis = 3.593% (23)

Tennis = 11.09% (71)


Question: 86 - Local Church (406) - Drop Down

1 = 9.359% (38)

2 = 5.911% (24)

3 = 32.51% (132)

4 = 2.709% (11)

5 = 49.50% (201)

Question: 86 - Other Churches outside Bleadon (244) - Drop Down

1 = 6.967% (17)

2 = 8.196% (20)

3 = 18.85% (46)

4 = 7.377% (18)

5 = 58.60% (143)

Question: 86 - Other religious groups (161) - Drop Down

1 = 2.484% (4)

2 = 1.863% (3)

3 = 1.863% (3)

4 = 3.726% (6)

5 = 90.06% (145)


Question: 87 - Tickbox

For Sunday worship = 17.34% (111)

For baptisms = 20.62% (132)

Wedding and funerals = 32.96% (211)

As a focal point for the community = 49.06% (314)

As an historic building = 56.87% (364)

Every place should have one = 26.09% (167)

Other = 0.312% (2)


Question: 88 (321) - Drop Down

Not relevant = 46.41% (149)

I already give support in time and effort = 16.82% (54)

I already give support in funding = 19.31% (62)

I am prepared to give more support if I receive information = 17.44% (56)


Question: 89 - Concerts (332) - Drop Down

1 = 62.65% (208)

2 = 5.421% (18)

3 = 31.92% (106)

Question: 89 - Meetings (230) - Drop Down

1 = 25.21% (58)

2 = 12.60% (29)

3 = 62.17% (143)

Question: 89 - Other denominational services (233) - Drop Down

1 = 27.46% (64)

2 = 16.30% (38)

3 = 56.22% (131)

Question: 89 - Other (52) - Drop Down

1 = 17.30% (9)

2 = 3.846% (2)

3 = 78.84% (41)


Question: 90 (417) - Drop Down

Not relevant = 39.08% (163)

I don't wish to be buried in the parish = 16.30% (68)

I don't want a memorial in the parish = 0.719% (3)

I would like to be buried in the parish = 20.62% (86)

I would like a memorial in the parish = 23.26% (97)


Question: 94 - Tickbox

Theft = 33.90% (217)

Speeding = 50.93% (326)

Vandalism = 32.81% (210)

Drunkenness = 10.46% (67)

Threatening behaviour = 8.281% (53)

Noise/rowdiness = 13.12% (84)

Litter = 30.46% (195)

Fly-tipping = 20.62% (132)

Dog fouling = 46.71% (299)

Other = 0.468% (3)

Not concerned = 3.75% (24)


Question: 95 (54) - Text

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Question: 101 (63) - Text

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Bleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire Results

The total number of questionnaires that were filled in were 275.


Question: 1 - Male 0-4 (6) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 5-10 (15) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 11-17 (13) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 18-21 (10) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 22-39 (33) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 40-59 (76) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 60-64 (35) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 65-74 (55) - Text

Question: 1 - Male 75+ (30) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 0-4 (11) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 5-10 (17) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 11-17 (16) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 18-21 (5) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 22-39 (39) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 40-59 (84) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 60-64 (25) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 65-74 (50) - Text

Question: 1 - Female 75+ (36) - Text


Question 1 Summary (detail above)
Age (years)0-45-1011-1718-2122-3940-5960-6465-7475+Total%
%3.0%5.7%5.2%2.7%12.9%28.9%10.8%18.9%11.9% 100%


Question: 2 (265) - Drop Down

Less than 1 year = 2.264% (6)

1-5 years = 22.26% (59)

6-10 years = 18.49% (49)

11-15 years = 14.33% (38)

16-25 years = 19.62% (52)

26-50 years = 18.11% (48)

50+ years = 4.905% (13)


Question: 4 (259) - Drop Down

Bungalow - Privately rented = 0.386% (1)

Bungalow - Local authority rented = 1.930% (5)

Bungalow - Owner occupied = 30.11% (78)

Bungalow - Shared ownership = 0.386% (1)

Bungalow - Tied = 0% (0)

House - Privately rented = 3.088% (8)

House - Local authority rented = 0.772% (2)

House - Owner occupied = 58.30% (151)

House - Shared ownership = 0.772% (2)

House - Tied = 0.772% (2)

Flat - Privately rented = 1.930% (5)

Flat - Local authority rented = 0% (0)

Flat - Owner occupied = 1.158% (3)

Flat - Shared ownership = 0% (0)

Flat - Tied = 0% (0)

Other = 0.386% (1)

Question: 4 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 5 (248) - Drop Down

Yes = 21.37% (53)

No = 78.62% (195)


Question: 6 - Tickbox

Lack of affordable housing = 1.090% (3)

Lack of public transport = 0.363% (1)

Lack of suitable housing = 0% (0)

To take up employment elsewhere = 6.181% (17)

To go to college or university = 5.818% (16)

To live independently = 5.818% (16)

To set up home as a new household with a partner = 6.181% (17)

Other = 0.727% (2)

Question: 6 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 7 (256) - Drop Down

Flat - 1 bed = 0% (0)

Flat - 2 bed = 1.953% (5)

Flat - 3 bed = 1.171% (3)

Flat - 4 bed = 0% (0)

Flat - 5 bed or more = 0% (0)

Bungalow - 1 bed = 1.171% (3)

Bungalow - 2 bed = 6.25% (16)

Bungalow - 3 bed = 18.75% (48)

Bungalow - 4 bed = 7.031% (18)

Bungalow - 5 bed or more = 0.390% (1)

House - 1 bed = 0% (0)

House - 2 bed = 5.859% (15)

House - 3 bed = 24.60% (63)

House - 4 bed = 26.17% (67)

House - 5 bed or more = 5.859% (15)

Other = 0.781% (2)

Question: 7 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 8 (47) - Drop Down

Flat - 1 bed = 0% (0)

Flat - 2 bed = 8.510% (4)

Flat - 3 bed = 2.127% (1)

Flat - 4 bed = 0% (0)

Flat - 5 bed or more = 0% (0)

Bungalow - 1 bed = 4.255% (2)

Bungalow - 2 bed = 10.63% (5)

Bungalow - 3 bed = 21.27% (10)

Bungalow - 4 bed = 2.127% (1)

Bungalow - 5 bed or more = 2.127% (1)

House - 1 bed = 0% (0)

House - 2 bed = 4.255% (2)

House - 3 bed = 17.02% (8)

House - 4 bed = 23.40% (11)

House - 5 bed or more = 4.255% (2)

Other = 0% (0)

Question: 8 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 9 (60) - Drop Down

Housing Association/Local Authority rented = 6.666% (4)

Open Market Ownership = 68.33% (41)

Residential Care = 0% (0)

Care in own Home = 16.66% (10)

Private Rented = 3.333% (2)

Shared Ownership = 1.666% (1)

Warden Assisted = 3.333% (2)

Other = 0% (0)

Question: 9 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 11 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 12 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 13 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 14 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 16 (261) - Drop Down

Yes = 65.51% (171)

No = 34.48% (90)

Question: 16 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 17 - Work (118) - Drop Down

  Daily = 48.30% (57)

  Weekly = 15.25% (18)

  Occasionally = 16.94% (20)

  Never = 19.49% (23)

Question: 17 - Information and news (144) - Drop Down

  Daily = 45.13% (65)

  Weekly = 22.22% (32)

  Occasionally = 27.77% (40)

  Never = 4.861% (7)

Question: 17 - Shopping (122) - Drop Down

  Daily = 13.93% (17)

  Weekly = 18.03% (22)

  Occasionally = 56.55% (69)

  Never = 11.47% (14)

Question: 17 - Travel & holidays (131) - Drop Down

  Daily = 14.50% (19)

  Weekly = 9.923% (13)

  Occasionally = 70.22% (92)

  Never = 5.343% (7)

Question: 17 - Banking & finance (129) - Drop Down

  Daily = 24.80% (32)

  Weekly = 41.86% (54)

  Occasionally = 14.72% (19)

  Never = 18.60% (24)

Question: 17 - Chatting (118) - Drop Down

  Daily = 31.35% (37)

  Weekly = 19.49% (23)

  Occasionally = 30.50% (36)

  Never = 18.64% (22)

Question: 17 - Social & Leisure (109) - Drop Down

  Daily = 32.11% (35)

  Weekly = 18.34% (20)

  Occasionally = 34.86% (38)

  Never = 14.67% (16)

Question: 17 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 18 (266) - Drop Down

None = 7.894% (21)

One = 39.47% (105)

Two = 40.60% (108)

Three or more = 12.03% (32)

Question: 18 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 19 - Car 1 - Tickbox

Transport to work/business = 50.90% (140)

Leisure/shopping = 75.63% (208)

Transport to school/college = 10.90% (30)

Question: 19 - Car 2 - Tickbox

Transport to work/business = 33.09% (91)

Leisure/shopping = 41.09% (113)

Transport to school/college = 10.18% (28)

Question: 19 - Car 3 - Tickbox

Transport to work/business = 5.090% (14)

Leisure/shopping = 8.363% (23)

Transport to school/college = 2.909% (8)



Question: 20 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 21 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 22 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 23 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 24 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 25 - Textbox

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Question: 27 (255) - Drop Down

Yes = 86.66% (221)

No = 5.882% (15)

Don't know = 7.450% (19)


Question: 28 - Textbox

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Question: 29 (258) - Drop Down

Yes = 74.41% (192)

No = 18.99% (49)

Don't know = 6.589% (17)


Question: 30 - Textbox

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Question: 31 - Lower speed restrictions - Yes / No (171) - Drop Down

Yes = 66.08% (113)

No = 33.91% (58)

Question: 31 - Lower speed restrictions - Where / What - Textbox

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Question: 31 - Traffic calming - Yes / No (164) - Drop Down

Yes = 53.65% (88)

No = 46.34% (76)

Question: 31 - Traffic calming - Where / What - Textbox

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Question: 31 - More car parking facilities - Yes / No (125) - Drop Down

Yes = 24% (30)

No = 76% (95)

Question: 31 - More car parking facilities - Where / What - Textbox

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Question: 31 - Parking restrictions - Yes / No (144) - Drop Down

Yes = 36.80% (53)

No = 63.19% (91)

Question: 31 - Parking restrictions - Where / What - Textbox

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Question: 31 - Marked pedestrian walkways - Yes / No (136) - Drop Down

Yes = 50% (68)

No = 50% (68)

Question: 31 - Marked pedestrian walkways - Where / What - Textbox

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Question: 31 - Cycle route(s) - Yes / No (122) - Drop Down

Yes = 45.08% (55)

No = 54.91% (67)

Question: 31 - Cycle route(s) - Where / What - Textbox

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Question: 31 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 32 (258) - Drop Down

In good condition = 12.79% (33)

In acceptable condition = 66.66% (172)

In poor condition = 20.54% (53)

Question: 32 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 33 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 1 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 1? - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 2 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 2? - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 3 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 3? - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 4 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 4? - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 5 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 5? - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 6 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 6? - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 7 - Textbox

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Question: 34 - Why 7? - Textbox

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Question: 35 - Textbox

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Question: 36 - Tickbox

Entry into the 'Best Kept Villages' Competition = 49.45% (136)

Volunteer led Parish 'spring clean' = 44% (121)

Better care of our open spaces = 33.45% (92)

Employment of a parish orderly = 28% (77)

Improved signage = 8% (22)

Other ideas (note below) = 2.545% (7)

Question: 36 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 37 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 38 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 39 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 40 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 41 (107) - Drop Down

Inside the 'Settlement Boundaries' using in-fill sites = 71.96% (77)

Outside the 'Settlement Boundaries' = 21.49% (23)

Anywhere = 4.672% (5)

Other = 1.869% (2)

Question: 41 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 42 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 43 - Tickbox

The parish would lose is rural character = 56% (154)

Roads and infrastructure inadequate = 48.72% (134)

Surface drainage and flood prevention measures inadequate = 42.54% (117)

Too much pressure on schools and other facilities = 25.09% (69)

Other = 0.727% (2)

Question: 43 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 44 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 45 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 46 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 47 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 48 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 49 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 50 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 51 (259) - Drop Down

Yes = 93.43% (242)

No = 6.563% (17)

Question: 51 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 52 - Tickbox

Glass = 82.54% (227)

Cans = 66.54% (183)

Clothes/shoes = 48.72% (134)

Batteries = 12.36% (34)

Printer cartridges = 20.36% (56)

Paper = 80% (220)

Green waste/Compost = 50.18% (138)

Plastics = 10.18% (28)

Stamps = 22.18% (61)

Other = 0.363% (1)


Question: 53 - Tickbox

Recycling banks = 47.63% (131)

Home / allotment Composting = 35.63% (98)

Green Box Scheme = 68% (187)

Local Civic Amenity Site = 56% (154)

Other = 0% (0)

Question: 53 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 54 - Textbox

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Question: 55 (248) - Drop Down

Yes = 74.19% (184)

No = 25.80% (64)

Question: 55 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 56 (241) - Drop Down

Yes = 30.29% (73)

No = 69.70% (168)

Question: 56 - Where - Textbox

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Question: 57 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 59 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 60 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 61 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 62 - Textbox

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Question: 63 (243) - Drop Down

Yes = 26.74% (65)

No = 73.25% (178)

Question: 63 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 64 (69) - Drop Down

Yes = 66.66% (46)

No = 33.33% (23)

Question: 64 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 65 - Textbox

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Question: 66 - Bleadon village shop (247) - Drop Down

Daily = 29.55% (73)

Weekly = 37.65% (93)

Occasionally = 29.14% (72)

Never = 3.643% (9)

Question: 66 - Bleadon Post Office (239) - Drop Down

Daily = 10.04% (24)

Weekly = 44.76% (107)

Occasionally = 38.91% (93)

Never = 6.276% (15)

Question: 66 - Aller Parade, Oldmixon Post Office (193) - Drop Down

Daily = 0.518% (1)

Weekly = 4.145% (8)

Occasionally = 55.95% (108)

Never = 39.37% (76)

Question: 66 - Local pub(s) (224) - Drop Down

Daily = 5.357% (12)

Weekly = 20.98% (47)

Occasionally = 59.37% (133)

Never = 14.28% (32)

Question: 66 - Local garage(s) (221) - Drop Down

Daily = 1.809% (4)

Weekly = 22.62% (50)

Occasionally = 56.10% (124)

Never = 19.45% (43)

Question: 66 - Telephone Box (199) - Drop Down

Daily = 0% (0)

Weekly = 1.507% (3)

Occasionally = 7.537% (15)

Never = 90.95% (181)

Question: 66 - Milk delivery (214) - Drop Down

Daily = 15.42% (33)

Weekly = 6.542% (14)

Occasionally = 2.803% (6)

Never = 75.23% (161)

Question: 66 - Monthly village market at Coronation Hall (234) - Drop Down

Daily = 5.982% (14)

Weekly = 5.128% (12)

Occasionally = 67.09% (157)

Never = 21.79% (51)

Question: 66 - Supermarket delivery services (206) - Drop Down

Daily = 0.485% (1)

Weekly = 2.912% (6)

Occasionally = 13.59% (28)

Never = 83.00% (171)

Question: 66 - Internet shopping (211) - Drop Down

Daily = 0.947% (2)

Weekly = 5.687% (12)

Occasionally = 38.86% (82)

Never = 54.50% (115)

Question: 66 - Catalogue mail order shopping (211) - Drop Down

Daily = 0.947% (2)

Weekly = 0.947% (2)

Occasionally = 54.50% (115)

Never = 43.60% (92)

Question: 66 - Newspaper delivery (214) - Drop Down

Daily = 19.62% (42)

Weekly = 2.803% (6)

Occasionally = 1.869% (4)

Never = 75.70% (162)

Question: 66 - Prescription delivery services (204) - Drop Down

Daily = 0.980% (2)

Weekly = 1.960% (4)

Occasionally = 5.882% (12)

Never = 91.17% (186)

Question: 66 - Mobile library (214) - Drop Down

Daily = 1.869% (4)

Weekly = 7.476% (16)

Occasionally = 18.22% (39)

Never = 72.42% (155)

Question: 66 - More use of local services? - Textbox

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Question: 67 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 69 - Tickbox

Opening hours = 38.54% (106)

Price = 42.54% (117)

Variety = 56% (154)

Quality = 12% (33)

Convenience = 34.18% (94)

Other = 1.818% (5)

Question: 69 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 70 - Tickbox

Weston-super-Mare = 82.54% (227)

Burnham-on-Sea = 13.45% (37)

Bristol = 26.90% (74)

Taunton = 17.45% (48)

Elsewhere = 15.63% (43)

Question: 70 - Elsewhere - Textbox

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Question: 71 - Textbox

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Question: 72 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 73 - Textbox

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Question: 74 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 75 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 76 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 77 - Suggestions - Textbox

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Question: 78 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 79 - Additional adult education/leisure classes - Textbox

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Question: 79 - And how? - Textbox

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Question: 81 - Comments - Textbox

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Question 84 - Tickbox

Bleadon Players = 2.909% (8)

Bridge Club = 2.181% (6)

Brownies = 2.909% (8)

Friendship Club = 6.181% (17)

Exercise Class = 5.818% (16)

Skittles = 3.272% (9)

Horticultural Society = 8% (22)

Short mat bowls club = 5.818% (16)

Watercolour painting class = 0.727% (2)

Ballroom dancing = 5.454% (15)

Folk Dancing group = 2.181% (6)

Photographic group = 1.454% (4)

Contact us welcome group = 2.909% (8)

Yoga = 1.090% (3)

Toddler group = 3.272% (9)

Infant Welfare Clinic = 1.454% (4)

Sugarcraft group = 0% (0)

Ladies group = 8.727% (24)

Friends of Bleadon Church = 5.818% (16)

Parochial Church Council = 4% (11)

Choir = 2.181% (6)

Bellringers = 1.090% (3)

Ladies self-defence = 0.727% (2)

Youth Club = 2.181% (6)

May Fair Committee = 3.272% (9)

Neighbouthood Watch = 9.090% (25)

Other Activities (not listed) (Please details below) = 0% (0)

Question: 84 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 84 - If you don't participate in activities, why not? - Textbox

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Question: 85 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 86 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 87 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 88 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 89 - Other - Textbox

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Question: 90 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 91 (253) - Drop Down

Yes = 33.59% (85)

No = 66.40% (168)

Question: 91 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 92 - Other - Textbox

Click here to view your text answers


Question 92a - Tickbox

Car crime = 11.63% (32)

Burglary = 14.18% (39)

Violence = 1.090% (3)

Damage to property = 3.272% (9)

Vandalism = 2.545% (7)

Other (Please detail below) = 1.454% (4)


Question: 93 (68) - Drop Down

Good = 36.76% (25)

Adequate = 48.52% (33)

Inadequate = 14.70% (10)

Question: 93 - Details - Textbox

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Question: 96 (241) - Drop Down

Yes = 52.69% (127)

No = 27.38% (66)

Don't know = 19.91% (48)


Question: 97 (206) - Drop Down

Yes = 9.708% (20)

No = 90.29% (186)

Question: 97 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 98 (236) - Drop Down

Yes = 50.84% (120)

No = 30.50% (72)

Don't know = 18.64% (44)

Question: 98 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 99 (241) - Drop Down

Yes = 38.58% (93)

No = 32.78% (79)

Don't know = 28.63% (69)

Question: 99 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 100 - Tickbox

BleadonVillage News = 84.72% (233)

The Parish Magazine of St Peter and St Paul = 44.36% (122)

Village shop = 40.72% (112)

Word of mouth = 61.09% (168)

Local newspapers = 54.18% (149)

Bleadon website = 14.18% (39)

Parish Council notice boards = 49.45% (136)

Church notice board = 16% (44)

Question: 100 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 102 (255) - Drop Down

Yes = 79.21% (202)

No = 20.78% (53)

Question: 102 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 103 (238) - Drop Down

Effective = 43.69% (104)

Ineffective = 8.823% (21)

Don't know = 47.47% (113)

Question: 103 - Comments - Textbox

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Question: 104 - Textbox

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Question: 105 (221) - Drop Down

Yes = 60.63% (134)

No = 39.36% (87)

Question: 105 - Improvements - Textbox

Click here to view your text answers




Text ResultsBleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire


Bleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire Individual - Text Responses


Question: 15

no need to improve emplyment around the village aera

Bigger shop with longer hours

Bigger shop withlonger hours

establish SSI on Hellenge Hill


more shops

Business development & local small workshops

Small Business development

Create an area (such as Purn Farm area) suitable for local small businesses

Plenty ofemployment opportunites within WSM. Village not suitable to encourage

employment opportunit

Bleadon as a small village, should not be developed in any way to increase

employment, tourism or

Encourage small business developments






living at the extreme edge of the parish I have no idea what type of jobs are


living at the extreme edge of the parish I have no idea what type of jobs are


living at the extreme edge of the parish I have no idea what type of jobs are


Close enough to main employment areas not to need additional provision

to make a good super market to save peoploe going into town

to make a good super market to save peoploe going into town

don't know

notto be so @cliquey'

employment needed in the area, notnecessary Bleadon,stop building houses!

employment needed in the area, notnecessary Bleadon,stop building houses!

This isa residentialarea, not an employment aera.

This isa residentialarea, not an employment aera.

This isa residentialarea, not an employment aera.

This isa residentialarea, not an employment aera.

Would prefer it to remain mainly, residential

Would prefer it to remain mainly, residential

Would prefer it to remain mainly, residential

Would prefer it to remain mainly, residential

Would prefer it to remain mainly, residential



Keep it the way it is we do not need employment iin Bleadon it is resdential

Keep it the way it is we do not need employment iin Bleadon it is resdential

Keep it the way it is we do not need employment iin Bleadon it is resdential

Keep it the way it is we do not need employment iin Bleadon it is resdential

Keep it the way it is we do not need employment iin Bleadon it is resdential

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

Plant more trees, free bus service to Bristol

It ccould'nt it is fine the way it is!

It ccould'nt it is fine the way it is!

not needed

not needed

remove the dusty, diirty quarry works and buikd office/business accommodation

within the quarry

remove the dusty, diirty quarry works and buikd office/business accommodation

within the quarry

the community must not be suspicious or unecesserily obstructive

the community must not be suspicious or unecesserily obstructive

Do not wantany more employers

Do not wantany more employers

This purelya redsdential/farming aera

This purelya redsdential/farming aera

Better public transport: more shoppingfacilities

Better public transport: more shoppingfacilities

provision of better local facilities, school,doctor vet dentist

provision of better local facilities, school,doctor vet dentist

provision of better local facilities, school,doctor vet dentist

provision of better local facilities, school,doctor vet dentist

need sports field for children to play in

need sports field for children to play in

organise rivertrips

organise rivertrips

organise rivertrips

no knowledge

no knowledge

Keep it as it is

public transport to town (improve)

don't know

encorage employers to move here

small scale workshops,cottage industries

cottage industries

this is an agriculture village

no comment (village unable to sustain enployment )

as above answer

as above answer

This is a small village and there is plenty of employment in weston

Surplus farm buildings or quarry into light industrial/business units

Surplus farm buildings or quarry into light industrial/business units

Surplus farm buildings or quarry into light industrial/business units

small scale industrial units onthe outskirts of the village

rates rise in line with turnover, starting low


A we should have small workshops units for carftsmen or small businesses

We should have small workshop units for craftsmen or small businesses

Better Transport

Better Transport

no opinion

no change

no change

no change

no change

no change

no change

no change

as above

as above

with difficulty as limited space - need for pragmaatism by main road

not wanted

look at broader employment suited to rural community

look at broader employment suited to rural community

look at broader employment suited to rural community

why more employment!!!!

why more employment!!!!

retail shop

mini super market

mini super market

mini super market

have not even thought of it

have not even thought of it

conversion of farm buildings into small industrial/craft units

small business units / craft shops


if there were properties that could be rented or bought then businesses could be

set up ie hairdress

if there were properties that could be rented or bought then businesses could be

set up ie hairdress

any opportunities for small business that do not impinge visually upon the


bleadon is village opportunity for emplyment is accepepted as limited in any

village the nearby tow.

bleadon is village opportunity for emplyment is accepepted as limited in any

village the nearby tow.

bleadon is village opportunity for emplyment is accepepted as limited in any

village the nearby tow.

bleadon is village opportunity for emplyment is accepepted as limited in any

village the nearby tow.

bleadon is village opportunity for emplyment is accepepted as limited in any

village the nearby tow.

more businesses should be encouraged to relocate to weston,clevedon and taunton

and portishead have

more businesses should be encouraged to relocate to weston,clevedon and taunton

and portishead have

more businesses should be encouraged to relocate to weston,clevedon and taunton

and portishead have



no further building

cosider using quarry for small manufacturing units


health centre,craft centre & workshop

more small business premises available

better public transport


the peace and tranquillity of the village should be preserved

the peace and tranquillity of the village should be preserved

not required as plentiful employment in weston and bristol

could have a primary school

more shops




small business

small business

small business

use of redundent agricultural buildings

use of redundent agricultural buildings

use redundant farm buildings for employment

use redundant farm buildings for employment

more small busisness

more small busisness

not necessary

not necessary

not necessary

more farm support

more farm support

un - necessary

un - necessary

as 14

as 14

i dont see the need

employment oppertunities of consiquence should be encoureged in major towns

where appropreate facili

being situated so close to weston there is no need to spoil bleadon village



Bleadon should be left residental

Bleadon should be left residental

Development organic farming

Development organic farming

More "Work from home" which removes travel and increases local spending

To increase the number of business hence more jobs

To increase the number of business hence more jobs

There should be easier ways t find out who needs works done, eg. babysitting,

cleaning etc.

More businesses means more work.

no idea

no idea

no idea

how? its a village not an ind. est.

how? its a village not an ind. est.

more shops

no further building

encourage small business dvelopment

create an area (such as purn farm area) suitable for local small business

create an area (such as purn farm area) suitable for local small business

create an area (such as purn farm area) suitable for local small business



by providing small units for various crafts

by providing small units for various crafts

by providing small units for various crafts

more small businesses

more small businesses

a village school would provide various types of employment

a village school would provide various types of employment

a village school would provide various types of employment

a village school would provide various types of employment

its ok as it is

its ok as it is

its ok as it is

its ok as it is


Question: 58



arifical leg

arifical leg

Diffilcuty walking needs stick forsupport lighting needs to be low watage but

enough to see kerbs/










poor mobility


ostro arthrittis

arthritis and heart problems


regiostered blind A very frail on feet B

regiostered blind A very frail on feet B





special ne3eds/walking difficulty

special ne3eds/walking difficulty

limited mobility (heart problems and diabetes

limited mobility (heart problems and diabetes

limited mobility (heart problems and diabetes

walking difficulty ostro arthritis


Question: 68

Organic produce

Organic produce


Lottery Electric (key)

longer openinh hours

As Below

longer opening hoours and more range

very handy

very handy

opening hours extended variation of products

opening hours extended - variation of products

it should have stayed at the heart of the villaqge - near church

more affordable (shop)

more affordable (shop)

no changes except location

delivery service

better parking

more items available

quality & convenience of location (central)

If it was open when I got home from work at ^pm

Better fresh fruit and Deli items

post office mne services / cash point / wide range of products

post office mne services / cash point / wide range of products

Open longer hours



Open longer hours

if it was a delivery, to come around the village once a week, would be greatful.

It needs a cloths s

if it was a delivery, to come around the village once a week, would be greatful.

It needs a cloths s

no changes

no changes

No view

No view

open late in the evening

lottrery terminal

more local produec stocked

more local produec stocked

lottery sales

More central location

More central location

More central location

More central location

if was back where it use to be



more fruit & veg from village

more fruit & veg from village

a bit more variety

more pick & mix

car tax , sell organic produce and pasturised milk

car tax

Happy to see it develop at its own pace

Anything homemade or home grown

its becoming a very useful outlet

more meat/veg - local produce, organic produce

more meat/veg - local produce, organic produce

more meat/veg - local produce, organic produce

A taxing motor vehicles, banking (some banks use P.O not all)

B expansion of shop in the future

the owner could smile once in a while

more organic veg & other food

a full organic greengrocer

more organic foods

better parking facilities

longer opening hours

longer opening hours

it is best as it is

it is best as it is

it is best as it is

it is best as it is

it is best as it is

it is best as it is

it is best as it is

as it is 3/4 mile walk - weather can dicate using therefore mightas well go

extra mile to supermark

as it is 3/4 mile walk - weather can dicate using therefore mightas well go

extra mile to supermark

used daily

used daily

nothing - for geographical reasons

nothing - for geographical reasons

use of credit card

use of credit card

use of credit card

the shop has made a good start I would willing topay more for locally sourced



longer opening hours

longer opening hours

longer opening hours

longer opening hours

see above

delivery/readdy prephoned order, local produce, dvd hire, new book hire

delivery/readdy prephoned order, local produce, dvd hire, new book hire

delivery/readdy prephoned order, local produce, dvd hire, new book hire

delivery/readdy prephoned order, local produce, dvd hire, new book hire

delivery/readdy prephoned order, local produce, dvd hire, new book hire

more home food,pies etc. and bread

not so far to walk

excellent as it is - perhaps larger dinner area

central situation

I already use it each day


more fresh veg & meat

more fresh veg & meat

motor tax & passports




the new shop is good already

the new shop is good already

if it provided more organic fruit |& veg

if it provided more organic fruit |& veg

larger range of stock

larger range of stock

more local produce



if I retired

if I retired

if I retired

wider range of produce

wider range of produce

wider range of produce

wider range of produce

wider range of produce

already use both frequently

already use both frequently

a wider variety of of products particularly local products a veg box delivery


a wider variety of of products particularly local products a veg box delivery


open earlier in the morning

Not gettin my head bit off!

A wider selection of stock

A wider selection of stock

Slightly larger would mean even more choice. (Same for cafe)

If the cafe was large and licensed as an "on license"

If the cafe was large and licensed as an "on license"

A shop to start with

excellent as it is perhaps larger dining area

wider selection

wider selection



lower prices & greater range but I know this is not practical

lower prices & greater range but I know this is not practical

lower prices & greater range but I know this is not practical

bigger cafe - butcher

bigger cafe - butcher

bigger cafe - butcher

bigger cafe - butcher

topless female shop assisants

andrew to tell better jokes

we love it

we love it


Question: 95



would like to be able to walk/cycle along Shiplate road past theveale safrely

shiplate rd - no lights, no pavements, speeding cars large vechicles

car park

Purn Road at night no lighting

bridge road

bridge road

bridge road

speeding and parking in the village

speeding and parking in the village






Shiplake Road during the rush hour

Shiplake Road during the rush hour





queens arms car park area at night

Queen's Arms speeding cars

see ques 33

see ques 33



walking on bleadon hill

walking on bleadon hill

walking on bleadon hill

in the summer around catherines inn

in the summer around catherines inn

in the summer around catherines inn

in the summer around catherines inn

in the summer around catherines inn

Ihave found bleadon usually very peaceful

main road speed

near pubs, near lay bys in roman way and by entrance into old army field

opposite woodspring

near pubs, near lay bys in roman way and by entrance into old army field

opposite woodspring

roman road at night

roman road at night

beridge road due to speeding cars,lorries,tractors & motor bikes

beridge road due to speeding cars,lorries,tractors & motor bikes

chesnut lane, corner at coronation road, by the park, turning into shiplate road

chesnut lane, corner at coronation road, by the park, turning into shiplate road

bleadon road / bridgewater road

bleadon road / bridgewater road

bleadon road / bridgewater road

bleadon road / bridgewater road

bleadon road / bridgewater road

walking home from A 370 with no light s bleadon rod

walking home from A 370 with no light s bleadon rod

at hopme when wife's in a bad mood


Question: 101

Regular e-mails and improved website

Delivery of parish magazine to extend to Shiplate



since not everyone has a PC, a copy of the parish council minutes should be

published with magazine

community meetings/newspaper

Quite adequate


I am satified with the present sources available






bleadon Village news to be titled Bleadon Parish News

bleadon Village news to be titled Bleadon Parish News

Village crier

Village crier

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Bleadon website should be improved to be more user friendly

Information is adequat

Information is adequat

Our lovely Par.Coun. notice b oards have scope for more information

email notices

email notices

email notices

email notices

allwebsite regularly up dated with access to reply

allwebsite regularly up dated with access to reply

fine as is

it is fine

quite happy as it is

more door leafleting

present arrangements are adequate

well covered

well covered

I an happy about information disemination

invites to functions

invites to functions

invites to functions

invites to functions

invites to functions

have it delivered

ok at present - maybe a leaflet drop giving details of local events ie those

organised by bleadon ch

ok at present - maybe a leaflet drop giving details of local events ie those

organised by bleadon ch

more details and accurate minutes of parish council

more details and accurate minutes of parish council

page simple newsletter, instead of masgazine with @stereotype' articles etc.

page simple newsletter, instead of masgazine with @stereotype' articles etc.

page simple newsletter, instead of masgazine with @stereotype' articles etc.

page simple newsletter, instead of masgazine with @stereotype' articles etc.

as of yet no problems

The notice boards(x3) need to have a door on the left hand side to stop rain!

i am satisfied with the present sources avilable

quite satified

quite satified

regular news leeter

regular news leeter




Text ResultsBleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire

Bleadon Parish Plan Questionnaire Household - Text Responses


Question: 4 - Other



living in parents house

cottage owner occ.

company owned


Question: 6 - Other



Took off with the milkman's wife


Question: 7 - Other




cottage 4 bed

cottage 2 bed


Question: 8 - Other

Sheltered accomodation within village


when I can no longer be independnt

lack of amentities

warden controlled

build suitable property would be ideal

Im would prefer something superior!!! A vast new development !!!! NO

larger plot



Question: 9 - Other

warden assisted

private rented

extend existing

warden controlled in bleadon (when the time comes)

warden assisted

There will be to many preferences and not practicalities

care in home


Question: 11 - Other

dont speak then


Question: 12 - Comments

very difficult to get child care locally - especially in the evenings because

taxi fares so much as out of the way & no one seems to want to come out this way

- especially as village so dark

a lack of access to transport - then more!


Question: 13 - Comments

cosmetic enhancement clinic

motor trade


Question: 14 - Comments

not being funny but it is really nice not to have too many strangers in the

village & the few that do come in stand out. so that you can be aware more for

security reasons.

depends on definition of small


Question: 16 - Comments

but have had to take the computer to work because of the fluctuations in the

electric supply here and spikes with telephone service.

not used


Question: 17 - Other


Business and travel


Keepiung in touch with family and friends by e mail

weather info

I edit the Berrow U3A newsletter and organise coffee rota. Also do printing and

admin of Weston natural History,USA group. also use digital camara

neighbourhood watch - police messages

school homework

for printng various projects

family history

Mission work overseas

e - mail to frinds, businesses, organisations, (parish council, north somerset &

commercial organisations)


Question: 18 - Comments

one used only very occassionally

we just have a scooter each which we can travel to Bleadon shop but with many

problems, the pavements are very uneven and the traffic is very dangerous


1 motorbike


traffic through the village should be kept to a miminum

cars 4,5,6,7,8. used for leisure/shopping


Question: 20 - Other

Bus occasionally


Taxi, train,bus,foot, school bus


On foot


Person 'A' Disabled

work vehicle




Question: 21 - Comments

not reliable!

the section of shiplate rd we live on has no footpaths and is too dangerous to

walk along

Walk ifd fairly near - depends on the meaning of word 'local' - and the weather

In Bleadon walk otherwise car (ie Weston)

car to town, taxi to train occasionall bus to town

Get a Lift

Village by walking town by car

in bleadon, any further car

depends on distance

only in village

my brother - in - law takes me

publik transport



Question: 22 - Other

we only have 1 bus a week on Shiplate Rd

When buses pick me up at and drop me back to my front door. I may use them.

we get one bus per week on wednesday which leaves loxton around 10.00 am and

returns around 1.30pm which is of no use to us

3 - 4 times aweek

Difficult though as service not timed for shifts at hospital re early mornings

in emergency

school C&D

would like to use Public transport in evenings nut there is none

going to bank and paying bills

to the hospital

do not use bus

We have not received bus passes yet but have applied for them (now received)

when car not available


Question: 23 - Comments

on the rare occasions that we have used the bus we found it to be a good service

- unfair for us to comment as we use it so rarely

Never used bus. Unsuitable times or with two young children


we have scooter

Home to Bus stop inconveinant

dont know

never used

what bus service afterr 5.30pm how can a students whos courses finish at after

7pm grt home???

don't use so unfair to comment

retired staff pass


do not know as we do not use it

Cannot rate bus service at present

never use bus

however the children now use north somerset school bus (paid annual pass) as

first bus was very unreliable and left them stranded at broadoak school on many



Question: 24 - Other

Live out on Shiplate Road and bus stop too far to walk to

do not use buses

more than 1 bus a week would be good

Quality of driving _ majority of drivers arefar to fast on the 83 route - which

is full of bends The bus company should allow more time as poute is rural and

not urban driving and also not use to computer times

the bus can never replace the car on the Loxton edge of the Parish because it

would be unviable to run a daily service

never use the bus service


I don't know how good the facilities for those with disabilitities are. As

occasinal users no. 24 is not really relavent

dont know

I understand the bus service is adequate

never used


Please evening buses

we should have more bus's they they finish to early maybe a few direct routes

I find it all satisfactory


more buses

We cannot comment on this at present as no service to Roaman Road at present,

and it is too far to walk to bus stop

not able to access

reliability sometimes first bus does not turn up outside schools.


Question: 25

Nothing really - not viable when having to take children to school then straight

to work - route/timing impossible.

More reliable and more reasonably priced (i would use the train to travel to

work if this was the case)

if the bus stopped near our house

have a car



loss of car

newer buses, more comfortable

unable to use car

more frequent and convenient (i.e. stop and ride) service. One which covers

those villages beyond the veale. then we would use the bus much more

more regular and reliable timetable

if the section of road we lived on was safer we could walk to the bus stop

if and when unable to use car

intense raod congestion/inablity to park as detination/inablity to obtain

fuel/disablity prohibiting driving

If it passed my house

more frequent buses into town

cheaper fares and more frequent service, sundays please and evenings

If I did'nt have own transport, or parking in Weston. May consider using Public


If it was more accesable i.e. having to climb hills to get to bus route

Free transport

Compatability with work Start/Finish time

Cost of petrol

More frequent buses that went directly to town a 10 min. journey can take 30

mins by bus

If it provided access to Lympshae School at suitable times


Better routes and times


Better timetable in evening bus to Weston

Buses running more frequently

Correct time and routes1

as Q24

a frequent service

free buses

availability and gost

Nothing I live to far from Bus route

More frequent buses


Bus later in the evening, more frequent

It is impossibleto get to work by public transport. One drives in 20 minutes a

journey that is 2hours by bus. The other works in a village that has one bus

weekly, and that would be followed by a physically impossible climb for anyone

over 40.



More frequent service more routes

cheap comfortable efficent polite service

Nothing - not possible for work; too costly and time consuming for anything else

free bus pass for over 60's

Direct route to bristol

bus times evening service

Higher taxation on private vehicle and fuel

More frequent buses

If it was Free

inability to drive

Acessability & speed Regularity

Safe road crossing to bus stop A 370 (bridge road)

Clean modern Buses, regular Time table, more often, free traval for OAPs

Rural 'drive by@pick service to regular time table

Please see Q24 plus route extended to Shiplate road23

more comfort safer slower drivers

nothing the car bis much more convenient

Greater frequency in bus service and more space for shopping and luggage

No petrol.diesel useage

Availability & Reasonable cost


Drivers knowing where to go ie they ask the old folks the routes

greater frequency of service

frequency & cost

more frequent buses / route more direct into town / bus to hutton village from

town for school

a regular shuttle bus

yes if the price was right

more frequent reliable service

free and regular services to town

inability to use the car, for whatever reason

Bus service which goes to train station and co-incides with train times

no opinion

satisfied as it is

more frequent buses

Regular timings better timings

not used but would consider if more frequent


bus shelters


age !!



a bus in the evening and for buses to run on time

more routes

frequency, access to main shops

regular buses shoter routes

frequent service to required destinastions


direct route to my work location


cost and timetable

a more direct route

bus every 1/2 hour

substanital increase in cost of annual parking fees for OAPs which comes into

effect in march 2006


if the price of petrol became impossible to afford or I could no longer drive

for health reasons

more evning buss

more frequent public transport




A more frequent service with a much later return times from town

increased frequency of bleadon to wsm bus service


route change/more buses


little, too remote likely service

very little

free travel


better buses

free of cost for over 65's

better timetable

quick cheap,time and every 20 mins


weekend and later service in the evenings more frequent service before 9am

more frequent and flexible


lack of econmic parking in weston, inability to drive

frequency of buses and their routes into town

free service

a frequent cheap service more concessions for pensioners

more frequent service - evening service


we would to be able to have a bus service that would run during the evening so

that we could usewestons facilities with out worrying about the car

better time table i.e starting earlier and finishing later

cleandleness of bath bus and passengers

a more direct route

if i was unable to drive


Availabilility of service on Roaman Road

Better bus shelters, route near to our house and more frequent and later from

town at night

cost and availability and times

more comfortable buses, more direct routes

where to ? weston? a more direct or speedier service; with better competition to

various locations eg hutton, worle.


easy access

easier access to the bus etc.

better public transport

frequent and good time keeping

frequency of time table and cost reductiopn

more frequent service and more direct to weston

when are children are older and we don't have to carry so much equipment

unable to use own transport

cheaper fares & more comfortable


buses mnore frequent

more efficient service

losing ability to drive

a bus later than 5:40 to come home



better buses (comfort etc.) more direct route to WSM

having to get rid of our cars

easy timetables to under stand age 12


Question: 28

Junction coming out by Catherine's Inn - onto Bridgwater Rd - heading to Uphill

The junction by Catherine's Inn pulling out onto the A370

coming out of Chesnut Lane you have to emerge into Bleadon Rd before you can see

if any cars are coming from the right

Along Shiplate Rd (Past Veale) - cars speed and road very narrow making walking

and cycling very dangerous

along shiplate road is narrow and cars speed. would really like a pavement to be

able to walk and cycle to village.

Junction of A370 and Bleadon Rd and centre of Village

junction @ Catherine's Inn/Anchor on A370 - visablity getting out speeding on

coming traffic

walking along Shiplate rd is very bad and should have a low speed limit

corner shiplate/coronation rd by queens

Shiplate Rd bewtween Jillacr and juust past of shiplate manor farm

at the coronation hall bend - slowdown signs coming down over hill ONE WAY

Shiplate rd/ coronation Rd no visablity - Celtic way - restricted passing in


speeding moterists - Shiplate rd Through to Loxton

Fast flowing traffic:-Jnct's Purn Way and Bridge Rd with A370, Road to narrow

and too much traffic:-the veale Wanderstone and Shiplate, also roead between

coronation Hall and St Peters church

Shiplate Rd cars speeding especially at night. often skidmarks on rd

shiplate rd (outside of speed restrictions) Celtic way

Shiplate Rd and Celtic Way - Bleadon Hill

Wonderstone/Shiplate Farm - narrow and tight bends, where bleadon Rd joins A370

beyond catherine's inn, fast traffic from right coming from limited visablity

the turning at Queens pub - little visablity from each passing, Roman Rd too

much speeding from 'boy racers'

round Bleadon Rd abd Purn way

corner on hill of celtic way between queens arms and rocky wall, next to farm

A370, speed limit should be imposed from just before Anchor Pub to bridge over

River Axey

Corner of shiplate Road and Celtic Way

Shiplate road, Bleadon Road, Bridge Road Speeding traffic (no footpaths


Roman Road - Speed and dangerous Dips, Celtic Way - Bends and parked cars, A370

Junction Bridge Road by Bridge Garage - Parked cars and con gestion

Loxton Road - some people think its apart the Monte Carlo Rally!!

Coronation Road / Celtic Way

Road over Bledon Hill - particulary where the road narrows going round the bend

where the houses start om the hill

JUnction of Bleadon Road & A 370 and narrow areas of road towards Shiplate

Junction Shiplate, coronation Road & celtic Way. Junction of Bleadon Road and

the A 370. DANGERS - must be obvious, even to our Parish Councillors.

Road towards Loxton cars travelling too fast & in villageto shiplate and celtic

Walking around Catherine's Bend

Bridge Road - No footpath

30 mpg speed limit needs extending further out past Wonderstone. cyclists and

horses face speeding cars on the steep hill coming into Bleadon from Loxton

Shiplate Road - cars exceed speed limit particularly at night

Corner at Shiplate Road/celtic Way first part by P.H. narrow and parked cars

Junction from Bleadon Village on A370 opp, Anchor Pub

Coronation Corner, Celtic Way / Shiplate Road. Bend at top of Celtic Way

Junction of Bleadon Road/Bridgewater Road/Accommodation Road

On the corner of by the Queens Arms

The entire length of shiplate Road is hazardous due to its width sharp corners

and speeding cars

From coronation Road right up the Bleadon Farm Shop, also chestnut Lane its very

dangerous, the pavements are uneven and the holes in the roads, to narrow.

Chestnut Avenue

Where hillside Roadm meets Roman Road death trap waiting to happen

Junction of Accommodation Road with the A 370, due to excessive speed in this


Junction with A 370 at Catherine's/anchor very poor visibility of on coming

traffic. Shiplate Road especially between village and loxton -narrow and too

many large vehicles- ought to be one way.

Bleadon Road/Bridgewater Road junction - Blind. Shiplate Road - now used by

traffic avoiding Banwell, too fast thinks it a main road. Coronation Road/Celtic

Way corner - People going straightm across (effectively turning left or right)

at 40 mph plus a major accident waiting to happen. Plus non treatment of roads

in winter, Major problem.

Corner by the Queens Arms. Junction onto A 370 by the Catherines Pub.--

speed through Village

Fast traffic on Bleadon to Loxton Plus farm vehicles take up much of the road

Junction of Shiplate Road, celtic Way and Coronation Road

See seperate sheet, b)foot of Celtic Way sign with Bus Stop attached is

incorrect, Give Way sign is stupidly sited The bottom Hellenge Lane - blind spot

Opposite Anshor unable to see to right

By the Coronation Hall

Juinction at Anchor PH Restricted view to WSM

Shiplate Road speeding and wide loads

The bend by Coronation Hall Traffic always cuts that corner T Junction Shiplate

by the Queens

Shiplate Road - near old school and junction at bottom of Road

Blind corner by Queens Arms, Section of Shiplate Road to The Veale Road around

park when cars are parked on side of road betwwen catherine's inn and A 370

corner of Celtic Way and Shiplate Road. You can't see if cars are coming

Shiplate Road/Bleadon Hill Coronation Road /A370 at Anchor

Junction by Shiplate Road/Celtic Way (Queens Pub) cannot see what is coming

Junction of Celtic Way, shiplate Road & Coronation Road Blind corner with too

few warnings

Entering Shiplate Road and the Veale Nr. Bus Stop

Every, drivers, especially local, drive too fast for roads within Village

Speeding in Village generally, indiscriminate parking in areas (eg Bleadon Hill)

which ncan be hazaerdous and restrict acess to emergency vehicles

Shiplate Road towards Loxton traffic is to fast and in middle of road

Junction by Anchor pub

Shiplate Road to Loxton too many gareless drivers not allowing for others

Road corner in Coronation Road near the Hall. Coming out of Bleadon Road onto A

370 by the Anchor, Coming out of Bleadon/Bridge Road onto A 370

Bend by the Pub

Shiplate Road, at peak time morning and eve. the traffic is very fast and

sometimes congested because of narrowness at the Veale

Roman Road speeding especially at night

Roman Road

Bleadon Mill Anchor Pub Difficulty getting across or onto A 370

Bridge Road

Roman Road 'hidden dip' just prior to what will be the 'so called ' golf


No pavement round Shiplate Road corner acess to main road at Catherine's inn

No improvments needed roads are slef - resticting

Vehicles driving to fast reduce speed limit to 20 mph through Village wit speed

camaras Reine at side of brdge Road /Bleadon Road its only matter of time till a

vehicle goes in Icey roads - poor lighting vehicles drive to fast 20 mph is fast


Turning into Shiplate Road opp Queens. Road near caterines pavement required

2 junctions with A370 Celtic Way/Shiplate Rd junction. Shiplate Road Purn Way

(by shop)

junction hillside and briw Rd, entry to A370 at Anchor Radius of corner

Coronation Hill - oncoming traffic causes fraffic exiting village to strike

kurb/pavement needs widening. Roman Rd - uncut hedges causing traffic not to

keep close into verge. Shiplate Rd very dangerous

onto A370 by catherines inn

area between village hall and bleadon hill also shipgate road

speeding - celtic way and junctions by queens pub

celtic way to narrow in places

in the middle of the village and going up celtic way. someone being injured or


celtic way , corner shiplate / queens arms , speeding blind spots

celtic way cars going too fast. corner off queens pub -

bridge road with forty ton lorries using it

celtic way traffic too fast

access out to A370 sight lines are restricted road fron village to laxton is

narrow with restricted vision and often cars travel too fast on the deristricted


canada coombe needs mirrors and speed ramps on blind corners (going towards

hutton )

blind bend by queens arms pub , people dont treat it as a junction and drive

straight up the hill often not signaling. people dont slow down and drive around

the corner on the wrong side of the road.

corner by childens playground

junction near catherines pub and the A 370

A 370 between River Axe and Accommodation Road, Junction at A 370/Bleadon Road

at catherines pub, Junction Celtic Way/ Shiplate Road at Queens

from double bend on Celtis Way to totterdown Lane, road between Bleadon and

cross - entire length of.

see answer 31

From telephone to Bremmer Rd

shiplate road celtic way & their junction hultons garage

From Romans Road to the pavements by the Queens - cars not slowing down when

passing walkers and not slowing down when passing eachother when there are

pedestrians. Pedestrians have to try to move off the roads and into overgrown


Shiplate Road towards Loxton, Access to 370 by Catherines Inn

Cars come around the bend by the park far to fast and also along Bridge Road

by Coronation Hall on the bend, from bleadon Road onto Bridgewater Road

corner at the play area, queens arm, catherines pub and the junctions with 370

at the anchor and bridge garage.

Bridge Road Shiplate Road

speeding in most areas between church and bridge road also coronation road I sit

in the bus shelter & see it all the time

Bridge Road

Celtic Way / A 370 cars drive to fast

Junction Bridge Road with A 370

corner of ship[late by queens - unsighted from shiplate, sweeping curve by

recreation area - wrong side of road at speed, narrowing of road from shiplate

approaching queens, speed approaching downhill from shiplate towards queens

starting approx from entrance of Birch ave.

Turning onto A 370 both junctions, bottom of shiplate road and queens head pub

the corners at celtic way and shiplate road

blind corner by Celtic way/Shiplate road narrow section 1/3rd away down celtic

way and 1/2 way along shiplate road

pavement (lack of) outside public toilet/nr old post office, blind junction at

end of chestnut lane/bleadon road, hazzardous corner celtic way/shiplate

rd/coronation rd. , junction opposite anchor inn,A 370bleadon rd., drop kerbs

access restricted: wheelchair/prams on road stop cars parking in front.,

shiplate rd from wonderstone past lake farm - blind spot/speed

purn waychestnut lane/bleadon road, - bleadon road/celtic way, - bleadon

road/bridgewater road, - bridge road/bridgewater road.

bend on Purn way peopkle travelling to fast along this roadwhich is a worry

small increase of traffic since our local shop has opened would recommend 20mph

speed limits along this road

corner at shiplate road near queens

junction of shiplate road and queens, cars parked when there is a park handy,

marked spaces also top of old school lane extremely dangerous for peddestrians

A 370 Bridge road

bridge road very heavy vehicles and speeding cars, shiplate road too narrow

Bridge road A 370, bleadon road A 370

shiplate/ coronation rd corner near queens A370 fork garage junction






black spot outside bridge garage accident every few weeks.

bleadon road to shiplate road /A 370 junction with bleadon road traffic light


shiplate very narrow/ the bend by the queens visibility

catherines inn junction & corner

end of chestnut lane & bleadon road, Corner of shiplate / coronation road

from the queens to the pump - parked vehicles and excessive speed

all roads are narrow thats tehattraction of the village these are already far to

many motor signs

junction below queens blind corner

shiplate road from the veale outwards narrow/bends speeding, large vehicles

junction roman road and hillside road, accident, junction at queens arms,


shiplaste road turning into coronation road

coming out of shipl;ate rd to go up bleadon hill some people go too fast and

there is no way of seeing what is coming also turning into coronation rd where

people sometimes park both sides of the road

village roads should be used carefully by everyone

all of the minor roads. lack of pavements and speeding motorist

bridge road no lighting or pavement heavy traffic from cement works

cars turning right into celtic way from shiplate road, exit from bleadon road

onto bridgewater road

shiplate road on the way to loxton

shiplate road jct. by queens arms. shestnut lane jct. on to bleadon road

shiplate road / celtic way too narrow in places

bleadon road,bridge road,shiplate road - vehicles travelling too fast, dangerous

bends on shiplate road

main village - roman road




bleadon road - speed

potholes/junction of bridge road and coronation road

shiplate road dangerous corner,, coronation road / bleadon road no footpaths

towards catherines inn

passing coronation hall on the bend, continued parking outside the old post

office and continuing on left and right of the Queens arms on the hill

A370 / bleadon rd junction - speeding traffic and blindspot( cannot see traffic

coming from WSM)

sharp turn towards top of hill



shiplate roa T junc. speed and increased traffic. Shiplate road - blind corners

in particulars where there is no pavements

corner of shipl;ate road / celtic way

junc. with celtic way by queens arms, wonderstone hill

junctions with A 370, shiplate road/wonderstone/queens arms corner, shiplate,

manor farm, celtic way, too narrow for modern vehicle widths/speed/visibility.

junc of A 370 / bleadon road insufficient vision to the right, exit from

catherine's inn into bleadon road vehicles tend to emerge quickly from car parks

on bend. Corner of shiplate/coronation road trees pushing vehicles out into road

and obscuring some view. Access for pedestrians from end of pavemrnt in shiplate

road to celtic way. No parking indicated in accommadatio0n road opposite


bleadon to loxton road

bridge road with no pavements

shiplate road fast traffic

shiplate road corner by the queens, 370by the anchor speed limit should be


hillside road/ roman road - bleadon hill(width[outside parish boundary]) celtic

way width

celtic way,bleadon hill speed limit is totally ignored - too dangerous for

pedestrians to go to the post box

off A 370 near catherines inn, bend 7 junction queens pub

shiplaten road leading around church and village hall

celtic way - too narrow for buses

corner of shiplate road and celtic way and around the queens arms (especially at

delivery times

on the back road to cross, on the hill leaving bleadon meet on comiing cars

chesnut lane is bad, you cannot see as you pull out

wonderstone cant see, catherines inn blind spots

shiplate road (speed of vehicles)- corner by queens arms (for pedestrians)

narrowing bend alongside play aera (speed) sharp bend bottom of celtic way,

start of shiplate road at certain times parking on both sides of the road

wonderstone / shiplate road area / purn lane (opposite hope cottage /

catherine's inn junction with A 370

coming around the shop bend onto shiplate road at queens pub = really think

because road is so narrow where the old post office used to be no one should

park along here . Think you should put speed humps on shiplate road by me (14

the veale cars come so fast into the village here + also if coming from other

end speed up.

shiplate road bleadon to loxton drivers speed to much

coronation road, shiplate road and bleadon road

shiplate road speeding and narrow corners, coronationrd/shiplate rdcorner

visability and too tight , bleadon road access on to A 370

A 370 catherines junc., queens arms junc./coronation/shiplate corner

opposite anchor inn, corner by queens head

at catherine's inn junc. with the main road traffic should not be allowed to get

onto A370 at this junc. there hasbeen atleast two fatal accidents at this spot

over the years all trffic should leave the village by bridge garage.

bends in celtic way coronation /celtic way junction lack of foot path for past

20 yrs. leaving the village by catherines inn

crossroads at anchor - traffic lights or noentrance to A 370 from bleadon,

bruidge road to A 370 ensure cars not parked on road at bridge garage

junction chetnut lane / bleadon road . you cannot see oncoming traffiic from the

right when pulling out. beud shiplate road / bleadon hill as you enter the

village . junchion bleadon road / a370

first part of bleadon road from catherines end

most definitly bleadon road.despite the 30 mph limit many drivers ignore the

signs and frequently drive at speeds of 40 - 50 mph we have had one crash

outside of our bungalow which resulted in one of the cars swerving into our

front hedge and into the garden also a very bad situation is the ji=unction

where chestnut lane meets bleadon road, this is potentially a very dangerous

spot and we have heard many near misses when cars come out of chestnut lane onto

bleadon road it is almost a blind spot to the left.

bridge road / celtic way

bridge road bleadon - speeding . bad surface pot holes / parked cars - celtic


entries to a370

celtic way drivers driving to fast

blesdon road espesially junction with chestnut lane / coronation road- at the

junction with celtic way and shiplate road

celtic way due to speeding drivers





onto a370 both exits, visibilly on all village roads is poor


Shiplate Road between Wonderstone & Whitehouse Lane. Road Speed too fast!

Vehicles speed along Roaman Road using it as a short cutas it is derestricted.

There are many walkers/hickers/pony riders and the speed of the vehicles is

often dangerous. With the proposed golf course and its additional traffic this

situation will get worse.

just past catherines inn and after the post office narrow roads and no pavements

junction bleadon road/bridgewater road, bend passing coronation hall several

bends and narrow places in shiplate road

T junction of shiplate road and coronation road, sharp bend on coronation road

by play aera

shiplate Road - bends and narrow, Through the village blind spots, no continious

pavements around the village hall requireing roads to be crossed from play

aera,church and pubs one pavement to the othert side; speeding cars

accomodation road, blind corners, also at the junctions with bridgewater road

blind corners

catherine junction

by anchor pub/hutton garage crossroads blind spot, celtic way/shiplate road


shiplate corner

exit onto A 370 at catherines inn should be controlled by traffic lights..

traffic moving onto wrong side of road at wide sweeping bend below roman road (

bend at top of rise leaving village)

bridge road junction with A 370 bbleadon road not observing speed limit and

weight limit

top celtic way traffic travelling too fast esp. at narrow points. being a danger

to other cars and pedestrians

celtic way / bridge road, no pavement extensions of shiplate road

junction of celtic way and shiplate road cars parked on pavement

junction of coronation and shiplate roads blind corner - no slow signs

bleadon road junction with purn way & with chestnut ave.

shiplate manor

shiplate road / roman road coronation road

speed of traffic on the bend to the bridge on the A 370

junction of bridgewater road, bleadon road outside coronation hall by play park

all the narrow bits onbends, and the bend around the play area and village hall

should be speed bumps and 20 mph

by the park, blind corners and too fast 35 mph and over 40 mph, need 2 speed

bumps, one by the post office and one oming into the village from catherine's



bleadon mill junction A 370, bridge road junction A 370

junction with A 370 with bleadon road(opp anchor), junction A 370 with bridge

road ? bleadon mill, shiplatwe road / celtic way ( opp queens arms), narrow

section of shiplate road,

roads leading into village traffic speeding

the bend by the park, also when you join A 370 by catherines inn this should be

one way traffic cars only comintg into village


Question: 30

Through Shiplate RD, Bleadon Rd

All over the village and the pulling out of the village on to the A370


shiplate road out past the veale

Sometimes - centre of village

Definitly - Bleadon Rd, Purn Way/chesnut lane - all through the village and up

and over the hill, Traffic has increased since opening shop - which is not a

problem if it kept to safe speeds - Purn way - from farm shop - chesnut lane is

particulary bad, blind bends and no footpaths

any speeding traffic is a problem in a village or on country roads

Shiplate Rd bewtween Jillacr and juust past of shiplate manor farm

at the coronation hall bend - slowdown signs coming down over hill ONE WAY

Bleadon Rd and Shiplate Rd

speeding moterists - Shiplate rd Through to Loxton

The Veale, Wanderstone and church areas. Rush hours are extreamly bad

Shiplate RD between Bleadon and Loxton

shiplate rd

Bleadon Rd and Shiplate Rd (from queens arms to veal)

through the village

Bridge Road

On the corner of Coronation Hall and the Old Post Office

Shiplate Road Bleadon Road corner

Roman Road

Catherine's Inn through Coronation Road

On the road coming into Bleadon from Catherine's Inn

Area around Village halls and playrarea

Bleadon Road, Shiplate Road, Bridge Road.

Centre of Village

All roads

Entering village from Loxton end

As Q28, also corner by playarea in coronation Road

By coronation Hall

Village(Village Hall Section) and the road towards Purn Farm

Cporonation corner & along Bleadon Road, Celtic Way along to top of Bleadon Hill

by Narrowing at Telephone Exchange and top Totterdam Lane.

shiplate road especially between wonderstone and shiplate house farm

In Bleadon its so narrow roads

Along Bleadon Road

Roman Road and Celtic Way

Purn area of A 370

Shiplate Road through Winterstone. Bleadon Hill. Village Centre.

In thre centre of the Village

Through Village,particuarly close to village hall, adjacent to Queens Arms 7

towards Roman Road.

Bridge,Bleadon Road, Celtic Way, Shiplate Road

Shiplate Road.

Most of the through roads especially during the rush hour in the morning


Shiplate Road

Shiplate Road,Bridge Road , Bleadon Road

Village Centre

Throughout Village

Shiplate Road & Village

Coronation Hall to the Village, Shiplate Road

Shiplate Road and through Village

Shiplate Road


Coronation Road from A 370 to Village Centre

on narrow country lanes and within Village - due to ignorance, poor behaviour

and bad manners and aggressive drivers, including women and older drivers!

Shiplate Road

Shiplate Road, new planned developments

Shiplate Road

Bridge Road

in Places

Bleadon Road

Bleadon Road

Throught out the Village especially rush hour period and commericial trfaffic

Through the Village as a whole

All Roads

Outside the entrance to the Veale on Shiplate road lots of young children play

on the grass island and it is very worrying


Roman Road

A 370 between Uphill and Bleadon also Roman Road

Roman Road inc burnt ouy cars/Bleadon Hill road narrows adj. to Bus stop down to

sub power station

The buses travel too fast round the sharp bend outside Coronation Hall where the

road is very narrow & usally on the wrong side of the road.

it's not

See Q28

All areas

Everywhere but particularly Bleadon Rd and Shiplate Rd

Roman Rd in the 30 section/Celtic Way midway Shiplake Rd/Wonderstone

bleadon hill

almost everywhere

between bleadon and pyrn

along shiplate road and celtic way

celtic way

by park celtic way

celtic way

celtic way

cars racing along shiplate road at high speeds especially at night time ,

becausethe road isstraight into the village they dont slow down .

going to and from work

A 370 River Axe to Accommodation Road, Bridge Road, Bleadon Road

all off but especially outskirts ie - Celtic Way road to cross and road to

catherines inn

Every corner from Parish Hill to Roman Rd

celtic way coronation road bleadon road shiplate road

Through the village

see Ques 28

Cars really boot it down bridge Road But I would not like those ghastly humps in

the road.

Bridge Road and Bleadron Road

Bridge Road

as previously mentioned ques 28 the straight road to the shop area only 1 small

pavement in bridge road

Celtic Way / Bleadon Way

Bridge Road

see ques 28

every where particularlly shiplate road - bleadon road & Bleadon hill(roman road

Celtic way)

Bleadon Road, Celtic Way, Shiplate Road, coronation Road

Purn way, bleadonroad

purn way & most definetly bleadon Road

any road when one is walking

A 370 bridge road

bridge road

bridge road & bleadon road

bleadon road A370





A 370 between bridge garage and anchor garage

along bleadon road

bleadon road/through village

bleadon road coronation road

bleadon road/ pass the church

when was there last an accident in the village? I feel strongly thart there too

many road signs already and not happy at the concept of local vigilantes

through the centre of the village

shiplate road

roman road,bleadon hill,celtic way,speed limits being ignored

minor roads

copronation road and bridge road A370

bleadon road


shiplate road

bridge road, but especially shiplate road and bleadon road

same as question 28



bleadon road

bridge road and coronation road

shiplate road & bleadon rad

A 370 and bleadon rd

roman hill



bend to right just past old P.O.

all roads inthe parish - where there are no footpaths

loxton end of shiplate road

especially early morning, late afternoon - commuter route cheedar?

celtic way.shiplate road,bleadon road

bridge road

shiplate road west of wonderstone

A 370

celtic way,roman road and bleadon hill

bleadon road also shiplate road

bleadon road/ bridge road

along bleadon road & coronation road

bleadon road from catherines inn to play park

coronation road

see Q 28

shiplate road from the direction of loxton( especially the narrowing above the

veale & down from junction of birch ave.)

purn lane, celtic way,bleadon road

shiplate road

bleadon road,bridge road,shiplate road, celtic way

shiplate road and bleadon road

bleadon road shiplate road

bleadon road,coronation road shiplate road

youths on shiplate road on fri/sat nights

along the road from the catherines to the village hall

bleadon road , bribge road

all along bleadon road from A 370 through the village

all over area

bridge road/ bleadon road

bleadon road

with the drivers if you cant get through to them anything else is unfortunatly

doomed to fail

celtic way to bleadon road

bleadon road




by the old post office/ queens

Shiplate Road between Wonderstone & Whitehouse Lane. Road Speed too fast!

Bleadon Hill/Roman Road

shiplate road (rural parts)

Bleadon road and centre of village

coronation road - bleadon road

Bleadon road despite 30 mile limit signs, especially the stretsh between, the

coronation hall and chestnut lane

through the centre and ship[late road

since up grading of bridge

Bleadon Hill both up and down, especially at wide sweeping bend at top of first

rise from the village. Traffic travlling down into the village drive onto the

side of traffic going up.

bleadon road

coronation road - now that more are walking and cycling that way to the shop

shiplate road/celtis way/bridge road

through village from coronation hall up past queens arms

shiplate and bleadon roads

bleadon road

bleadon = loxton road

every road in the village

A 370 from the anchor, to 50 metres past the river Axe bridge

around plat park area

see ques 28

down bleadon road - 30 mph and see cars from both directions 45-50 mph snf

faster late at night


A 370 vehicles obviously exced the national speed limit of 60 mph, recommend

limit of 50 mph from railway bridge to parish boundery, shiplate road vehicles

often exceed safe speed.

right through the village

through the village


Question: 31 - Lower speed restrictions - Where / What **PAGES DOWN FOR OTHER Q31 ANSWERS**

shiplate road past veale

All through village - 20MPH

Shiplate Rd bewtween Jillacr and juust past of shiplate manor farm

throughout village

Shiplate Rd

Shiplate rd

shiplate rd

A370 near Anchor

throughout bleadon

A 370 40MPH

Roman Road

Centre of Village / Loxton Road

All through the Village

around playarea

20mph in centre of village

All non A roads

Extend 30 mph to Loxton

All through the village

Coronation Hall

Through Village

Shiplate Road (all)

in Bleadon

In the Vil;lage generally

Purn area of A 370

Bridgewater Road - either side of Anchor Inn 40mph

Central Village area

Speed bumps Shiplate Road, Coronation Road and Bridge Road

20 mph Coronation to Loxton Road


20 mph through Village

Bridge Road - Coronation Road

On A370 50 mph

if kept at 30 mph

20 mph within central Village & cul de sac

Heart of village/hall marea

Bleadon Road 20 mph

Village to loxton

20 mph the veale and park aeras

Speed restriction on Roman Road

through Village

whole village

celtic way

by park celtic way

A 370 river Axe to Accommdation Road


centre of village

through the village

Park area

Bridge Road/A 370 junction & road

Bridge Road

see ques 28


trough village

purn way/bleadon road

A 370

bleadon road

through the centre of the village

as above

shiplate road


already 30 mph

A 370 and bleadon rd


all roads in bleadon village

as above 20 mph

why? they are ignored

shiplate road

they ignore the ones that are there

enforce 30mph where stated

20 mph in village

see Q 28

20 mph in all built up areas

shiplate road also road that comes down the hill past queens onto shiplate

shi9plate road 30mph

bleadon road / bridge road

all bleadon road

bridgewater road

allthrough village 20mph

30mph on above road

A370 40MPH

Shiplate Road

Roaman Road

coronation road - bleadon road

at the junctions of bleadon road and bridgewater road

as ques 28

A 370 (50mph)

but no one takes any notice

by park


Question: 31 - Traffic calming - Where / What


pavements, shiplate road past veale

Similar to main RD Hutton, along Bleadon Rd


on the bends - downhill

shiplate and bleadon Rds

Shiplate Rd

As traffic enters village

shiplate rd, bumps

shiplate rd

bleadon rd

Shiplate Road Bleadon Road

Roman Road

All non A roads

Shiplate Rd

Shiplate Road coronation Road

In Bleadon

Trough Village plus Roman Road and Celtic Way

Traffic Lights

The Vale to Queens Arms

Through Village

Doesn't work

danger to vehicles

As above

Celtic Way Humps

roads in the village

Give way markers as per Hutton Village along the grass island at the Veale

Main road through Village

through Village

middle of village

celtic way

shipgate road - from the veale into the villlage

Bridge Road & Bleadon Road

Celtic Way road to cross

speed on hill

Bridge Road

see ques 28

see ques 30 mainly bleadon rd., coronation rd

bleadon road

shiplate road,celtic way



bridge road

hump in road, bleadon road/bridge road

I don't want bleadon ending up like hutton

through the centre of the village

bleadon road

bleadon road

bleadon road


in aera around church

bridge road

bleadon road

shiplate road

shiplate road/ school lane area

coronation road

near coronation hall

all bleadon road

bridge road

road humps in bleadon



Bleadon road

coronation road - bleadon road

from coronation hall to queens arm - speed bumps

speed bumps - 2

bleadon road / bridge road

Question: 31 - More car parking facilities - Where / What

possible for queens

near coronation hall/pub

Celtic Way

extend exsisting carpark

Bridge Road area

Queen's Arms



by the church it is so hard to drive down that road when an event is on in the


village centre and shop

Centre of village


Question: 31 - Parking restrictions - Where / What

Near church

at the bottom of hill

no yellow lines please

Coronation Road

Near Church during Weddings

Outside of old Post Office

Celtic Way by P.H.

section at old P.O.

around Queens Pub

by the pub

by Queens Pub

Celtic Way

outside Queens, Coronation

at the veale

around the Church and the Park

Celtic Way,Shiplate Road

Narrow roadways & estates

between Coronation Hall and Queens

Celtic Way

on all roads through Village

Queens Arms

bottom celtic way

celtic way , church

road by church/old post office

lower end celtic way

No parking on Road by Village Hall

on Bridge Road

nr. queens arms, celtic wa/cornation road except for delivery


through the centre of the village

outside old post office

celtic way

main village

on main road through village

outside toilets and opposite

bridge road through lack of pavements

outside church/coronation road

coronation road

all along from the churchdown to where you can turn onto A 370

celtic way

centre of village

coronation road yellow lines

vicarage to queens arms - yellow lines


Question: 31 - Marked pedestrian walkways - Where / What

shiplate road past the veales

Along Bridge Rd

Bridge rd

where there are no footpaths

all along bleadon hill/celtic way

Bridge Road

All roads without pathways

Facum Lane to Bleadon Road

Where no pavements

dangerous bend by the queen

across A 370

bleadon road from A 370 to chestnut lane

bleadon road catherine inn end

along bleadon road & bleadon hill to new shop

route to post office

how would you do it

bridge road

Bridge road

bridge road

bridge road

road without pavements

bleadon road


celtic way

anywhere that it is practical do so in the village

bleadon road to purn way

bridge road


Question: 31 - Cycle route(s) - Where / What

Along Bridgwater Rd to Uphill

Pavement/cyce path along Shiplate Rd (past Veale)

all through the village, for out at shiplate road past the veale

As above

where possible

around village

by the roads

Celtic Way

Loxton Road


As many as possible - Cycle route to weston

entire village



all narrow lanes

bleadon to WSM cycle route

how would you do it

bleadon level to brean

its not that bad + residents are respectiful of pedestrians & cyclists

A 370 thru village

anywhere that it is practical do so in the village

on main roads into town


the pavement from bleadon to uphill should be a cycleway


Question: 31 - Other

to slow down traffic on A370 from layby through - past Anchor and before bridge

over river Axe i.e similar to traffic calming measures in place around west

Huntspill (A38?) and also speed camaras

No more paint on roads`


Traffic Lights or roundabout A370 with Bridge Road

Wheel Chair Routes on all Roads

Perhaps resite play area

Possible white lines to ensure strangers realise the lanes are not one way!!!

and oncoming traffic is highly likely.

this is village do not urbanise

Lanes are to narrow for walkways and cycle routes

Traffic lights at junctions of Accommodation Road and Bleadon Road as estimated

speed of many vehcles around 80 mph in this area

Use of shiplate road should be examined - one way.

need to enforce current speed restrictions

slow down signs triggered by fast moving vehicles such as that in lympsham by

the school now.


Street lighting Shiplate Road

Accessibility on pavements for disabled scooters so that the roads need not be


Speed camaras A 370

I think correect enforcement of existing limits should be strongly maintained

Positive official enforcement of current speed limits

Signs reminding drives speed - has a positive effect

car parking in corination hall park overflows when there are events such as the

market etc

traffic lights at exit to bleadon at hultons garage accom rd to make safer entry

to A370 and to slow speeding traffic on A370 motor bikes especialy [similar to

lights at churchhill on A38]

if people have off road parking why don't they use it 7 not park on the road,

big lorries have to pollute while they wait for traffic coming in the opposite


remove parked cars from streets where houses have garages or drives

parking restrictions in front of dropped kerbs, eg purn way/bleadon road. also

drains regularly block when raining.

lots opf signs and lines are not neded - just a speed restrictions that works

(fines given)

one way system traffic in at caterines only & 'out at bridge road wold calm

teraffic and stop short cut routes and no need for more pavements either! but

primarily much safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

we simply need to enforse the exsiting speed limits

enforce existing speed limits, parking on road at queens arms need restritions

exsisting spped restrictions ignored, no major incidents so far speed watch

scheme has little effect.

mini 'givewayto right' island @ shiplate road jct. by queens arms

path behind houses in bleadon road should be hard surfaceed , it gets very muddy

in winter.

there is not much possibility of having some of the above due to the narrowness

of our roads

the carpark is not used to its full advantage lots of pavement parking

some action taken to enforce existing limits

some places on the roads are so narrow that it might be on idea of putting

priority to either one or other side of narrow bit.

if people kept to the speed limiot it would be much better

peop,le should be urged to use the free car park we already have and not park in

coronation road especially at night.

cars leaving the catherines inn car park should have to use the second exit from

the main road

all the above will involve even more signs of which we currently surfiet

speed limits are already adequate , but are ignored by most ! speed cameras ?

road widening and straightening and more hedge cutting to improve visibility

speed camera/more effective community speed watch to ensure people stick to 30

thw bwnd at park, widen road through village, take out all the grass outside the

park up to the fence on the whole corner this will widen enough for two cars to

pass safely without jumping on the curb and pathway

vehicle activated 30mph sign in bleadon road, better driver education


Question: 32 - Comments

Apart from Chesnut Lane - which is very uneven and parts of purn Way, very over

grown and uneven

Roads are being destroyed by sheer volume of heavy traffic and poor remedial

work following service repair/installations

bleadon hill is rather bumby but other roads seem fine

Bridge Road

due to many phonegalls to council to fill pot hples

The drains are never cleaned out on Shiplate Road causing flooding from

Wonderstone to Shiplate Manor Farm

Very bad in bleadon, it needs to be sorted out, some one in Bleadon will have a

accident before long, if nothing is done about it.

From A370 up to Bleadon Hill over the railway bridge is dreaful

Hillside Road

Unlaid walkway from Facum Lane to Bleadon Road, Accommodation Road pavements

overgrown by Foilage

But no footpath from chestnut Lane to P.O.

not bad compared to most roads in the aera

Some roads have potholes which NS seem to be slow to repair

a lot of holes in the Village very uneven surface and potholes

Large potholes Bleadon Road, High Kerbs - Shiplate Road (wheelchairs have to use


Drains blocked causing localised flooding of roads

lack of good pavements in places is a problem and ramp ways for disabled

scooters are not well situated

Very poor condition reduce the amount of kerbside 'hardware' ie duplicate road

signs & too large road signs which distract when visitors are attempting to

negociate through the area.

Pavements should be continuous through nVillage

sunken and risen mainhole covers - poor patching repairs

bleadon hill is atrocious and has been for years

pot holes on bledon hill

Road around shiplate could do with attention especially to avoid flooding

bleadon hill is in v. poor condition

poor condition by purn farm at corner of Bleadon road

but some very poor aeras, eg purn way/bleadonroad also drains rwegulary block

when raining.

except celtic way and bleadon hill

smaller lanes are potholed and have poor edges

hillside road is a disgrace

particuarly bad near junction of bleadon road and poern way, some bad patches on

bleadon hill

chestnut lane road surface is very poor especially for cycles &

wheelchairs/buggies etc.

deep potholes close to purn farm, trees and shrubs allowed to encroach on

pavements resulting in considerrable damage to pavement surfaces along this road

poor road condition neaer purn farm on bleadon road.

particularly pot holes on bend in bleadon road by nursery field

in the village

generally so

huge pot ho;es on bleadon road between entrance to purn lane and chestnut lane

necessary repairs should be made more quickly

bleadon road in urgent need of repair recent pavement repairs are a disgrace

bleadon road pot holes pedestrians get very wet when cars rush through puddles

No good now they have been paited

needing repairs in our road

road leading into mulberry lane is in great need of re - surfacing

need reqular inspection, potholes becoming visible

pavement - coronation road to celtic way corner


in specific locations


Question: 33 - Comments

street lights on A370 by Bridge garage and between the river Axe, also a speed

cambra to slow traffic

Roundabout on A370 by pertol station and bridge rd or by anchor pub

pedestrain crossings near coronation hall/church

No more street lighting, we don't yet suffer from light pollution

Bridge Road/A 370

I do not think there is room for any of these things in Bleadon, alower speed

limit would be sufficent

On one of the roads to A370

Junctions of Bleadon & A 370, Bridge Road & A 370.

Section crossing from village hall to pavement opposite, or extend pavement from

vicarage past toilets to village hall car park

In Village centre

Dropped Kerbs - Shiplate Road

Main Road junctions

Roundabout to access main road from Catherine's inn

Pavements on bridge Road & along the road by the Queens

I recognise the difficulty ie the width of the roads

Some dangferous areas exsist ie lack of srtreet lighting eg top of old school


deliveries at key aeras need more width, adjacent public toilets too narrow for

pram/wheelchair, also o/s newbay cottage/queens

pavement outside coronation hall roundabout or lights at fork garage junction

traffic althrough too fast is not frequent enough for marked crossings and

certainly not roundabouts, too much and you will make bleadon a surburb not a


bridge road needs pavements and lighting

see ques 31

behind the houses in bleadon road, by the garage at bridge road if the A 370 is

going to get busier.


by catherines inn to manor cottages

certainly no more street lights which are a curse in any village / roundabout

traffic measures at catherine's inn / A 370

not being funny but you expect it to be the way it is also not feasible in most

areas to add without further mreducing lane size on roads.

by the village hall

definitly more pavements from chestnut lane to A 370 this is definitly very

dangerous to walk at present also more pavement from the anchor pub tp uphil

ature walk (over the railway bridge and model car race track also street lights

needed from chestnut lane to A370

bleadon road- catherines inn

street lighting down bridge road

more pavements in bridge road, exit onto A 370 at the end of bridge road

widening of p-avement outside village hall along coronation road this could be

done by taking land from the front of village hall

more pavements from chestnut ave. to bus stop


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 1    ** NOTE** 1 OF 7, PAGES DOWN FOR OTHER Q34 ANSWERS**


Queens Arms

stone built properties


Church and cottages close by








queens pub

Church/Cross cottages






Coombe Quarry











Bleadon Church


church cottage/church & old post office and village cross





Church an dsurrounding buildings





church/Queens Arms/Mendip Way



Church Aera



Church/Village Cross/ Pump


Hellenge Hill




our Church

Village Hall complex







Play ground


Hills and country side


Hillside location


corination hill









Fields bordered by Bleadon Road & Bridge Road








Queens Arms



private houses,gardens,stone walls

Hills / green fields








Church / parish pump






village hall


Fields adjoining bridge road/bleadon road


the green hillsides

the hillside ans sheltered valley in which the village nestles


parish church















Old Church







church village cross







hellenge & south hill


church/coronation hall

open countryside





church & war memorial

old post office

post office

parish church


surrounding hills





church/queens arms / river


coronalion hall







the church




Old Cottages/Houses


church/post office/ local pub


parish church

church and immeadiate vicinity including pub



church/farm houses/pub


all the older buildings near the centre of the village

church/queens arms/church cottages


queens arms






the church


mendip hills




Question: 34 - Why 1?    **NOTE** 1 OF 7, PAGES DOWN FOR OTHER Q34 ANSWERS**

Traditional country pub - lots of character

give character


very picturesque and quaint

historic building

centre of village

open - not over built- quiet country

age and architecture which establishes the age of the village

wouldint be a parish without it!

centre of village


centre of village/ancient


looks nice, old, historic

Marks the hub of the Village, is an older buillding with chracter

Open Spaces, access for walking

Sets the scene for Village Entry

Historical Centre of Village

No modernisation

Historic Mendip style building

Historic & Religious centre



Its the centre of the Parish

meeting point

Beautiful architectural and when it is lit up in the eveningit is a lovely


attractive grouping stressing how long village has been peopled and with the

village cross sressing villagers meeting for 'news of the day' in olden times

its history and looks


Focus of village

Historic village image

They help to form the characterof the Village

Wonderful old building

Focal landmark

Historic and beautiful. Typical english Village

Centre of the Village

Local Landmarks

Focal point of village



part of Village history

Focal Point

wonderful to walk on

Historical Value

Centre of Village life

Its a lovely traditional Church

The heart of the Village

Central,open,green, gtather point

Relatively new to Village - not yet qualified to give valid opinion

Age & Character

Nice Feature

Striking centre piece to the Villasge

Village History

Characteristic Somerset Church Tower


centre village community

Peacful an pleasing on the eye

River Axe


for everybody

lovely building

enhances comunity spirit

gives it a focal point history

of historical interest

focal points for village centre

meeting place

focal point of any village

Rural aspect, should be maintain kept in agricultural use to preserve charecter

of village

centre to the village & a heart to it

because all modern properties are ugly,boring and characterless.

Historical and practical

dignity and calming

Best Pub in the West!


Village Feature

majority of these are well maintained with colourful gardens

both give a country village feeling

Architectural centre

historic landmark/community focus

historic appeal

centre point

part of the history of the village



for its frequent use

the heart of the village & a strong visual image

centre of village 'open space' lovely entrance

they help to maintain the image of a ruraol village and offset the business of

the A 370

none of these have been messed about by local authoritiesand parish councils,

the above are the character of the village together with narrow lanes

all add to rural setting

because it is a fine old building

meeting place

in good condition & part over 700 yrs old

old building

gives the village a social centre

historical interest & appliance & spiritual support

centre point



no houses

its historic and characteristic features are unigue

the hub of any village



visually pleasing

been there for a very long time,nice old building

historic stone building


essential to the Heart of a village both historical

particularly illumination

old and part of village well maintained

age & history surrounding it

it is lovely

flora & fauna & panoramic Views

centre of village life

beautiful to the eye

village history

both community focal points & visually attractive

typifies traditional centre of village

added authentic charecter

excellent community facility

it is at the heart of the village

oldest building in village

undeveloped and a barrier to weston expansion

focal point

beautiful spiritual centre of the village

visible from a distance, providinf a focus

has remained mainly unmodernised

hub of the village

central point of village

beautiful old historic church contributes to the village

historical focal point

lit up at night is a lovely sight

heart of the village offering a sense of history



Historical, nice hearing the bell

part of village life

permanence, beauty and history

because of its 13th century history

centre of village

an ancient building weel maintained

centre of any village

rural essentials

focal point

because they keep the charecter and history of the village

old village

focal point

meeting point

the epi - centre

centre of village life

attraction and centre of village

create a beautiful setting

because it is the only thing we have left in the centre of the village

brings people into village for weddings, concerts, village fete and somewhere to

bury are love ones close by.


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 2

Cottages around church


farm buildings

Park and trees

Queens arms


The Queens Arms


Hellenge hill

South hill

Queens Pub



Village Hall and Playground

South Hill

Coronation Hall

Queens Head




Old Post Office


Bleadon Hill

River Axe




The Queens


Bleadon Hill/Hellenge/South Hill

Queens Arms

Mendip Way

All the Hillsides




Hellenge Hill





Purn Hill Beautiful veiws for miles from the top


Queens Arms

Circle Trees Nr Trig point

Coronation Hall

post Office



Parish Church

queens arms public house

youth club

queen's arms

queens arms

old cottages


village hall

queens pub

Coronation Hall


village hall

hills silhouettes

Queens Arms

village hall

Post Office

views from surrrounding hills

curve of hillside above village


purn house farm

bleadon hill



queens arms




purn hill


Pumps well house

the church and the church yard


play area

post office

queens arms/coronation

purn house farm

village hall


purn hill,south hill,Hellenge



queens arms

shop/post office


queens arms

purn hill

shiplate split

south hill.hellenge hill, purn hill

coronation hall

church & queens pub

south hill / purn hill

general village atmosphere



village hall & park




mendip hills


queens/halls and play arewa

village shop

old cottages

fields between A 370 and bleadon road / local farms


queens arms

queens pub

shop/ post office

post office

queens arms



South Hill


View Points Roman Road


villageshop/coffee shop

queen's arms

fields beviding bleadon from main road

halls and play area

open spaces

village halls

local pub

play park


queens pub

parish church



Question: 34 - Why 2?

Central village community building

give the country feel

meeting place

all ages

an Historic landmark

nice to catch up with friends

Natural landscape

mostly unspoilt country

Good village life

nice countryside, rural

Again the village hub and used by all

Keeps a villagein the country

A welcome sight for Residents and visitors

Historic not renovated

Memorial - Historic

Recreation and gathering


But gone ??? why

Focal point

The view from the top of the hill is spectacular you can see many parts of WSM

adds to asthetics of countryside2

nice for walkers

give character to village unites it with surrounding countryside

age and culture of english life

Traditional old pub

social focus

Beautiful countryside and views

traditional small Public house

They are beautiful and timeless

Enhances the 'Village apeel'


Central focus

Walks views & Nature

Village History

Seems to be remnant of earlier Occupation

much improved


Centre piece of any Village



looks as if the villageis alive

solid especially with thepo not in centre now

enhances comunity spirit

quaint looking what a village is -

focal points for village centre

meeting place

focal point of any village

Community Centre & acility, social meeting place

dittohub of village life for many

South Hill Pinn Hill Hellings Hills unspoilt by buildings

Historical and social

social togetherness

Nice shop, Nice people


centre of village. provides community focus

rural feel

every village needs a pub


for the walking views

every village needs one - and this one is good


major contributions to social life of the village

old building

very useful

geographical interest & attractive appearence also rectiontional oppotunities


centeries old and providing a social meeting place for residents and visitors

meeting point for all the villagers & means of obtaining essential food supplies

for elderly residents


charmong local pub

natural backdrop to village

looks good

A O N B to be kept as such

old meeting places

good for walking

open countryside

great! well attended & looked after

centre of building

beautiful architecture

scenic quality

well kept centre piece

social centre

always the centre of the dcommunity we should never allow the change of use of

the original post office store from anything but A1 ie retail to ensure that in

the future it returns to a shop enforcement action should be taken.

give a rural feel a sense of community

protects village from busy main road helps retain vi;llage as separate idenity

village pub

popular pub

old historicpub alss contributes to the village

exellent facility

friendly- typical village shop

place to meet


Place of meeting

Community service, nicely done!

significent of the general bustle and interest in the village

because of its apperance

a distinctive boundary

an attractive approach from south well neat.

walks 7 wildlife

demonstrate a village which is socially minded

make it a family friedly village

to enjoy the beautiful countryside

a focal point for the village

offers great food and company, a great social meeting place


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 3

Queens Pub

Stone Built Properties


Purn Farm

Village hall


West Mendips



Hellenge Hill

Village pumps



Queens Arms

Fields by Bridge Road



Coronation Hall

Varioius cottages


Allotment field

the park


Village Hall


Somerset Levels

Old Post Office

Church Hall

Queens Arms

Play area


AWT Nature Reserve (Hellenge Hill)

car park



Mendip Hills

heleage hill

parish hall

new post office and shop

Village Shop & PO

Vernacular buildings

Post Office



hellenge hill


the queens

Queens arms

south hill.hellenge hill,pern hill

hellenge hill/south hill

village hall,car park& playground


roman road

village hall

village centre



well cottage,village pumps,church cottages,mulberry lane cottages and village



coronation hall / village farm shop


Bleadon Hill


Pub -Q.A.

manor cottage& purn house farm

all building older than 1940

foot paths


foot paths

old cottage

village hall


Question: 34 - Why 3?

All old villiage buildings

Give character

know your in a village

Country feel

functions and acttivities

contributes to the natural beauty of the village

nice to see livestock in fields

as above

outstandingly beautiful

old landmark

A nice old english pub in the hub

Stops being joined up with Weston

In Shiplate Road not Boxes

Recreation use

Recreation and gathering

Add interest

nice forwalkers

social/leisure activity site

Vital green space for children

Good local encourages visitors

Social asset to Village

Intregeral part of village life


Gathering point

Not only a play area for the children but a green area in the centre of the


Protects typical countryside with wonderful veiws

should be used more

somewhere to relax with good food

centre for village now

bleadais best

focal points for village centre

great addition to village life

Useful shop and social meeting place

the older 'local-material' houses + cottages provide its character

meeting place

Essential public amenity

lovely countyside walks views

not many of architectural value in the village but features need to be preserved

good walking areas with marvelous views over surrounding country side

must be left unspoilt and wild

forms the centr4em of the village


for its panaramic & breattaking views

creates good community with many activities for local villagers

all these features give bleadon the traditional village feel that made us move

to bleadon

open space very village

always kept so well (althrough it is abused at night time by teenagers sick on

slides/bottles) very important for young person residing in village


invalable for village life


Community service, nicely done!

because of its queens anne porch

s. hill purn hilletc

another social centre

add charecter to the village

again somewhere for people to get to grt togrther for different events esp. for

people who live on their own


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 4

queens arms

Purn Hill

Hellenge Hall and aera

The River Axe

village hall

old pub

South hill/Hellenge hill

Post Office


Village pumps


Queens Arms

(old) Post Office

Fields on Bridge Road/Blradon Road

pum hill



Church & Church yard

scale of buildings

Parish Hall

surrounding counrtyside

the park

new post office

village pub


village hall

village hall & Market


Green Field Area

village cross

surrounding hills and open fields

the Queens

childrens play area

new post office


Question: 34 - Why 4?

lovely traditional village pub

Beautiful contryside

gives settings for village

Could be developed to include riverside walks, canoeing and boating.

everey village should have one

open space/views/tranquillity

Shame it had to move away

Spectacular walking and Views

Part of Bleado's heritage

Social focus

what is a village without a Pub

we let that sucker punch us didn't we

open green area

focal points for village centre


Community and religous

large modern house with 'picture windows' do not add to a village character

strees free walks to admire the beauty of nature

a very good facility for the village youngters

catering for such a wide range of daily needs, with most helpful staff with a

very pleasing atmosphere.

meeting point for villagers

community life

very important for community spirit & facilities are good althrough could be

improved upon.


Real asset

this places bleadon in the heart of the country side away from the urban crawl

again an old building of charecter

future generation welcomed and considered important


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 5

Rhynes/River Axe

Village Toilets


Play Area

Hills and Walkways

south hill


Traditional housing

trees, open spaces

Queens Arms

new post office


queens arms


two mounting stones

post office shop


Question: 34 - Why 5?

water features/swans/herons/moorhens

Every Village should have these Facilites

Recreation Historic


Scenicbeauty that emphasises rural aspect

semi - rural life


trees provide a variety of silhouette + open spaces allow you to see it

community focus and historic building, classic village pub

is a good addition

all hills at back of village are very pretty and should not be altered with


corner of mulberrylane

an amminity of untold importance


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 6

The Green Areas

Roman Road



traditional house


village pumps


Question: 34 - Why 6?

Are important e.g. fields trees

Breathtaking views

Adds to rural beauty

Local Hostilary & meeting place

the old blacksmith, well hous etc.


Question: 34 - Feature/Buildings 7

Play area



Question: 34 - Why 7?

well kept and attective meeting place for children and families



Question: 35

Youth Club

I think the youth club could be painted outside, and the front entrance to

Coronation Hall

Chatherine's Pub- take down signs - very tacky and ugly

houses opposite veale should have been built with stone.


land directly opposite the end of chesnut lane - Youth Club - border to feild

along Purn wayleading to shop, very over grown


Improvement to the entrance of Manshalls'

Accommodation Rd area, A£&) left side before you get to Bleadon Rd


Quarry - eye sore

Youth Club Exterior

The old post office used to be a key feature of the Village but since it is no

longer a shop, sad to see the sign removed and now looks shabby

Youth Club


Youth Club

Outside the old bungalow at the Vale would be nice to see a few more Bungalows

built there, ther is alot of field spare. It would be nice to see a few more old

people around like our selves

do not know

Grain drying towers and silos off Accommodation Road are located too close to

residential Propertys, also mobile phone mast, now sitred 100/200yds from

residential properties possible health hazard.

no village green

No leave it alone


big building near the church

Youth Club

youth Club

Quarry - drainge althrough improved still oozes stone and cement into the rhyne

in Bridge Road

Old school - Eyesore

Village Hall complex looks a bit tired

Asd above

outside of Youth club/ entrance tobleadon Mill

The proposed Golf course in Roman Road should be stopped This development will

bring unwanted traffic onto Village roads

Youth club

Village needs large fields for children to play in and run free in safety - no


New big yellow house on Shiplate Road knocked down & a row of houses similar to

manor Villas built

Shut down the quarry or limit the amount or lorries. Put overhead electrity and

telephone cables underground

don't know

youth club, toilets

youth club


youth club - the building is out of keeping , it looks like a prison !

youth club

Willows in Bridge Road to be regulary pollared to preserve, missing willows tobe

replaced - to keep charecter of road and rhyne.

corination hill/scout hut/in with club

Youth club building. A poor quality building in central position. Badly

proptioned and poor condition. Catherines Inn is plastered with vulgar crass

ugly signage, cheap and tacky. Agricultural waste etc structure in field facing

Bleadon Rd

need more trees in the village, Johnny Appleseed could give you a few pointers

bridge road quarry

youth club

Quarry - Get rid of it

quarry area, old house on corner of shiplate

all 3 village halls

rhines often hang litter/rubbish especially by catherines inn, lack of litter

and /or dog bins, lane from church to south hill, A 370 from WSM , too many

signs & dumping, also accomodation road.

Huttons Garage, land adjacent to chestnut lane on bleadon road

the fairly broken down farm building on the right hand side of bleadon road

marshall's concrete works

Possibly trees to hide the view of the quarry buildings from bleadon road. In

general the village is well looked after.

Youth club as long as it is used for the village

village hall,youth club and surrounding aera, accommodation road all look



paddock between amesbury d=rive and tentern close needs tidying up particulary

of old rusting gatesetc. west end of farm lane.

purnhouse farm units

a health centre and craft workshops could be built on the fields in bleadon

road. there are not enough doctors in Weston

the youth club, the paddock at the jct. of bridge & bleadon road, the aera

around the phone box and toilets


farm buildings and sites in bleadon road in particular and mud on road

youth centre now looks in a poor state


village hall & youth club

the village hall and its surroundings


youth hall

coronation hall

youth club

hall/youth club - this could be demoliished and a new larger more attractive

village hall complex could be constructed on the site

i think the new house they have built on this road (shiplate) is a monstrosity &

does not fit in with surrounding houses.

car park of fiat garage esp. opposite catherines inn, verges opp. anchor inn

quarry on A 370 by catherine inn, junc. bleadon road purn way (bus stop)

bl;eadon road purn corner poor entrance to village (and shop) to chestnut lane,

youth club is featureless in such a prominent posistion consider some feature

trees between new hall and youth club Tree planting to mask visual eyesores

rectoary and grounds, church hall youth club well cottage coronation hall

the centre of the village should be made a conservation area ie around the

church and original post office. Quiantock house lokked at to use if something

can b e done to improve the sharp bend in the road

defiitly not, we have to many signs already

farm equipment etc opposite chestnut lane

youth club (looks like a bomb shelter

youth club looks in need of attention before it falls down which is also an





Move the rubbish

Quantock House, Shiplate Road

Do not know of any

Youth club, park area, hall, telephone box, public toilets, community areas need

floral arrangements.

youth club hut

flood defence on river axe, stone house in shiplatwe road close to junction with

Celtic way

village hall/rectory. latter should be replaced

youth club

coronation hall

most of the roads

old village hall- or replaced with a new larger hall - modern stage etc

youth club improve apperance

youth club its a disgrace

village hall


Question: 36 - Other

more flowers like hutton Restrict new buildings to keeping with village

character e.g. insist stone-built

should restrict new building to keep charater, i.e stone

It would be good to see the open spaces on the outlining parts of the village as

well kept as those in the centre of the village i.e the Veale abd childrens play


more dog bins provided and maybe more flowers like Hutton

Improved signage also trough West Mendip Way

Apart from the old post office. almost every building & garden is well kept with

pride! the planting scheme is great (pots - tubs) and the commercial areas are

always clean & tidy

All useless and expensive. The Parish Council has already made a huge increase

in our precipt, to no real gain for any of us. I suggest they consider ways to

decrease their expenditure rather than look to increase it.

If everybody kept their own area clean that would keep the village tidy

Remove tons of rock, soil and various rubbish, large decrepid trailer

andindustrial size roller located on side verge in Accommodation Road.

Bleadon is generally very well kept but cannot complete with Hutton.

Stop dogs messing on our pavements

Keep new house building to a minimum

Village in bloom competition

Hutton has done well with 'Britain in Bloom' and we could learn from them.

As q 34

Ensure hedge/verge clipping is done regularly as it used to be

Stop people disposing of garden waste opposite their property ie Roman Way &

bloching superb views. Also insisting that residents remove overhanging trees

and shurbs from kerbsides and large conifers should bee trimmed or removed if

offensive to other residents.

provision of dog mess bins throughout village

Plant more trees

some one orderley who would do things like hedging and verges properly

Do away with sign pollution to the entrance of village on Celtic Way

play park very well kept

Fewer and less - obstrusive signs at Catherines Inn. Continual vigilance in

planning scrutiny of applications for alterations and new building (vast,

bright, yellow 'mansion' in Shiplate Rd - too big, too bright and not a 'village

building' at all

everyone should be responsible for picking up litter and people who don't clear

up after their dogs should be named and reported to the dog warden.

as young childre grow older teach them to take pride in the village and the

garden areas especially

Keep Bleadon as a Village

point out to those residence where poor maintenance degrades general apperance

of village

Sponsored cleaning by local business, especially if cause of litter, eg better

enforement of byelas ansdeducation of residents, - better performance by N.S.

contractors, monitored by P.C., - more litter bin & dog bins in strategic aeras,

regurarly emptied.

the padduck needs maintenance



best kept village competitions are often the top dressing more importasnt in

general care and cleaniness with nice touches eg our tubs which are lovely.

take away 30mph signs/large signs - not in keeping with the village at all

improved signage definitely no - unless improved means a lot less.

spring and summer flowers & plants to be cultivate at bleadon village entry



too many signs already - especially on approaches

those who spoil the village should have it brought to their attention. I do not

like notices all over the place.

if only we could persuade more volunteers to care for for our village and join

the exsisting clean up party - it is always the same loyal few.

I noticed this year that the hedges & boundries were not upkept as reguler as

last year - the hedge here along the veale got so overgrown that it scratched

the side of my car. It would be lovely to have more flower displays around but

as a whole the village is kept reasonrably well - I think the worst visable eye

- sore in my garden.

encourage residents not to keep their rubbish bags and bins outside their houses

longer then necessary

paint the youth club

poop scoop bins might help encourage those that do not clear up after their dogs

refuse bins at significant sites and encourage villagers to collect rubbish

regularly not annually must ensure regular refuse collection

to maintain pride in appearence people have to have some pride in themselves.

the level of litter gives some indication of that

Street Lighting, Rubbish Bins, Timber framed play apperatus

Too many signs at entrance to village. there must be 100 or more

signs,notices,names, advertismntsetc. for the speeding motorist to read at this

blind sport.

bleadon in bloom


improve the apperance of bridge road by professionally coppicing the trees along

the rhyne.

village policeman to be seen more

oowners of dogs who foul public places to clean up the mess


Question: 37 - Comments

it really depends what would be involved in mainting them

Stop villagers leaving out black bags out for collection days (fequently) before

actual day especially over bank holidays when dustmen don't work on the monday

We are old age pensioners we cannot do anything to help, sorry for this

the new gates that have replaced some styles in bleadon are great!!

We would happily commit to a village clean up

Just in general I like the 'village' feeling we have here. Its not too

structured or neat. The least appealing part is the section of bungalows with

their 'perfect' gardens along Bleadon Road,

I already collect rubbish on the footpaths and have done so for years especially

by the river and the gate used by the fishermen - a 'drop no litter 'sign might

help - though i doubt it. Also bags of rubbish left out for collection 2 or 3

days before collection.


althrough many of footpaths have stiles thatm are inacesssible for the

infirm/elderly and larger/old dogs

too elderly to use footpaths

occasionally but only minor clipping

I have a dog and use the footpaths almost daily, usually they are well kept.


members of RA

too old now

sorry I don't have the time spare, I work full time + have a family to look

after + a monster size garden of my own.

We know where some paths are they seem to be well sign posted

Need to employ a person to do so. Village ordery

son disabledso do not go for walks.

i sincerely regret that I am not able to offer my help with the maintenance at

the moment


Question: 38 - Comments

Do Not use footpaths

Dog Mess!!

no longer able to walk the pathways etc.

Can't get a wheel chair through the gates

Bleadon does'nt need new housing. Always houses for sale & plenty new

devlopments in WSM.

Uncontrolled dogs

Have to keep to paved areas nowadays!

Farmer changing path mapped in ordance survey maps i.e.alongside River Axe

This is the country side !

Dog Mess

Elecric fence beside path

Some stiles along the path which goes past the allotments are to high for old

dogs tom jump ovewr

Difficult to access some with a dog

do not like crossing fields with Bulls in! High stiles problem for large dogs,

some have dog gates, Riverside walks unusable due to animal churned mud during

winter, Dog mess on popular walks

feed for animals (inc Bulls) placed at obvious unavoidable spots for walkers

No litter and/or dog bins to deposit rubbish



hellenge hill not clearly marked

the suggested difficulties are apart of rural pathways

the gate behind bleadon road is to difficult. the path by the gate is also very


electric fences, diversions for no good reason- golf course, donkey shed

dog mess

no opinion cant use them

verbal obstruction at the foot path farm / horse stables at cow bridge area


Wonderstone Hill - no animal pass. High Slate.

the footpath from the River Axe through south hill arm is badly signposted and

often difficult to negotiate especially with animals and electric fence

dog excrement

the path from the hill to the river through south hill farm needs re routing to

allow a round trip route that is clear and avoids the farm buildings


Question: 39 - Other


No More Houses

one of us can only agree to additional housing if the support systems neccssary

to sustain the increased population is also put into place e.g. sewerage, roads,

education and health facilities.

It is of graet importance to Bleadon that the 'village fence' be defended at all


Very limited extent only

This would nice for the elderly, old people like this place its peaceful and


Don't know

Any housing that does not put a burdon on our now very high mcouncil tax amount

payable to NSC.

Large housing/ elderly/disabled. Housing development controlled so as not to

lose the sense of Village otherwise Bleadon will become another dormitory for

Weston. Should also be done in a senistive wat only in small patches or fill


I would hate for any new family to have the dreadful difficulty in obtaining

placements for children at local Village schools as we found. New housing would

compound this problem. Bleadon must have its own Village school if any further

developments are considered.

If the village is occupied anymore it will become part WSM therefore there

should be no developments in the Village, only for the very needy groups

Surely if it is known there is a need then it will also be known what sort of

need there is.

This must be done under strict control and numbers be closly monitored

More bungalows at market prices

this is a village and 2 new building sites have been built in recent years

bleadon mill and femy Lane

The property developers will only build Executive houses because that is where

the money is.

Sewers and drainage do not cope sufficiently with the current village

development localised flooding has been common over the last 25 years.

note my comments on ques 43

Many elderly parisheneers would appreciate the possibility of remaining in the

village with appropriate housing.

A large increase nin housing is already going to turn Bleadon into another

dormitory for the weston aera.

i have insufficient knowledge to give an opinion. i think the facilities such as

health education, shoppingetc. are not good enough for many new houses


the sewerage posistion in this village already to capacity therefore, this

surely would restrict the question of new housing


the ocassional infill site would be sufficient

more land for development as villageis full


no estat6es needed such as bleadon mill where youths have brought trouble to the

village / single properties that are new and fit into surroundings should be

considered favourably

i don't mthink the village is suitable for single persons there is not room for

much socialising locally. I also, prior to working full time, found it very

difficult to get facilities outside of the village when i was short of cash so

not ideal for low income families

definitly no executive homes

any housing should be designed for new families mostly for people who were

previous residents now wanting to set up homes of their own, any devlopment

should be very small and villsage styled

See Question 39

people live in Bleadon because it is as it is now, and not as in some develpers

dream of profit or council aggrandisment! housing as above will destroy the

charecter of Bleadon and depreciate excisting houses values. Towns like weston

are better able to provide the medical, social, leisure and work requirements

that above categories need.




wsm & the surrounding area is not where major employers are based, proberly 70%

of the population traval elsewhere tyo work, mainly to bristol. the H A says the

M5 is not a commuter route! so until the the major infrastructure is improved

what is the point in attracting people to an area where there low employment


we don't want any more houses we would loose are village status


Question: 40 - Comments

in the intrests of balance, young families may not be able to afford to buy, in

which case renting ofr shared ownership may be appropriate.

All of the above

no new housing

all of the above

also shared ownership



Shared ownership/Rent

A mixture odf all to satisfy the majority of peoples needs



probily a selfish view, but rented property can become scruffy in appearance,

and often short term lets do notbenefit the parish


No - where would you put it, to not to make the village an eye - sore - as it

starts its quaint and pictureque

for people who have been residents of the village only

See Question 39

A good balance is also important


Question: 41 - Other

No more housing in Parish!!!

Don't beleive there is a need for new houses

i think that if new houses are build - i strongly believe that they be houses

that are within keeping with the character and should be a min space between


Field directly opposite Catherine's Inn and behiind Huttons this aear would not

affect anyones property/views. We need to ear mark a site ourselves - rather

then site be forced upon us - north somerset needs more housing make a

contribution - on our terms

The meadows between Bridge Rd and Purn Way

Bleadon Level

Purn Farm, Bleadon Quarry & Purn House Farm

Purn Way

In the Veale (as I said before)

Between Coronation Road and the A 370

The village is virtually full - there should be no development beyond the

settlement boundery - if this were to happen Bleadon would become a district

indistinct fromm any other in the urban conurbation.

There is no 'need' for more housing, only greed. Young people cannot wait to get

away, (try asking them - we Have)

Bleadon Road

North west of Village centre

To replace some of the caravan parks

Please see Q 43

if building is started outside where will it finish

on plan C3 on village side of A370 B4 bottom left hand corner

the currently used quarry

facing lane

In Bleadon quarry

not in bleadon village already too many


bleadon level area

is there a need for more housing in the parish? possibly a few starter homes

certainly use in-fill sites

the quarry site is the obvious posistion marshalls known to be keen to relocate

they no longer need a quary operation

on bleadon levels


near post office & country store

present rectory and garden

corner field bleadon road/purnway opposite purn house farm and post office, the

quarry, rectory for elderly persons

we strongly disagree

only within current permitted development area

See Question 39

Not necessary inside the boundaries - flood plains should be considered. Also

good agricultural land should be avoided

quarry aera off bridge road

preferably surrounding and overlooking councillors homes, there are no infill

sites in Bleadon, open spaces are essential breathing spaces to break up the

monotonous frontage of urban development, surrounding fields are essential to

maintain on rural charecter.

in the field adjoining bridge road but as a small part of development that could

include a green space

it is essential that a green belt is maintained to prevent sprowl of locking

castle etc. to the surrounding villages. For that reason we belive that any

development must be within its settlement bounderies.

the field running along bridge road and bleadon road


Question: 42 - Comments

it maybe good to have a samll site where WE want it - this would then stop the

cuncil from forcing a site on us, somewhere we may not want it- which could very

liekly happen. For info it could be a samll 'family site' which would not

necessarily be trouble

Bleadon Lane

We fought one off before - the whole village was against it . do'nt start again.

I don't know any small travellers

If a site has to be - put it up on Roman Road

This idea was suggested by somebody who does not reside in the parish. He lives

in London and spends no more than 14 days out of 365 here

who ever suggested this, needs their head examined!!

Disagree strongly - would have adverse effect on village life in many aspects

history at other sites shows that these sites are exstended without permition -

leading to conflict


can't imaigine who would make such a suggestion

in the quarry when it ceased working

very strongly disagree with this suggestion

totalally disagree in the strongest manner

this was turned down by government a few years ago as bleadon being unsutable


I strongly dissagree - would spoil village

prefrably locasted next to parish councillors homes, travellers should traval on

or mix with society and pay rates,taxes etc.

definitly not


Question: 43 - Other

spoil the whole village - look at weston village - all the same UGLY

lets keep Bleadon a village

one of us can only agree to additional housing if the support systems neccssary

to sustain the increased population is also put into place e.g. sewerage, roads,

education and health facilities.

the village is much sought after for its 'village life' why spoil it!

What Schhols. Our children have to either go to WSM or Lympsham as it is!

Limited additional would be ok but large estate housing would cause problems

A village is just a village. You buy and live in the properties that are already


See Q42 plus poor drainage would be exacerbated, water pressure would made even

worse, roads already overcrowed, schools etc. would be streched to accommodate,

Bleadon is simply to small and to poorly resourched to accommdate a property


These points should all be taken intoconsideration, even if we agree to some


This parish is not large enough for larger development however small(up to 6 or

7) development units would be absorbed into the community

We support further building development

Select housing in keeping with village well spaced out trees green areas play

area for children must be safe away from traffic

Much of outlying Bleadon is on secptic tank thereare no main drains -

unacceptable for new housing. I am against because it is unnecessary, if you

create jobs in the area than there would be a case fo more housing. More housing

means a larger village/town - for what purpose - I like it as it is

we came to live here because we liked what it looks like as it is

if we wanted to live in a concrete jungle we would have moved to locking castle.

Answered in ques. 39

Traffic congestion

Have'mnt we done enough drainage already

why go from saturated to super saturated

limited development

as a village best left alone, too many folk come here to live and are away all

day, just a stopping off place and alter everything in nights

There plenty of empty land in WSM for housing without enchouching on unnessarly

land in bleadon

no doctors

no local school, surgery for doctor or dentist

no roads/nodoctors/no schools.more houses means more cars means more congestion

means more danger to residents, means bleadon becomes an undersirable place to


as afore mentioned


for roman road there is no sewer or gas service, only ovehead electrics and no


no school, no doctor

birch ave is subject to flooding to a depth of fourteen inches over an aera of

70sq metres some twenty times during 2005, storm drains are no longer serviced

in the avenue

since moving to bleadon I havefound it to be a friendly community, I beleive

development would lose the village its identity and we would become just

anotherm housing estate

it would become another worle the village would disappear

we do not have a school within the village

there is not the facilities within the village and it could not generate enough

local support to justify morwe then the post office it would however be love4ly

to have a nursery here

our drainage system is already inadequate

there has already been to much development

the housing would not go to local people

Bleadon is large enough! high density housing would depriiate existing house

values, and probably increase the obscenties of noise(loud music) & pollution.

the exsisting charecter and apperance should be protected. Why is weston

spending £million to reinstate and preserve its victorian origins. Why do you

traval to france,germany, austir,holland, italy and Switerland to see their

beautiful villages,towns and countryside?

Althrough I am in favour of strictly limited further building development, I am

also aware of the above reasons for furthwer development being valid reasons for

not opening to the project.

see ques 41

see 39


Question: 44 - Comments

it seperates the village from the town, which is the whole reason why one

chooses to live and pay a premimum to live in a village location without the

seperation of countryside all is lost

see ques 41


Question: 45 - Other

no new developments

Less advbertising signs - Bridgwater rd expecially

Village affairs should be allowed to advantage on local roads & not not have

signs removed by ? council officals or whoever

Shooting is barbaric and should be banned

We do want or need new developments

I have heard pot shots around local fields whilst walking my dogs and i am not

happy with that,

the use of local matinals in buildings & boundaries where posible retention of

indigeions trees& nedferrows some walls

The whole planet is under threat, especially when you XXXXX building on flood plains

preservation of character & relative size, - road resurfacing to reduce traffic

noise, - modern down lighting to reduce light pollution of the sky, - monitor

air quality.

we must fight any threat to our local enviorment - just one slip and the

floodgates open. Strong leadership from the parish council is essential

don't want american style advertising in fields evidence of this creeping in

around britain


Question: 46 - Other

Local planners have little or no involvement in the agricultural use of land

this is lead by Brussels.


Question: 47 - Comments

this is why we choose to live here

thats why we chose to live here


Question: 48 - Comments

like walking - but not rmblers who are or have been rude and arrogant

I love taking my 2 year old out and showing him the wildlife - I have found slow

worms frogs toads all sizes off grasshoppers in my garden and think this is

amzing +good to be able to show him this first hand instead of a book.

the views near and far from the hills surrounding a compactand contained village



Question: 49 - Comments

Catherine's Inn waste of space! Its an eye sore!!

Coombe Quarry was a wild life sanctuary until our Parish Council decided to

clear it up - at no small cost

Dead elms should be removed as they are Dangerous-Dutch elm disease spreads

don't forget the huge Bleadon levels area has a flood risk, - open up more

woodland for walking,- trees must be native to area/UK, - look at envirenment in

a broder sense eg air quality

The levels as a wildlife sanctuary is important , possible leisure activities on

the river is possible but not necessity.

provide hand washing machine in village toilet

The cutting of hedges is governed by DEFRA and BRUSSELS, not the local planners.


Question: 50 - Comments

a bit of a 'hum' from main roads


noise between i.oopm and 4.00 Queens (training their dog)

very minimal disturbance

None of these

Noise from Village Hall can be excessive. Bleeping nopise from Quarry traffic

early mornings and late nights up to 11pm

Ref Farm Animals ....... It's a farming community. for goodness sake.

Coombe Quarry has never has been a place of natural beauty. Used to be a car

park. Purn Hill is outstanding and already costs the Parish Money why occur

further cost.

Traffic noises at commuter times as village used as a throughway

Dog mess everywhere


Incodsiderate visitors to the Queens Arms

Shiplate Road sounds like a Motorway during the rush hour in the morning

dust pollution from Marshalls

Live at Bleadon Mill


Occasional bonfires can be a nuisance often before 6pm shold be only allowed

after this time.

will accept military low flying aircraft but civil aircraft from/to Bristol

airpot have multiplied several 100's flying everyday some at 6am Sunday

as we have not yet fully retired yet in bleadon we can not answer the questions


Noise and nuisance from people walking up Celtic Way at night. ? walking home

from pub(s) to other side of hill

No to all questions

Heavy lorries & dust from quarry sometimes along Bridge Road. Wheel wash not

kept topped up during hot weather

speeding motorcyclists on A370 for years very noisy and dangerous too. bikes

also roar up celtic way from queens arms at speed from time to time

mainl;y from the quarry

bridge road quarry and early working hours 5.30 am onwards

quarry traffic - lorries

Lorries from Quarry, cockerals from neighbours

Traffic noise from A 370 resurfacing with low noise tarmac needed, - night skuy

suffers from light glow, lights should be replaced with down lights. - noise

occasionally from aircraft esp. at night.

sodium lighting should be changed

living in pine lea I suffer from none of the above

the cars and motor cycles which frequent the Queens arms sometimes revel in

noisy exhausts. It is very disturbing, also I cannot see the stars because of an

excess of street lighting

only very occassionally

music festival off roman road on private land (howard's cars), noise from male

donkeys on fields along top of roman road adjacent to homes of residents

dogs barking

occasional jet low flying over south hill

shot gun use fromm time to time

I know it is not good lighting in the village but I like it that way. I must

admit through some of the safety lights that switch on across the road from

meare in excess by being overly bright. Can I also the church and the bell

ringing but is it possible that the bell ringing evening please be stopped at

8pm rather than 9pm - hellish to get the toddler off to sleep at 8pm as it

disturbs him everytime Sorry

dust pollution from concrete works

some traffic noise from the A 370

noise pollution more frequent after hours pub noise

as we live on the side of the A 370 we knew the traffic noise when we bought the

property, waiting for the electric car (hurry up)

cars and motor bikes travelling to fast making there engines noisier


Question: 51 - Comments

Glass, newspapers veg. matter ' compost'

a very important thing in my life

used to doso but my plastic bin disappeared

Sorry! It is uneconomical where we live.


Question: 53 - Other

green box not available to us

Green box scheme apparently doesnt go as far as shiplate - i asked the council

take clothing and unwanted household items to Weston hospice.

Unwanted items to charity shops for clothes/ household goods

we would use a green box ifd provided

Definitely the recycling of plastics an dmobile phones

Local tip for our Garden waste

charity shops

2nd hand shop

no green box left - asked twice

charity shops for clothes


Question: 54

Cardboard! Plastic Bottles!!

Should offer collection scheme

recycle bins

plastic, cardboard - include in green box schemr

local centre for garden waste/green

cardboard, plastics

why not have recycling banks located near car park at village hall. This would

save us rom transporting stuff to town

green box!

Plastic, clothing and batteries old cans containng banned substances

Plastics Batteries



plastics, batteries and electrical components


Plastic Bottles


I would like to recycle plastics, but I have phoned & understand that this will

be available shortly

None in the Parish

extension of green box scheme

Would use green box if available

Garden waste site

Plastic and cardboard in are area

Pig bins


Should include plastic in green box sheme


Generation of too much garden waste(green) waste - perhaps a doorstep facility

could be made available to remove for composting or chipping.

Card boxes

Plastic taken with glass & paper as part of green box scheme

start getting the basicsright first - the present system is woefully inadequate

gree waste

Garden waste


More Plastic recycling


more recycing collections to include cardboard, plastics, milkcontainers, paper

North Somerset to provide for plastics and cardboard collection - as I travel to

Highchaple with these at present

wheel bins collecting all re-cycle items

plastics / batteries

as many as possible . we are way behind most of europe

village glass & tins

green waste

1 large recycling bin per household

plastic and card in green box

recycling banks

cardboard & plastic

Not aware of plastic or stamp recycling

plastic and cardboard

recycling bins located at Coronation Hall

exspansion of green box scheme to include further recycables

collection of plastics in green box scheme information on where to take if not

in green box scheme(all in ques 52)



local recycling banks, green box weekly, and more green box with lists of things

to recycle

Recycling bank Cardboard/paper at car park, elderly /young people can then use

them as cannot always travel to a bank in WSM

cardboard/plastic containers (doorstep)

the local civic amenity site is one of the few good things instigated by

woodspring as is the recent green bank scheme we are already well served in the


better arangements to recycle all plastics

pl;astic and packaging


local collection of plastic & grow waste

cardboard / plastic bottles

garden waste




provision of containers/bins at home to encourage recycling and a collection


plastic bottles


plastic recycling points strtegically sited

cardboard & plastic via green boxx scheme


nothing is available at our house

plastic / garden

present schemes should be further extended

tese should be provided by local council centrally where they can be empitied

and controlled - not in a village location

green waste /plastics from home

local authority collection of plastic

recycling bin for cardboard

garden waste could be recycled into garden compost at the comunity site and sold

back at one pound a bag helping with the cast as in northhampton shire




all household should be recycled if possible

a collection of garden waste

for plastics at kerbside

recycling plastics please

all recycling facilities should be available locally



garden waste



plastic and recycling skips


Question: 55 - Comments


We dont have any lighting

no lighting

we have'nt any


Preferred the Village before street lighting

new lights installed as the result of a triple fatel accident.

Shiplate Road - Black! Walking dangerous

In a rural village such as bleadon , there is no need for street lighting .

Those few that want lighting are both selfish and profligate - who needs lights

from 2 am to 6am ? use a torch !

n/a no sgtreet lighting

too much I cannot see the stars adequately

more lighting along A370 - uphill should be a good idea

but would like to see some lighting in bleadon road not necessaryily brighter

none available

in the long term consideration of energy use do not consider lighting needed in

our avenue

excess street lighting does not add to the character of the village, it is a


not for a teenager riding home at 10pm but I personally like it this way even

through I worry sick he will be run over due to inadequate lighting

birch ave. has no lighting noer shiplate road we do like the subdued lighting in



Question: 56 - Where

Celtic Way & Bleadon Hill

would like some lights along the part of shiplate road with hedges either side

but not bright lights

Shiplate rd

between wonderstone and shiplate. dangerous to walk @ night, not too much


Along Roman Rd

Hillside Rd, Celtic Way

Unadobted Roads

Roman Way during Evenings

Mulberry Lane

Along Bleadon Road, Bridge Road and Shiplete Road

More but not brighter lighting shiplate Road

Along main road to Bleadon from Purn Farm

where there is none now

Shipate Road

Shiplate Road

Shiplate Road

Outside coronation Hall / Youth Club

Shiplate Road

Bridge Road & junction with A 370

between Bleadon mill & Anchor Pub on A 370

Purn Way Bridge Road Chesnut Lane

Very bright /orange lights destroy the Village atmosphere

Village - Celtic Way Bridge Road

Bleadon Mill Esetate

Purn Way

all roads should be lit

celtic way

near top celtic way

The exstent of light pollution can be witnessed by looking up at hellenge hill

and seeing the orange glow

Bridge Road

Bridge Road

village centre - traffic blackspots Celtic Way, bridge Road shiplate Road

up the hill

bleadon road, so people can feel safer walking to hall etc.

shiplate road

bridge road

bridg road

in village

shiplate road

bridge road (no lights)

corner of purn way & bleadon road

as above

from amesbury road to village hall (lights

in hillside road


bridge road/purn way

more lighting in side streets

along shiplate road

celtic way

shiplaTE ROAD

on private roads

birch ave/willow dri.

definately no more street lighting of any description

car park area

see above

puru way / bleadon road

along bleadon road to A 370

Near Tiggin and the shop

on unlit streets eg Tenterk close

bleadon road and around the old post office and the church

bridge road

from village both ways

just in coronation hall car park not necessaryily bright, could be downward


The veale and shiplate road

by the catherines inn / post office

bleadon road coming from catherines to bleadon down bridge rd

bridge road / junction b;eadon mill A 370


Question: 57 - Comments

not Worried

we are not really affected

We live on A370, there is no street lighting at the moment and we would'nt be in

favour of any, we like to see the night sky.

Lights in Bleadon Quarry

not concerned

Ther should be NO additional street lighting ANYWHERE in Bleadon.

we don't want any artificial light at night, we like it dark to see the stars

This is a pointless question when you consider we suffer light pollution from

Weston and Bristol.

I do think that neon/laminated signs should be kept to a minimum (out of

character for a village enviorment)Artifical leg

people want light for security . this is uaually unfounded and misguided

Not concered

light pollution from quarry lights, why don't they use movement sensors

very poor lighting in Bridge Road - poor safety

see ques 33

no night working in Quarry

domestic security lighting affecting driving

any extra lighting whereever situated will add to the surburbinisation of


excessive lighting will damage village characteristics

bridge road

I have said elsewhere in this questionnaire I like to study the Stars

village needs more lighting for cyclists

this is an issue of general concern to me which is not really an issue in the

village at this present time, but should be a considered factor in any future


I must admit that security lighting does bug me where they have put it up so

high + broadspectrum - overkill - 2 lots across the road from nme shine right

into my bedroom

Marshalls quarry guilty of light pollution

light pollutio

Lights alone do not make a village urbanised. Light Pollution could be halved

with the introduction of times to turn lights off say midnight.

don't have any views on any of these

modern lighting systems are designed to minmise light pollution by directing any

light downwards


Question: 59 - Comments

no doctors

we would use a dentist if there were any


Question: 60 - Comments

we have transport to use services outside the parish, but for those without

services are vital

There is very little in the way of services where we live

A local bus to Sanders Garden Centre from the Village once a month would be very

much appreicated


need to clarify services to be able to answer

taxi required

satisfied whilst I can continue driving

can be difficult for older residents

the nearest medical centre to the village (east brent) is not generally

available as an option to bleadon residents

I do feel the post office was better situated at its previous site but

absolutely lovely & in character where it is now.


Question: 61 - Comments

Baby clinic in Playgroup x 2 per month

Your problem, would to get any G.P. to open a pragtice in the Village.

Ridiculous - not financially viable even if wanted!

for those who cannot drive the first two are basic needs

would be good once a month for the teenagers locally


Question: 62

why not a medical centre in the village?

Doctors Surgery


ability to obtain doctors appointments

delivered locally


a health centre in the village


doctor in bleadon

definitely weekly doctors surgery


to operate


Question: 63 - Comments

Doctor unable to locate named residence in Shiplate Road and ended up in

Loxton(no house Numbers in Shiplate Road) and as yet nothing has been doneas per

% in favor of numbering - re Village news No 59 Dec 2003

Was not aware of service

for visitors


Question: 64 - Comments

it was crowded & so no where to sit

with some reservations

I have only used it once, but then it worked absoustely fine,


Question: 65

Can't get appointments

have to go through nhs direct and process can take an hour when before i would

go straight to gp clinic and be seen asap

I hadto wait hours for a phone call back, before they will let you go down to

the GP clinic. (unacceptable with a sick child)

Only one Dogtor who was in Portishead and then Gordano would not be available

for 6 hours.

Impossible to contact on one occasion slow to respond on several occassions

Waited along time on the phone to be given any proper advice

Extra time waiting owing to difficulty to locating named househol ( no numbers)

No information of it.

Not aware of it

to slow

NHS direct makes it difficult to get an appointment as they don't always answer

the phone.

there too busy to listen, and when you have a child with a temp 100+ you need

good advice

delays in arrival of doctor not doctors fault


lack of speed

trying to get through on telephone

could not get in

attended weston out of hours GP service refused treatment as we are outside of

that PCT treatment area and sent to taunton - 25 miles away !!!

gpm very reluctant to visit , My hisband ended up in a high dependency unit in

Bristol. GP's visited under persistant persvalsion from me & only when I

suggested ? of illness was ther any action taken

to long await

usally ok, but one adult member of household received a poor service from duty

doctor leading to 3 week delay in treatment for painful condition


delay in getting an appointment because of screening by NHS direct


Question: 66 - More use of local services?

Competitive pricing

longer opening hours and more competitive prices

would like milk delivery - poss use shop more if openm longer hours and with

wider range. would also use a prescription delivery service & mobile library if

better times (after school)

retention of letter box outside OLD post office

Knowledge how to get milk delivery etc? put on village notice boiard times of

library, events etc.

if i was aware of them

Being able to rely on items being in stock

Shop being open outside of working hours

I will use services as I get older and retire from work

If we ever needed too

Shop and post office - a long walk if you have no transport and live at the


Local newspaper delivery - we have to go uphill

broader provision of services or changes in my current provider/ Changes in


I would use the village shop more if it supplied the lottery and later opening

hours for the off lience

if shop/PO were closer walking distance If garage pumps were self service

When we are retired and have more timeCash machines/ stay open longer shop is

closed when I come from work - stay open till &pm

Have the post in centre of village

happy for all on a personal basis

farm shop with local/organic produce

better knowledge of when and where available. Vilage shop & Post Office offers

exceptionally good service

availability out of working hours

disability lack of car

probably more knowledge of the services

shop/po - wrong posistion, Garage - too expensive

resturants occasionally

being mobile

local food delivery from shop ie fruit& veg box/bread, millk/butter @essentials

box' also organic meat. mobile library if visited after 4.30 or weekends

children could also use it at present they are at school when it visits

inability to travel to weston/availability of other services eg medical


goods delivered

only if I could'nt drivwe my car

motor tax - bleadon post office

price and availability

local garage is very expensive ! village shop closing at 5.30pm tends to be

closed when I return from work

if we were'nt working in weston we would shop more locally

it would be used more if it was were it should be the centre of thee village

if they were available and cost effective

nothiong happy with what we use



loss of car / ability to drive


Question: 67 - Other

We like the fresh produce they sell (ie fresh carrots potatoes)

some of the fresh things e.g. fresh bread, meat, veg are better quality then say

the supermarket

its nice to buy local produce and not packaged supermarket produce where you

wouldnt know where it came from. handy for mobile phone top ups too!

would be better more centrally situated

cafe, is a bit expensive and inflexable with meal times

The shop is very useful, they sale mostly every thing and very friendly people

that serve behind the counter, its very good indeed.If if it

I live to far away

Use of bulk postal services for bulk businee posting

Village shop sells good quality productsMove it closer to Village centre, Better

parking or fewer cars


It's a very good ,necxesary service for many people and the Post Office is

definitely a necessity. it adds to the sense of community

You haven't mentioned the cafe

the children buy their sweets there

very important & a great addition to village life

coffwee shop use

The shop is doing very well but it possibily needs a wider range of items basic

household items.

because of its posistion we used used the previous Post office far more oftwen

and for most of the above reasons the new Post Oficce and stores can not not

help being in the wrong posistion.

shop is excellent

the shop hjas an increasing range of good quality goods at value for money

prices and responds to customers' request to buy in items they like. the shop

/post office/cafe are great assets for the village & staff are so helpful &


sale of lottery tickets

it is vital to have some form of village shop for all to benifit from at some


found my lost rabbit

if we don't support it we will lose it

it has developed very well thank you

hopefully using the local shopm on a regular basis will help us keep the post

office visitors from towns and cities enjoy the novelty of coming with us to a

village shop and coffee shop

no shop in village

appreciate coffee shop

excwllent service with tiffin coffee shop

local produce


Question: 69 - Other

I think the shop has very good variety of everything and is priced well for a

village shop

i do use the shop often - cant always get larger sizes i.e suitable for family

use- washing powder or family size reasonably priced chgickens and joints!

i just like to do 'one big shop' per week


Everything available in one trip to supermarket

Close to work

range of goods at local supermarket which i pass on way to and from work

Have to get in car anyway so go further afield sometimes

Superstores all under one roof

one stop shopping for everything

some items are not available so one needs to visit the supermarket & one tends

to buy all in one place

have to be driven to shops

unable to carry goods

goods get very heavy as you walk home

See 68 (Comment person A "Not getting my head bit off!!)

main shopping at asda

only use other shops if out somewhere else and bleadon would be shut by the time

you returned


Question: 70 - Elsewhere

Cardiff or Bath

Bath - easier to shop than bristol

Street for choice and value for money

cribbs causeway for clothes and furnitutre

Out of town centres

Street/Wells/Glastonbury usally with visiting friends and relations333

Near work and sreet Clarks Village

Cribbs caus way


Bath - good choice of shops

Asda its more cheaper

Bath nicer enviroment

Yeovil - because I work there

Portishead Waitrose

For large items ie Furniture/white goods & electeical items for variety/price

Tesco for large weekly shop

portishead and waitrose

on visit made to other places

Winscombe, Wedmore - Choke

street Clarke's Village

I like the town and have fmily near by.

wells market rely occasionly (ambience)

work there

highbridge when visiting family

tesco oldmixon/uphill PO due to opening hours/choice

chelttenham/bath/cardiff - even wedmore for quality shopping.

wedmore for special clothes. Hutton,cadbury etc for garden centres


plymouth major shopping centre

for a change of scenery

bath - choice

go where ever to item at best price


clarke village value for money 7 range of goods

london bristol portishead- for specific outlets

cribbs causway mainly for lewises

depends on buisness commitments and convienience


wedmore - interesting shops


leisure and change


Question: 71

Mobile phone coverage

we have everything we need

No time till we retire in 5 yrs

more reliable electricity & phone supply., local taxi/ early bus to WSM station

and bristol airport

local storage unit shop[ to rent

being able to buy premises more parking around work aera


earlier postal delivery


assuming that you would pay for them and not the council tax payers.

workshop/lockup (for joinery business)


Question: 72 - Comments

Were the other side the A370 its abit like being the other side of a river, we

don't really get involved in the community. Were used do this & therefore quite

happy with the situation.

youth club would be used if aged range was sensible 11 - 19 isnt sensible

fax & photocopying facility (colour)

not used



Question: 73

the coast of the villiage hall seems expensive compared to other halls.

more variety in the market. more craft stalls, more social events - the winter

disco was a great sucess!

kitchen needs overhaul, extra parking

More activities/ equipment in playground

Queens Arms skittle renovating

The skittle alley could use a revamp

all fine

I thought the cost of hire for a children's party was high althrough compitative

with Uphill, but it does make it unlikely to be used again by this family.


more room needeed fo darts/pool in queens, skittles alley needs


coronation hall - too expensive eg milton hall which is also newly

equipped/updated is 20/40 to hire the price should be approx £40 for residents

for an evening to encourage more use and provide more functions available to the

village. children/families are never welcome all functions are aimed at the

older age group

jubilee room more drapes to reduce the echoing and improve accoustics

none obvious

acoustics in the jubilee hall

youth club is an unnecessary expense and is a carbuncle on the face of the

village - its ugly !!

I believe that it would be viable to rebuild the whole complex on a green field

site and end up with a better complex – I suggest the middle filed of the 3

front ones between Bleadon Road and the A370. No housing would be necessary or

desirable as this middle fields.

not used


Question: 74 - Comments

It could be bigger


althrough 20 years hence is difficult to predict, certinaly it will need

modernisation to reflect needs before then.

make more use of the youthclub or the adjoining hall especially to encourage

wider age range to use it, If the younger ie children and the older age group

got to gether more often they would benifit each other for example the elderly

could teach kids about the past/practicle skillsd/gardening ect. and the younger

children could teach the elderly about internet/digital photography etc. Annual

harvest home celebration with other villages would be great to see in bleadon

utulising the whole of the car park and 2 village halls

perfectly adequate well equipped and cosy not soul less like some new large


if the viallage grows it will not be adequate

one large modern village hall more activities could be incorperated


Question: 75 - Other

Too many tables and chairs taking up sapce throughout coronation and jubilee


no difficulties

would like to do yoga class but would like evening class as work often doesnt


Diffcult scooter access

Quite satisfacory

Difficult entry for people with walking sticks

Have young family & its difficult to fit things in.

Childre often not welcome! yet village life was always about family involvement

was'nt it?!

purn house farm units

disturbing to see children and babies in pushchairs so very late at night during

New Year's eve clebrations

to hire hall for personnal use to expensive


Question: 76 - Comments

No Particular comments

toilets can be cold

stage needs updating

no opinion

no disabled toilet

All very good

stage could be bigger

have experencied difficulty with the cooker.

an inductive loop system would help


Question: 77 - Suggestions

Don't agree with the housing development

As long as there aren't too many and they are designed to compliment the


could poss use fields out on shiplate road out past the veale but would need

better access

no, but is it needed?

leisure and sports yes, but not in conjunction with housing

but not on Bridge Rd- feild behind queens arms pub (XXXXX)

Roman Road


Let's get back to the Village Fence! Then let@s consider the cost of maintaining

such a leisure complex. We've been down this route before.

not enough people in village to support it, cost to parish

Like the idea of community area but not housing

Don't mind the leisure & sports facility but not in conjunction with a housing


No housing

Why does this have to be in conjunction with a housing scheme.

The site is on a flood plain and is likely to be flooded - salt marssh - in the

not so distant future (ask Nth. Somerset) (according to Envirenment Agency)

In the 1960 these three fields were termed white land not for buliding and their

owners were paid compensation as advised by aera planning office then in the



Anywhere that XXXXX doesn't spoil our Village and take even

more money from us!

P{art of field opposite shop for Village pinic aera and duck Pond

Our children have nowhere to kick a ball, Yes, but only with a school if more


On th ecaravan site at trhe Anchor - it would remove an eyesore

No, along Bridge Road would be fine, houses need to be in charector with Village

down by the shop in the field opposite or in bridge road

roman road

near roman road area

yes to sports facility no to housing

why do we need more leisure and more sport facilities when there are plenty in

weston and cheddar

Possibly3 areas marked on settlement map would affect fewer people. we are

against development like lympsham's - theirs causes disturbences to residents

overlooking playing fields. bleadon's would attract more trouble makers from

weston, if visable from A 370 Fencing would be necessary and unsightly Bridge

Road unsuitable for accessand already suffers from heavy traffic.

Leisure and sports facilities would be fine there but no more housing please.

in the same field without housing

We are opposed to housing development in field along side Bridge Road. Any

leisure and sport facility would have to be looked at depending on what was

suggested. ie late evening use, light pollution, noise etc.

in someone else's back yard

the Quarry,


depends on activites possibly accomodation road or adjacent to A 370/River Axe.

this area is a high flood risk for housing.

who would use these facilities???

yes to leisure centre no to housing development


you have mixed two things here, yes for leisure and sport, no for a housing


there is no need for housing as well - otherwise it defeats the object of

leisure and open space. The housing would cram the area and ruin the entrance of

bleadon village.. Replace village halls and youth clubs for housing as already

with in housing aeras and build new halls / social aera on the fields lots of

parking an dopenspaces.

lympsham style cricket/tennis facility would be an excellent addition.

I think there should be a health centre there to

the paddock opposite the shop9between purn way & bleadon way

green belt facon lane?




its not that far to lympsham

near post office and shop

purn farm

petanque in the paddock behind the bus stop. leisure & sports favourable in

bridge road field BUT it is outside the village fence so adjoining ousing would

be unacceptable & leading to more.

there are other fields available locally

accommodation road area out of the village but with good local access. Very

strongly disagree with this proposterous suggestion

field at th back of southcombe & amesbury drive

field behind whitegate south hill behind veale/willow drive

housing development shoul be for local people until demand filled then open

market, local housing should be affordable

what call is there for such features ? this must not be traded off with housing

development! who gains

agree with leisure & sport acility but NO HOUSING DEVELOPMNT

dont think bleadon would sustain one. position completely wrong

who maintains any purposed sports field and what would be the cost?



No opinion as we do not know the area and unable to locate Bridge Road on map on

back page

As long as there aren't too many houses and they are designed to compliment the


we feel that the whole field beside bridge road should be kept for a new village

hall and parking for the the sports facility for the future.

distance from main road must be preserved at all cost, bleadon is basically for

mature retired people, sports facilities here would be a failure, or an amenity

for outsiders(see Hutton). There areadequate facilities in weston of superior

quality. this is just a 50 p thrown to the council by the XXXXX development

organisation. - if needs must try the field opposite the post office.

farm land opposite bridge garage

not in bleadon


Question: 78 - Other

On Line Distance warning

the others may be relavent but not to our needs

,ore keep fit/.leisure classes

With no access available to children to a local school within county - Bleadon

should have access rights to Somerset Schools & Transport

No opinion

don't know

uphill seems to provide the above

why not try to aim all ages welcome as opposed to setting age groups ie a 10yr

old could enjoy photography as much as a 80 yr old!!

the youth club building should be destroyed and rebuilt

no opinions

No opinion

We also need more people to warrant any of the services that we currently have.

all the above suggest enlarging the village not a good idea


Question: 79 - Additional adult education/leisure classes

Bleadon Youth Football Club, Mini Soccor Club (just training) younger children

Aerobics, yoga exercise classes (if in evning eg. after 7pm) Educational -

massage and complementary therapy IT related e.g. website design

i would liek to go to aerobic classes at the night ie 7-8pm

Crafts, hobbies and IT clsses

Yoga in evening, or similar, craft evenings, flower arranging etc

With no schools - how?

Computer courses, langauge courses.

French / Yoga but later classes42444

workshops Mainly creative activities

Most things available at Weston Technical College

more academic courses


Coumputer use222


Table tennis / bridge classes

Tai Chi Salsa



I T local history

Gentle excercise class / dog training

Tae kwan do tai ghi Languages


Computer Class

Computing Languages

IT Digital Photography Art

I T skills

IT Classes /clubs

computer tuition / digital photography

IT, Floristry, Art

IT classes, dog walking - training, wine tasting

Creative arts; computer skills including internet

Acedemic classes, craft classes, Physical classes - Hiking,Canoeing etc

IT Classes

IT classes, evening painting classes

Photography,alternative therpies, yoga(evenings) opportunities for younger

people 20 - 40 age range.

D.I.Y skills - computer skills

computing for beginners village history group

Just a good range - IT

Actually it is more a case of time and money. There ia a class I'd like to

attend, but cannot at the moment.

computer skills


computer studies

computer corses, WEA style courses

subset of those offered by Weston College prospectus, - ideally a preference

given to residents to encourage booking

foreign languages



more sport & education classes

computer classes

some of the more popular courses in Weston could be replicated here

Any classes or leisure activities are great to bring the village community

together> But encourage all do not segregate. At present families are not

welcome to anything unless the hall is privtely booked! for example new Years

Eve/Harvest home no provision made, example the May Day fair is organised by the

church but is directed at families/childre with games/bouncy castles/fancy dress

etc. How many attend? How much money do families spend What a succesful day

Every year what a great day one of few when all is welcome!

flower arangements

it skills

cmputer training

computer beginners / intermediate class music apppreciation, handicraft

computer classes

internet and e mail classes

internet classes for the elderly


IT classes with 1-2-1 facility

internet/computer classes

langauge / craftwork courses


flower arraging, sewing,computers, languages

yoga, belly dancing, bums tums & thighs

family history

computer technology

Any of the current cases offered by the Weston College, but run at the village

level and interesting

flower arranging and craft


how to care for the elderly

painting for beginners, computers for beginners


computer literate classes, group, in village hall however security would be a


slimming club, exercise classes

art classes, cookery classes, more opportunity for young professional



Question: 79 - And how?


in groups















depends on subject & demand but groups would improve social aspects for





smallm groups

one to one




as apporriate

1 2 1 and in groups

in groups




Question: 81 - Comments

dont really use any facilitieis for under 16's. i think the pubs though are

great - queens for adults and catherines for kids and opeace and q

do not use any

No opinion

the village is more geared for the older generation and there are little

opportunity to meet people from the younger age group


Question: 84 - Other

Too many work & family commiments

Have other interests

nothing that we are into

None of the above are on our doorstep as we live on the outskirts of Parish. if

we could walk to Bleadon Village we would be more involved

Village Market


I imtend to join this Autumn

I'm at work when most are available - previosly when able tried 3 of the above

not ticked

Whist Drive church hall

whist, Table tennis

no W I ?

aigmented church choir village corev illustration help organising anumal may day

art show signs for village & farm shop

garden area around hall

steward at may fair

league of friends of weston hospital(sweet trolley)

church attendance/speedwatch

help with maty day fair

having worked a lifetime looked after mother for 12 years, playtime we choose

what when.

too old!


Question: 84 - If you don’t participate in activities, why not?

i would like my daughter to attend youth club but conserned the age range is too

high- 111-19 a big gap!!

Time very limited at present (building a house and working very long hours)

Spend most time outside village for work therefore activites eleswhere

I am 93 yrs next Dec and disabled

no time at present

work committments and above choice!

They are not past times that appeal

work permmiting, long hours and often unsociable hours (night shifts etc)

age limitations

too busy/belong to clubs outside the village

wasn't aware all these were avilable

No items of interest

Time working long hours

No time

No time

Work commitments

my working hours do not allow me to participate in some of the clubs I would

like to join


not many apeal other commitments prevent other participation

I prefer my own activites

Have only lived here since July 05

Age and increasing infirmity

Very involved with Village affairs in the areas ticked No more time!!!

We are very involved with fund raising activites for our childrens school'

Friends of Lympsham School' an dLympsham Pantomime Society. This takes our spare

time along with Hutton Moor Kinetika fitness club and occasional golf.

No time shift worker will be come more active in 5 yrs time

Havent felt a need to participlate

too busy at the present and fairly new to bleadon

as we are not fully resident yet we can not take part yet in the list above

none of practical intrest

a lot of activities are for the older residents

at the age of 88 its a bit difficult

Neighbourhood watch not very active

work and family comitments

we both go out to work and have two young children and simply dont have the time

at the moment !

I have ownly recently retired and might consider

No knowledge of them and not available at conveinent times, also most do not


nothing of interest

lack of spare time

Time / other commitments

hope to join more activities as time and health permit

no time working


don't know about them

nothing much suits our age range & families are not able to do anything together

due to tims of activities or restriction of children nopt welcome.

fully occupied with other activities but attend various functions at coronation


too old

on my own do not know many people

lack of time through being self employed but hope to in the future

i would volunteer for anything suitable for age and health(75)



busy with other pursuits

partly because we had no idea all these things were available - also we live

away from the centre of the village

persue other activities when time permits

have other interest

have only just moved here and have two young children

do not intgrest

baby setting a problem and also work long hours

too old

we have over the years, but are currantly content

full time job with unsocial hours and husband disabled

involved in social activities outside of village

work full time. would go to exercise class if in evening

too old

We are involved in our church in Weston and also Mission work so time is limited

not well enough

lack of available time

time work full time

a lot of the clubs run in the day time when I'm working ( I mean the clubs that

I would like to belong to)

involved in other activities

not interrested


Question: 85 - Comments

I think Bleadon would benefit from having its own school and sports ground.

Everryone would come together and be involved. All Villages need a Church,

school, sports ground and pub for more community sprit.

I make good sandwinches

Cricket- XXXXX


too old

time - interests not covered

too old

martial arts


Question: 86 - Comments

I am a Church Orgaist

catholic church


Question: 87 - Other

Direction of wind indicated by weather cock

I attend another Church

I don't personally belive in god but belive faith helps a lot of people

it could be more important !


Question: 88 - Comments

When retired from work

I would support but i am involved elsewhere

the church should make itself more relevent to the community

we normally attend St. Joseph'sRomah Catholic church n WSM


Question: 89 - Other

use of the building is perhaps secondary to the statement made in Q 88

It would need toilet facilities if the church room was to be closed.

all of the above already happen


Question: 90 - Comments

none of the above, but it is important that those who have lived in bleadon

should be able to be buried in the parish if they so wish.

have a reserved place in the church yard

It matters not to me where I'm buried. A natural burial ground is the way

forward, this would be part of the natural cycle - forget graveyards.

I wish my ashes to be taken to Leamington Spa.

we already have a plot in weston cemetery


Question: 91 - Comments

Burglary many years ago

Burgalry/petrol syphoning/ verbal abuse

Motor cycle stolen from garage

Car vandalism

not yet

Burglary and harassment from neighbours who thankfully did a moonlight flit -

the church was no help

theft from garagen (previous address in village)

fingers crossed

attempted car theft

police prescence should be higher as visability is a great deterrant for crime



Question: 92 - Other

Van stolen

attempted break in

All down to one person!

Theft from company vehicles

I had a bag of bread stolen when I wqas at the monthly Market

Hold up at the Post Office



stolen wind chimes

theft from garden

Tresspass - sizing up the joint when 'engaaged' was extremly rude reported to


caravan stolen from drive during the day

jet ski stolen off the lawn

We have had two burglaries at our business, one involving theft of over £1500

and two other of vehicles within the last year.

break in 20 years ago


Question: 93 - Details

Nothing was done, they said they had no hope of finding it

we have been burgled twice. On both ocassions there was no follow up by the

local constabulary. The first occassion resulted in three arrests the outcome of

which was never made known to us. The second occassion apart from a finger print

trace we heard absolutly nothing. Very poor, support needed

No info followed as to outcome of crime

But could have been more helpful at time

quite alot stolen, reported but nothing much done.

No response crime number issued only

Police failed tto respond as they considered theft of £3000 worth of power tools

car crime, and they did not have manpower to respond. Is this what we pay our

communityu charge for.

by victim supporet they dealt with it

Very poorly. Your community Bobby is a sop to the community he is meant to

represent. Our own neighbourhood watch is far more in touch, active and

informative. A monthly drive - by by the P.C. is just not acceptable return on

the Police precipt

Not interested in minor car crime

Difficultgy by telephone. No interest. Very little police presence at times when

needed ie pub turning out time

not reported

too trival - no interest

very badly not interested

no visit from police, just a crime no given for insurance claim

lack of immeadiate response

goods actually stolen while police where on premises following sinning of

burgler, goods not recovered

nothing was retrived the person responible was not found

they did not seem to intrested

no contact from village policeman


Question: 97 - Comments

when retired

However as I work full time I have very little time available to help

no time

retired now, possibly allowing the younger element to get involed

too old

I regret to say that I am unable , at the moment to participate in a local

action team

gave my time many years in other locations


Question: 98 - Comments

not if necessary/adequate triffic calming measures were installed

should have slow down signs

this fiunction should be carried out by the police

Waste of time - has brought no positive result.

I thought we already had one in Bleadon

They are not qualified and have no legal standing an dallow the Police to

abandon yet another duty

prefer regular offical enforcement of current speed limits

I feel the only way to slow traffic is traffic calming ie humps in road Similar

to locking village, they are unobtrusive but do the job as people are concerned

how they may affect their vehicles.

I would have thought it part of the duty of the local policeman to do spot


we have one but we don't have enough volunteers to run it effectively

permanent camera reqd.

i use to think it was a good idea until we tried it along bleadon road - but

mobody took any notice

let the police do the job we pay extortinate council tax for.

if it followed up, not if it is just time wasted by volunteers

have withdrawn my support as no evidence could be obtained as to action taken

against any drivwer

I don't think it works on a permement sitution we need proper poling and

possibly a CCTV camera


as ques 97


Question: 99 - Comments

definitly in favour as i have had many occasions in past when difficulty in

finding my address (ambulance, nurses, doctor)

on very long roads it would help

As per report in Bleadon Village News 59 Dec2003

another possible imposition by the government how people managed so long without

numbers > this would be a step down the line of ... iam not a number !!

house naming adds charecter & anonyminty, besides most emergency services have

access to GPS navigational systems with national address database that are

regurlarly updated by local authority and royal mail

very important

villages are known for house names its part of the charecter /expectancy of

village life.

our avenue has been given in the past been given house numbers, a few still

remain. The deeds to our property clearly state plot no 12 house no 10 which is

currently displayed on our entrance

It is more important to have six figure map reference for your house as all

services have GPS equipment, and house numbering in a village area can be very


and for bleadon to be on the maps used bynthe emergency services( they were

using an out of date A _ Z a couple of years ago)


Question: 100 - Comments

local pub

Posters on street

do they all cover the parish or only village?

I very rarely have bleadon village news delivered and I am never given the free

local newspaper


Question: 102 - Comments

attend most meetings


Question: 103 - Comments

Particularly inaffective, led by the nose by a N. somerset employee, and his

wife, who it is simply pursueing a career development.

how can this be measured? Cllr@s attendance? time taken to resolve issues?

but don't always agree with their decisions seem way set in their ways

i am not sure

but slow

moderate effective


depends upon the problem

not always effective


Question: 104

to be able to offer comment we would require regular copies of the council

meetins minutes

we feel that parish council needs more power and should be listened to by the

N.Som council, as they are more aware of the villages needs/concerns than others

Are minutes on the web - site? Lower their precept costs - highest in the county

- no viable benefits

Stop wasting our money. Precipt has risen from approx. £13 per person six years

ago, to £97to- day. To show for it a bauble for the chairman's ego and tubs of

flowers. No real benefits to the Parish have emerged. Expensive notice boards

and a waste on play - area fencing. My advice to all RESIGN.

Why have Parish cost esculated in the 5 - 10 years

Keep the Vilage as it is (was)

spend less money

Keep a tighter rein on planning

protect the open spaces, and not allow building of new developments outside the

Village fence

Have more automony from the NSC

Represent the Villagers and not just those with a financial interest

Not to spend excessive amount of money of our high council tax

Take action following this survey

keep up the good work

check all the things that this survey is asking

arrange recycling in the car park for items that green bins don't take and in

addition to green bins

Keep down costs - Bealdon is one of the most expensive in the area

effect some lighting in Bridge Road

oppose the quarry - too small a village for such heavy traffic (lorries)


give better value for money on our local council tax

Publish actions & tasks with targets & goals & dates for completion for each

councillors work area especially in village news. lee dependance on N.S. and /or

benchmark their performance with others eg lympsham/sedgemoor/somersetCC to give

better choices for Bleadon

listen to residents opinion more awareness of village community & developing a

socible /safe/ well cared for enviroment

employ a parish orderly to check on public aeras & keep them tidy

ensure all members live in village

try to find solution to traffic speeding along shiplate road which at times

becomes a 'rat run' to the A 38

encourage North Sopmerset to adopt private roads so that they can be adequately


listen to the people in birch ave. with regard to flooding,blocked drains, over

grown gutters for people who have given many years of care to the village but

now too old to sweep gutters

take some action to enable our avenue to be protected from flooding due to non

clearence of storm drains. twenty years ago the avenue was not only swept but

the storm drains cleared on a regular basis. Many varying have been given for

non adoption of the avenue.

to be totally up front and honest with the people

think they do a good job

poop scop bins

concintrate on maintaining bleadon as a rural village campaign to improve public


to make sure no more hopusing development are considered to try permenent

methods of controlling speeding traffic on bleadon road & village

keep within the strict perameters of resposibilities and contain costs


Be honest, and stop with holding infromation

carry on the good work

keep noise and late drinking away from village via the wooden hjall

spend concept money more effectively

listen to residents

offer advice, support, help to residents who live in private roads regarding

refuse and re cycling collections, bee aware of the surfaces of main roads

leading to private roads - mulbery lane in particular.

more robust representation to NSC & ensure that NSC fully respect the wishes of


do something about speedoing through village, some green spaces around the

village could be tidied up


Question: 105 - Improvements

No Comment

exellent village news mag

detials in bleadon village news

minutes published and issued with village magazine

didnt know info was on notice boards, will look from now on!!!

newsletters occassionally - especially important to housebound people

Better use of Parish and Chuirch Magazine

Publish minutes

All interested parties, interest to be shown by written application, should

receive FREE copies of BPC agendas and minutes with and opportunity to express

their views early.

More detailed report in the viallage news or newssheet more frequently

Amore detailed report in the Parish Magazine

I will find more time to open website

Replies to concerned communications

minutes of each meeting(summary of plans and discisions ) pasted on notice


Council minutes published & distributed to the Village

Be more open and transparent about your dealings.

Try a bit harder

See 101

improve website

the only info I receive is through Bleadon Village News

Only if in the Bleadon magazine.

synopsis of council minutes

more frequent communication

more comprehensive minutes of meetings, - see ques 100 & 104 also - more

publici9ty & marketing of role/performance/events by P.C.

Insert into parish/possibly flye pre warning on cruicial decisions to be made to

encourage involment, usally hear after decision is made

minutes/agenda could be put up on the notice boards

news letter

perhaps Q 101 response

the only way open to be 'informed' is to attend the next meeting !!! a monthly

precis of dicisions reached, ongoing matters etc. would probbaly generate more

interest in PC affairs is displayed regurly on notice boards

more info in the village news for those who do not have access to the website.

more information on village council meetings

updates via email, shop notice board, post/

letters etc.

brief letter to households