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200 Houses Appeal Update

Posted on 17th July, 2019

See Appeal daily UPDATE on blog here



PDATE (25 July 19) Unfortunately this Appeal has been adjourned due to the illness of a key witness. It will be rescheduled as soon as possible but August/September doesn't look promising. However, the Inspector will facilitate reconvening the Appeal as soon as possible


UPDATE (22 July 19) Posted on Facebook by a resident, "Can you let people know that you don't have to attend this week's hearing for the whole time/whole day as some people apparently think. We can pop in at any time between 10am and 4pm on the six days, and stay for as long as convenient. I met a lovely mum today who is going to pop in with her child (for as long as the child can stand it) to prove that there are young people in the village, but they are mostly at work. PLEASE SHARE!"



Posted today (17 July 19) on Facebook by Bleadon Acting Together (BAT) re: Appeal representation and documentation posted on NSC website 08 MAY 19.


"As you know the Hearing starts at 10am in the Old Town Hall next Tuesday 23rd July. As it could run for 6 days it is important that as many people attend as possible over the course of the week to show community interest/concern. If you need help to get there please let us know.


If you feel passionate about something then it is important to speak. You don’t have to be an expert. Please go to the first day to register and be given a time slot. There will be speakers from BAT under the four main headings in the document attached – they are Ecology (Kirsten Hemingway will cover this with expert help), Landscape (Joanne Richardson or Pete Richardson will be speaking on this), Social Cohesion (this will be covered by Jim Baines) and Character of the village is where you come in and can speak about the character of Bleadon or a characteristic that you feel will suffer from the development.


The Parish Council have crafted an excellent statement and they will deliver that and be open to questioning. It is still important for others to speak and give an individual viewpoint if you feel you are going to repeat something that someone else has covered you can just make your turn develop the argument.


It has been suggested that all the people opposed to the development bring a piece of paper, A4 size with the word No on it in big letters.


Please continue to support this last push to protect Bleadon. It is well worth fighting. It is not a foregone conclusion! Your presence at the Hearing is vital to impress the Inspector with the passion of our community for the protection of our village."





Third Party Representations submitted to the Appeal posted on NSC website 18 JUN 19


NSC Statement of Case posted on NSC website 30 DEC 18


Previous Sanders Appeal Dates Confirmed

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