Dismantling 800m of Overhead Cables

Posted on 4th May, 2021

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Notification to dismantle/underground approximately 800 metres of overhead cables/poles/stays and transformers and to consolidate 2no. overhead Transformers with 1no. Ground Mounted Transformer. Land At Bleadon Hill Golf Club Roman Road


Here is the link to the application 21/P/0408/ELE on North Somerset Council Planning website.


This application was validated on 10 Feb 2021. The comments deadline was unspecified


NSC received no comments from Bleadon Parish Council despite being on its March Agenda? Also no comments were noted by councillors in the draft March Mins 341.6 that have been published for approval at the BPC meeting tomorrow 05 May 2021 (NB There was no BPC meeting in April).


On 24 March 2021 North Somerset Council stated NO OBJECTION  - see the Decision Notice and Delegated Report.


The Delegated Report notes the following Planning Designations:

  • "Outside of the Settlement Boundary for Bleadon [although inside the Parish Boundary]
  • Within the AONB
  • Number of Archaeological Sites in and around proposed location
  • Within Horseshoe Bat Zone C 
  • Protected Trees close to proposed works"


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