Fracking Concerns Continue

Posted on 24th October, 2018



UPDATE: 02 Nov 2018 - Independent, "Conservatives line up to criticise government's ‘downright bonkers’ fracking plans ... The government recently closed its consultation on whether new shale exploration sites should be treated as permitted developments ... There are reportedly up to 20 Conservative MPs ready to rebel over the government’s plan, which critics say would effectively strip local people of the ability to block fracking applications"


Fracking concerns continue for Bleadon's 2016 Petroleum Exploration & Development Licence as drilling restarts in Blackpool and earthquakes in the UK increase.


22 Oct 2018 - Mirror, "Blackpool hit by FIVE earthquake in three days after fracking started again in the area. The British Geological Society says there has been an upturn in seismic activity after the energy firm Cuardrilla recommenced operations last Monday"


20 Oct 2018 - Daily Mail, "Blackpool suffers FOUR earthquakes in just two days after fracking restarts in the area despite protests

  • Fracking for shale gas was banned in UK in 2011 after it caused two earthquakes 
  • Process restarted last week at Lancashire site despite court battles and protests
  • David Smythe, professor of geophysics at University of Glasgow, warned more quakes were to come if work continues"

02 Nov 2011 - Telegraph, "Cuadrilla admits drilling caused Blackpool earthquakes. Private company Cuadrilla Resources has admitted that its activities probably caused two "siemic events" that occured in Blackpool earlier this year".




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