Appeal information on Bleadon Hill 79 Housing Development

Posted on 1st May, 2016


The Application for 79 houses on Bleadon Hill is being decided on appeal by the developer to the Planning Inspector. Below is information on the process sent out by North Somerset Council. Comments should be made ASAP as they must be received by the deadline of 19th May 2016. See details below,


For your convenience, here is a link direct to the Appeal webpage, application reference 3142927 

and also here is a link to the Application on NSC website with more detailed Appeal documents (15/P/0167/O)


Confirmation of Appeal Dates Letter


Bleadon Hill Housing Appeal pg 1


Bleadon Hill Housing Appeal pg2


Previous information on this application 


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Comments (2)

Dear Ed, Thanks for your comments, I have now added a link above that goes direct to the Appeal webpage. However I can do little else to improve their system, hopefully all the previous comments made to North Somerset (as letter indicates) will be sent to the inspector and result in the proper outcome!
As usual they make it as difficult as possible to either find the application or to make a comment. Entering the reference number above on the website resulted in an error message. There is no way to click on a link to the documents I wish to view. It took me some time to find anything to do with this appeal.

If you can finally get onto the correct website there is no spellcheck. The whole thing is amateurish and inefficient. Totally user-unfriendly. I believe it is designed like that so as to put as many people off from commenting or objecting. This is not proper democracy. What IS this council doing? Nothing on our behalf I'm sure.

Anyway thank you Bob for letting us know what is going on. I'm sure I cannot rely on the local - albeit elected - council!!