MHRA Vaccine Side Effects Weekly Reports

Posted on 8th April, 2021


The government's weekly reports cover adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines (MHRA) including 60+ pages of reported side effects per drug








23 JUN 211,007,2531,403298,081


Link to government WEEKLY REPORTS

Updated UKC INTERACTIVE Analysis here

Government YELLOW CARD Side Effect Reporting Scheme

European EudraVigilance  and USA VAERS and Canada AEFI


Vaccine Trial End Dates

Pfizer, AstraZenecaandJohnson & Johnson end 2023, Moderna ends 2022,

Average age of COVID-19 death is 82.4yrs, average of 2.3 comorbidities (Article and PDF and Graph)

Jab Information Leaflets found here


Govt states, "Don’t wait for someone else to report it It is estimated that only 10% of serious reactions and between 2 and 4% of non-serious reactions are reported. Under-reporting coupled with a decline in reporting makes it especially important to report all suspicions of adverse drug reactions to the Yellow Card Scheme." (Govt - 08APR21, updated at 25MAY21)

[15JUN21 - NHS updates its "Standard operating procedure: Management of COVID-19 vaccination clinical incidents and enquiries" (Overview - PDF)


These weekly reports summarise information received via the Yellow Card scheme. COVID19 'jabs' are Black Triangle Medications and are therefore under Intensive EU COVID19 jab reaction monitoring requiring published product reaction information (see page 3 of PDF and previous blog).


NB: Not all deaths or reactions of these 'trial' vaccinations may have be recorded as 'jab' related, see parliamentary debate summary and data table below (PDF).


Parliamentary Debate on COVID19 25 March 2021 (Transcript & Video)


Mr William Wragg (Hazel Grove) (Con)

... Does the NHS have data to suggest how many people have, sadly, died from covid in NHS hospitals three weeks after receiving their first dose of a covid vaccine? ...

Matt Hancock

Yes ... published by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Sir Christopher Chope (Christchurch) (Con) Sharethis specific contribution

... My right hon. Friend answered a question from me on this very subject by saying that the data was not available. I cannot understand why crucial data—such as the number of people who have been vaccinated for more than three weeks, who are then admitted to hospital and subsequently die—is not collected. Why is that?

Matt Hancock

This data has been collated recently; it is in the so-called SIREN study from Public Health England. I am very happy to look into exactly the data that my hon. Friends are looking for and, if we have it, to publish it. I think we have what has been asked for ...


09JUN21 Open letter sent from Dr Tess Lawrie to MHRA re IMMEDIATE HALT of vaccine program (PDF)


06JUL21 -LEAVE THE CHILDREN ALONE - GB News 4min video


06JUL21 - Bold new life science vision sets path for UK to build on pandemic response and deliver life-changing innovations to patents (Govt Statement and Document)


07JUL21 - MHRA Delivery Plan - Putting patients first: A new era for our agency (PDF) and Social Distancing Review Report (JUL21


08JUL21 - New Warnings on COVID19 Vaccines - MHRA "say it 'completely changes' the debate about vaccinating children in Britain." Also, heart conditions are "'occurring more frequently in young males and shortly after the second dose'".


See also:

  • SPI-M-O: Summary of further modelling of easing restrictions – Roadmap Step 2
  • "Paper from the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modelling, Operational sub-group (SPI-M-O) summarising further modelling on easing restrictions for England (Roadmap Step 2). It was considered at SAGE 85 on 31 March 2021" (PDF)
    • Para "32. The resurgence in both hospitalisations and deaths is dominated by those that have received two doses of the vaccine, comprising around 60% and 70% of the wave respectively. This can be attributed to the high levels of uptake in the most at-risk age groups, such that immunisation failures account for more serious illness than unvaccinated individuals. This is discussed further in paragraphs 55 and 56."
    • Para "56 ... This is not the result of vaccines being ineffective, merely uptake being so high".
    • By this logic dooes that mean that the equally high COVID-19 deaths in these age groups are also skewed? (31MAR21  & Easing Lockdown30MAR21)
  • A Good Man Down: The Fatal Reality of Vaccine Adverse Reactions - Former Greater Manchester police sergeant (Overview & Video)
  • Vaccinating children against SARS-CoV-2 - BMJ (13MAY21)
  • MHRA Pfizer FOI, MHRA Public Assessment Report (Citing C4591001 - 21 times) and pivotal C4591001 Trial Doc1 & Doc2 <12yrs old
    • "As the above trial was not conducted in the UK, the MHRA did not assess its content and are tehrefore not in a position to answer specific questions relating to it. We now consider this [FOI} request closed"


MHRA DATAPfizerAstraZenecaUnspecified
14 MAR 21108,64925938,084294,82032678,2231,0569325
28 MAR 21124,37130243,491440,871472116,1621,36712418
05 APR 21132,52831446,309492,105521129,6731,45412457
14 APR 21143,03433450,022548,495627145,9941,61112516
21 APR 21149,08234752,130573,650685153,0981,68713541
28 APR 21154,77636454,139598,985722160,5431,80714574
05 MAY 21159,21937055,716622,176756167,1411,89915606
02 JUN 21193,76840667,998717,250863195,6412,33522754


14 MAR 21---
28 MAR 21---
05 APR 21---
14 APR 2111744
21 APR 216602228
28 APR 211,9962683
05 MAY 213,05621,081
02 JUN 219,24343,278








14 MAR 21404,525594116,632
28 MAR 21566,609786160,071
05 APR 21626,087847176,439
14 APR 21693,257973196,576
21 APR 21725,0791,047205,997
28 APR 21757,5641,102215,939
05 MAY 21786,3501,143224,544
02 JUN 21922,5961,295267,671


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