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Posted on 23rd November, 2020



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UPDATE 20MAY21: Application REFUSED NSC Decision Notice and Delegate Report.

  • Despite not appearing in any published BPC agenda or minutes, BPC is noted in the Delegate Report. stating:
    • "The Parish Council recommends refusal for the following reasons – Too close to the river – the lake previously formed part of the river years ago and has now been separated by a bank – would have a detrimental effect on the wild life – and is over development"
    • Why didn't BPC inform residents of this large development?
  • NSC Policy Framework - The site is affected by the following constraints:

    • Outside the settlement boundary for Bleadon
    • Landscape character A5 Bleadon Moor
    • Adjoins Local Wildlife site (River Axe, includes pond)
    • Flood zone 3A, partially 3B
    • PROW AX6/14/10
    • Consultation Zone C Horseshoe bats SAC

UPDATE: This was not on BPC's 16 Nov14 Dec or 11 Jan , 08 Feb, 08 Mar, 05 May Agenda ior minutes? 



A new application on land Land At Purn Holiday Park Bridgwater Road Bleadon:

"Change of use of land from pasture to a site for timber lodges, for year round holiday use, in association with the existing holiday park" (10 Lodges)

Comments deadline is now 21 Dec 20 (changed from 14 Dec 20 - validated 12 Nov 20). Here is the link to the application 20/P/2614/FUL on North Somerset Council Planning website.


If you prefer to post your comments then the postal address is:  

North Somerset Council

Development Management

Post Point 15

Town Hall


BS23 1UJ 

If you do make comments on this BOB blog (below), please also make sure that they are made to, and appear on, the North Somerset website link as above. As otherwise they will be ignored by NSC. 



This application involves a Site of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI) and a Public Right of Way (PROW), see map..


Previous BPC Apr 19 response: to 19/P/0427/FUL: "Application to vary condition 2 and remove condition 5 on application 17/P/1502/F ( change of use of land from camp site to the siting of 40no. static and touring caravans ) to allow a change to the approved layout" :

"...Regarding this as part of the extended holiday/caravan site off Bridgwater and Accommodation Roads, concern was raised that this seemed to be moving towards a ‘12 month residency’ site. Councillors had visited the site and viewed it from Purn Hill. The site is an eyesore – given that Bleadon is a ‘tucked-in’ village it is ironic that the static caravans/mobile homes/lodges are so visible. There are 79 units visible. It was AGREED TO OBJECT to the application. It was also AGREED TO WRITE TO NSC to express concern about the piecemeal approach to development in this area of Bleadon which is outside the settlement boundary. NSC are able to take enforcement action but need to be alerted promptly." (BPC Apr 19 Min 321.6) {See BOB Note]

Previous BPC Oct 17 response to 17/P/1502/F, " Change of use of land involving the siting of 90 static and touring caravans’ (as initially proposed) to 40 static and touring caravans". BPC published their 09 Oct 17 minutes to residents on 20 Oct 17, the same day as NSC had granted consent to the application, stating:

"It was agreed that the initial decision and comments of no objection to the planning application ...  still stands" (BPC Oct 17 Min 300.13)

This was despite the applicatin involving a SNCI and a PROW?

NSC Descion Notice - GRANTED and Delegated Report (BPC Oct 17 Min 300.13)

Previous BPC July 17 response to "17/P/1502/F Land at Purn Holiday Village, Bridgwater Road, Bleadon, BS24 0AN

Proposed change of use of land from camp site to the siting of 90no. static and touring caravans. It was unanimously resolved not to object to the planning application but for the developer to be asked to contribute to the levy for the general improvement of traffic issues likely to be caused by the development particularly at the junction of the A370." (BPC July17 Min 297.8)


BOB Note to: CARAVAN PARK 19/P/0427/FUL


Application to vary condition 2 and remove condition 5 i.e. the approved 'restricted' layout, on application 17/P/1502/F,  ... to allow a change to the approved layout (Map with PROW) See BPC Sept 19 Min 326.14 'noted'?, also occupancy query ...  and to the make original site all year round use like the new 40 caravans extension 17/P/1520/F.



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An eyesore, already over development and removal of trees and hedgerow, Highly visible from hill and lit up like a Christmas tree at night. Prone to flooding Any more units will add to the clutter.
We are so against the ten lodges. car park ,toliets.....we bought this static. In a lovely part of the site.... we payed good money for this .....And now to have it spoilt ...by this extension.... Not happy. Not fare...HELP
We are very upset With the growth of this site ,,,,its lovely as it stands ,And it will spoil the view of the campsite as it looks now,,, why expand for whom,,Not US,,,,We HOPE this does not go to PLAN
I am totally against this due to the overall beautiful view, the wildlife on the edge of the lake the existing flooding which occurs which is a big problem on Riverside due to poor drainage.which is an on going problem, I feel this site is becoming far too big as it is spoiling Greenbelt land.
We are opposed to the 10 lodges .carpark.toilets....enough is ENOUGH
Not happy with this with this planning application...FOR 10 LODGES .........Tolilets ECT.......HOPE this does NOT Go ahead . AS it will affect our view.. ..