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Celtic Way Appeal

Posted on 3rd July, 2018

UPDATE: 30 November 2018 Appeal is DISMISSED (Inspectors Report) from NSC Application Webpage



Link to Celtic Way Stables Image



The Applicant of the Celtic Way application for conversion of a stable to a dwelling is taking the NSC decision to refuse this application to appeal. Appeal Reference: APP/D0121/W/18/3200632 on the Planning Inspectorate website states the details including contact details of the Case Officer and phone number. Deadline for additional comments is Friday 13 July 18. 


As BOB understands the process all the original comments will be seen by the Planning Inspector. It is unfortunate (to say the least) that Bleadon Parish Council did not object (although NSC did), despite this site being outside the Settlement Boundary. Yet conversely BPC did object to the Rivermead application, also outside boundary, but NSC approved it! Both the NSC Local Plan and BPC adopted Parish Plan state that development in Bleadon should be constrained within the Settlement Boundary. The applicant has cited these anomalies in their Appeal Statement as reasons for overturning NSC decision. 


We do not know whether BPC is reconsidering their previous decision or whether they will now be urgently writing to the inspector, as it does not appear to be on their agenda for the BPC meeting on Monday 9th July. (NB. Members of the public may request to speak and ask questions in the public participation section of the meeting.)


STOP PRESS: 6 July 2018 - BPC have convened a planning meeting for 12th July 2018 (day before deadline for additional comment to Planning Inspector) where they will discuss this Agenda here


2 Aug 2018 - NSC Appeal Statement and Appelant Response as per 13 July deadline to Planning Inspectorate. NB:  In their meeting of 12 July (P69.6), BPC changed their mind and resolved to write to Inspector with objections, but this is not shown on NSC or PI websites.

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