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If you are concerned about any application BOB encourages you to familiarise yourself with the associated information, as indicated on the left and below, so that you are informed about the process. The information may also help you decide how best to comment to North Somerset Council, the Planning Authority that makes the decision to Grant or Refuse an application based on their Local Plan Core Strategy and Development Management policies.


NB: "... the Parish Council cannot provide finance for any campaign against a developer in relation to planning applications." (Chairman, Finance and Personnel Committee - BPC 08 Apr 19 APM).


Some Current NSC Applications and How can residents and members of the public respond to an application?


Who are BAT?


Current ActivityPURN WAY 16 HOUSESApplication process starting Dec 2018

Application process starting Sept 2017

Concluded Dec 2019


If you would like to contact Bleadon Acting Together, or to get more actively involved with them, then please see their facebook page and/or use the contact form below.


Bleadon Acting Together Group on Facebook




If you want to comment on an application or make public representatives aware of your views, you can:

As wildlife natural habitats are being constantly threatened, specific or general information about animals and plants  may be helpful to defend an application, as they may be protected, rare, or unusual. Environmental information can be submitted either directly to NSC or via a representative group.

  • Comment directly to North Somerset on a submitted application
  • Write to Avon Wildlife Trust, or other organisations, at any time so that they can collate supporting information on the Bleadon Environment throughout the year(s)
  • Write to CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)
  • Write to Natural England




The Bleadon Action Group (BAG) was formed in 2017 and met to discuss views and concerns around applications and issues affecting them. A household 'letter drop' was undertaken and a public meeting was held on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at the Coronation Hall. Consequently residents volunteered to participate as a group to further research and discuss housing development issues within the area. The aim of the group is to raise knowledge and awareness within the community, with assistance from residents, and to prepare the public to comment to the Planning Authorities accordingly when required.


On 04 & 14 May 2018 Bleadon Parish Council announced that five lead members of BAG/BAT were co-opted as councillors, one being declared the Chair of BPC, another the Chair of Planning and Editor of BPC's newsletter. This now enabled BAT to act with a majority council vote on planning applications they were campaigning against [i.e. 5 of the 8 BPC councillors were now also BAT leaders]


On 22 May 2018 BAG was renamed 'Bleadon Acting Together' (BAT).


BAT councillor resignations, 13 June 2019 Min 323.23.12 , 21 Aug 2019 Min 326.1, 21 Nov 2019 Min 329.8 and 13 Jan 20 Min330.11.7



On this page there are also various links to policy documents and other information that has relevance to potential applications within Bleadon, including the National Government Policies and Strategies that seem to be driving these attacks on our rural identity. Also, housing growth in the wider North Somerset area.





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