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Below is a table of plastic related issues, papers, blogs, government papers and consultations, etc.


  What is CO2e (PDF) CO2e cars per mile (PDF)
FEB 2011 Environment Agency Life cycle assessment of supermarket carrier bags: a review of the bags available in 2006 (PDF) Table 6.2 1.578kg CO2e ? "used the IPCC 2007 characterisation factors over a 100 year time horizon (IPCC, 2007) to calculate the global warming potential (GWP) for each carrier bag"
29 JAN 14 DEFRA Correction (PDF) see Footprint Calculator per bag i.e. 1.57kg CO2e and EA/IPCC calcs above "The error was to use the CO2e figures associated with one month’s shopping as referring to individual bags (i.e. one single-use plastic bag was assigned emissions of 1.57kg CO2e), thus overstating the carbon impact of the charge by a factor of 82"
23 FEB 21 Northern Ireland Comparison of Environmental Impact of Plastic, Paper and Cloth Bags (PDF)
27 SEP 20 BBC, "Covid-19: Single-use plastic impact will last forever" (PDF)
06 AUG 20 World Economic Forum, "Do you wear a plastic mask? Here are 5 things you should know"  (PDF)
07 APR 20 "Plastic bans won’t help the oceans during pandemics or during the best of times" Fraser Institute
JAN 2020 Greenpeace petition, "By ditching plastic packaging, supermarkets have the power to lead the way in dramatically reducing the amount of single-use plastic produced"
19 SEP 19 "Burger King stops giving away plastic toys to UK customers... says its move will save an estimated 320 tons of single-use plastic each year."
14 AUG 19 Plastic particles falling out of sky with snow in Arctic
08 JUL 19 Bleadon Parish Council consider "plastic free" Bleadon and declared BPC to be "Working Towards a Plastic-free Bleadon" and"... agreed to be 'plastic free' and 'frack free' - clearly, just saying it doesn't make it happen and so we will be working closely with everyone to make changes over time" (BVN113)
25 JUN 19 #OurPlasticFeedback: Consumers hand unrecyclable packaging back to shops
17 JUN 19 G20 Environment Ministers Agree to Tackle Marine Plastic Waste. Outcome paper here.
17 JUN 19 House of Commons briefing on Plastic waste "The UK Government has a “strategic ambition” to “…work towards all plastic packaging placed on the market being recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025 ... an “ambition” of zero avoidable waste by 2050 a “target” of eliminating avoidable plastic waste by end of 2042."
11 JUN 19 Bleadon's First Fracking Talk by Frack Free North Somerset Update - BOB Blog
10 JUN 19 BBC iPlayer Series War on Plastic "Every minute the equivalent of a truck full of plastic is emptied into the worlds oceans. In this episode Hugh and Anita look at where the problem is coming from and how to solve it."  BBC video  re: link between fracking and plastic production. Waitrose Unpacked trial.
29 MAY 19 Malaysia to Return 3,300 Tons of Plastic Waste Illegally Imported From Countries ...

23 MAY 19

It’s Raining Plastic’: Researchers Find Microscopic Fibers in Colorado Rain Samples.
13 JUN 19 You May Be Swallowing a Credit Card’s Weight in Plastic Weekly...

22 MAY 19

England to Ban Sale of Plastic Straws, Stirrers and Cotton Buds by April 2020
19 MAY 19  Plastics Threaten Global Climate at a Massive Scale During Each Point of Lifecycle ...
17 MAY 19 977,000 Shoes and 373,000 Toothbrushes Found Among 262 Tons of Plastic Debris on Remote Cocos Islands - Australia
29 MAR 19  EU Parliament Bans Plastics Responsible for 70% of Ocean Trash
18 FEB 19 UK Waste System ‘Overhaul’ Would Make Plastic Polluters Pay
15 FEB 19 Save our future’ – calls for council to declare ‘climate emergency’ and go carbon neutral by 2030 (Mercury)
14 FEB 19 Help reduce plastic in oceans petition
13 JAN 19 BOB Blog - Asking residents to include "cleanup project to help rid our environment from litter and plastic" in their NDP response to Bleadon Parish Council
17 DEC 18 WasteDataFlow - Local Authority waste management incl NSC data
05 DEC 18 Bleadon Needs a Broom - BOB Blog
July 2018

WRAP published a guide, Understanding plastic packaging and the language we use to describe it, setting out some of the terminology problems of describing plastic.

15 MAY 18

Parliament’s ambitious plastic plans unveiled

26 APR 18

Supermarkets agree to ban unnecessary single-use plastic packaging by 2025


NSC has "litter picking equipment available which can be lent to community groups who want to arrange a litter pick on our land or land that we manage. If you want to arrange a litter pick you’ll need to read and complete the documents"  Risk Assessment, Checklist, Application Form




Info on UK Waste Policy  (Law & Your Environment)


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