90 Caravans at Purn/Riverside Park Update

Posted on 23rd July, 2017

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The deadline for this application has been extended to 9 October 2017 (previously 07 August 2017), you can submit an online comment to NSC via the BOB link here.


Despite this application being outside the Settlement Boundary/Village Fence, following their Parish Council meeting Monday 10 July 17 our five parish council representatives submitted the following comment to NSC as follows:

  • "Bleadon Parish Council has no objections to this application, however the Parish Council would like to request that the developer to be asked to contribute to the levy for the general improvement of traffic issues likely to be caused by the development particularly at the junction of the A370."

There is no mention of the many reasons that BOB/public feel support a refusal to this application. For example:

  • This application is outside the Settlement Boundary.
  • According to the Parish Plan Questionniare responses 64% of responding residents had 'reservations' or 'definitely' did not want tourism development/attractions.
  • That if this application was granted it would mean that a third of all dwellings in Bleadon would be on a caravan site.
  • That if granted the number of caravan units in the Accomodation Road junction area will have nearly doubled from 163 units last year/2016 to a potential 310 all year round units this year.
  • That 310 units is 60% the number of the existing 530 residential dwellings in Bleadon.
  • That the current site licence is for non-residential units, so what monitoring is in place to ensure that these units do not become full time residencies? (It is our understanding that these caravan units do not count as Bleadon's allocation of residential units, hence the pressure to build houses on our green field sites outside the settlement boundary).
  • That according to NSC data the site doesn't appear to officially be a camp site at present, so how can it be a change of use?

  • That according to NSC mapping there is a PROW right through the centre of the application (PROW responsibilites still not answered by BPC. Bleadon has already lost its circular walk on South Hill when that landower made changes).

  • That according to the site related application (17/P/1515F) to construct an equipment store the Site of Nature & Conservation Interest (SNCI) now appears to be a pond?! (This SNCI and associated landfill query is still not answered by BPCor NSC).

  • That it is outside the Settlement Boundary and it would irrevocably change the nature of the green landscape in which it is sited
  • That it would not accord with the adopted 20 year Parish Plan 2009, associated Action Plan and/or 103 Improvements to "Conserve the rural character - Retain the green space between Weston and
  • Bleadon" (Parish Plan paperwork was declared 'lost/not found' by BPC this year, with no local democratic consulted plan in place to protect our community or environment).

North Somerset make the decision on this development application. If you want your individual voice heard you need to comment directly to NSC.


See 90 Static & Touring Caravans at Purn/Riverside Village for more information.





Caravan Site Information


16 Houses on Land Off Purn Way on greenfield site outside Settlement Boundary.

Stables to dwelling on Celtic Way on greenfield site outside Settlement Boundary,

70 Dwellings Application at Devil's Bridge Bleadon Hill BOB Blog on green field site near Parish Bounary


Settlement Boundary Information

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The junction of Bridgewater Road and Catherine's Inn is notorious as a very bad intersection together with the junction at Accommodation Road. History has shown that fatalities have already taken place at these intersections and the addition of extra caravans will only increase the traffic problems at these Black Spots.
An addition of any extra caravans on this site would cause further traffic congestion on the Bridgewater Road which is already a very busy commuter route.This road is particularly dangerous at the junction by Catherine's Inn and the Bridgewater Road with fatalities in the past history of this junction.