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COVID Statistics up to 01 May 20

Posted on 17th May, 2020


There is still confusion in reported COVID-19 Statistics, e.g. as produced by ONS, which are variably available at the national, regional and local levels.


It appears that COVID19 deaths rapidly increased after the 24 Mar 20 Lockdown, but have been steadily decreasing since around 08 April 20 (click on the image above and see note below).

54 COVID related deaths in North Somerset

Up to 17 Mar 20 ONS was mapping data at District and Ward level, but this seems to have stopped?:

1 COVID19 related death in (Bleadon) Huttton, Locking & Banwell 

Recent statistical reports include:

"Coronavirus outbreaks reported in a third of care homes ... The number of homes reporting their first outbreak has been dropping, from a peak of 1,002 in the week starting 6 April to 418 in the week starting 4 May." (15 MAY 20 BBC)


A quarter of COVID-19 patients who died in England had diabetes (14 MAY 20 Sky News)


Coronavirus: A&E visits in England down to record low (14 MAY 20 BBC)


"One-quarter of care homes in North Somerset have either reported or suspected cases of Covid-19" (13 MAY 20 Weston Mercury) (Is this the same as confirmed COVID19 cases?)


NB: The increase in cases (particularly for Care Homes) may be explained by delays in reporting, attribution of COVID19 as related or suspected cause of death and "Changes to the reporting process The way COVID-19 deaths are reported in England changed on 29 April 2020. Previously, deaths were reported by NHS England and only included deaths in NHS-commissioned services of patients who have tested positively for COVID-19." (Specific ONS statement)


This makes comparisons very difficult.



Link to BOB COVID page


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