Fracking Concerns

Posted on 26th July, 2018

Update ImageUPDATE 26 JULY 2018: Friends of the Earth state, "The National Planning Policy Framework, which was released on the very last day of parliament (24 July), promotes fracking ... Friends of the Earth is concerned that ... By requiring planning authorities to plan positively for shale extraction, the approach gives the go-ahead for fracking and will make it virtually impossible for councils to refuse schemes they and their communities do not want or consider right for their area"


UPDATE 24 JULY 2018: Sum of Us create a petition stating, "Secretary Greg Clarke has just announced plans to fast track planning applications for fracking developments ... they'd not need planning permission at all. Local councils would also lose any right to have their say in the matter."


Reference: Revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) 24 July 2018 e.g. Section 17 Facilitating the sustainable use of minerals, page 58 (mineral extraction) and Section 14. Meeting the challenge of climate change, flooding and coastal change. Also, see BOB Revised Planning Policy blog.


NB: It is indicated that all Neighbourhood Development Plans will need to comply with the NPPF (directly or indirectly), see policy heirarchy diagram.


For more information on how this may affect Bleadon see BOB's Fracking page.



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