Public Consultations July 2018

Posted on 3rd July, 2018




UPDATE: 11 JAN 2019 - Did a JSP consultation slip through the public net, which ran from Monday 12th November 2018 until Monday 7th January 2019



BPC are residents' Statutory Consultee and so are automatically informed of any consultations that may affect our community. Since April 2016, BPC decided to remove the Correspondence section from their published Agenda, so residents can no longer see who is requesting information and/or consultation from BPC on our/residents' behalf.


The following public consultations will be finishing soon: 

  • Bristol Airport Expansion consultation Stage 2 deadline is 06 July 2018. BOB can find no reference to this consultation in BPC published information, so is unsure whether BPC was requested to comment on our behalf. Previous Stage 1 consultation ended Jan 2018
  • Celtic Way Appeal has been lodge for the conversion of a stable to a dwelling. Deadline for additional comments is Friday 13 July 18. 

BPC's next public meeting is Monday Monday 9th July. NB. Members of the public may request to speak and ask questions in the Public Participation section of the meeting. Presubmission of your query to the BPC Clerk is advised.

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