BPC 200 Houses Public Meeting Update

Posted on 12th June, 2019


UPDATE 23 DEC 2019: Appeal Dismissed.


UPDATE: 25 July 19 BPC submit an unapproved Revised Appeal Statement to Inspector on the morning it was read out at the Appeal.


UPDATE 16 JULY 19: Email response from BPC Clerk after BOB requested the official Public Meeting Agenda and Minutes:

"The meeting on 6 June was not a council meeting and there is no formal record of who attended. Some people signed an attendance sheet but not all. Any councillors present were there as residents. I attended in order to make notes for my benefit, and the meeting agreed that I could capture key points; the meeting agreed the points I read out as captured. It is not on BPC head paper in order to ensure that people do not think it is a formal BPC meeting. I know that is stated in the note but I think a visual clue helps to distinguish between the two sorts of meeting."


Confusing reponse seeing both BPC Full Council (Min 319.7) and Planning Sub-committee (Min P70.6) agreed to call the meeting in Feb 2019 ? See below for BPC/Clerk minutes as briefly published on their website front page in July.

UPDATE: 08 July 19 (Min 324.10)

"To Approve the Parish Council’s statement regarding the Planning Appeal (200 homes off Bleadon Road) and To Appoint a councillor to attend. The proposed statement was circulated. The aim is for BPC to categorise BPC’s stance and to not contradict or duplicate what BAT have submitted. AGREED that Cllr Williams will attend to read the statement. AGREED that the statement will have appendices: the Survey Responses, BPC’s original objection, and a few pertinent photos. AGREED that Cllr Williams and Clerk will finalise the documents and liaise with NSC regarding how many copies are needed, and for whom."


On the 11 Feb 2019 (Min 319.7) Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) resolved to "

a) to a arrange a public meeting on 6th June (7pm, Coronation Hall) to let residents know the process regarding the Appeal (200 homes off Bleadon Road) and to seek their views in order to craft the Parish Council’s response, and to include documented statements.

  • UPDATE: BPC have published minutes of the 06 June 19 public meeting. NB: It is not recorded which parish councillor officially convened and/or chaired this BPC meeting or whether any other councillors attended, only naming one lead resident.

b) Nominate one councillor to speak at the Appeal on behalf of the parish.

  • UPDATE: At BPC's 10 June 2019 council meeting (Min 323.15) councillors deferred this decision making until the July BPC meeting.

c) BAT and BPC to co-ordinate regarding their responses, in order not to duplicate"

  • UPDATE: BPC are yet to inform residents how they will interact in the appeal process with Bleadon Acting Together (BAT) as a Rule 6 party (Min 316.3). At BPC's 10 June 2019 council meeting councillors reiterated the decision to work with BAT.


Link to 200 Houses Planning Appeal


Link to Bleadon Acting Together 



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