This Week North Somerset Decide 79 Bleadon Hill Development

Posted on 7th March, 2016

Post meeting note: NSC unanimous vote to refuse permission but as stated below this is going to a future appeal decision process

Bleadon Hill Development

District councillors are going to discuss whether to approve or refuse the Bleadon Hill application for 79 houses on Wednesday 9/3/16 at 2.30pm at Weston Town Hall in Walliscote Grove Road.


Apparently, from the Committee report obtained via the application webpage the application will be dealt with on appeal, the report states:

"The applicant has lodged an appeal against the failure of the Council to decide the planning application within the statutory determination period. This means that the Council cannot decide the application and a decision will instead be made by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The appeal will be a public inquiry at a date to be confirmed. The Council can therefore only consider what it would have concluded had it been able to determine the application. This report describes and assesses the planning application in the usual way, but the recommendation is adapted to reflect the appeal process. However, if given the opportunity to make a decision, the application would have been recommended for REFUSAL. The full recommendation is set out at the end of this report." 

People who wish to speak about the application must inform the council before the meeting. Alternatively, go online and add a new comment ASAP on the previous Previous 79 houses blog.


Please note: This is a separate application to the recent update sent on Wentwood Drive/Highfield Road proposed development 

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