Mendip Motor Appeal Refused

Posted on 12th November, 2019


The Planning Inspectorate has dismissed/refused the outline application at Mendip Model Racing Circuit, Summerways Bridge, Accommodation Road, Bleadon, for:

"Outline application, with all matters reserved, for the erection of industrial buildings for B1 and B8 use." (APPD0121/W/19/3230061)

The application was refused/dismissed after considering Land Use (incl: brownfield), Location (incl: Bleadon's infill status, settlement hierarchy, rural location & economy/business need), Landscape Character & Appearance (incl: the countryside), Flooding vulnerability (incl: Bleadon levels) and Ecology (incl: bats). The Inspector stated:

"... neither the support for new economic development in the development plan nor NPPF is at the expense of ensuring that all development is appropriately located and integrates suitably with its environment. That would not be the case here, and there is a lack of justification for the particular location of the proposal ... I am not of the view that the benefits of the scheme, or any other material consideration, are sufficient to outweigh the harm that would result."

Oddly, although this application was outside the Settlement Boundary, contrary to Bleadon's adopted Parish Plan and NSC's Local Plan/Core Strategy, Bleadon Parish Council supported the development at both the application submission and appeal stages:


BPC Application discussion - 14 Jan 19 (Min 318.7)

"Cllrs Hemingway and Baines reported no concerns about the access to the site, the design of the buildings or the use of the site. Provision of starter units would be beneficial to economic activity in the parish. The only concern raised was to ensure that rubbish/material from the site was prevented from entering the watercourse, which is between the road and the back of the proposed buildings. It was AGREED to support the application with the concern noted."

BPC Comment submitted to NSC 14 Jan 2019

"At the meeting on 14th January 2019 Bleadon Parish Council resolved to support this application. The Parish Council welcomes the provision of employment uses on this brownfield site. However, there were environmental concerns raised regarding the hedgerow and rhyne/ditch between the site and the road. Measures should be in place to prevent waste/litter/rubbish getting into the water."

BPC Appeal discussion & submission - Sept 2019 (Min 326.11)

"Application 18/P/4956/OUT had been previously supported by Bleadon Parish Council and members RESOLVED to: support the appeal (APPD0121/W/19/3230061) on the proviso that the Mendip Motor Racing Club adopt a policy with regards to providing suitable facilities to ensure litter and recycling could be disposed of appropriately without leaving a mess. ACTION: The Clerk to submit this comment on behalf of Council"

Here is the link to the original application 18/P/4956/OUT to North Somerset Council Planning in Nov 2018, which was refused by NSC on 17 Apr 2019.

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