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Posted on 13th January, 2019



UPDATE 10 OCT 22 (Min 356.7.11 After £8K+ BPC "To resolve to replace the Bleadon Neighbourhood Plan with a Bleadon Village Plan [shouldn't this be a Parish Plan?] Resolved to take the stated action" Also, Min 356.4.19 "Neighbourhood Plan Group – Return of Grant? The Clerk advised the meeting that any unspent monies would be required to be returned".

NB: The original Parish Plan was a 20 year plan adopted by full council in 2009. So although it's still vailid it also appear to be still lost!


UPDATE 11 JUL 22 (Min 355.9.k) "Neighbourhood Plan Group Clerk waiting to hear whether or not the unused funds can be subsumed into the parish council accounts in order to assist with match funding" But BPC has not declared that the NDP project has been closed yet, and still has never had a public meeting?


UPDATE 09 MAY 22 (Min 353.7.c) BPC confirm new, "Neighbourhood Plan Group Cllrs. H Boyce S Garrett and G Williams"


UPDATE 16 NOV 20: Still no update with regards to NDP Working Group since Feb 20 (Min 331.6), nor any annoucement of a public meeting since the project started June/July 2017, following the public meeting cancellation in Dec 2019, in BVN114.


UPDATE: 26 AUG 20 "Planning Reform Summary from Locality

"Without details, it is difficult to be definitive, but based on [Locality's] interpretation of the [government's White Paper - Planning for the Future (Aug 20)] , the following could be potential implications:

  • Neighbourhood plans would be able to continue to include detailed design guidance and codes ... to shape development ...
  • Neighbourhood plans may not be able to allocate sites for development (including housing), and it is not clear if they will/will not be able to categorise land under the categories of growth, renewal and protected ..
  • Neighbourhood plans may largely not be able to include development management policies, i.e. policies that planning officers normally take into account when deciding on planning applications ...

Implications on public participation in decision making: Under the current planning system the public largely have two core opportunities to shape planning:

  • 1. at the local/neighbourhood plan development stage, and
  • 2. at the planning application stage when applications for development on specific sites are put forward.

Under the proposed reforms the second opportunity will largely be removed, with public participation taking place mainly at the plan development stage. This is because under the proposals the principle of development may be agreed at the local plan development stage."  [How are the NDP and NSC Local Plans related?]


UPDATE06 AUG 2020 "Affordable housing 'will diminish due to UK planning changes' . National Housing Federation criticises idea of developer levy replacing obligation to provide social housing" (PDF)


UPDATE: March 2020: By the end of the financial year, over a year after the survey was undertaken, BPC has still had not convened a public meeting, nor declared the five 'anecedotal sites' it had indicated in its two grant submissions, nor progressed the NDP in public. No NDP working group has been publicly documented since prior to the 200 Houses Appeal in October 2020, but was referred to in the Mar 20 Min 331.6 & Min 332.5. NB: On 26 March 20 the country went into COVID19 Lockdown and BPC stopped publicly documenting any of its subsequent decision making and/or expenditure.


UPDATE Winter/Nov 19BVN-114 - "The Neighbourhood Planning group has not met for the last  2months. We are waiting for the result of the appeal against the 200 houses before we call a village meeting in January to decide, what we have to do next.". When was the cancellation of the November public meeting discussed and agreed by BPC Full council, not in the 11 Nov 19 meeting?


UPDATE OCT 2019 (Min 327.9.iii) "The Clerk to liaise with Mr Quick and the Hall Booking Clerk to find a suitable date at the end of November and publicise this date in the noticeboards the council's website and Neighbourhood Plan website, as well as in the Bleadon Village News" - NB BPC Newsletter deadline was stated but not minuted to be the first week Nov 19.


UPDATE Autumn 19BVN-113 - BPC submit the survey results to the Sanders Fields Appeal Inspector, quoting a 56% household response compared with the NDP Working Group minutes stating a 30% resident response?

" The response to the survey had been magnificent – 281 questionnaires completed in total (130 online) ... There are just under 500 houses in the village and just over 950 adults on the electoral roll, so 281 was a very good number – nearly 30%. It was noted that some people from outside the village may have completed surveys but, given the local delivery of the survey and the local issues it questioned, the number is likely to be small." (20 FEB 19

UPDATE: 08 JULY 19 (Min 324.18) "... The First Survey Results document has now been delivered to most homes in the parish" . Residents have been asking how much is this project costing? Clear simple figures are hard to find but at least £3,766 as been spent so far, not including BPC Clerk meeting attendance and subsequent action time (i.e. £1,733 grant and £2,033 BPC resident precept/taxes). A further £2K is planned for the coming year.


UPDATE: 10 JUN19: (Min 323.19) "...The final survey will be printed within two weeks."


UPDATE: 13 MAY 10 (Min 322.27) "... Survey results to be circulated to households soon."


UPDATE: 12 FEB 19  [A NDP should cover all aspects of Bleadon, i.e. the land, underground (including water tables), sky above, etc. So why were these aspects purposely excluded from the Survey/Questionnaire without any BPC or NDP WG public or minuted discussions, especially with Bleadon's 'fracking licence' and ongoing expansion of Bristol Airport?] email from Bleadon Parish Council's Clerk following Monday's public meeting,

"I am responding in my role as Clerk to the parish council and support to the NP Group ... Fracking – no discussion at council, not mentioned by any resident on any of the surveys I have seen (which is only about 100 of the 281).  You ask ‘why’ fracking was not on the survey – well, your email requesting it be put on the survey was noted but the issue was not considered relevant to this early stage survey.  The [Bleadon Neighbourhood Development Planning Working] Group decided the questions – you were not on the group.  No other resident requested any particular question."  

UPDATE: 11 Feb 19 (Mins 319.3 & 319.11) Frack Free North Somerset speak at BPC public meeting and BPC's response. [Fracking/mineral extraction is part of NSC's Local Plan Policies. Bleadon has 'fracking' licences in the parish and therefore the public's view on this topic should be addressed in its final NDP, if BPC creates one. NB: FFNS subsequently hold a public meeting on 11 June 2019.]



There are over 1000 residents in Bleadon living in approximately 500 dwellings, with approximately 325 houses within in the village Settlement Boundary and an additional 175+ throughout the remaining parish. As of 10 Jan 2019 all residents within the parish should be recieving a copy of the Bleadon Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) 'Questionnaire Survey'' in paper format, but they can also fill out the survey online.


This is a BPC project undertaken by a working group and we assume that BPC will be publishing its project information soon, answering resident's questions and ensuring that they are fully informed as to the project intentions and progression.


Residents only have three weeks to respond to this NDP Survey i.e. by 31 Jan 2019. You may wish to consider the following topics in your response: 

The NDP is primarily a development plan, as compared to Bleadon's adopted Parish Plan, and consultation will "engage and consult those living and working in the neighbourhood area and those with an interest in or affected by the proposals (eg service providers), and talk to land owners and the development industry ...". There are many stages to the NDP process, which should be an open and transparent process ending with a Bleadon electorate vote/referendum on the final document.


This Questionnaire Survey is your opportunity to indicate what you DO and DO NOT want to happen in the future of Bleadon



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