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JUNE 2020

02 JUN 20

Is It Back to School Time? (Blog)

02 JUN 20

What parents and carers need to know about schools, colleges and other education

settings during the coronavirus outbreak

02 JUN 20

Opening schools and educational settings to more pupils from 1 June:

guidance for parents and carers - Updated (previous 02JUN20)

01 JUN 20

A further change to the reporting process was introduced on 1 June 2020

and affected data from 24 May onwards.

MAY 2020

31 MAY 20 Staff not tested at 62% of care homes (Blog)
29 MAY 20

Schools delay re-opening due to Weston hospital closure

29 MAY 20

Chancellor extends Self-Employment Support Scheme and confirms furlough

next steps (previous 29MAY20)

25 MAY 20 Weston Hospital Closed due to COVID19 (Blog)
25 MAY 20

Prime Minister sets out timeline for retail to reopen in June

22 MAY 20

COVID What You Can and Cant Do (Blog)

22 MAY 20

Staying safe outside your home (previous 22MAY20) (Blog)

22 MAY 20

Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020

22 MAY 20

Ofqual analytics presents a selection of data in an engaging and accessible way by

using interactive visualisations

22 MAY 20

Ofqual GCSE and A level consultation outcomes and autumn exam series proposals

(previous 22MAY20) and Analysis (previous PDF) Consultation Outcomes (previous PDF)

19 MAY 20

Keeping Children Safe Online (Blog)

18 MAY 20

Coronavirus: Northern Ireland to allow groups of six people to meet outdoors

in further easing of lockdown

18 MAY 20

Everyone in the United Kingdom with symptoms now eligible for coronavirus tests (PDF)

17 MAY 20 COVID Statistics up to 01 May 20 (Blog)
17 MAY 20 Impact of COVID-19 on Voluntary Organisations Consultation (Blog)
17 MAY 20 COVID Statistics up to 01 May 20 (Blog)
11 MAY 20 Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can't do (previous 11MAY20)
11 MAY 20 Our plan to rebuild: The UK Government’s COVID-19 recovery strategy (previous PDF)
01 MAY 20 One-off ONS Ward level COVID Mapping?
01 MAY 20 One-off ONS Local Authority Area Mapping?
APR 2020
29 APR 20

The way COVID-19 deaths are reported in England changed on 29APR20

(includes data archive)

29 APR 20

Daily death reporting now includes all positive COVID-19 deaths (previous PDF) (BOB)

29 APR 20 You Are Not Alone Domestic Abuse Campaign (PDF)
29 APR 20

There With You: ‘Bleadon’s own Gracie Fields’ puts on weekly Clap for Carers show

for neighbours

29 APR 20

There is continued confusion over how the 'law' is to be interpreted, implemented

and enforced

27 APR 20 COVID19 Scam Summary (Blog)
27 APR 20 NSC COVID19 Help Initiative (Blog)
26 APR 20

Coronavirus tracing app COVIDSafe released by Government to halt spread

of COVID-19 in Australia (video on BOB)

21 APR 20 Social Isolation Information from North Somerset Council (Blog)
21 APR 20 Addressing Human Rights as Key to the COVID-19 Response (BOB & BOB)
17 APR 20 Peace and Quiet ... for how long (Blog)
15 APR 20

Ofqual seeks views on GCSE and A level grading proposals for 2020

(See 22 MAY Outcome)

14 APR 20

Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for victims of domestic abuse (BOB)

14 APR 20

Foreign Secretary's statement on coronavirus (COVID-19) - Dominic Raab


11 APR 20 No Neighbourhood Planning Referendums until 06 May 2021 (Blog)
08 APR 20 3D Animation: SARS-CoV-2 virus transmission leading to COVID-19 (BOB)
07 APR 20 North Somerset Recycling and Waste COVID Info (Blog)
06 APR 20

COVID 2 Scams Update to Keep You Safe at Home - presentation (BOB)

04 APR 20

Downing St COVID19 letter sent to all households with advice - 

"Coronavirus Stay at Home to Protect the NHS" 

page1, pages 2&4, pages 3&8page 5 and pages 6&7. (BOB)

04 APR 20

Dept of Health & Social Care - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Scaling up our testing programmes

Govt  (previous 04 APR 20) (BOB)

02 APR 20 Another Coronavirus Scam and Police Advice (Blog)
01 APR 20 Safeguarding adults during the COVID-19 crisis (BOB)
APR 20 Adult Cout Bench Book (BOB)
MAR 2020
31 MAR 20 Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales, provisional Statistical bulletins
30 MAR 20 Can Window Cleaners and Gardners work during the coronavirus lockdown? (Initial Blog)
30 MAR 20 Government cracks down on spread of false coronavirus information online
28 MAR 20 COVID-19 Animation: What Happens If You Get Coronavirus? (BOB)
26 MAR 20

The Health Protection (Coronavirus, Restrictions) (England) Regulations 2020

Also, various updates (BOBLOCKDOWN

25 MAR 20 NSC Coronavirus - How to Protect Yourself and Other - presentation (BOB)
23 MAR 20 COVID19 Scams (Blog) (Initial Blog)
Various Government Coronavirus Advice
23 MAR 20 PM address to the nation on coronavirus: 23 March 2020 (BOB)
23 MAR 20

Boris Johnson tightens national lockdown amid coronavirus crisis - video (BOB)

20 MAR 20

Coronavirus (COVID-19): cancellation of GCSEs, AS and A levels in 2020

Update 22 MAY 20

20 MAR 20

Coronavirus: UK schools closed indefinitely from Friday and exams cancelled,

government says (Initial Blog)

19 MAR 20

Bleadon Coronavirus Help Group launched, posted on BOB website 23 MAR 20 following

village leaflet drop at the weekend

19 MAR 20 Bleadon Halls Closed for Forseeable Future (Blog)

The Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) and Public Health England (PHE)

are leading the UK government response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Various Various Goverment Coronavirus Updates (BOB)
Various World Health Organisation (WHO) Coronavirus Information (Initial Blog)

NHS Advice (Initial Blog)

19 MAR 20 Statistical informaton (Initial Blog)
19 MAR 20 News information (Initial Blog)
19 MAR 20 Government Information (Initial Blog)
19 MAR 20 Volunteering Information (Initial Blog)
19 MAR 20 Support Groups (Initial Blog)
19 MAR 20 Bleadon BOB Initial Coronavirus Information Blog - Revised
18 MAR 20 There may be some buying restrictions (Initial Blog)
17 MAR 20 Iceland to open early for the elderly amid coronavirus outbreak (Initial Blog)
14 MAR 20 Weston-super-Mare Coronavirus Response Facebook Group  (Initial Blog)
10 MAR 20 Government Statistical Dashboard  (Initial Blog)
Various NSC Together including COVID-19 community response groups in North Somerset (Initial Blog)
Various COVID-19 Mutual Aid UK (Initial Blog)
Various Wiki List of incidents of xenophobia and racism related to the COVID-19 pandemic (BOB)
Various Wiki Chronology of COVID19 Pandemic in the UK (Initial Blog)
24 JAN 20 Number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and risk in the UK - Pillars (previous 02JUN20)
NOV 2019

PHE - Nudges - Achieving behaviour change - A guide for local government and partners (BOB)

13 FEB 20 (re)published by goverment? 

Cabinet Office - Nudges - MINDSPACE Influencing behaviour through public policy (BOB)
30 SEP 19 Should vaccinations be compulsory?
19 FEB 19 The 'vaccinegate' of Italy
Nov 2011

Department for Transport - Nudges - Behavioural Insights Toolkit, Social Research

and Evaluation Division (BOB)

JUL 2010

The 2009 Influenza (Swine Flu) Pandemic by Dame Deirdre Hine (BOB)


Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984 



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