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Annual Parish Meeting 2019

Posted on 3rd April, 2019



The APM, by law, is supposed to be a resident's meeting, not a Council meeting. For example a council's interpretation of the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) guidance,

"An Annual Parish Meeting is an effective forum for parish councils to engage with the local electorate.  Even if the Parish Council disagrees with the issues raised, or related arguments, the council members’ attendance and involvement in the Annual Parish Meeting would demonstrate that the council is prepared to take account of local residents’ views, which they must hold strongly if they have gone to the trouble attend the Annual Parish Meeting in the first place." 

Last year BPC ran the APM as a council meeting with residents' questions remaining  unanswered, we hope that with new councillors that this will be corrected this year.  Questions that you may wish to raise at the meeting:

  • 2019 APM incorrect minutes re: resolution and outcome 
  • What is happening to the Settlement Boundary and BPC councillor`s 10% expansion suggestion?
  • Resident complaint to NSC re: Openness and Leadership upheld - will residents now have more open access to BPC decision making and expenditure?
  • How are Bleadon's brownfields and potential fracking in Bleadon being considered in BPC's Neighbourhood Development Plan, why the lack of public discussion over the last 21 months? NDP
  • How do BPC inform residents of any NSC and other public consultations that they may wish to respond to?
  • How will the agreed Bristol Airport expansion and Joint Spatial Plan consultations affect Bleadon e.g Joint Local Transport Plan March 2019 Min 320.10


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