Local Plan 2038 Consultation Part 2

Posted on 15th November, 2020





UPDATE 21 DEC 20: Penrose MP blog, "Weston’s MP Welcomes Cuts To Housing Targets & Commitment to Building Up, Not Out" 

  • "... the Government will drop proposals to increase North Somerset’s housebuilding targets from 1,365 to 1,708 a year" (PDF)

UPDATE 14 DEC 20: BPC did not raise this as an agenda item, and did not respond to this consutlation (Dec 20 Mins).



NOTE: Don't forget to comment on the Fracking Licences in Bleadon and the Bristol Airport Expansion overhead. UPDATE: See Bleadon Developments Nov 2020



North Somerset Local Plan 2038 Challenges and Choices Part 2

02 Nov 2014 Dec 20"A Local Plan sets out where developments can and cannot take place and ensures we get the right type of development in the right place with the right services and infrastructure ... This document is the second stage"


NB: This consultation is not noted for councillor discussion on Bleadon Parish Council's 16 Nov 20 Agenda. The next Full BPC meeting is currently scheduled for 14 Dec 20, the day this consultation closes. The BPC Planning Committee has not met since Feb 2019, and was disbanded at the beginning of this year?


North Somerset Council states:

"The Local Plan will need to review the approach to the role of settlements and settlement boundaries, and this will be influenced by the priorities and the overall approach identified. At this stage no specific figure has been included for small scale growth in the rural areas."


"The consultation runs from 2 November - 14 December 2020 comment online. (PDF)


The Choices consultation is all about looking at alternative approaches for where new housing, employment and community uses might go over the next 15 years and which are the broad locations which best reflect your priorities. This is not going to be easy given the large amount of housing the government has identified for North Somerset, but we need to plan positively for the future.


To plan properly, we need your views. No decisions have been taken on where or how new homes should be built yet, but those decisions will be taken in the next year or so.


We have prepared a short questionnaire and it would be great if you could take a few minutes to complete it. You will have to register to take part which just requires an e-mail address and password - you will already have one if you've taken part in one of our previous consultations."

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