Proposed 40 Houses Land at Bleadon Hill

Posted on 15th August, 2019


Bleadon BOB has been informed that residents in the Bleadon Hill area have received the following letter from Corylus for a 40 houses developmentdiagonally opposite Hillicote. (The letter is re-typed for clarity at the end of this blog.)


Bleadon Parish Council has received correspondence from "Corylus (planning consultancy) – request to discuss planning application in Weston but adjacent to Bleadon". (July 19 Min 324.24.9) BPC has stated that it will discuss this pre-application at their 20 August BPC meeting in a closed session where members of the public will be asked to leave the room, not sure why?

"Min 325.29 - To Discuss a confidential pre-application notification. Corylus (planning consultancy) are preparing a pre-app in Weston but adjacent to Bleadon."

Be aware that any concerns informally raised by residents at this stage may be mitigated by the developers before they submit their actual application to North Somerset for formal public consultation. 


There was a previous application related to this site in 2014 for 79 houses which was subsequently turned down on Appeal.


5th August 2019


Dear Sir Madam,


Proposed Residential Development, Land at Bleadon Hill, Weston-super-Mare.


Corylus Planning and Environmental Limited have been instructed by Innova Consulting Services Limited to prepare and submit a planning application to North Somerset Council for a development of up to 40 houses at Bleadon Hill. We are writing to you as the application site adjoins the boundary of your property or is very close to it.


The application will be an outline planning application, which means that the layout and landscaping of the development, along wth the scale, desing and material of the proposed houses will be determined at a later stage should outline planning permission be granted. However, the access into the site will be considered as part of the outline planning application.


We have sought technical advice from transport, ecological and drainage consultant to inform the proposal. We have also studied the previous appeal decision and designed the development to overcome the concerns raised in relation to the landscape impact.


An indicative masterplan will accompany the planning application which will demonstrate to the Council that the site can adequately accommodate up 40 houses, along with internal roads, car parking and public open space. An extract of the masterplan is shown overleaf.


Two parameter plans will also accompany the planning application and they will fix the parameters for Green Infrastructure and building heights, providing a framework which will inform the subsequent detailed planning applications. The former parameter plan will ensure that the proposed public open space will be delivered. The latter parameter plan will fix maximum height limits for buildings across the site and will ensure that the developmetn will be predominately dormer (or "chalet") style bungalows.


There will also be affordable homes within the developement to meet a local need and the proportion will be agreed withthe Council during the consideration of the planning application.



Corylus Planning & Environmental Ltd. Registered in England ......


Link to the previous 79 Houses application and appeal involving this site.







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I would like to object to this planning application which appears very short sighted. The proposed site is adjacent to a narrow road, barely wide enough to carry one car let alone two. The local bus service has abandoned the route because it's too narrow and there are already too many cars using the road as a rat run. Bleadon Hill is an area of beauty and filled with wild animals, flora and meadows which are in decline. I often see deer roaming freely and bees pollinating; surely to reduce our countryside when climate change and bio-diversity is so important to our survival is not another unnecessary. Please find a brown field site and leave the countryside alone. There are no shops or amenities and houses already being built on Bleadon Hill.
Land at Bleadon Hill,outline planning for 40 dwellings!
Planning ref.19/P/2243/OUT
Comments by 29 October 2019 to North Somerset website
More houses for Bleadon Hill ??
There have already been three building applications refused for this site. The more recent one being turned down on appeal after a six day hearing. We seriously wonder what in the word NO do these applicants not understand!
Residents on the hill approaching this site have not notified. The lane approaching this section of Bleadon hill is narrow and not wide enough to allow cars to pass. There is no foot path in front of the existing houses and traffic to and from the village use this as a ‘rat run.” Many totally oblivious to speed, making it highly dangerous as it is to get out onto the lane. There is no justification whatsoever for any more houses on Bleadon hill.
I have not received letter