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Bleadon Hill 79 Houses Appeal Dismissed

Posted on 3rd March, 2017

UPDATE March 2 2017 - APPLICANT APPEAL DISMISSED - Inspector's Decision Report HERE


Congratulations to the Bleadon Hill Action Group and North Somerset legal team for their sterling efforts ensuring that the appeal to build 79 houses was refused (link to detailed planning info).


This application, if successful, would have irrevocably joined Bleadon to Weston-super-Mare affecting its independent/separate 'village' identity forever and could have potentially opened the floodgates for future large scale housing developments in our green rural environment.


BOB would like to thank the Action Group and all of you who assisted in the process, either by physically attending and speaking up for Bleadon at the Inquiry, sending the Inspector written comments or working behind the scenes (including spouses and partners for their patience and support), many of whom are mentioned at the end of the Inspector's report.


Correspondence during the Inquiry also revealed that Bleadon Parish Council did not have a plan to protect Bleadon or its future, having indicated that they had 'lost' the current 20 year plan as adopted in 2009. We, like others, believe that a clear, communicated and publicly supported plan would help any future development to occur in a more manageable, publicly supported and structured way.


Let us hope we can all learn positive lessons from this experience and continue to protect our rural village community way of life (link to CPRE Parish Plan information).


Original Application Blog post here


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