Govt Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme

Posted on 15th April, 2021


In December 2020 the UK Government stated that it was adding COVID-19 to its Vaccine Damage Payments Scheme.


The Vaccine Damage Payment (15APR21) states: 

  • A Vaccine Damage Payment is a tax free one-off payment of £120,000.
  • You could get a payment if you’re severely disabled and your disability was caused by vaccination
  • Disablement is worked out as a percentage, and ‘severe disablement’ means at least 60% disabled.
  • Time limits on making a claim
    • You can only claim for a child once they are 2 years old.
    • To claim for an adult, apply by whichever is the latest of the following dates:
      • on or before their 21st birthday (or if they’ve died, the date they would have reached 21)
      • within 6 years of the vaccination

In order to make a claim presumably you would need to know whether any 'effect' is attributable, see 60+ pages of side-effects reported to the government Yellow Card system.


NB: The government has given pharmaceutical companies, and a number of related professionals, a level of immunity from civil liability (see previous blog



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