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Bleadon Racers Skittle Team (click for Blog or Statistics/Pics)

PROMOTED 2012/13

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The team's 'home' alley is at Lympsham Sports Club and they play at 8pm on most Monday nights in Division 2 of The Weston-Super-Mare and District Skittle League. The skittle season runs approximately from September to April and we are always happy to welcome new and experienced players. If you are interested in joining then please contact us


A bit of Bleadon Skittle History

Weston Mercury report close of alley in March 2006Originally the team played as and at, The Queens Arms, Bleadon. But Butcombe Brewery bought the pub and then in 2006 decided to demolish (rather than re-furbish) the skittle alley in favour of replacing it with an outside patio/smoking area (a strange decision made even stranger as they sponsor the WSMD skittle league)!  


So, the team were effectively homeless (as well as the ladies and hunt league teams) and thus faced folding. But, after six decades of playing they wanted to continue so sought refuge and welcome at nearby Lympsham Sports Club, where initially renamed as The Queens and then Bleadon Racers, they are very happy to report with new balls, that traditional skittles is alive and well and the beer is very much cheaper!


In an exciting last game of the 2012/13 season, Racers won by just one pin and thus finished Runners-up and were promoted after 10 years absence back up to Division 3 for 2013/14 season. However, the league has been re-structured from 4 into 3 divisions for 2016/17 season and Racers are now in Division 2!  (see statistics and blog below for details).

Bleadon Racers Statistics

Current and past season league fixtures, results and player averages (A very big thanks to Charles Reeves for producing the originals).

You can click on any image thumbnail below to expand it.

Bleadon Racers Blog

Please read our latest blog posts below  and comment on them if you like. If you want to add a new blog topic of your own choosing just email me the content or use the contact page and I will post it asap. You may be also interested in our other blog pages, Be Involved, What's New, Watch and Events and please remember that historical posts can be viewed by selecting the drop down menu at the top of the blog home page. Also, scroll up for Statistics/Averages.


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Latest Posts

Racers Report - September 2017

Posted on 26th September, 2017

Well the new season is underway and Racers are once again back in the basement division of WSM District League, but any talk of potential promotion after the first 3 games played currently looks a bit optimistic and October can't come soon enough. Current Averages here


Our first game away to EarlyBirds (the perennial league wooden spoons) produced a very convincing 151 pin win, greatly helped by them having to play 2 lowest scores on their anchor set which fortunately for us, was only 10 on their first set. So full of optimism Racers looked forward to the next game.......And that's when it started to unravel.

Game Week 2 was a vacant date so Game Week 3 brought Boro Arms B to Lympsham, but our new pins coupled with our new balls (last year) didn't seem too work well for us, perhaps a newly laid alley for our next home game in October will make all the difference?

Game week 4 (game 3) was against Prince of Wales at the Boro Sport Club, but a four player turnover from the previous week did nothing to change our fortunes, although just losing by 4 pins thanks to their anchor getting a flopper 16 spare on his last hand! 

Next week takes us to 49 Club (upstairs) for the Perkins Cup against Regent Sports of Division 1 so we should win that easily ;-))


September Scoreboards (click image for full size)
EarlyBirds 4/9/174/9/17 Away v EarlyBirds at The Lamb, WorleBoro Arms18/9/17 Home v Boro Arms B at Lympsham Club
Prince of Wales25/9/17 Away v Prince of Wales at Boro Sports Club

And the band kept playing...

Posted on 11th April, 2017

Following last weeks 14-2 (20 pin) loss away to Churchill Crusaders, Burnley has once again been press ganged into writing the final blog (epitaph) of this season.....Enjoy.




So the tide has now ebbed away on another season in the Weston & District for the Bleadon Racers.


What conclusions can be drawn from this years campaign...?

Well, it started badly, tailed off a bit in the middle and the less said about the end the better..!

Indeed, comparisons could be drawn with a certain event in 1912 involving a large ship and an iceberg..!

It was Women, children and Capt Birdseye Davis first into the lifeboats as the seasick Racers hopes of retaining their league two status was well and truly torpedoed long before the seasons end.


The rest of the Racers were left tossing on the high seas lamenting the loss of two other tossers.....Messrs the Blade Newbould & Seve Dyer who had both jumped ship in mid Atlantic never to be seen again...!


There were some high points...not that I can actually recall any at the moment.....although we did actually win our last game which augurs well for next season as the remnants of this motley crew must set sail next season in a quest to regain their league two berth.


Tosser Burnley




Finally, congratulations to Jimbo who used his years of experience to pip current holder Franz and clinch the John Loxton Memorial Trophy for Top Average.

Close but no cigar

Posted on 3rd April, 2017

A closely fought bottom of the table clash eventually saw Admirals win by 18 pins and win 13 match points to 3 that finally sealed Racers relegation to Division 3 next season in bottom place. A brilliant 58 compiled from a sequence of 3 spares separated by 3 sixes saw The Hobbit win Top Dog and Kurt was Strongest Man.


Good news (I think) was that Admirals average age of 73 proved that Racers still have plenty of time yet to develop another promotion campaign in the future. Also that most sides will be sorry to see us go down due to the excellent feasts provided at Lympsham Pavillion.


Crusaders at Churchill next week and with only 2 games left, the John Loxton Memorial Trophy race looks like it will be going down to the last game again, with Franz currently just ahead of Jimbo by just 6 decimal hundreths!


Come on you Racers.


Down, Down, Deeper and Down

Posted on 26th March, 2017

After being their nemesis for many years, you know it's a really bad season when Racers lose to Dab Hands and unfortunately that was the case at 49 Club last Monday. Dab Hands won by 60+ pins, picking up all 16 match and set points in the process. Franz returned from his winter travels to hit a first ball flopper in a 16 spare that set him up for a 'top dog' 52. TeePee was unfortunate but ultimately strongest man and earned himself a holiday for next week. The real highlight of the evening was plenty of good chilli and rice with fresh french bread and the usual great beer prices, we will miss this venue next year as now seems a certainty with only 3 games left and a miracle needed.


Home next week against fellow relegation prospects Admirals, should hopefully be a close game with Racers on top.


Come on you Racers.





That's more like it

Posted on 15th March, 2017

Racers v Legionairres

After a 16-0 loss to Anchors at The Walnut Tree last week Racers finally returned to winning ways after a woeful run of losses. With only 4 games left it may be too late to avoid relegation, or is it?.....The Hobbitt was Racers Top Dog on the night with a fine 48 and Racers only spare, closely followed by Jimbo and The Coach on 46 and five others with good 40+ scores. Strongest 'Men' were G'Day and Mr Ed.


Come on you Racers, you never know..



Almost Goodnight Irene

Posted on 1st March, 2017

Racers v Beer Masters

The Scoreboard photo this week sums up Racers season, very shaky......A good 50 with Racers only spare made G'Day Top Dog with The Blade and his twin 'Lowest Score' both Strongest Man! Still 6 games left but avoiding the drop looks mission impossible, especially as 3 go down and Racers are over 40 points behind safety!


Walnut Tree next week against Anchors.


Come on Racers, let's have a grandstand finish....



Racers second best again

Posted on 24th February, 2017

Churchill Club V RacersWith only one playing from the top five averages, Racers were definitely up against it and the alley proved challenging for most with only two players scoring over 41. Captain Disco and a Top Dog welcome return by Diddy Dave with Racers only spare in his 51. Strongest man was Ski Sunday with 25 but only just....


Posted on 15th February, 2017

Racers v W.Anchors

They say it's never over until the proverbial (no fat shaming) lady sings.....But another loss to a relegation rival at home sure makes avoiding the drop to division 3 next season a very very big ask.


Even W.Anchors being a player short and the new magic scoreboard made and provided by Ski Sunday could not mask the fact that, for some reason, Lympsham is no longer a fortress these days and with another big pin margin loss, Racers currently are over 200 pins less after 18 games than they have been for each of the last two seasons..... Top Dog for the first time this season was Captain Disco and Strongest Man was Tit Puller.


Away to Churchill Club next game, you never know boys we haven't had an away win yet, so.....


Come on you Racers.




Century Club double up

Posted on 13th February, 2017

Racers v Worle Century Club

Racers back to back home games against fellow relegation rivals unfortunately started with a loss against Worle Century Club with another sub-500 score resulting in a loss by 22 pins and WCC now gaining a 19 point league lead, is it the change of balls or...?


Top Dog was again Jimbo for the eighth game this season with a fine 52 including a 15 spare, one of only two spares by Racers, the other by Coach. Strongest man was Mr Ed reversing the digits after a good 42 last week! 


With 3 teams being relegated, Racers really need a win in next weeks game against W.Anchors who are currently 11 points ahead with a game in hand. 


Come on you Racers, we need a finish like last year.



Better luck next week

Posted on 6th February, 2017

Klinkerbelles v RacersScoreboard

Pictures say a thousand words and Klinkerbelles showed why they are top and Racers aren't....Excellent 55 from ex-Ranger as Top Dog, The Blade was Strongest Man and Jimbo increased his JLMC Averages lead. Second set were unlucky not to pick up 2 set points by just 1 pin!!


Big relegation battle next Monday at Lympsham against Worle Century Club


Come on you Racers.