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Councillors Declare Bleadon Frack Free

Posted on 9th July, 2019

Link to PEDL licences in and around Bleadon

('Fracking' Licence (PEDL) map)


UPDATE 01 AUG 19 - BPC send a Frack Free notification letter to Cllr Don Davies Leader of North Somerset Council cc. NSC Cllrs Porter & Solomon; Deborah White (ALCA); Theresa Villiers MP (Sec of State DEFRA); John Penrose (MP Weston-super-Mare); Commissioner, Shale Gas, but strangely not to the developer?



After a long campaign by BOB, supported by Frack Free North Somerset (FFNS) and Frack Free Exmoor, Quantocks & Sedgemoor (FFEQS) Bleadon Parish Council has declared Bleadon 'frack free' (Min 324.11). 


What does this mean?

  • Bleadon Parish Council's declaration that Bleadon is now 'frack free' sends a clear statement to potential Developers and their Shareholders, North Somerset Council, and Central Government that this type of development is not welcome in our community.
  • NB: Seven Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences (PEDL) have been signed in the region (see map) with Bleadon located within one of those licences i.e. PEDL320.
  • Any property contained within a PEDL area may now be revealed on some environmental reports as being in a potential fracking zone as was recently stated by a new Bleadon resident, "... having moving into Bleadon at the end of May, I/we were aware of the potential for fracking in this area from the Fracking Report we got with the rest of the information regarding the house"

What can residents do now?

  • As stated at the recent public talk in Bleadon held by FFNS:
  • Write to your district councillors and MP either directly or via "They Work for You/Write to Them" which will track responses. (John Penrose MP has indicated that he will represent the community's decision)
  • Personally visit and speak to your elected representatives, let them hear your views on this local 'fracking' issue.
  • Let FFNS know if you, or your neighbours, receive a request to survey your land for 'fracking'
  • Contact FFNS and/or FFEQS if you're interested in being involved in a Bleadon Committee/Action Group to tackle this issue and/or would like another public meeting on this issue to be held.
  • Write to local newspapers

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FFNS showing of the Bentley Effect Film at Axbridge Cinema - 15 July 2019


Public Campaigns do influence Government Policy - fracking group plannning development success

NSC Statement of Community Involvement Consultation - ends 16 July 2019

West Somerset Fracking Free Proposal - decision meeting 16 July 2019


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