Bleadon Fracking Update

Posted on 19th February, 2019

Link to Petroleum Exploration Development Licence map 

UPDATE 12 Mar 19: BPC didn't raise the issue of fracking at their 11 Mar meeting, why is BPC still avoiding informing residents of this issue, despite being made aware of it over 3 years ago?



Petroleum Exploration & Development (aka fracking) may be coming to Bleadon as minuted in Bleadon Parish Council's (BPC) 11 Feb 19 minutes (319.3i & 319.3ii)

"i). The Chairman of Frack Free North Somerset commented that landowners in Bleadon had been approached for exploration re fracking. He stated that fracking impacts greatly on traffic, health and most importantly on water quality. Drilling for fossil fuels in Bleadon would be foolish due to the number of aquifers in the fissured limestone of the Mendips. Plans to drill in Keynsham were halted when it was realised that it would taint the purity of the Roman Baths. He offered to bring a presentation to another meeting. A second member of the public supported these statements and asked whether the council had been approached. The Government is looking to take away the right for local councils to be consulted on mineral extractions. The company looking at Bleadon (South Western Energy) are going for oil production, not just exploration"


ii) Cllr Terry Porter referred to the fracking – NSC has been strongly against the change to permitted development rights regarding minerals, as have most other councils"

As always residents and landowners need quick, simple access to timely and accurate information to be able to make informed decisions. We can all learn from other communites e.g. in the UK (Lancashire) and America (Dryden). We all need to know what may happen to our environment, health, etc. both in short and long term e.g. who is responsible for any clean up should developers walk away, or decommission sites, etc.


We therefore assume Bleadon Parish Council will put this highly important issue on their next agenda to further public understanding and discussion, i.e. Monday 11th March 2019 at 7pm in the Coronation Hall.


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