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The NDP Survey has Arrived

Posted on 13th January, 2019



UPDATE: 12 FEB 19 email from Bleadon Parish Council's Clerk following Monday's public meeting, "Fracking – no discussion at council, not mentioned by any resident on any of the surveys I have seen (which is only about 100 of the 281).  You ask ‘why’ fracking was not on the survey – well, your email requesting it be put on the survey was noted but the issue was not considered relevant to this early stage survey.  The [Bleadon Neighbourhood Development Planning Working] Group decided the questions – you were not on the group.  No other resident requested any particular question."  


UPDATE: 11 Feb 19 (Mins 319.3 & 319.11) Frack Free North Somerset speak at BPC public meeting and BPC's response.



There are over 1000 residents in Bleadon living in approximately 500 dwellings, with approximately 325 houses within in the village Settlement Boundary and an additional 175+ throughout the remaining parish. As of 10 Jan 2019 all residents within the parish should be recieving a copy of the Bleadon Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) 'Questionnaire Survey'' in paper format, but they can also fill out the survey online.


This is a BPC project undertaken by a working group and we assume that BPC will be publishing its project information soon, answering resident's questions and ensuring that they are fully informed as to the project intentions and progression.


Residents only have three weeks to respond to this NDP Survey i.e. by 31 Jan 2019. You may wish to consider the following topics in your response: 

The NDP is primarily a development plan, as compared to Bleadon's adopted Parish Plan, and consultation will "engage and consult those living and working in the neighbourhood area and those with an interest in or affected by the proposals (eg service providers), and talk to land owners and the development industry ...". There are many stages to the NDP process, which should be an open and transparent process ending with a Bleadon electorate vote/referendum on the final document.


This Questionnaire Survey is your opportunity to indicate what you DO and DO NOT want to happen in the future of Bleadon.

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