33 Dwellings Land at Bleadon Hill

Posted on 24th April, 2023


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Outline planning application for up to 33 dwellings - Land At Bleadon Hill Bleadon Hill opposite Hillcote Bleadon


A new application was validated on Tuesday 11 Apr 2023 - Land at Bleadon Hill Bleadon Hill opposite Hillcote Bleadon

"Outline planning application for up to 33 dwellings with access for approval; appearance, layout, scale and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval.

This application is outside the parish of Bleadon but the comments deadline is Thu 25 May 2023. Here is the link to the application 23/P/0754/OUT on North Somerset Council Planning website. (Previous information here)


If you prefer to post your comments then the postal address is:

North Somerset Council

Development Management

Post Point 15

Town Hall

Weston-super-Mare BS23 1UJ

If you do make comments on this BOB blog (below), please also make sure that they are made to, and appear on, the North Somerset website link as above. As otherwise they will be ignored by NSC.



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Why do the developers always want to encroach on the countryside?. Profit... profit. The owner of the land is just greedy and has no regard for the countryside. The land can yield income with sheep, hay etc but no the landowner just wants a quick buck. Grrrrr