Purn Way Housing Granted

Posted on 11th July, 2022



UPDATE 03JAN23: 23/P/0007/MMA - "Minor material amendment to 21/P/0527/OUT (Outline application for the erection of 14no. dwellings, with access and layout for approval and appearance, scale and landscaping reserved for subsequent approval) for the variation of condition 4 (approved plans) and condition 5 (Site Access and Visibility Splay) to allow for a revised access/visibility splay" Consultation deadline 09 Feb 2023


The outline planning application to build 14 new dwellings has been GRANTED by North Somerset.


This is in line with North Somerset Council's Local Plan Preferred Options 2038 for Proposed Residential Development (map) showing the importance of resident and Parish Council feedback to all NSC consultations that affect our community (see also Delegated Report)


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