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Wentwood Drive and Bleadon Hill Planning Applications

Posted on 4th September, 2016

UPDATE March 2 2017 - APPLICANT APPEAL DISMISSED - Inspector's Decision Report HERE





The dates for Bleadon Hill (79 Houses) Inquiry Appeal have changed again!! Now November 29-December 1 then 13-14 at Royal Hotel and 15th back at Town Hall BUT the Hearing Appeal for Wentwood Drive/Highfield Road (50 Houses) is still 8-9 November



The dates for Bleadon Hill (79 houses) Appeal Inquiry at WSM Town Hall has now been changed to December 12-19, Wentwood Drive (50 houses) Appeal Hearing is confirmed starting at 10a.m November 8-9 at WSM Football Club BS24 9AA . Further details below.


CHANGE OF DATE for Bleadon Hill 79 Houses Appeal

Bleadon Hill Appeals Details click for PDF

Bleadon Hill Housing Appeals Information



Poster information is repeated below with links to applications and further details


The Wentworth Drive and Bleadon Hill Action Group has been set up to oppose these planning applications.


In regard to the Wentwood Drive (50 houses) application (15/P/0983/O), the Planning Inspector has decided that a full hearing will be held. As many residents as possible are strongly encouraged to attend the hearing, to show the collective local opposition to the application.


Strong community support against the proposal at the hearing can have a massive impact on the outcome


The date of the Wentwood Drive hearing is 8th-9th November 2016 more detail via Planning Inspectorate case website here.



In regard to the Bleadon Hill (79 houses) application, the revised application (16/P/1053/O) has now been withdrawn by the developers leaving just the original application (15/P/0167/O) which will be heard at an appeal inquiry starting on 12th December (previously 29th November) 2016 starting at 10am over a potential SIX day period, at the Town Hall, WSM. Again, all residents are encouraged to attend for the same reasons as above.


The Action Group have been deemed a ‘rule 6 party’ which means that they can make a representation to the hearing. The Action Group will address the hearing, concentrating on transport issues; sustainability; visual impact; landscape and ANOB impact; highways and access, and the proposal is outside of the adopted core strategy.


North Somerset Council will also be objecting to the proposals.


The developers have appointed a QC to represent them, so they are making a determined effort to have the application approved. Therefore, opposition support from the local community in attending the hearing is absolutely vital.




Link to blog information on all these applications

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Comments (2)

Dear Philip,

Thank you for your comments they are definitely in line with local residents.

FYI. the various Bleadon junctions to A370 and the speed limits (not that long ago A370 limit was raised) have been a topic of much debate and concern for many years and regularly aired to the parish and district councillors for some changes. However, North Somerset Council (like most public funded authorities) plead poverty and will only take action if enough people are killed first (their words). So only Section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy money from already agreed developments like Marshalls Quarry, Weston Wake Park will fund any road safety improvements such as lights, crossings, warnings etc. The Bleadon Hill developments will not actually contribute anything at all other than increase traffic......! The community cost will of course be a higher population using more cars that will no doubt exacerbate this and other problems. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and hope you enjoy your move to the area.
Hi, will shortly be moving to near Bleadon therefore read your Webb pages and actions to the proposed housing developments.

A concern, possibly already actioned, is the difficulty to exit Bleadon areas onto the main principal road (Weston to Burnham) at the existing junctions. The main road is very busy, sometimes it is difficult to safely join onto the traffic flows.

Perhaps new traffic signals could help? Has North Somerset Council undertaken an analysis for accidents and possible signals? If housing and motorists are to increase then traffic signals should be provided, prior to commencement of further developments?


Email: pthomas@blueyonder.co.uk