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Bleadon Racers Skittle Team (click for Blog or Statistics/Pics)


RACERS move again for 2022/23 season, decision taken to play at Hornets Rugby Club sadly means our rural community has again lost it's skittle team, what a great shame. The Queens Arms must be regretting the removal of their alley during the tenure of Butcombe(see below)!



STOP PRESS: Racers are back at Lympsham Sports Club Pavilion for the 2019/20 season.


They play at 8pm on most Monday nights in Division 3 of The Weston-Super-Mare and District Skittle League. The skittle season runs approximately from September to April and we are always happy to welcome new and experienced players. If you are interested in joining then please contact us


After many previous enjoyable seasons at Lympsham Sports Club, last year Racers decided to move for the 2018/19 season to Weston-super-Mare Football Club (Alley 2) but although very grateful to WSMFC for their hospitality, the call of the rural community environment was too strong and so they are now back 'home' at 'The Pav'. 


A Bit of Bleadon Skittle History

Weston Mercury report close of alley in March 2006


Originally there was a skittle alley provided for the village at the Coronation Hall as mentioned in their deed, but this alley was removed to build the Jubilee Room as an alley had been created for the team who had then played as and at, The Queens Arms, Bleadon (this also saved the sticker-up running up from the Hall to the pub to get 'refreshments'). Butcombe Brewery bought the pub in 2004/5 and then in 2006 decided to demolish (rather than re-furbish) the skittle alley in favour of replacing it with a seldom used outside patio/smoking area (a strange decision made even stranger as they sponsor the WSMD skittle league)!  


So, the team were then effectively homeless (as well as the Ladies and Hunt league teams) and thus faced folding. After six decades of playing they wanted to continue so sought refuge and welcome at nearby Lympsham Sports Club, where initially renamed as The Queens and then Bleadon Racers, they were very happy to find that with new balls, traditional skittles is still alive and well and the beer is very much cheaper!


In an ideal world The Racers hope that the Queens Arms (or more specifically, its owners) would see the error of their ways by building a new alley and bringing the Racers 'home'. It could gain the pub some welcome extra revenue in the winter nights (casual estimates suggest a potential lost income of well over £250,000 since the alley was demolished and teams left in 2006, some 16+yrs ago), but alas that would currently appear a distant dream! 


Bleadon Skittle Team Honours (from WSMDSL website)

1931 - Division 2 Winners - Bleadon Sports (original team at Coronation Hall, then also based at Queens Arms when CH alley was removed!!)

1949 - Division 3 Mayors/Hospital Cup Winners - Queens Arms

1950 - Division 3 Mayors/Hospital Cup Winners - Queens Arms

1985 - Division 3 Mayors/Hospital Cup Winners - Queens Arms

1990 - Division 3 and also Mayors/Hospital Cup Winners - Bleadon Sports

Also individual finalists C Butler London Bridge 2019,2020 and M Dyer Singles 2020


Link to Blog

Also in an exciting last game of the 2012/13 season, Racers won by just one pin and thus finished runners-up and were promoted after 10 years absence back up to Division 3 for 2013/14 season. However, the league was re-structured from 4 into 3 divisions for 2016/17 season and although Racers were then put in Division 2, they unfortunately earned 'relegation' back to the basement Division 3 for 2017/18!  (see blog and statistics below for details).


Racers Stray Off The Beaten Track – Metaphorically.

Posted on 10th January, 2018

We don’t really want to mention the Elephant In The Room that is Racer’s hapless home form but the team were once again Flogging A Dead Horse in trying to overcome a Mixed Bag of opposition talent in their latest visitors to their former Lympsham Fortess.


You should never Judge A Book by Its Cover as the Strays got off to an inauspicious start losing to the first set of G’Day (40) Hobbit (35) and Tourettes Derrick (46) by 10 pins.


Next up were Diddy Dave Mawford (43) Bandaid (39) & Tepee Pettitt (37) to have the Racers Jumping For Joy as they left the Strays High And Dry taking the second set by a precarious 2 pins.


In this Cruel Cut And Thrust unforgiving world of division 3 WsM District League Skittles however, the Law Of The Jungle prevails and it comes down to Survival Of The Fittest.


The first signs of the impending Slippery Slope was an 18 spare from the resurgent Strays in the third set as Lovestruck Jimbo Nipper (37) Chas Reeves (40) and The Coach ( Sack Warnock ) Williams (49) were unmercifully Put To The Sword and In a Nutshell, lost the set by 9 pins to leave the Racers with a slender 3 pin lead on the night.


Confidence although shaken, was relatively still intact with the Racers able to call on three seasoned ( old and crinkly ) campaigners for the Final Hurrah.


Was it the loud patterned stretch fit golf jumper ?…or maybe the ill fitting (baggy) flannel trousers…? Who can say…..( but luckily the Fashion Police were on a raid elsewhere ) as Seve Dyer (46) opened with a 5 and went on to miss numerous spare opportunities. Was this the Smoking Gun behind the Racers ultimate demise…?


The Strays final set however, ensured that the Racers hopes soon hit the Point of No Return as further large spares had the pins Raining Cats & Dogs as the Racers chances Kicked The Bucket in another home defeat.


Bleadon BOB Butler’s (45) and Captain Davis’s (41) not being The Stitch In Time that the Racers needed.

All in All, the Racers promotion challenge has Hit the Buffers……metaphorically..!


Chippy Burnley.

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Bleadon Racers Statistics

Current and past season league fixtures, results and player averages (A very big thanks to Charles Reeves for producing the originals).

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