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(formerly BAG - Bleadon Action Group)


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If you are concerned about any application BOB encourages you to familiarise yourself with the associated information, as indicated on the left and below, so that you are informed about the process. It may also help you decide how best to comment to North Somerset Council, the Planning Authority that makes the decision to Grant or Refuse an application based on their Local Plan Core Strategy and Development Management policies.


Some Current Applications and an indication of What residents and members of the public can do


Who are BAT, and what is their Current Activity?


BRIDGE ROAD FIELDS 200 HOUSES - Process starting Sept 2017


  • APPEAL UPDATE (25 July 2019) Unfortunately this Appeal has been adjourned due to the illness of a key witness. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible but August/September doesn't look promising. However, the Inspector will facilitate reconvening the Appeal as soon as possible. More Appeal information here
  • BAT UPDATE (17 July 2019) 200 Houses. Appeal Update - BAT speakers and topic areas.
  • (Council UPDATE (08 July 2019) (Min 324.3 & Min 324.10) To Approve the Parish Council’s statement regarding the Planning Appeal (200 homes off Bleadon Road) and To Appoint a councillor to attend. The proposed statement was circulated. The aim is for BPC to categorise BPC’s stance and to not contradict or duplicate what BAT have submitted. AGREED that Cllr Williams will attend to read the statement. AGREED that the statement will have appendices: the Survey Responses, BPC’s original objection, and a few pertinent photos. AGREED that Cllr Williams and Clerk will finalise the documents and liaise with NSC regarding how many copies are needed, and for whom (updated Statement given to the Inspector posted by BPC 26 July 19)
  • UPDATE (19 June 2019) Sanders Appeal Dates Confirmed
  • NSC UPDATE (18 June 2019) Third Party Representations submitted to the Appeal indicates BAT "will continue as an interested party and not a Rule 6 party" as dated 28 Dec 2018.
  • Council UPDATE (06 June 2019) Minutes of BPC 200 houses Public Meeting
  • BAT UPDATE (May 2019) Meeting in Bleadon Coronation Hall 03 June at 7:30pm
  • NSC UPDATE (12 Mar 2019) Planning Inspectorate Screening Letter "... the proposal would not be likely to have significant effect on the environment for the following reasons: The development is relatively small in scale and there would be no likely significant impacts in terms of noise, water, contamination, flooding, traffic, ecology or archaeology Given the nature and scale of the proposed development and the nature of the receiving environment it is considered that while there may be some impact on the surrounding area as a result of this development, it would not be of a scale and nature likely to result in significant environmental impact. EIA is not required ... (This direction does not affect any duties of the appellant under other legislation, including The Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017.)"
  • Council UPDATE (11 Feb 2019) (Min 319.7) BPC to "a) to a arrange a public meeting on 6th June (7pm, Coronation Hall) to let residents know the process regarding the Appeal (200 homes off Bleadon Road) and to seek their views in order to craft the Parish Council’s response, and to include documented statements. b) Nominate one councillor to speak at the Appeal on behalf of the parish. c) BAT and BPC to co-ordinate regarding their responses, in order not to duplicate"
  • UPDATE (24 Jan 2019) Appeal date set 23 July 2019
  • Council UPDATE (Jan 2019) (Min 318.10) "The Appeal is in July 2019 and it was AGREED to defer the discussion to a Planning Committee meeting in the near future in order to have time for a full debate. Clerk to arrange".
  • Council UPDATE (10 Dec 2018): (Min 317.9 & 317.10) BPC meet BAT & NSC on 6 Dec. BPC Rule 6 involvement put on hold seeking advice.
  • Council UPDATE (23 Nov 2018): Bleadon Parish Council (BPC) call an extra-ordinary meeting on Friday 23 Nov 18 to consider Rule 6 Status and to use the Parish Reserves for the Appeal. Also confirmed that "BAT has obtained Rule 6 status" (Min 316.3)
  • UPDATE (14 Nov 2018): Sanders Lodge an Appeal
  • BAT UPDATE (22 May 2018): BAT public meeting update at the Youth Club. Group renamed to Bleadon Acting Together (BAT).
  • BAT UPDATE (15 May 2018): BAT submit an objection to NSC re: 200 houses application via a professional consultant.
  • UPDATE (10 April 2018): Outline Application for 200 Houses and other facilities with deadline for comment Thursday 3rd May 2018 Please see blog post and contact BAT for further information if required.
  • PREVIOUS INFO - (14 Nov 18) NSC Decision on Sanders Fields Housing Appealed, (17 Sept 18) NSC Refuses 200 Houses in Bleadon, (06 Sept 17) School and 250 Houses Planned - Update


PURN WAY 16 HOUSES - process started Dec 2018


If you would like to contact Bleadon Acting Together, or to get more actively involved, then please see the facebook page and/or use the contact form below.


Bleadon Acting Together Group on Facebook




If you want to comment on an application or make public representatives aware of your views, you can:

As wildlife natural habitats are being constantly threatened, specific or general information about animals and plants  may be helpful to defend an application, as they may be protected, rare, or unusual. Environmental information can be submitted either directly to NSC or via a representative group.

  • Comment directly to North Somerset on a submitted application
  • Write to Avon Wildlife Trust, or other organisations, at any time so that they can collate supporting information on the Bleadon Environment throughout the year(s)
  • Write to CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)
  • Write to Natural England


WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY of the Bleadon Acting Together Group?


The Bleadon Action Group (BAG) was formed in 2017 and met to discuss views and concerns around applications and issues affecting them. A household 'letter drop' was undertaken and a public meeting was held on Tuesday 19th September 2017 at the Coronation Hall. Consequently residents volunteered to participate as a group to further research and discuss housing development issues within our area. The aim of the group is to raise knowledge and awareness within our community, with assistance from residents, and to prepare the public to comment to the Planning Authorities accordingly when required.


On 04 & 14 May 2018 Five lead members of BAG/BAT are co-opted as councillors on Bleadon Parish Council, with a majority vote (i.e. 5 of the 8 councillors became BAT leaders).


On 22 May 2018 this group was renamed 'Bleadon Acting Together (BAT)'.


On this page there are various links to policy documents and other information that has relevance to potential applications within Bleadon, including the National Government Policies and Strategies that seem to be driving these attacks on our rural identity. Also, housing growth in the wider North Somerset area.





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