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About Us (Why BOB?) 

Article submitted to Bleadon Parish News 2018

BOB(or Butler's Online Bleadon) is an independent online community resource serving Bleadon Village and beyond as a website portal to local information and resources.


You can email us by clicking on the picture below and/or via the contact details page.


The Black Labrador you will see in pictures on this site is "Spaner", unfortunately she died in November 2008 after a battle with Cancer.


Spaner loved the walks through our countryside (especially the woods and water) in and around Bleadon and also enjoyed visiting the local refreshment houses!


She is missed greatly by her family but lives on in that she led us to meet so many of the residents of our beautiful village and it is with this spirit that this site was designed and continues to develop.


Welcome then to:

Ask BOB (Butlers Online Bleadon) 


Tribute to Bob McKay.



Bob was the original author and creator of a website for Bleadon back in 2001 and this site takes inspiration from his original site. Following his untimely death in 2006, Marian his wife gave me (Chris Butler) the opportunity to take on the domain and I hope to develop upon his work and try to expand the functionality for the benefit of the community of Bleadon and beyond! See here for more details


If you would also like to know a little more of Bob’s work with Guide Dogs click here.

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Would you like to advertise your organisation or business on this site? Please contact us for a 'e-chat' or conversation to discuss your specific needs, we can offer a basic listing and advert or custom made webpage or website, all at very reasonable rates.


This site is developed and maintained locally. Please email or phone us with your suggestions for additional content or to update existing information. If you can't already find the information you are looking for just let us know and we will endeavour to do so as soon as possible. If you like this website and want to help us with our running costs then we will gladly accept donations.