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Sanders Appeal Dates Confirmed

Posted on 19th June, 2019




UPDATE 25 JULY 19 Unfortunately this Appeal has been adjourned due to the illness of a key witness. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible but August/September doesn't look promising. However, the Inspector will facilitate reconvening the Appeal as soon as possible


UPDATE 23 JULY 19: Weston Mercury publish "'Alien' looking housing plan to go before inquiry this week"


UPDATE 17 JULY 19 200 Houses Appeal Update (BAT)


UPDATE 19 JUN 19: BristolLive pubish "Six-day planning inquiry on plans for 200 homes in north Somerset village"



North Somerset Council has sent out a letter to all interested parties in the appeal of the Land Off Bleadon Road - "Outline planning permission for the erection of up to 200 dwellings, a Health Centre, a Doctors Surgery, retail outlets and office/employment space with all matters reserved for subsequent approval." Application Information 


"The Inquiry will commence at 10 o'clock on 23 July 2019 and will be held at: Town Hall, New Council Chamber (Old Town Hall Entrance), Walliscote Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1UJ.


The Inquiry is scheduled for 6 days (23 to 26 and 30 and 31 July). If you want to, you can attend the inquiry. You can also ask the Planing Inspector to allow you to give your views ..."


Below is a video guide that gives an overview of what happens and how to take part.



"If you are disabled, or anyone you know who wants to attend the appeal is disabled, please let ... [NSC, Rob Worgan, Appeals Officer] know. ... [he] will then make arrangements to ensure that access is provided.


Copies of statement and other appeal documents submitted by ... [NSC] and the appellant, as well as any further comments submitted, are available for viewing ... [on the NSC website]. You may also inspect the planning file at ... [their] offices (08:45 - 17:00 Mondays to Thursdays, 08:45 - 16:30 Fridays). Due to the volume of work, it is advisable to make prior arrangements.


If you require further information about the process of an appeal the Planning Inspectorate has a booklet entitled "Guide to taking part in planning appeals"..." 


More information can also be found here.  Information about Bleadon Action Group (BAT), BPC, and their Appeal/Rule 6 activities summarised here


NB Openness and transparency (Appeal & Rule 6 Guides) "Inquiries are open to journalists and the wider public, as well as interested people. Provided that it does not disrupt proceedings, anyone will be allowed to report, record and film proceedings including the use of digital and social media. Inspectors will advise people present at the start of the event that the proceedings may be recorded and/or filmed, and that anyone using social media during or after the end of the proceedings should do so responsibly"





THURSDAY 25 JULY (Approx 09:30-15:00)


Unfortunately this Appeal has been adjourned due to the illness of a key witness. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible but August/September doesn't look promising. However, the Inspector will facilitate reconvening the Appeal as soon as possible


Inspector's Summary

  • Thank you for today's documents and coordinating resident responses.
  • No formal evidence can now be brought forward and we're now looking at a significant delay.
  • The Inspector will make some suggestions for a future schedule. Looking at a 4 day program when we get back, new things will come into the public domain.
  • The Inspector stated that he is aware of the concern and emotion attached to large scale developments. Thank you for the current approach.

During the course of the Appeal new pieces of evidence were submitted to the Inspector for his consideration, some are/will be available on the NSC website.


Bleadon Parish Council and Resident Statements submitted to the Inspector

  1. Bleadon Parish Council Statement - Over-development of site; Residential development history; Last century development; NSC Core Strategy; Development outside of the settlement boundary; opposition of residents to this application as indicated in the Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) Survey Results Book submitted to the Inspector; Heritage Landscape; Village services; Road infrastructure re: Shiplate and Celtic Way; Agriculture land; Flood risk and Infill development. The inspector asked about the current status of the NDP. BPC reply was survey went out in January, results to residents two weeks ago. Inspector asked about the width of the parish - Hillcote to village and out Shiplate Road. The three fields are related to the fields to the south of the application.
  2. BAT - Social Cohesion - in abundance, organic, sociable village, 400 additional people too many. Inspector asked about demographics, answered in relation to community halls services.
  3. Resident - Slow organic growth of Bleadon, not geriatric NIMBYs. No doctors' surgery, lovely village shop, pubs, cafe. 400+ new residents difficult to absorb socially, would split village in two. More suitable brownfield site for 53 homes.
  4. Resident - Applications used be compared to the Parish Plan. Any application outside the Village fence/Settlement boundary should be rejected. NSC not meeting its target but who should put it right? Government? Rented accommodation for those on low wages is needed.
  5. Resident - Loss of rural environment, affect quiet enjoyment of surroundings. Not against development but against the large scale. Flood risk issues and concern for existing housing in immediate area.
  6. Resident - Need to keep open spaces. 200 houses not needed as many properties already on offer for sale in WSM and surrounding area. Who will monitor and control new home owners additional lighting.
  7. Resident - Accuracy of submitted information issues especially figures, including those of walking distance estimates. Inspector stated there is a lot of paperwork and errors will occur but both side will have the opportunity to questions and clarify.

Discussion around NSC 5 Year Housing Land Supply

  • Deliverability issues were discussed in light of the updated NPPF para 47 this week; Changed from Realistic Prospect, onus now on the Local Authority to demonstrate deliverable supply.
  • Discussion around how much supply NSC has, e.g. a 4.5 or a 2.4 year supply.
  • NSC undertakes annual monitoring of its housing supply and is working to continue to collect clear evidence for these sites asking landowners and developers for the trajectory of their sites. E.g. Delivery questionnaires.
  • Discussion around 'What ensures delivery?'
  • NSC produce an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) published in December. the current information relating to 2018.
  • Discussion around areas of agreement and contention. Particular focus around Weston Village Number re: Locking Parkland and Winterstoke Village strategic sites.
  • Discussions around individual sites whether they should be put back a year or whether they are still deliverable in the stated time frame, and whether there is robust evidence e.g. re: approved and outline applications, reserved matters, S106, outstanding application issues, site contamination and remediation issues.
  • There is a Joint Delivery Review Board consisting of NSC, developers and landowners that review the deliverability of the sites.
  • Consideration of NSC Economic Development team and work with developers
  • Some sites still operational and not coming forward as newly developed sites.
  • Bleadon Quarry - Outline permission lapses in August, new outline application now submitted, potentially to keep their options open, site development dependent on Welsh Government and funding of the Newport bypass. NSC in discussions with developers but the site will currently still retain its development status.
  • Various sites discussed owned by independent developers, Housing Associations, NSC, NHS, other councils.
  • Brownfield site discussion
  • Discussion around reduction in original projected numbers versus actual final agreement e.g. original application 30 dwellings final agreement 24, a loss of 6.
  • Discussion around NSC led development projects and EIA sites.
  • NSC Delivery Team - Who they are, what they do, and their program of events offered to the Inspector.
  • Build rate discussion, average and high projected rates
  • NPPF paragraphs 73 and 74 - trajectories and demonstrated deliverables.
  • Annual Position Statement
  • Deliverability in relation to NSC Site Allocation Plan 


WEDNESDAY 24 JULY (Approx 09:30-18:00)


Approx 30 people, attending throughout the day.

Topics touched on included:

  • Landscape sensitivity, quality and value discussed.
  • Visibility of Holiday Park in relation to Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB).
  • Rhynes - usage, watercourses, balancing ponds.
  • NSC reference to National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) re: building design, NPPF paragraphs 171, 172 and 177, and NSC's Development Management DM11 Policy (ANOB).
  • Gap between Bleadon and WSM not currently subject to any NSC designation.
  • A370 visibility, vegetation planting, lighting issues.
  • Bleadon Acting Together representative spoke re: 1) Dark skies lighting issues (incl, LED blue light, light trespass, glare and over illumination. Also effects on humans, animals, flora & fauna). 2) Highways (single track roads, rat run, 200+ cars would destroy village tranquillity). 3) A370 - (Exception to Statement of Common Ground (currently unpublished to members of the public?) and safety comments. 4) Character (Added to NSC's portrayal yesterday, compared Bleadon to the growth of Uphill, Hutton and Worle). 5) Feeling of Bleadon (not just a place on the map but an active village community). Round of applause at the end.
  • Inspector said he has visited Bleadon, will again and will try to visit at night also.
  • Long break for both sides to try and achieve a common ground statement on Ecology and 5 year land supply.
  • Broadly agreed badgers and reptiles may be dealt with by appropriate application conditions.
  • Bats and water voles some agreement with some principle issues to resolve.
  • NSC Natural Environment Team Officer - discussion re: Water Voles (predation risk by cats, dogs, mink and rats; new rhynes; mitigation, displacement); Bats (effect of lighting within, proposed and surrounding Bleadon, including in relation to their roosting and breeding sites and dark corridors); Extent of habitat. Key problem - hard to guess what a wild animal will do/not do when their environmental conditions are changed.


TUESDAY 23 JULY 19 (Approx 10:00-16:00)

  • Time of following days now changed to 09:30-17:00 onwards, earlier finish on Friday.
  • Members of the public spoke both against the application and also for the application's possible benefit, and competition, for local business.
  • Futher information was asked to be made available to the public via the Inspector.
  • The outcome/decision of the Appeal may take a further 6-8 weeks after the end of the proceedings.
  • Discussions to be had around Character of area & ANOB; Flood Risk; Natural Environment & Protected Species; and Is this an appropriate location for the application in relation to local and national policies?
  • Also Highways and Housing Land Supply. There is to be a round table discussion regarding NSC's 5 year land supply, provision and shortfall.
  • Approximately 30 members of public attended during day.
  • If you are going to attend the Appeal remember to bring water and a fan as some attendees were struggling to stay focussed with a few catching up on some sleep!


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