Active Travel Strategy Consultation

Posted on 21st November, 2020

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Active Travel Strategy

05 Nov 2017 Dec 20"Our Draft Active Travel Strategy is a 10-year plan to 2030 that aims to harness the huge rise in walking and cycling seen during 2020."


North Somerset Council states:

"Ambitious proposals have moved a step closer to making walking, cycling and other forms of active travel a more natural transport choice for residents and visitors to North Somerset. 

Active Travel Strategy consultation runs from 05 November - 17 December 2020 comment online.

The NSC "... Draft Active Travel Strategy is a 10-year plan to 2030 that aims to harness the huge rise in walking and cycling seen during 2020. This will help us continue to increase realistic opportunities for safe, attractive and enjoyable active travel, including walking and cycling.

Through delivering high quality walking and cycling networks and increasing publicity and awareness of these, the strategy aims to increase walking and cycling trips by 300 per cent by 2030.


This will help us achieve the vision of ‘Making walking and cycling the natural choice for a cleaner, healthier and more active North Somerset’. This will be crucial in our efforts to help reduce carbon emissions to strive to become carbon neutral by 2030, tackle the climate emergency, improve public health and boost the local economy. This is all even more important than before given the year we’ve had.


A more detailed report introducing the Draft Active Travel Strategy was presented to and agreed by the Council’s Executive Committee on 21st October 2020. You can read the executive report here."


"Message from the Executive Member for Transport Councillor James Tonkin Tonkin -


We are in a climate emergency and the way we move around our area has to change to protect our future. Since the Covid-19 crisis, we have seen a huge growth in walking and cycling, showing the suppressed demand for active travel. The crisis has also shown us the importance of underlying good health, both physically and mentally. Active travel is a very easy way for people to achieve this, which many of us take up, given the opportunity. The way we build our infrastructure also has to shift. This strategy marks a fundamental refocus in our priorities that will see us putting walking and cycling at the centre of our transport planning for the next 10 years. We have outlined our proposals and ambitions, now we need the public to give us their feedback, so I urge everyone to get involved."


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