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Conversion of Stable to Dwelling on Celtic Way

Posted on 23rd July, 2017


Celtic Way Stable to Dwelling Aerial Map


UPDATE JUNE 2018 - Applicant submits an Appeal to the Planning Inspector


UPDATE 23 OCT 17 - Application Refused by NSC the Delegated Report is also available.


A new application for a the "Erection of a two storey dwelling and a single storey detached garage following the demolition of existing stable building", on another green field site outside of the Settlement Boundary!


Comments deadline is 27 July 2017. Here is the link to the application 17/P/1484/F on North Somerset Council Planning website


If you prefer to post your comments then the postal address is:  

North Somerset Council

Development Management

Post Point 15

Town Hall


BS23 1UJ 

If you do make comments on this BOB blog (below), please also make sure that they are made to, and appear on, the North Somerset website link as above. As otherwise they will be ignored by NSC.


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Link to Major Developments Map


Celtic Way Stable to Dwelling Map




View NowProposed
Celtic Way Field View NowCeltic Way Field View Proposed



Despite this application being outside the Settlement Boundary/Village Fence with a Public Right of Way through the middle of the site, following their Parish Council meeting Monday 10 July 17 our five parish council representatives submitted the following comment to NSC as follows:

North Somerset make the decision on this development application. If you want your individual voice heard you need to comment directly to NSC.


Why are BPC approving building on greenfield sites when surely they should first be identifying, building on and exhausting brownfield sites first?
  • On 2 Nov 16 The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) posted "More than a million homes possible on suitable brownfield land".
  • On 15 Dec 14 local MP Liam Fox spoke out in Parliament on behalf of North Somerset and the high extra housing development imposed by central government coming from the Bristol University court challenge wanting to build on Green Belt land. NSC was subsequently asked to increase indentified sites from 14,000 to 21,000 houses. Liam Fox MP said, ".. it must be made clear that greenfield development should come only as a last resort after all brownfield sites are exhausted".
  • On 10 May 2017 DCLG wrote "With effect from 16 April 2017, each local authority is required by law to create an easy-to-access Brownfield Register and publish it on its website by 31 December. However, only sites suitable for new homes are to be included".
  • How can any green field site be considered until this exercise has been completed? Any NSC policies that are currently in place to protect green fields and infill villages should be upheld, e.g. Core Strategy, Parish Plans, etc.
  • How will the Public Right of Way across this greenfield site be diverted, extinguished or created as requested by the applicant? Bleadon has already lost its circular walk on South Hill when that landowner made changes
  • This application is in a Bat Habitation zone,has had nesting birds and is near two separate Sites of Nature Conservation Interest (SNCI). What other creatures will be affected? The applicant's own form indicates that "Although not within the ANOB it is considered that this site is important within the context of Policy DM11"
  • We therefore believe that this application should be refused.

Firstly and fundamentally, Bleadon is a NSC (CS33) designated Infill Village and this application site is outside of the long established Settlement Boundary, so surely this application must be rejected as otherwise what is the point of the designation and the Core Strategy Local Plan Policy which involved extensive consultation and costly production. Also the 20 year Bleadon Parish Plan that was previously adopted by BPC in 2009 states it will "Through the Planning process vigorously question all development outside the Village Settlement" and "Ensure that all new development is within the village Settlement Boundary". Also NSC Corporate Plan stating they need to "promote growth without compromising the things that we, and our millions of visitors, love about North Somerset: our beautiful countryside, stunning coast and distinctive towns and villages, each with their own unique character."

This application is on a greenfield site not a Brownfield Site, it has not been previously identified as suitable for development under the Site Allocations Plan consultation. This will not be affordable housing (CS17) in a sustainable location, being situated in a small but steep valley with obvious potential for flooding and landslip from above. The existing stable block has grown (possibly without permission) from a simple leanto shack to shelter ponies, into something more substantial and is on agricultural grazing land. This development will clearly change that purpose forever by creating a road over that land and thus also regular vehicular access on to/from Celtic Way (a steep narrow road) with very limited visibility. An accident (or more) waiting to happen from the existing field gate and also consideration to hedgerow regulations should be given.
There is a public right of way with pedestrian access via gate/stile/steps on Celtic Way over this field. The views and natural habitat for wildlife over the surrounding landscape from the adjacent footpath (which is part of the West Mendip Way) and surrounding roads (also viewed from A370) will clearly also be permanently affected during construction and when completed. What about access for water, electric, gas, communication services and foul waste disposal too?
The application support document states "Public transport passes the door, in both directions, hourly commencing at 08:40". The bus only goes up Celtic Way and thus will not be suitable to get to work or school before 9am. The application also states "If villages of this nature and character are not allowed to gradually grow ... they will stagnate", conversely the application already stated that Bleadon is an active, thriving community with WSM within easy reach, so why do the greenfields 'of beautiful countryside' that surround the village, that are key to Bleadon's 'unique character' need to be built on? Is the intention to 'gradually grow' Bleadon into a suburb of WSM with all greenfields being eventually built on and Bleadon village and surrounding greenfield parish destroyed?
This is just one of many current applications within the surrounding area and almost all are outside our long established Bleadon settlement boundary. The accumulated effect of all these applications on the rural Bleadon community and environmental landscape needs to be considered as a holistic whole and not individually. 
We believe NSC needs to take a firm stand against all of these speculative applications and protect its own well considered and consulted planning policies. Otherwise what is the point of their existence leaving the property development industry to build whenever, whererever and whatever they please with the Planning Inspectors permission with no accounting for the health and well-being of the existing community residents they will and currently do affect!




90 Static & Touring Caravans at Purn/Riverside Village on greenfield site outside Settlement Boundary.

16 Houses on Land Off Purn Way on greenfield site outside Settlement Boundary.

70 Dwellings at Devil's Bridge Bleadon Hill BOB Blog on greenfield site near Parish Boundary


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Comments (1)

Further to previous comments. This is effectively a strip development that will link the group of houses in mid Celtic Way toward those on Lower Celtic Way.
As per DM11 (ANOB), this application will affect views to/from ANOB.
Although this is not a Rural Building conversion, DM45 (The conversion or reuse of rural buildings to residential use) may still be relevant as it is not clear locally that the 'stable' was ever a permitted development and certainly was never fully built so should probably be demolished anyway. If it was permitted, then it's replacement will certainly not be in keeping and enhancing the location (outside settlement boundary), being substantially larger 2 story dwelling and also affecting views from the West Mendip Way PROW and local residents through additional services, lighting (dark skies) etc.
It will also reduce the rural economy by loss of available grazing and/or land for UK Food Security purposes.