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Bleadon Parish Council  Precept Information


Census 2011 Data Profiles for Bleadon Parish and Hutton & Locking Ward


In 2004 Bleadon Parish Council sought and gained Quality Council Status. At 2012/13 the Annual Parish Precept had nearly doubled and moreover, the budget may be higher than the precept requiring it's financial reserves to be used. Click here to see what The Parish Council does. What it's Powers and Duties are and here for The Good Councillor Guide from The National Association of  Local Councils (now Version 4 avalable with Addendum) ** Version 2017 ** also LGA District Councillor Guide 2017 and click here for articles from Communities, Parishes and Local Councils organisation (CPALC) and here for useful related contact details and information including Councillors and Minutes


Percentage rise from 2003/4 to 2012/13

(when BOB started to highlight the situation,

now look at current position in the table below)

National Council Tax Average (Band D property, England)31%
Bleadon Parish Precept87%



Parish Council Tax Precepts. Is it fair? Click here for more information


Is Quality Parish Scheme working?


You (and the Bleadon Public) may be interested in the attached BPC Expenditure Analysis to date (click for XLS file)

taken from past Agenda/Minutes. This should be treated as draft and 'work in progress' as listed expenditure items contain errors and omissions as published by our 'responsible financial officer' in draft minutes & agenda. Also some assumptions have been made during categorisation due to a lack of published individual detail. We feel these give a more detailed view of expenditure than from annual financial audited reports. You may want to start by looking at the last 2 'tabs' as they give summaries. Please let me know if you want any clarification, also note expenditure may have been affected by use from 2013 of the General Power of Competency that made it easier for councils to spend our money


Bleadon Parish Council Audit Submissions, Precept, Reserves & Expenditure Information

AGAR 2014-15, AGAR 2016-17, AGAR 2018-19


Bleadon Parish Council Annual Precepts since 2003/4
Financial YearPrecept £Change %Yearly Inflation %



BPC decide to spend £22K from Special Reserves by the end of the year with no explanation? See July 19 Min 324.14 Whole parish council up for election. Major 200 Houses Bridge Road application. NDP project continues survey results distributed  Bleadon in Bloom Project

2018/19£44,40113.44%2.513.44% increase when already 3rd highest precept per capita of similar councils, Neighbourhood Plan proposed despite no consultation, another clerk resignation, extraordinary meetings and changes to standing orders. Highest Parish Precept in NSC area! NDP Survey undertaken
2017/18£39,140  3.00%2.7Proposed 3% inflation increase, use of Community Payback Scheme for NSC PROW maintenance duties, issued draft 'Vexatious Policy' against BOB for asking Parish Plan questions, Subsequently Clerk and 4 Cllrs. resign.
2016/17£38,000  0.00% 0.7 Some cost reductions, Some Councillors and Ranger resigned, New Clerk(s). Lost Parish Plan for Public Inquiry.
2015/16£38,000  0.00% 0.0NB: Budget £46,360 so no real cost reduction. May 2015 the whole council is up for mandatory 4 year re-election.  Major Outline Housing development application(s) for Bleadon Hill.  Late 2014 PC decided to contract another website (3rd version) NB: As of January 2016 site is still the same as Spring 2014) 6 Councillors (from original 9) that decided this did not re-stand for May 15 election and in July the Clerk gave notice to resign from September! New Clerk appointed in October, detrimental change in publication of Agenda and Minutes policy.
2014/15£38,000  0.00% 1.5NB: Budget £45,872 & Here is a PDF copy of the presentation given at The Annual Parish Meeting on 14/04/14 by Bleadon Parish Clerk (and Responsible Financial Officer). Major Development application for Weston Wake Park. Solar Farm Application refused after Public Appeal. A 3rd PC Website is planned. Electronic Agenda letter from S Williams MP
2013/14£38,000 -5.00% 2.6NB: Budget £39,225. North Somerset also gave an additional grant. PC decide to take on toilets from North Somerset. BOB raises awareness of PC issues through BeInvolved Blog. Major Outline Housing development application for Bleadon Quarry.  See also Mercury report on Band D comparison
2012/13£40,0006.67% 2.8

QPS suspended by NALC There are now 691 Quality Councils of which 359 have reaccredited. (NALC as at 4 May 2012). NB:There are approximately 8700 Parish & Town Councils in England!

Clerk awarded International Institute of Municipal Clerks MMC Also Mercury Report

2011/12£37,5005.63% 4.5Hillcote area now in parish after boundary review (41 properties). MicroshadeVSM contracted
2010/11£35,5001.79% 3.3Clerk appointed SLCC President for 2010/11, sponsored by ITwC CRM websites (as used by Bleadon, East Huntspill, Puriton & others).
2009/10£34,8750.00%2.2Re-Accredited Quality Council Status (Required Action Plan last updated!). Parish Clerk completes dissertation "Does Quality Council status produce Quality Councils?" ,
2008/9£34,8752.57%3.6Apr 09 Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) changes website companies from Vision ICT to ITwC CRM (another SLCC promoted supplier)
2005/6£32,77018.47%2.0See 2004/5
2004/5£27,66029.07%1.3Dec04 Gained Quality Council Status. Jan 05 to Sep 05 assisted by community volunteers & Vision ICT a Parish Plan Questionnaire is produced, distributed, collected and analysed (A Parish Plan and website are criteria for a QC award) NOTHING appears to have been done since!
2003/4£21,430n/a1.4June 2003 Quality Parish Scheme launched by NALC. Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) funds Clerk studies for SLCC qualification (A qualified Clerk is a criterion for Quality Council (QC) award)


How does Bleadon Parish Council Precept compare to surrounding and/or similar Councils?

BOB last did this comparison for 2012/13 (see table below image) so 5 years on, here is an update (click image for full size).


Bleadon Precept comparison 2017/18



North Somerset Council Tax

2012/13 , 2013/14,2014/15summary&2014/15detail2015/162016/172017/182018/19, 2019/20

Bleadon & Hillcote(est)115082NS£40,000.00£37,500.00£2,500.00£34.78-£2.67y
Long Ashton49813913NS£137,477.00£133,475.00£4,002.00£27.60-£9.85y
Winscombe & Sandford43323264NS£110,000.00£105,000.00£5,000.00£25.39-£12.06 
East Huntspill1179111Sedgemoor£28,000.00£25,000.00£3,000.00£23.75-£13.70 
Brent Knoll1264196Sedgemoor£25,000.00£25,000.00£0.00£19.78-£17.67 
Burnham Without796-272Sedgemoor£14,581.00£13,600.00£981.00£18.32-£19.14 
Loxton & Christon202-866NS£3,000.00£3,600.00-£600.00£14.85-£22.60 
St Georges1214146NS£17,478.00£17,332.00£146.00£14.40-£23.06 
East Brent1261193Sedgemoor£17,500.00£17,000.00£500.00£13.88-£23.58 
Compton Bishop609-459Sedgemoor£6,500.00£6,500.00£0.00£10.67-£26.78 
Wick St Lawrence1296228NS£6,000.00£6,000.00£0.00£4.63-£32.82 


Articles below linked or printed from The Communities Parishes & Local Council's organisation (click here for CPALC website)
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Legal CouncillorInternal Audit
Call for ElectionCouncillor Vacancy
Clerk as ChairRogue Chairman
Good, Bad and UglyUnderstanding Precepts


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